The Verdict On Yesterday’s Proposal (and a new build)

Boy, oh boy! A lot of people had strong feelings about yesterday’s video, and let me hear about it. The reaction was almost unanimous. I’ve made a video in response to everything that I’ve heard over the past 12 hours:

There are a couple of things that I can be a bit stubborn about, but I’m definitely not stubborn enough to defend a feature when the overwhelming majority of the fan-base tells me that it’s ridiculous. A developer who doesn’t listen to criticism is a developer digging his own grave. I take feedback very seriously, and this definitely won’t be an exception.

There’s a possibility that I may eventually revisit this topic at some point in the future, but it definitely won’t happen unless I can present a thorough plan for how I’d make the feature fit in and feel thematically appropriate.

…hmm…I wonder…what if the player was given the option of infiltrating the loan shark’s office and setting up a bunch of traps, so that when he arrives with his henchmen, they’re injured or incapacitated? That might be a more believable way for a schoolgirl to take down a bunch of grown men, while keeping things stealthy…hmm…

In other news, I’ve uploaded a new build. Here are the details:

  • Removed debug command that would trigger Kokona’s expulsion cut-scene, because way too many people were pressing it on accident and then reporting it as a bug.
  • Fixed bug that would cause bizarre issues if Yandere-chan tried to arrange a meeting on the school rooftop at the same time that Kokona was accepting a phone call.
  • It is now possible to have the “Offer Help” conversation with Kokona behind the school and in the storage room, in addition to the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to use the “Offer Help” command on Kokona…after pushing Kokona off of the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to switch between their phone and their rival’s stolen phone outside of the appropriate situation.
  • The player is no longer able to peek into Info-chan’s room when Info-chan is dropping an object out of her window.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause Kuu Dere to sometimes become stuck on a door on the rooftop.
  • Replaced Sakyu Basu’s poor-quality ring removal animation with a higher quality animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Musume’s hair to not have an outline in Yandere Vision.
  • Added a texture for Kokona’s phone so that it’s not just a purple rectangle.
  • Replaced the texture of Yandere-chan’s phone with a higher-quality one.

238 thoughts on “The Verdict On Yesterday’s Proposal (and a new build)

  1. I think the beat-em-up mechanic would be perfect but people say things out of impulse rather than actually thinking it through and seeing that is a perfect method to gain respect from the Delinquents. Maybe not the loan sharks the trap seems like a gangsta idea tbh. But i really believe that the beat-em-up sequence would be a valuable asset to this game.


  2. how many build are they? for 100%. i like this game but hard to say it. my favorite game. maybe 2019 is 100% the game is working. the setting is not working. most i open is not working like (settings). that’s all i know. anyway, thank you for every build bug for that game.

  3. ——->>>>>> I think the concept of the beat-em up mechanic is a GREAT addition to Yandere Simulator. Of course time would be an issue, but I agree that it could help with game play if implemented properly. I think giving people options is much more thoughtful to the players, then limiting them because of fear. As long as they remain “options” and don’t become a necessary part of the game then it shouldn’t hurt anyone if they use it or not. To be honest I think that adding that kind of game option in the game will take it to a whole new level and attract more fans because of it. There’s plenty of people who would appreciate the extra work involved.

    And for those of the people who listed that adding the brawl features to the game because it’s “unrealistic” because its a girl fighting grown men, they need to realize that well, quite frankly the whole idea of the game is being based off of a cute Yandere girl who is basically going on a killing spree for love….. They need to get their heads out of their asses. Oh don’t let Yan chan beat up grown men, it’s unrealistic, but having her murder “x” amount of students and getting away with it or the school not closing down or her crush not transferring schools or anything else for that matter makes sense? Gotta face the fact that it’s a game and it’s meant to be a bit exaggerated and extra! Hell, especially if it’s Japanese anime influenced game play!

    I say, it wouldn’t hurt if you tried putting some stuff together on the side for the brawling/ beat em up feature in the game, and if you feel like it’s going somewhere good go for it, but if you think it’s a bit too much then you can just keep moving without it. But please don’t limit yourself, there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to put some extra effort to make your creation more enjoyable for others and more enjoyable for yourself!

