Friendship and Betrayal

Well, well, well! It’s finally here; the long-awaited June 1st build. You can grab it from the Downloads page!

The highlight of this build is a new way to eliminate your rivals. As always, I’ve prepared a video that explains and demonstrates the newest elimination method:

It’s finally possible to eliminate your rival without ruining her life or killing anyone! If you become sympathetic towards any of the rivals, now you’ll be able to eliminate her without harming her at all.

Kokona is the “test dummy” rival, so it’s easy to make her give up on Senpai; she only exists for testing and demonstrating features. The other girls probably won’t be willing to give up on Senpai so easily. After you have earned a girl’s trust and respect, she might give you a “challenge” of some kind, in order to make you “prove” that you are the most worthy girl for Senpai.

Here’s a full list of everything that is different in the latest build of the game:

Friendship and Betrayal

  • It is now possible to become Kokona’s friend by performing a task for her.
  • If the player listens to Kokona’s conversation with Saki on the rooftop at lunchtime on Monday, befriends Kokona, and then leaves a note in her locker asking to meet her on the school rooftop, the player will have the option of speaking to Kokona about her personal problems on the rooftop.
  • A new student has been added to the game.
  • It is possible to become friends with the new student by performing a task for her.
  • If the player kidnaps the new student after discussing Kokona’s personal problems, new options will become available in Yandere-chan’s basement at night.
  • Added two new text message conversations.
  • Added a cut-scene with a degree of interactivity.

Other Additions

  • The player is only allowed to report a student to the guidance counselor once per day, but there was no way for the player to know this. The counselor will now speak a voiced line when the player is not allowed to speak to her.
  • Added a real easter egg – an audio clip that will only play if the player is standing in the right spot, with the right item in their inventory. I wonder if anyone will ever find it?
  • The guidance counselor now has a more lively idle animation, and occasionally performs a different animation to make her feel more alive.
  • If the police discover a student who died from falling off of the school roof, the school will now erect a fence around the roof.
  • Added the ability to remove the Cyborg Ninja’s helmet by pressing the “P” key while the Cyborg Ninja easter egg is active.
  • Added a voice clip that will play when the player tries to buy something from Info-chan when it is unavailable.
  • Restored Oka’s shy/nervous animation. I just realized that it was missing! How long was it missing for?!
  • Added the Cyborg Ninja’s hair as a hairstyle that can be worn by pressing the “H” key enough times.
  • Added a wood-chipper to the gardening club that allows the player to dispose of corpses.
  • In the Student Info screen, changed “Strength” to “Self Defense”.
  • Added stockings and arm-warmers to Oka Ruto.
  • Touched up the Student Info screen.
  • Added a new easter egg costume.
  • There were also a bunch of really minor changes here and there, but I don’t want it to seem like I’m inflating the changelog, so I won’t mention the minor stuff.

Bug Fixes

  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause the player to become unable to drop the cello case. This bug was turning into a rabbit-hole of time-consuming problems, so I simply disabled the “check for obstacle” script that was running whenever the player was wearing the cello case. Now the player can drop the cello case anywhere, even if it’s clipping through a wall. One day in the future, I’ll fix this bug, but right now, it’s not high-priority enough to justify the amount of time that would be required to fix it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s Monday “talk on phone” event to fail if the player instructed Kokona to distract someone shortly before the event would occur.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “End of Day” text sequence to break if the player kidnapped a girl on the same day as reporting Kokona to the guidance counselor.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would limit the number of corpses in the school to 37, even though there are 38 killable characters at school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a “panicking” student to be unaffected by Ebola-chan.
  • Fixed a typo in one of the social media cyber-bulling social messages.
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the pink panties.

Hey!! Wait!! Where’s the other stuff?!

