A Proposal For A New Feature

I don’t consider big new features for Yandere Simulator very often. Each big new feature means 2~4 weeks of writing code, in addition to all of the time that will be spent fixing whatever bugs are discovered. However, it’s actually a bit inaccurate to call this a “new” feature, since I’ve been planning to include it in the game for quite some time; if you want proof, just talk to Budo Matsuda and ask him to explain the purpose of the Martial Arts Club.

What exactly am I talking about? This video will spell it out for you:

Because Yandere Simulator is intended to be a stealth game, it’s not really the sort of game that you would expect to contain a beat-em-up combat system. Killing people in Yandere Simulator is meant to be a one-button affair, with the character’s current level of sanity affecting the length of the attack animations. However, I still believe that, even in a game like Yandere Simulator, there are situations that call for non-lethal violence.

The delinquents are the biggest reason to include a non-lethal combat system. Fighting a delinquent should feel different than fighting a normal student, or else delinquents have no reason to be a separate class of character. There’s no reason for Yandere-chan to kill them, since they would report her for murder but wouldn’t report her if she beat them up. Delinquents are also much tougher than normal students, so they are the only characters who might conceivably have “health bars”, making them prime candidates for a combat system that requires multiple successful strikes.

The reasons don’t stop there, though. If every rival’s “personal problem” (such as a loan shark) can only be solved through one method, the game wouldn’t have much replay value. However, if every rival’s personal problem can be solved through various methods, then the player will feel more inspired to replay the game and solve each girl’s problems in every way possible. Beating up students would just get Yandere-chan expelled, but beating up people outside of school won’t necessarily have the same consequence, so a non-lethal combat system would be helpful for adding extra rival-elimination scenarios to the game, thus adding more replay value.

Furthermore, let’s talk about Yandere Simulator’s biggest flaw; it’s a stealth game that takes place in one environment. One environment! That’s going to get old really fast, unless we have:

  • A second large environment (small town outside of school).
  • Other environments where Yandere-chan must travel in order to complete an objective.

These other environments should probably be small, so that the game isn’t delayed for a year while tons of elaborate environments are built. If the environments are too small to use stealth in, but large enough to fight in, then the most sensible use for them would probably be combat arenas. No matter how I look at it, the game would benefit from “missions” about leaving school to beat up a group of people as part of a larger scheme that will ultimately eliminate a rival.

At least, that’s the way I see it. If the game’s fanbase feels like beat-em-up combat would be too out-of-place in this game, or like it would delay the game for way too long to justify its inclusion, then I’ll probably avoid it.

Just keep in mind that if we don’t get a beat-em-up system, the delinquents will have to be fought using Quick Time Events instead.

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  1. it seems some people arent too keen on the idea of beat-em-up combat, and i have to agree. it’s not stealthy at all. i would prefer quick time events. the only way i could see huge fights being implemented is yif it lowered your reputation a lot, therefore making senpai less likely to accept you. like yeah, you can beat up your rivals and other enemies, but is it REALLY worth it?

  2. I will post this again so hopefully Yandere Dev can see. I think that having Yandere Chan actually go out and do these sorts of things would be too much. However I am sure that Info-Chan actually could have access to a person that can beat those individuals up along with the delinquents. I think that you should add in a new character for Yandere Chan to utilize if she wants to take on bigger and Badder enemies rather than have her do that herself. It would also make sense considering that Info-chan has access to a lot of items, perhaps for a certain amount of panty shots you can have Yandere have access to a character called “Brute” or something like that, and he or she can be equipped to fight delinquents and or handling the Loan shark. But give the “Brute” only one use per week depending on what is more important, make the player choose between using the brute to handle the loan sharks or keep the delinquents at bay

    • Info-chan as some kind of Shadow Broker-like character with access to all sorts of human assets to do her dirty work? Ooh, I like that.

      Because, yeah. Beat-em-up gameplay doesn’t really work with the type of character Yandere-chan is, and the type of gameplay we’ve had thus far. I mean, if she can beat up trained Yakuza henchmen, why the hell can’t she beat up a high school math teacher?