  4. I actually would’ve liked the beat-em-up combat. Mostly because I just really like combat, but it would add some more depth to the game. Also saying it’s “unrealistic” is a little silly, because this is a game. Realism should never be used as justification for anything in vidya. Doubly so in the case of YanSim since it’s an Anime game! That’s the appeal of anime. It’s silly, over-the-top, and really damn cool.
    And as YanDev said in the video, many stealth games have combat systems so it sure as hell wouldn’t be out of place. That’s what I loved about Assassin’s creed and Dishonored. You have your stealth gameplay, which is generally the focus of the game, and then you can go in guns blazing. Going loud should never be easy and the preferable option should always be stealth, but having another option if you get caught would be…really cool for lack of a better word or phrase. It’d also give the game a bit more of a lifespan since going through the whole game loud could be an achievement.

    This is just the opinion of a combat junkie so it’s probably extremely biased, but I would fall in love with YanSim even more if it had a good combat system.

  5. I would have liked the beat-em-up combat, but maybe it would be good in a club like dance. A lot of stealth games are like that, where they have a type of combat, in case you get caught, like the game Thief, where if a guard sees you, you can fight it, or hide.

  6. The fighting mechanics is still useful for fighting delinquents & earning their respect and also defeating the toughest rival by training in the Martial Arts club. But, beating up grown ups is not what this game is about. So, please don’t cancel the idea totally, Yandere Dev

  7. Why I can’t kidnap boys? I want to. After all just kidnap girls is totally boring. “Oh who should I kidnap now? Another bitch because I can only kidnap girls.” There’s no variety and it makes the game less attractive and professional. I got bored really quickly. I dropped the new build after 2 days after playing it. I had more fun with glitches in the April 4th build than in this one build.
    I can only list:
    I can only kidnap girls
    I can only frame one girl
    I can only expel one girl
    I can only perform tasks for girls
    There’s only one bath house for girls
    I can only have female/male sempai
    I can only be lesbian/straight
    I can only be a girl
    I can only have female rivals
    Yandere dev do some more sex including features. Or the game will be just… plain. I know you’re working nonstop but think about sexually inclusion.

    • In the future it could be less plain and have more variety. It’s not for the present future build but for another future build. Or else it’ll be just a plain harem game where you can kill rivals in creative ways. Yaaay -_-

    • Please remember that this is a Debug build. YandereDev won’t add things that aren’t needed, and a lot of things related to boys aren’t needed. A boy’s bath house will be added to steal Senpai’s boxers and you might be able to kidnap guys. Yan-Chan MIGHT be made into a boy as well, but it’s REALLY low priority. The builds aren’t for fun, they’re there to test out bugs. You can’t be bisexual because you won’t fall in love with someone else, ONLY Senpai. For the one girl thing, Kokona is a test rival, so everything is done for her. Tasks will be added for males and I believe every single student besides Senpai. You can have male rivals in Random Mode, but not in Story Mode.
      I’m confused about one point, though.
      “I can only have female/male sempai”
      Do you expect an 18-year-old Japanese John/Jane Doe that goes to high school to have a third gender?

    • Yandere Simulator technically isn’t a game YET. YS Doesn’t even have demo. The reason why you can only frame/expel 1 girl is because those girls yandev have only let be killed with that mechanic, because its just tests.Yandere dev said he will not implement LGBT NPC’s because when he interviewed a Japanese school teacher, he said most lgbt students don’t “come out” until they graduate. Yandere dev hasn’t even had time to implement the feature for boys to reacted when you snap a picture of them.

  8. I don’t think a beat-em-up ability would be a bad addition to the game at all! At this point, I actually feel as if the combat system in Yan Sim is lacking, as it just consists of stab – instant death and a struggle animation.

    Instead of not implementing this feature, I feel it could just be toned down a bit. I would love to have this sort of addition inside the game, especially fighting the delinquents (because how else would you be able to fight them anyway? Stab stab stab dead? 10 struggle animations? Boring.) Admittedly the loan shark mission, though it sounds very fun, seems a bit over the top. However, I still feel that this is a feature which could greatly benefit the gameplay of Yan-Sim, but before it is implemented, a few things must be thought out:

    How would this relate to teachers? Would teachers still be able to overpower Yandere-Chan, though she can beat up loan sharks?
    If she could beat teachers, would they not be much to worry about? Perhaps you could make teachers very hard to overpower, though it can be possible?

    Little questions like these are things that must be thought out before this feature is added. I’m not saying I don’t want a beat-em-up gameplay addition to the game, I’ve been looking forward to this feature ever since you’ve suggested it months ago, I feel as if it can let the player choose their own way to play the game, stealthy or violent. I hope previous comments have not deterred you from adding a feature which can greatly benefit the game.

