Official Website and Game Launcher now available!

It took 27 months, but Yandere Simulator finally has an official website!

This video will give you a tour:

Additionally, the game’s official launcher is now available! This video explains how it works:

The launcher wouldn’t be very useful without a new build to download, so I am also releasing a new build today! Here’s what’s different in the latest build:

  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause a student to get permanently stuck in place if they were looking at a corpse as it was dismembered.
  • Replaced the signs outside of classroom doors with new signs that won’t affect the game’s framerate as much as the previous signs did.
  • Placed a lot of new signs around the school (bathroom signs, exit signs, fire extinguisher signs, etc).
  • Attempted to implement a better “preparing food” animation for Kokona’s Cooking Club event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause male corpses to turn white upon being dismembered.
  • Improved the Kokona Monday phone call animation a bit further.
  • Replaced Ronshaku’s old voiced lines with new voiced lines.
  • Added 4 new accessories for Yandere-chan. One of them has functionality…can you figure out how to activate it?
  • Added a new weapon to the game. It’s a joke weapon / gag weapon.
  • Added 5 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.

Because my visit to Los Angeles ate the first 5 days of the month, and preparing the new website/launcher/bug fixes took up a lot of my time between July 6th and July 13th, I haven’t had enough time to implement a huge new gameplay feature recently. I feel really guilty about that! I’m so sorry!

Right now, there are still a lot of bugs I want to fix, volunteer assets I want to implement, and code improvements that I want to make. I may choose to spend the rest of the month getting all that stuff out of the way, and begin working on the next big feature starting on August 1st.

So, instead of seeing a big update on July 15th and August 1st, you might see a lot of minor updates released throughout the rest of the month. I might even release at least one “major” update at some point in July, such as implementing the sanity-based combat animations that have been planned for the game since April 2014.

Implementing the sanity-based combat animations would be a really big deal, since it would be a huge step towards making my original vision of the game become a reality, and would make the debug build much more representative of what the final game will actually be like.

By the way – I think it’s a good thing to periodically gauge public perception of the job that I’m doing on Yandere Simulator, so I’d like to ask you to vote on this poll:

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

140 thoughts on “Official Website and Game Launcher now available!

  1. Actually I already Have The launcher .. At 1st Its slow but when it come to 20% It bacame so FAST! Yah yah! After 20 mins. Yehey! It download! Now my sister acidentaly exit it THE POOF! i open it again but i need to download it AGAIN! Hella fudge! WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN? and its so slow nowww!!!!?

  2. Let’s be realistic:
    1. This game is completely unpolished. It looks like something from year < 2005.
    2. Its a one man project and will probably always be.
    3. The performance is terrible.
    4. Not much has improved since 6 months.
    5. I would say this game has 10% finished, from what i would expect from a game priced at 10$.
    6. The communitys average age is about 12-13 years. It comepletely ruins the seriousness of this project, scaring older audience and possible supporters away.

    I don't think this project is completely done, and all hope is gone. But it needs drastic change. It needs promotion to older audiences, forced monetary support (1$/month for testing/playing/downloading, like breading season did),
    I don't want to support a project, that is about to fail. Give me a reason to support you, and i will be happy to do so. Many other people are thinking like me.

    Also to those stupid teenage girls who are crying like "give him some rest! Sleep please yandere dev!":
    Indie Game development is always combined with starvation wages. Other Indie game developers Compared to Yandere Dev:
    1. Less Money availible.
    2. Less TIME availible.
    3. Less volunteers. Or no at all.
    4. Way faster and better progress.

    Not all hope is lost… but it is fainting.

    • welp in reality it does but if you look at the fact that how social media actually go with it since it has been popular for almost a year, you can sêe that the game has huge attractiveness during the young ages in order to climb that high. Although that the game might doesnt appeal much to the elders, but srsly íts only 10% complete and since it kêp updating, it will always get attention from the media until it hás better graphics
      tbh i have been seeing hơw pp use unity models to make games and its really dissapointed. Im glad that this guy actually took it serious and develop the game this far so i will keep supporting him and i hope to see changes that worth my time

  3. The camera is messed up for me it spins around and dosen’t stop with the view of no floor and just under Yandere chan I have just waited and hyped myself up to nothing please fix this byg 😦

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