      • i really think that is a great idea too! that would be a great use of panty shots you could also use panty shots to buy “brute” some punching gloves and equiptment using panty shots too. level his physical abilities and “level him up” in your basement but you would have to miss some school times and key events in school.you could not kidnap a girl while though so there would have to be some hard decision making. PLEASE NOTICE THIS YANDERE DEV IT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA

    • Actually, that’s a good idea: Having an additional playable character who can perform in special sequences that Yan-Chan would not make any sense being in. Consider the following:

      – Yan-Chan, the main character, can’t fight the delinquents/loan sharks on her own…but she can hire the ‘Brute’, using your term, through Info-Chan to do the ‘dirty work’ for her.

      – The player then controls “Brute” as they are sent to do the fighting. These fighting sequences take place in the extra-curricular environments as “Brute” fights his/her way through low-tier mooks before getting to the environment boss/target whoever they are.

      – If the player fails, “Brute” is incapacitated and cannot be used again for the remainder of time that the current rival is in play.

      – If the player succeeds…well…they succeed…what they wanted to have done is done.

      – Subsequent uses of “Brute”, AKA to unlock more levels, requires more points given to Info-Chan. Perhaps there’s only one “Brute” segment per week.

      – Each subsequent “Brute” level is more and more difficult. One might actually be an elimination method for a Rival! Most likely a more combat capable Rival whom the player couldn’t beat in a normal fight as Yan-Chan (though, naturally, Yan-Chan has other ways to be rid of that particular rival…but “Brute” is an option for it.)

      • That would not be bad at all….having Yandere-Chan blackmail someone into fighting for her but then again….
        Maybe instead of an entirely beat em up style….we could get Yandere-chan to infiltrate the loan shark’s office/building and stealthily approach the henchmen maybe 1 at a time by watching their movements….and combo them such as upper-cut+stab(could also have a slow motion scene where you get to press 1 of 3 buttons and the person is attempting to block you) to the abdomen with hidden knife. She could always use her laugh to make them go around the corner after having seen them with her pocket mirror then stab 1-2 henchmen by even dual wielding knives.

        Yandere-chan would probably then be able to leave a recording set to ON just outside his door and leave the building. She would not be safe if she revealed her face without killing the witness….so she should NOT show her face to the Loan Shark or any henchmen she did not kill. Once Kokona doesn’t send Yandere-chan a message saying the debt has been cleared….we move on to kidnapping! Or we avoid the kidnapping if certain things can be cleared where the Loan Shark actually becomes afraid enough to cancel the debts. The recording should not mention the Loan Shark’s daughter so that she is not removed from the school in case we need to proceed to kidnapping unless we have an option of finding her elsewhere….such as….the town later 😀

    • While this idea of different environments and other areas in which yandere-chan would be able to fight isn’t a very good idea. The concept is clever and may be fun at first, but in reality, it wouldn’t make any sense. It wouldn’t necessarily fit. I mean think about it. Yandere is a NORMAL(ish) high school girl with nothing but her psychotic rage to give her a bit of leverage over the normal students in combat. They don’t expect it to happen. But the teachers and delinquents are able to harm her regardless of how low her sanity level gets. She isn’t a figher at all. In fact, she doesn’t fight at all in the game. She just murders and there isn’t any real skill needed for that. She is also very cautious. I doubt she would try to kill anyone outside of a place that she know well. She knows the school well enough to be able to kill a student or two and not get caught. It might get tedious but the school and her home are the best places to limit the game to. Well, if the dev had to add a place, Senpai’s home is the best choice.

  3. I want to list some gruesome ways to kill someone
    -Beheading them
    -Burning them alive
    -Freezing them until they die…? (Hypothermia?)
    -Gouging their eyes out and make them cross a busy highway (not really gruesome but would be funny)
    -Beating their head with a hammer repeatedly
    -Tearing out their heart
    -Crush them
    -Feed them to animals alive
    -Tear their body apart horizontally or vertically
    -Slice them up into tiny little cubes
    -Hit them against a wall multiple times (or the floor)
    -Tie them up to a chair and a bomb behind their back and let them explode or put a bomb in their mouth and let the head explode


    -Shred them

  4. I-I think as long as there’s a option of stealth it’s fine…..just think of other people too though….just having a stealth game just won’t be fair to all the people who would like to be a more violent yandere…..and if you think yanderes can be violent like that….just look at future diary….it made one of the most if not most popular yandere in yandere history….and she literally had a GUN battle if I’m remembering correctly….so I personally think if this is not one of many ways or parts of eliminations….then this game just call it’s self a true yandere simulator….