  9. What about taking a picture of the loanshark with another woman, yan-chan takes a picture and then threats him, saying she will show his wife. You could do a favor for his daughter to find out his schedule, then stalk him around town to see him with the other woman.

  10. Don’t apologise for trying to avoid us monotony, on contrary, thank you. And don’t give that idea yet.

    Personally i don’t think you’ll have hard time programming this ( Since you’ve already have a automatic button system that appear near characters, and reaction for actions, so yeah you pretty much have it i take it ?You will need a shitload of animations tho, and i know this one of your current issues), nor that an advanced beat them up system is bad.
    It’s as you said, yandere girls can be really strong, plus, if you want the game to not be repetitive, diversity is the best answer.(and tbh, a better fighting system to at least face students sound good)

    But here’s why the idea didn’t please me at first (because same as everyone, i freaked out a lil) the thing that makes it hard to believe it can work, is the fact you made it sound like it would be a walk in a park after she maxxed her physical stats, when she’s battling adults who are :

    1_ Used to fight dirty fights.(they’re yakuza,used to street fight, not a teacher and deadlier than a delinquent, who are already deadly)
    2_ The fact they probably have things like guns. How do you even dodge the bullet ?? The only way to dodge a bullet is to be a superhuman or hack the matrix…Or you’re a videogame character, yeah ok but i doubt karate training for a week can give you that capacity
    3_ The fact they’re flippin Yakuza and that if a Kumichou gets his ass handed by a 15 year old gir, even if she hides her identity, you bet the whole Clan will start to look for her.

    And note that rn, we can’t even beat delinquents so it feels like the yakuzas (even if you plan to make a possibility to battle delinquents) don’t sound all that challenging.
    All those problems i’m detailing here are…details. Really that’s just something to revise a bit.

    I really don’t think you should give up the feature nor tone it down, but i think it shouldn’t be the only thing you’ll need to do to beat the yakuzas. (Do stuff like, stalking the yakuza daughter to her dad’s house,stalking the yakuza building, finding ways to avoid getting the whole clan on your ass when you’re beating the ass of the kumichou etc…might be too much to do within a week so i won’t say that my idea is the brightest)

    But please don’t give up because we’re dumb butts.
    Because man, really ….
    Kicking the butt of yakuzas while laughing like crazy ? Sign me up please.
    And bonus if we can dismember the Kumichou.

    (thank you to whomever managed to get around my english and read the whole thing :D)

    • Maybe I should rewatch the video, but I’m pretty sure he never said Yandere-chan would be fighting yakuzas. He just used a game with yakuzas as a reference. But Yandere-chan would be fighting a loan shark’s henchmen, not yakuzas. That would solve the third issue.

      Also, if they are yakuzas, that third issue would still be a problem with the kidnapping-the-daughter scenario. Because I’m pretty sure a yakuza leader would not let something like that go so easily.

    • Since YandereDev does not want my suggestion I will put it here:
      What if one of your rivals goes to a different school, and she is Senpai’s best friend.But, she goes to Senpai’s house everyday.However, to get to Senpai’s house she uses a back road that no cars drive on.So, the only way to kill her would be to find out the time she gets on the back road and kill her there.It would be difficult yes, but I think it would be cool because you would get to see a part of Yandere-chans town that you only get to be able to see that particular week. Just a stupid suggestion.

  11. I do kind of agree that a beam-em-up system is a bit of a stretch, but I also agree with the fact that there are too many cut scenes in a row. I propose a two new idea to the series of cut scenes shorter.
    1. How about when Yandere texts Ronshaku loans, they could reply with something like “you’ll pay for this”. Then after that text Musume’s father sends goons to Yandere’s house to either kill yandere or recover Musume. Acting fast, Yandere must sneak around her own house to avoid being spotted while finding various objects to kill them off one by one. Then after defeating the goons, Ronshaku caves and releases the clients from debt.
    2. Maybe instead of texting Ronshaku, its a video chat that you play in and torture Musume in front of her dad. After a “fun” mini game, you hear audio of the dad saying he”ll release his clients of debt.

  12. Honestly I though the beat-em up mechanic sounded like a wonderful idea. I do admit if your strong enough to take down multiple opponents at the same time, taking out a single teacher should be child’s play.