If you’ve been following this blog for the past 17 days, you may have gotten hyped for a bunch of features that you expected to be in this build, and you may be surprised to learn that those features aren’t actually in this build. So, what happened? I’ll explain:

The May 15th build was delayed because I had to wait for an animator to create some animations for the befriend/betray cut-scene. I said that, while I was waiting for those animations to arrive, I’d pass the time by adding other features to the game. However, the animations arrived much sooner than expected, so I didn’t have as much time as I thought I’d have to add other features. It took me several days to fully implement the cut-scene, followed by several more days of hunting for bugs, fixing bugs, and adding polish to the build. For example, I spent the majority of today fixing bugs with the new woodchipper instead of adding new features to the game. (Trust me, you would have gotten pretty frustrated if you had tried to use the woodchipper before I fixed those bugs.) After all that time had passed, there was simply no time remaining to add any other new content to the game.

You can’t bury corpses yet, you can’t wear a raincoat yet, you can’t summon a Stand yet, etc. I never meant to imply that those features were actually going to be included in the June 1st build; I just wanted to assure people that the game’s development hadn’t come to a halt, and show off all of the awesome things that would be implemented soon.

Didn’t you say that you’d be releasing a launcher on June 1st? Where’s the launcher?

I’m sorry! I decided that the game’s launcher and the game’s official website should both be launched to the public at the same time, because the launcher links to the game’s website. On the plus side, the website will be ready very soon!

What’s next?

Here’s what I can tell you about the next 30 days:

  • If the current build has a bunch of new bugs, the next few days might be about fixing those bugs.
  • If the majority of the fanbase was actually expecting this build to have burials, raincoats, and teacher routines, and are angry that those features weren’t in this build, then my next objective will be to put those features into the game as soon as possible.
  • I really want the game’s official website and launcher to be released as soon as possible, so those will probably be launched at some point within the next two weeks.
  • E3 is happening from June 14th~16th. I want to attend E3, so the next update might arrive shortly before June 14th, or shortly after June 16th.
  • Anime Expo is happening from July 1st~4th. I want to attend Anime Expo, so the July update might arrive shortly before July 1st, or occur shortly after July 4th.

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

364 thoughts on “Friendship and Betrayal

    • Omg you will NOT believe what just happened. So I was whacking this video right, and then I pause the video and go to the kitchen for a snack. While I was eating my 4 year old brother and my 6 year old sister went into my room, saw my phone, unpaired the video, and started watching it. I came back to my room and saw them. I didn’t pay much attention for some reason until- I heard the video say,” I wonder what would happen if I pressed the attack button” so I RAN over there, SNATCHED my phone, and turned off the video. For now on when I watch a video like this, I’ll be sure to lock my door when I leave.

    • You need to get enough panty shots them what you do is go to your phone then press the 3rd button then a pack of cigarrettes and clean uniform come up then once you have the uniform go to the sewing room to fix it then go to kokona


    • Take 5 panty shots, buy the uniform from Info Chan, pick it up, go to the sewing room and there should be a sewing machine, take the uniform to it and it should say “modify uniform” then go back to Kokona and press on task.

    • I went to the sewing room in the first floor and fixed kokona’s uniform but you have to fix it before you agree the task. It’s weird but It works 🙂

    • You need to take out your phone, then press on Info-Chan’s icon. After that press “Drops”. Purchase the “Clean Uniform”. Then go to the back of the school to pick it up. Finally, go to the sewing room and adjust it. 🙂

  1. This is really cute if you don’t kill Kokona I LOVE IT!! Thank you YandereDev for putting in a kind option in the game. I LOVE IT!! I never wanted to kill Kokona. THANK YOU!!

  2. I really like how Yandere-chan’s voiced. And it’s not a constant “dead-inside” monotone. It varies to curiosity “What does he do when he’s drunk”, resignation “I’ll manage”, and the slight hint of desperation when she’s asking for Kokona to not pursue Senpai. And it’s more apparent in her relieved tone that that’s the most important thing. It makes sense in hindsight to the intro about her not feeling anything and not caring who she has to hurt or what she has to do. Her deadpan tone with Kokona’s gratitude? She doesn’t care, more importantly she only cares about what this task can make Kokona do for her. Good job all around.