  5. I legit having a hard time imaging Yandere chan being able to air juggle and giant swing a muscular bodyguard without it reaching the levels of being stupidly silly. Plus, I feel like it would be a waste of time of adding a new game mechanics if it going to be used like two or four times or possibly never depending on how people play the game. I rather make it where you call up Info Chan to get rid of the Loan Shark or even maybe have a level where you are sneaking through the office and assassinate the boss. If you are full on set on having combat in the game, I think making it more technical based would work out better. Maybe make it like the Batman Arkham games where you have to time your attack and dodge at the right moment and counter your enemy’s attack. Idunno, I feel like it would be more believable that Yandere Chan would use the mooks’ strength and weight against them instead of going full on ham and wrecking everyone with a office chair.

  6. Actually I changed my opinion about the beat ’em up system…
    I noticed how much I like the stealth/sabotage theme of Yandere simulator and I think that the fight combat really doesn’t match with it…
    Even if you mention games like Hitman, I feel like I would like more Yandere Simulator if it doesn’t have the fight element…
    I actually don’t like Hitman because I feel pressured to be in combat on that game. Even if I actually don’t have to.

    It kinda worries me the thinking of “I don’t want to players to be bored, I want to add different themed things!”
    (I know that that is not what you mean… But this is actually what this would make Yandere simulator feel like.)

    It comes to mind those games that were developed in a way thinking to satisfy every kind of player but that just…….
    Let’s say that they were not… Good.

    It’s not bad to focus in some theme. People who like it will like. People that don’t like will not.

    But think if you focus in multiple themes. People who might have liked it may hate it now!
    People that you are thinking to attract might don’t like it too anyway!

    There is the budget + animations problems too… I think that this would be VERY time consuming to add. And require a lot of new assets and animations. In no way this would be done in one single month. That is a LOT of animations and bugs to come. Trust me. It will at least a half year or less to be well done.

    You don’t have to change the theme to add variation, there are another hidden ways, we just have to brainstorm it!
    Sorry if I sound rude. That’s just my opinion.
    I’m just worried. I want Yandere Simulator to be a good game.

  7. I still hate the fact that if you press F during the cutscene with Kokona you just kidnap her, honestly you have to go through the effort of doing a task, stalk Kokona, gain info, kidnap a girl, record her, and listen to a line of text just to kidnap her. I don’t understand why you can’t just simply increase your biology or science, grab the syringe, ask Kokona to follow you, and than put her in the box. You can do that in 1 yandere sim day compared to the betrayal method of waiting for about 4 days. Kinda dumb if you ask me. If you, yandere dev or someone else was to answer this question, then I would be happy.

    • As for this update though, a beat em up system would be great! Just not against adults. If yandere-chan is weak to the point where she can’t kill something as simple as a teacher to high school students. You said it yourself “A full grown adult can easily take down a highschool student easily” in the teachers update. If she can’t take a teacher who probably has no combat experience, what makes you think she could take down a group of experienced adults who are security guards?

    • Yandere Dev just want to provide the player with tons of options on how to eliminate their Rival. Honestly, I think I will be nice to the other Rivals… except for the…. “Yandere” Rival. Actually, I think it would be better if you have like a chase scene, where you try to keep Kokona from escaping your house… like the ones in the Walking Dead or something.

  8. I sort of imagined having a nice katana rooftop duel with the delinquent rival as one of the elimination methods. Thats way too awesome to solve with simple QTE. Also if snap mode will be about Yan-chan going on a rampage, some combat mechanics might be interesting…

    …but its hard to imagine schoolgirl beating up mobsters head on without breaking immersion of the game and it might invalidate the other game mechanics, like teachers actually being a threat which should not be confronted directly with a knife. Dealing with adults in general probably should involve having an overwhelming tactical advantage in some way (ambushes, poisoning, having sword/gun while they are unarmed etc.)

    Im all for satisfying duels with delinquents and heroic martial artists, but the mechanics of it probably should not be a power trip like the battles in Yakuza.
    If somebody lands a blow on Yan-chan, she should end up limping and/or spend the rest of the day at nurses office (best way to infiltrate it?). She should not be a powerhouse.