    If you could complete both the friendship and matchmaking route on a girl you can get her to help you with senpai by spreading positive rumors about you… oh it’s been a really long time(2014) since I checked this blog but have you considered setting up a ally/minion system?

  13. Absolutely love the ideas mentioned in “A Proposal For a New Feature”. Yandere-chan already has ultra-lethal potential. Being able to project that in a more positive way (ie not killing students) would be great. It also gives more purpose to things like gym and physical stats like strength, as well as (maybe) making students afraid of her (in a “she’s strong” way, not “she will literally get me expelled/murder me”). As a random thought, what if there was a small amount that could be done in Yandere-chan’s house? Even if it’s just putting a punching bag in the basement (meaning the player is going more for “Fighter-chan” and less “Kidnapper-chan”). Also defending senpai from bullies is <3.

    • Furthermore, if “stealth” is important, just have multiple resolutions to a situation. Having access to either stealth options or fighting options gives the player choice and freedom to do it their way. And so Yandere-chan becomes Hitman?

  14. It’s not “unrealistic” for a (yandere) girl to beat up an adult, however, it’s already established in-game that Yan-chan cannot win a fight against teachers, and yet she’s supposed to be able to go up against a grown man? Who potentially has more fighting experience than a teacher? That’s illogical, and while games don’t necessarily have to be ultra-realistic, this game in particular does try to follow it’s own rules.

    A combat system is not a bad idea, but it was poorly thought-out and YandereDev definitely jumped the gun in announcing it. That said, I definitely think it should be implemented as long as it comes with it’s own set of rules.

  15. I think the idea of adding a beat-em-up combat style is good, but what if they made it more like a stealth beat-em-up (for example Yandere-chan poisons the loan sharks drinks, and sneaks in. The body guards are shocked and before they call the police, you have to wipe them out. If you get caught you can bribe the newspaper to keep it out, but if it gets released onto the newspaper the next morning senpai will find out that it was you, unless you cover up your mess in the time before the police come). This would also be helpful for scenes, like 5% bonus when stealing stuff from senpais house. (The current toothbrush could be removed, but stolen for a 5% speed boost).

    Yandere-chan could also go to the internet and get Hitman jobs for extra money (to get gifts/buy panty shots) including some stealth and beat-em-up combat. With this money Yandere-chan could also hire assassins (that you “control”) to kill anyone who has a crush on senpai to add some minor gun combat into the game.

    Make it so that you can play dating games for 5% boosts that senpai will notice you.

    Thats all.
    Thanks for reading!

    • A. What Astha said
      B. If I had to actually google who this person was, than they aren’t famous enough to have a majority of the fan base of YanSim also being her fan base.

  16. A beat-em-up style would be really ideal for the deliquent’s case. By gaining their respect, Yandere could demand some tasks related to getting a rival out of her way. Also, for “out of school quests”. About the loan shark, I really liked the kidnapping action, I believe it fits the story and sense, since beating up a company like this is indeed a bit unrealistic for her. Anyway, please reconsider the beat-em-up for some cases 🙂

  17. I believe the beat-’em-up combat system is a great feature to the game. Yanderes are known for unbeatable “God-like” strength, so this kind of fight would make sense for a Yandere stealth game. Furthermore, if Yandere-chan was caught doing malicious acts, this would be a great way for her to fight off martial arts students, teachers, and even delinquents. In regards to time, everything good needs to have patient observers. If Yandere Dev rushed the development of this system, it would be crappy. Some people seem to forget that this game is barely finished, and will have more cutscenes in the future. I can see one good way to use a beat-em-up system.

    Yandere-chan has got her way with the Loan Shark’s. In return, she goes to their building to return Musume Ronshaku. The guards on watch overnight question what she’s doing, and begin to get aggressive. Yandere-chan can’t let them see what’s happening, she’ll be arrested on the spot for sure. Yandere-chan begins a fight with the guards. Yandere-chan of course wins the fight, and returns Musume to the door of the building, and hides the guards behind the building.

    One way she could gain strength in order to be able to fight off the guards is joining the martial arts club.

