New Build Coming Soon

I always try to update the game on the 1st and 15th days of every month, right when the clock strikes midnight (in my time zone, PST). This time around, I won’t be able to hit the midnight target, but I do believe that the build will be ready within the next 27 hours. I hope that you are going to enjoy it!

Remember that big breakthrough I had last month? Remember when I mentioned the possibility of giving each one of Yandere-chan’s rivals a custom uniform? Check out this clothing that Druelbozo modeled for Oka Ruto, based on Aea‘s original concept art of the character:

Looks awesome!

Be sure to hit up Druelbozo for a commission if there is a particular hairstyle or article of clothing you want to see in Yandere Simulator (or if you need models for your own game project)!

See you in 27 hours – or hopefully less!

138 thoughts on “New Build Coming Soon

  1. Does this mean we can model our own/rip clothing items from other Japanese-y kawaii games and put them on Yandere-Chan? I’ve always wanted to change her outfit to what my Persona wears, and I can’t do that effectively just by recoloring the uniform textures.

  2. You know what would be cool for Yandere Simulator, YandereDev could create an online store of some sorts where they release custom uniforms, accessories, weapons, and hairstyles that the player can download and play as. Since he has planned a game mode where you can customize all the students in an editor, so he can just copy the editor and use it for a custom character editor. If someone has difficulty making their own characters, they can launch the launcher and ask for a commission from someone like Druelbozo to create one. Therefore, since it would be much easier, the commissions will cost less. Please critique my idea if it sounds a little stupid.

  3. Every time he does this, I just want to stop playing the game. He delayed the game last month for a whole month over a cutscene that wasn’t all that great as he said it would be… Then lied about adding all that amazing gameplay all during May and getting our hopes up about June 1st, just to find things you won’t even use often or none of it at all. The game he’s playing with people is just too much. I believe he’s getting lazy. Honestly, stop delaying the game just over stupid stuff like hats or extra things, and if you are becoming lazy just say it There will not be any judgement if you just tell the truth. Stop hiding behind the “there is a lot of new features I would like to add into the game, but it will take a very long time,” excuse. When every time you put a date on it, it’s never actually there. If you set a date, stick to it. That’s what development means not “im puting off the new build in 27 hours or maybe the next 30 days or 2 months from now” Now it might not be good but no one said it had to be perfect….You do not need to make the game over the top for the outer looks but how hard you work on it. Even if it takes a long time. Gives us what you have done and not what you will do and we’ll appreciate it because we know you worked hard to get to that point. And if any of the delaying nonsense happens continuously , Yandere Dev, you will surely lose this follower from your devolvement. If anyone else understand what i am saying please leave a comment under this and hashtag this #ShowusurbestDev

    • In order to tackle this problem, I hope he changes the updates from 2 weeeks to 1 month. He even said it hinself that each update that would take two weeks or less, have already been implemented and all he has left to do in limited time is stuff like this. He is not being lazy, but just trying to complete as much as possible. For example, Rejection, in order for this to be implemented, he must have rival, have her models, have her animations, her cutscenes, her dialogue, her voice, her events, and her opputunities. Yandere Dev is working on this while he has down time. As he said, he is not sitting on his hands when a feature is ready and the ddeadline has not been reached. In short, just blame Midori Gurins for being so annoying and blame time for being such a jerk.

    • Are you a programmer? That you feel you can judge so harshly with your infinite knowledge of how easy it is to program an entire game with no other help? It does take a long time to implement certain things, especially since most of the basic things are taken care of so now we are getting into complex animations and sequences.

      It takes companies years to make a game and they have dozens of hired programmers all working on different tasks.

      There’s no way to tell how many bugs a certain feature will cause, whether it will conflict with other things. If you want to stop playing then stop playing. But don’t blame YandereDev for your rudeness because he is doing the best he can! He has also said that he plans on upgrading the cut scene as the models improve because the ones he uses right now have very limited meshes. Or are you also an animator now too?

  4. Aww,I was expecting the next update to add more value to boys,like you could sell a panty shot to a boy of the girl he loves example is you selling the panty to the gamer boy of the gamer girl and then he would get you panties of other girls,you have to take their pictures for him to tell tho. or maybe he could kill someone for you.

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