    At any rate, Im not exactly fan of QTEs, but maybe it would be for the best if it was kept simple. Maybe some sort of reaction based minigame? Lets say for example…DOS version of Prince of Persia with its parrying and counter parrying until somebody lands a blow?

  9. Seems like a lot of people are saying that “beat ’em up” game play doesn’t work in a stealth game. To these people, I’d suggest that they go play the Arkham Asylum games. Those have both “beat ’em up” and stealth gameplay in equal measure, and it doesn’t feel out of place. It’s all about using the right tool for the right job.

      • Batman; grown man with years of training and weapons and no need to worry about Bruce Waynes reputation.
        Yandere Chan; Young high school girl with a few lessons of high school martial arts, has to live with any reputation loss that could ruin her chances with senpai

        I sorta don’t see the point of risking my reputation, which would risk my chances with senpai, for Boobs Mackenzie, nor do I like my chances against grown men.

      • So? She doesn’t need to be. I was just pointing out that “beat ’em up” and “stealth”gameplay can go together.

        Plus yanderes and “beat ’em up” style can go together. When Yuno kills hundred of members of the Omekata cult with an Axe, wouldn’t you say that feel more like a like a “beat ’em up” sequence than anything else?

  10. I think it would impactive negatively in the atmosphere of the game.

    It is a psychological suspense and stalking horror. That kind of action would make it in another kind of genre.

    It could be used for another game, but not this one.

  11. If put in right and you can make it so the player use it without breaking the stealth part then it will be good. I have no examples of this to give you as it has not been done right before.

  12. What if you had to sneak through the office of the loan sharks to steal important documents instead of fight them? I think that would add something new and cool without the requirement for a lot of programing, and would also allign better with the primarily stealth based gameplay. It would be more like you are playing hitman, since you are less encouraged to kill people and more encouraged to sneak around and get 1 task done.

  13. I do have to agree with the concerns people said about a long, thin, high school girl swinging around muscular, fully grown, highly trained bodyguards. A combat system would work for the delinquents, other high schoolers her age. But I hope that doesn’t mean the deliquents are immune to being killed. It seems silly just to fight them without having an option to kill them–if we fight them, we should have the option to kill them if we win the fight. I want to kill the delinquents too. But I wouldn’t want this system to be too hard–this game isn’t street fighter. Just some reaction commands maybe?

  14. Yandere-chan beating up hired goons using nothing more than some training she picked up from the Martial Arts Club is a bit too out there for me. I could buy it for overpowering delinquents or teachers but it would be extremely difficult for a high school girl even with training to beat a guy twice her size. Let alone multiple guys. Maybe, if it were less “beat-’em-up” style and more about Yandere-chan being quick and using her opponents momentum against them, it would work.

    I think I’d be more interested in seeing her use clever way to handle dealing with the loan shark’s men. Something like the fulminated mercury scene from Breaking Bad. Walter White knew he couldn’t beat Tuco’s guys physically but he confronted him anyway because he had a trick up his sleeve.

  15. I also don’t think the one environment thing is a weakness of Yandere Simulator but a strength. In a lot of games, you can cause as much havoc as you want because you know you’ll never have to go back to that location. In Yandere Simulator, you have to go back every day and face the consequences of your actions which is a lot more interesting.

    • Agreed, It’s why I’m careful in the school, because of my reputation. I’d be a little more careful in town environment if I knew I’d be going back there. I mean, in town you’re even closer to the police!

  16. Sorta seems out of place. Like, going off mirai nikki, Yuno used brains over brawn, she wasn’t strong, but she was smart enough to get what she wanted without having to get into fisticuffs.

    I don’t know, as an option/choice sure? But yandere’s seem more stealth than strength. I’d be more than happy to torture Musume if he couldn’t be convinced >_>

  17. I actually really do like the idea of a non-lethal combat system. But I agree with some of the other comments that Yandere-chan being able to take down a trained adult wouldn’t make much sense. Teachers and students, though, would make perfect sense for a combat system, and if you added missions with teenage bullies from another school, or an creepy stalker, or an abusive ex-boyfriend, you could have tons of material that makes combat realistic and interesting. With that said, I think that smaller location missions don’t all have to be combat oriented. Stealth around a couple people to steal evidence, poison someone’s lunch, or use verbal trickery to get past obstacles and achieve your objective. Having combat be the only way to solve these missions removes some of the fun of having different play styles, so while I definitely think you should have a combat system for people wanting to play a more aggressive character, I would love these missions to have a couple of different ways to solve them.