  18. Imagine this from Kokona’s point of view. She complains about having a tight uniform to a girl who she doesn’t know at all. That same day, the girl appears with a new uniform who is tailored at her exact measurements. Kinda weird. Then, the girl tells her that she has overheard his private conversation with her best friend, and she’s willing to help her. Kokona, instead of being angry or weirded out, decides to tell the girl she just met about her deep family problems. And then that night all her problems have disappeared. Kokoka realises that Ayano is a dangerous person able to make a loan shark change his mind. She then agrees to go to Ayano’s house, and there, Ayano tells her to stay away from the guy she loves. The next day, the loan shark’s daughter seems mentally traumatised. Kokona who is a smart girl is able to understand that Ayano has made something horrible to that girl to help her, in order to get Kokona away from Senpai. Kokona would realise that Ayano is a sociopath, and maybe she would not call the police because she’s grateful that her father is free, but would definetively tell the guy she is in love to stay away from Ayano because she’s crazy.
    Game over
    And the other option: Ayano kills Kokona in her house. Kokona would have probably told her father where she was going, so Ayano is arrested for murder. If not, then the police would be looking for a missing girl. At least someone had to have seen Kokona going to Ayano’s house so she is arrested for murder. If no one saw her, then the police would discover the phone message and investigate Ayano and eventually, she would be arrested.

    Those are the problems with the befriend & betray elimination method. Also, although fun, it would be a way too complicate and with many things that could go wrong to eliminate a girl who has a crush on your Senpai

    • That is very true, but you have to think a little more. So replace Kokona with one of the rivals. Let’s use Osana-chan. So say Osana comes in the game during the 4th week. She has no clue of any of the students, except Senpai. Her dad’s in debt, she loves senpai, and her uniform is too tight. So when you go through the Befriend route, the next day at school, she still has absolutely no clue of who Musume Ronshaku is. She barely even remembered the name of the loan place her dad took a loan from. Also, with the Befriend Route, every girl is different. Some rivals might not need another student to be involved, won’t have the same problem as another, etc. So this route will still work seeing that Musume may barely be used for this purpose.

  19. If you want to examine a video game for ideas why don’t you try Bully? Both games share similar qualities (i.e – violence within a schooling environment) but have different objectives (Yandere sim is about a girl killing her classmates in an attempt to gain the affection of her Sempai while Bully is just trying to live through high school without being sent to prison). I think that comparing the games would be more beneficial for the development of Yandere Simulator than you think.

  20. Well hopefully there will still be an alternate way to solve the loan shark problem without having to kidnap the loan shark boss’ daughter. I think a way to beat the game without hurting anyone at all should be an option, even if it is the hardest way. Maybe that could even lead to a ‘true’ ending of sorts.

  21. I have so much ideas to make the game so much more fun without losing its theme. Please listen to my ideas owner, it be epic if you implement some of my ideas.

    1) MAKE A NIGHT MODE! (Stealthy in the night, stealth mode) Yandarie Chan can come to school at night time (optional) and do things (IDEAS are limitless). It would also incorporate the delinquents into the game better and the occult club even more scarier (i.e. the occult club can tell scary Japanese legends, idk but can effect story line).. Of course Night time will also have night guards and security camera. Ideas are limitless instead of merely waking up for school to the next day there is an option for NIGHT TIME mode. I feel this will make the game more fun.

    2) MAKE THE LAYOUT OF THE SCHOOL LIKE A COLLEGE CAMPUS. I feel if there is more things to interact and not merely isolating it into one school would make the game more fun to explore.

    3) IMPRESS SENPAI MODE. You can impress senpai and he will grow fond of you.

    4) A GIRL DATES SENPAI. (will be hard and plenty of chances to prevent it) Don’t worry if a girl manages to get into a date with senpai you will have a chance to redeem yourself. This is where the WEEKENDS are incorporated. You will try to ruin Senpai’s date with a girl as they head to town. OMFG Town can finally have a meaning. However if you fail to do so you will be heartbroken.

    5) DELINQUENT DARK QUESTS: This will happen in the night time mode (because dirty things happen at night) you have a chance to do tasks for the delinquents and fight rivals. But that is more action themed…. However there is positive things you can do, if you win respect from them you can have them do things like kidnap for you, erase murder evidence, and other dirty things that make it easy(evil deeds) to rid the competition. However, if the delinquent is caught their is a chance for an Expel.

    I have many more ideas to implement but so far I’ll share these ideas if the owner is willing to want to hear more. Love this game, I can see so much improvements.