  3. YandereDev you have done an amazing job at long and hard job of Yandere Simulator the cut scene that was implemented to this build was absolutely fantastic I can’t wait till the final games cut scene because I believe it will be fantastic

  4. Yandere Dev, this is a very cool update! Thank you for creating Yandere Simulator! 🙂
    I have a question: Where Yandere-chan hide corpse of Kokona Haruka, after in conversation player pressed F?

    • Also, I found two bugs yesterday.
      1. Kokona’s task was not showing up in the task menu.
      2. After Kokona gets scolded by the guidance counselor, it says “The guidance counselor asks Kokona to visit her office after school ends…” again.

  5. Generation after generation, Yandere daughters are born to follow in the bloodied footsteps of their mother. Can it be, that just perhaps, a pacifist solution to solving problems will break that chain at last? 😉

  6. Hi Yandere Dev. I’m 16 years old and I’m following the development of the game for over a year now, and I think you’re doing an amazing job. Keep the good work Devpai :3 We love you and we’ll always support you.

  7. Is anyone not able to give Kokona Haruka the uniform once you get it from Info-Chan and can’t turn on the wood chipper once a body is in there? The little pink circles are there, but not the interactive ones with the E. Please let me know!

  8. I can’t give Ronshaku the item. It just replays her task dialogue requesting it and never lets me give it to her. Tried it without debugs and with. Anyone else having this trouble? Or solved it? If not, then I’ll report

  9. Okay wow I’m an idiot. I just had a dumb realization that everyone already probably knew. So all of the electronics in the game are the brand “Saikou” and I was like “whats so great about that name” and then I realized “Saikou” = “Psycho” and yeah.

    Also I was really looking forward to playing in Ayano’s new outfit that YandereDev made but oh well

  10. I’ve been having trouble kidnapping the loan shark’s daughter. I should be doing everything right. I actually maxed out my biology. I did the task for Kokona, had the scene on the rooftop, did the task for the daughter and got the syringe and tranquilizer, but when I try to use it on her she dies no matter what. Am I doing something wrong?

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  13. I think I discovered the “real” easter egg! it involves Sakyu Basu’s ring and standing at the top right corner of the center table in the student council room. It’s definitely AN easter egg, whether it’s the one mentioned above I am unsure haha.

  14. I love love love love love the cut sence for this update and I don’t think it needs to be changed till you can get a buget I’m ,sadly, not old enough to volenter but I know that you will get a high quality game finished on what you have right now
    also I know I’m not ment to but I have a suggestion I think you will like
    if you need help with where to place wepons in the final game then I have some
    knife in a caffateria
    katana in marcal arts club
    box cutter/sissors in art club
    I know you don’t like suggestions but I just want to feel like I’m controbuteing as much as I can to the game

  15. I cant talk with Kokona About problems… is it a bug?
    I listen to te conversation, an leave the note for the meeting in the rooftop but i only can select the option Push

  16. I found a bug with the new elimination method, but I didn’t want to bother YandereDev with an e-mail, so. I went for the “eliminate” option while Kokona was at my house, then tortured her until she had no sanity and brought her to school. She killed herself, and I wasn’t convicted, but the script part said she died falling off the school roof and the police treated it as a murder case, even though she’d stabbed herself in the head with a screwdriver… ?? Probably just a glitch seeing as it was Kokona who killed herself and not anyone else. Either way I hope it’s resolved soon.

  17. If Kokona kills herself after becoming a mindslave, the script claims she’s fallen from the roof. This was the June 3rd update, though, I don’t know if this has been rectified as of yet.

  18. I love the new friendship and betrayal update, but I have one huge problem with it. Yan chan is not allowed to release her kidnapped victims, because even if her identity was concealed during the kidnapping, the victim’s last memory would be of following Yan chan into the storage room. And yet, Yandere chan releases Musume Ronshaku after blackmailing her dad. So I came up with an easy solution. After leading her into the storage room, tell her that you forgot something in your locker, and that Musume should wait in the storage room. Then, run to the drama club room, put on a mask, and tranquilize her while your identity is concealed. That way, she can’t link Yandere-Chan and her kidnapper together.

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