  18. Personally I think it looks a little out of place and in a certain point odd. After all Yandere-chan is only a high school girl, it is impossible for her to fight against a group of men and win. In my opinion, what makes yandere simulator a great game is the completely unique expirience it gives for the player, instead of our protagonist fighting and killing everyone in his/her path merciless, Yandere-chan prefers to damage her rivals psychologically and sometimes violently, but in a violently way that matches with a yandere high school girl, not with a hitman.

  19. Well… I’ll just say what Flowey said: that’s a wonderful idea! *^*
    Beat-em-up system is hard? Yes! But why not try? I wouldn’t mind if you need to take a few months to put those features in YanSim. That would be awesome!

    Take your time, YandereDev. We can wait. ^-^

  20. This sucks that so many people are anti fighting in the game is suppose to be fun and it has lots of options if you don’t like beat em up yandere don’t play like that ,but it shouldn’t be taken off the table all together because some people don’t like any change . They think this is too far but cyborg Easter eggs exist in this game already. Also yandere chan can literally go on a killing rampage and murder 7 students in broad daylight but not a fighting rampage . I fail to see why this can’t be good. I think a arcade option or beat em up option would be amazing. I’m with you yanderedev

  21. I like the idea whenever it comes to the delinquents, but as for non-delinquent situations, I personally don’t enjoy it as much?

    I very much enjoy beat-em-ups and hack-and-slash games, and this is a super great idea, but Yandere Sim, in my personal opinion, just doesn’t feel like as much of a place for it? That’s just me, tho, if you wanna implement it go for it ofc!

  22. I don’t think the idea is worth pursuing. Seems like it would extend development time even more, and I don’t feel it fits with the stealth gameplay. Please don’t focus time on this. We’re eagerly awaiting other features like SNAP and various elimination methods first.

  23. I like the idea of some sort of combat system, but only if it’s really difficult to beat one or two people. This way the player would be forced to find an opportunity to fight their target one on one.

  24. As someone else mentioned, and as I would like to re-iterate in its own separate comment, I believe that a secondary character, henceforth referred to as “Brute”, would be a fitting substitute to making Yan-Chan fight people she would have no justifiable capacity (even though this is a cartoon-style game) to win in a direct confrontation:

    – Yan-Chan, the main character, can’t fight the delinquents/loan sharks/target on her own…but she can hire the “Brute” through Info-Chan to do the ‘dirty work’ for her.

    – The player pays Info-Chan then continues their day, going to class, socializing, backstabbing, plotting, cooking club, passion killings, et cetera.

    – When Yan-Chan goes to sleep, the player then controls “Brute” as they are sent to do the fighting at night (as it would be a bad idea to get into a street fight in broad daylight, right?). These fighting sequences take place in the extra-curricular environments (be they 3D arenas or Side-Scroller venues) as “Brute” fights his/her way through low-tier mooks before getting to the environment boss/target whoever they are.

    – If the player fails, “Brute” is incapacitated and cannot be used again for a set period of time (a week/one try per rival time period.)

    – If the player succeeds…well…they succeed…what they wanted to have done is done.

    – Subsequent uses of “Brute”, AKA to unlock more levels, requires more points given to Info-Chan. Perhaps there’s only one “Brute” segment per week.

    – Each subsequent “Brute” level is more and more difficult. One might actually be an elimination method for a Combat-Trained Rival! (though, naturally, Yan-Chan has other ways to be rid of that particular rival…but “Brute” is an option for it.)

    – This keeps an element of ‘logic’ in the game by preventing a High Schooler with limited Martial Arts training from fighting trained adults while also keeping the combat gameplay as an option that the player can use; a commodity purchased through Info-Chan. Think of it as ‘unlockable side-content’ that the player can choose to use or ignore at their own volition; another tool that Yan-Chan can use on her quest for Senpai’s heart.