    • 1. Delinquents coming at night would sorta make sense. However, the occult club would be asked to leave by the teachers at 6:00 PM. I don’t think they would have night guards and security cameras at all, unless the atmosphere was down. You could steal weapons though, so that would be cool!
      2. It’s a school. You can do what you want to it in custom mode.
      3. Yandere-Chan can’t go near Senpai without being completely nervous, because of the sensations, much less impress him.
      4. I think this will be added.
      5. Delinquents will respect you and not do anything to you if you win a fight with them. They won’t be your accomplices so though.
      Yandere-Dev doesn’t read suggestions anymore and doesn’t frequently read comments. Sorry if I came off as rude.

  22. i can give you some ideas for the game:
    can speak with teachers but not in ciborg mode
    see when the police man interogates yandere
    more romos in yandere house
    new classmades
    the hair of hatsune miku and a ghul esster egg
    that’s all.

    • Is this a joke? If not, then:
      1. Teachers behave like students to make them killable, allowing you to talk to them as well. He’ll only put in features that have a use.
      2. Depends on budget.
      3. He’ll only put in features that have a use. We don’t know if adding more rooms will be helpful.
      4. This one is idiotic. There are supposed to be about 100 students.
      5. I dunno about the easter egg, but ask Druelbozo for the hairstyle:

  23. i can give you some ideas for the game:
    can speak with teachers but not in cyborg mode
    see when the police man interogates yandere
    more rooms in yandere house
    new classmades
    the hair of hatsune miku and a ghul esster egg
    that’s all.

    • Is this a joke? If not, then:
      1. Teachers behave like students to make them killable, allowing you to talk to them as well. He’ll only put in features that have a use.
      2. Depends on budget.
      3. He’ll only put in features that have a use. We don’t know if adding more rooms will be helpful.
      4. This one is idiotic. There are supposed to be about 100 students.
      5. I dunno about the easter egg, but ask Druelbozo for the hairstyle: .

  24. I have a question. While I was playing the simulator, I realized that the other classmates begin to disappear somehow and both the Occult club and the Martial Arts club do not let me into the club and the members just stand outside of the room. How come??

  25. I think that the beat-em up system is a good idea, but that would be very weird, the only thing missing is a link why would Yandere-chan would do that.
    1- Like actually becoming friend with Kokona (at least in the shark loans in this case) and getting very angry when she finds out.
    (or maybe she was acting all along??)
    2- Finding out that delicuents bully Senpai and just because of that Yandere-chan starts training.
    3- If there will be a money system she could get in illegal fights for money.
    But about the loan sharks mission, I believe that this one is also better doing it stealthy, unless there will be consequences in the history.

    • Obviously this being the hardest way of resolving things. Like a very low health bar and maybe and also short stamina bar (for quicker /stronger attacks), and that character relations maybe some block and others open, like the nurse being scared of you, but this other rival that knows how to fight actually challenging you for Senpai´s love.

  26. Hmm…The combat might be a bit much… but when you start with the 10 could make sense.
    One the first week…
    Ayano starts training.
    She is very weak.
    Second week.
    Getting better…
    As the weeks go on… She can get stronger and stronger.
    Though..In order to use it for the Kokona thing…It would have to have some fixing.

  27. To,
    I think that the combat maybe far fetched and might take over the amazing affect the game has. also too many tasks may bore your players and make then not want to use that way to help Kakona since they may find it boring and may not want to have to go to karate for a week in order to beat up older men. Also making the combat too hard may also annoy your players since they might not be able to complete it then avoid using that method and lose game experience and will leave the game after doing all the methods. which you wouldn’t want. this is what I believe I only want to help you due to the fact I adore this game and its outstanding idea and animations!
    I have total faith you will complete this game and it will be amazing!
    I cant wait to see the new demo on around the 1st of june! but even more excited for when you DO complete the game!


    (p.s I can’t explain enough how creative and amazing this game is good work! can’t wait to see it when finished! but take your time to make it amazing, I don’t care how long I have to wait until it is finished because I know it WILL be worth it in the end!)

  28. I usually don’t post but I really believe that a beat em up mechanic would really fit in the game. It fits her personality as a yandere as you said.

    Also, it adds multitudes of new opportunities/scenarios/ways to solve a problem that would really put more life into the game. Poor yandere chan should not be limited in this way.

    It should be associated with physical strength stat. This way a player will not win every engagement without devoting LOTS of points to it. This prevents it from being abused as an easy modo way to win, and gives more strategy to the game. This will add lots of depth, variety, and fun to the game as Yanderechan will truly have the freedom to do what Yanderes do best. It will NOT feel out of place in such a game.

    Just don’t rule it out just yet. :p

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