    – as we all love Easter Eggs, you could add anEaster Egg that allows the player to turn “Brute” into the Cyborg Ninja…or Yan-Chan can make use of that ‘Stand’ thing to the fighting for her?


    You’ve certainly got a few options, however you decide to go through with it…beat’s quick-time events.

  25. Yanderedev makes a very good point in this blog post. Adding multiple methods in eliminating rivals would really enhance the replay value of Yandere Simulator. If you were to sort of categorize the ways in which you could play through Yandere Simulator, it would probably go something like: (1) kill every rival using whatever methods possible and (2) eliminating rivals by befriending them through task completion. Each new rival can be killed by different methods or the rivals will be eliminated by completing specific tasks or whatever. I probably wouldn’t want to play Yandere Simulator more than twice if that were the case.

    However, I’m not sure the beat-em-up system would really solve the replay value issue of Yandere Simulator. Like how I’ve seen others feel, I don’t think beating up foes fits in the stealth-oriented game of Yandere Simulator. It is an interesting proposal, but, at least the way Yanderedev presented it in the video, picking up objects and beating up larges groups of people, I feel, sort of ruins the synthesis and cohesion of Yandere Simulator…

    But, I trust Yanderedev, and whatever he wants to include in the game will likely be well implemented. He talked about changing the name of the game for 15 minutes and presented a very good argument that I could not deny. With passion for his work and thoughtfulness like that, I don’t think Yanderedev would include things he really, really doesn’t want or exclude things he feels will make the game better.

  26. I’d say don’t spread yourself too thin, Yanderedev. Also, I don’t think that the game taking place in a single environment is a flaw at all. It makes things streamlined and gives more room for creativity.

  27. honestly, this sounds like a brilliant idea. but i think u would have to keep in mind the fact that yan-chan is a high school girl. lengthy fights wouldn’t work well, and she would probably have low heath. so it would take a lot of time and work to do. honestly, a mix of yakuza and quick time events would work best, but yes, this does sound like a good idea!

  28. On one hand, it would definitely be cool to have an actual fighting system instead of just Quick-time events, but on the other hand I have to agree with the other comments, it feels a bit out place. Feels out of place in the sense of “why would Yan-chan go out of her way to beat up some loan sharks to get to Kokona?”, however, it definitely sounds like a better way to deal with the delinquents, teachers and martian arts club members.

    I say go for it because it would make sense to have a combat system against certain characters, but as an option for a potential rival elimination it feels out of place.

  29. ONLY if the beat-em-up mechanic was available for SNAP mode (in addition to those other 3), and if the only way to beat up the henchmen was to fail and become restrained by them first, and then have to snap to defeat them. then all of this “beating up full grown men but not teachers” stuff would make sense. SNAP mode is like yandere super-sayan – you become very powerful.

    …but that probably impedes upon what you already had planned for snap mode, doesn’t it?

    • actually, i’d be fine if instead of editing what you have planned for snap mode, you instead let us defeat the henchmen only if you brought along delinquent friends (you’d need a low reputation to be their friends) or if you befriended the Ronsharku girl and make the video etc (high reputation option).
      the reasons why I say this is because I realize that what i suggested breaks snap mode if you aren’t trained in the martial arts club/ have high strength stat so…
      yeah either add integrate it into snap mode somehow , or bring henchmen along with you to beat up the loansharks… and that can be what you get from being friends with the delinquents… being able to beat up people outside of school.

  30. Climate changes and other stuff that can’t be controllable by the player would be awesome and somethings related to that too. Thunders, tempests, hurricanes, floodings, computers getting water because of window open, papers flying, floor getting dirty because of mud, wardrobe with meteorologic previsions for Yandere, electricity going down, its so amazinggg.


    yanderedev posted: “I don’t consider big new features for Yandere Simulator very often. Each big new feature means 2~4 weeks of writing code, in addition to all of the time that will be spent fixing whatever bugs are discovered. However, it’s actually a bit inaccurate to cal”

  31. I actually liked the fact that you can beat up the delinquents and the delinquent-rival, but i also think that yandere would need a good reason to beat them…

  32. If Yandere-chan confronts them, it should be more like Mirror’s Edge stealth more than Yakuza fighting. I mean, not running on walls and jumping across buildings, but maybe she climbs the roof using a rope and works her way in through the duct system. Dunno what she would do when she reaches them, but still.

    It makes a little bit of sense for Haruka to be able to beat up a group of grown criminals, but not Yandere-chan. I like the idea of the mechanic for the delinquents, but I think that once you beat them, you should be able to do favors for them and eventually enlist their help, or use their connections to get the debt cancelled.

  33. I think that this should be left only for the delinquents. The gaining respect by fighting them is a brilliant idea, but I can’t really see Ayano beating up the loan sharks or anything.

  34. I really hope a combat sysyem of some kind is put in place for the delinquents. I think that fighting them to gain their respect is a really cool idea. However, the idea of Aishi-chan fighting adults just seems really unfitting to me.

  35. Okay first of all, I think it is harsh to have Yandere Chan beat up people who aren’t going for Senpai and if your really going for the beat up system with like dragging their face or putting the loan shark manager on the floor and using a door to beat the crap out of him could seriously make this game too violent. I know there was already a video like i’m sure it would be a good idea but me as a fan feels like that being up the loan shark with a door or just dragging their face across the pavement is just not what I would expect. Like killing them, its a good option because it’s not as harsh as dragging their face. Half of the ideas you listed were actually something that I found intelligent and that should be in this game like the one where you half to do a few tasks for Kokona or your rival for them to actually gain Yandere Chan’s trust but since you do not accept suggestions, I still think this is an okay idea. Keep on working Yandere dev!

  36. This kind of doesn’t make sense to me. If Yandere-chan did attack the loan sharks what stopping him from getting her in the future. I mean he is meant to be a bad guy so i don’t think he would just give up on someone who almost kill him.

  37. Honestly, I didn’t think it was a bad idea. I mean realistically speaking, I don’t think it would make sense if applied to the loanshark but for the delinquents, IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Delinquents would stereotypically speaking get into a lot of fights and wouldn’t want to get outsiders involved, so a BEAT UP system would make sense for them. I think that’s the only way it should be applied though and nothing else, not for the loan shark and stuff.

  38. What if she could break into the office and destroy all evidence of loans? Or you had to do a few activities(not tasks) with her such as clubs, “talking” in the friend group, having lunch with her. Just school girl things that you have to track her down for?

  39. This would be the most amazing thing that will be in yandere simulator i think, it will get tons of people replaying to try and get the quickest play time or replaying to try and click the buttons the best they can, i would love to see yandere chan beat up different people, including people outside.

  40. there is the loan company that just gave me a loan they are private loan lender, i felt so great now that i have paid half the money to be sincere i never thought i will say this but not all loan lender are bad. well 4% interest rate i got out of my debts and i am proud i took the step. contact her if you want that same opportunity. diamondloanfoundation@ gmail.com

  41. hey Michael i agree with you i took a loan from them too. and i got my loan as they have promised me. Mrs Lisa she is a great lender she saved my sons life with the loan she gave me i could’nt be more thankful….

  42. I think yandere-chan wouldn’t be strong enough to beat up multiple men at once first off. Even disregarding that however, it is counter productive to the games stealth mechanics. yes, those examples have run and gun tactics and give you an option to fight without being stealthy, but those games aren’t yandere simulator. THIS is yandere simulator. Those games feature characters with training in combat and murder, as well as experience, the main characters are almost always avoiding law enforcement by running, changing towns, or hiding. unlike these characters from other games, yandere-chan has simple martial arts training and her own mind, she is rooted to one town and as such cant just run or hide if she creates too much of a scene. as a result, I think all combat mechanics should be avoided in yandere simulator. She should NEED to be stealthy, as she has nowhere to go if caught and even if she did have such a place to run to or hide out at, it would require her to leave her senpai. attacking a lone shark (or even being spotted near a loan shark) could give her away to the police, rumours could spread, it would be far too much of a risk for her in particular as she is as I said, rooted to this town and school by her regular life, and by her senpai. to reiterate, those games get away with it because the protagonist doesn’t care about being identified as a criminal because they can just run and hide from police/other forces after, yandere-chan cant run or hide, she needs to avoid being identified as a criminal, she cant let anything make her look suspicious, everything she does should be either stealthy, or designed to metaphorically twist someones arm without committing a crime.

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