June 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

Edit: Oops! There was a serious bug in this build that prevented the user from having the “Offer Help” conversation with Kokona. A new build has been uploaded that fixes this issue.

If you’re looking for information about the most recent additions to the game, click here!

There were some bugs in the June 1st build! I’ve created a new build loaded with bug-fixes and general improvements. Here’s an example…

A lot of people have been reporting difficulty in successfully kidnapping victims. I’ve tested this feature dozens of times – possibly hundreds of times by now – and I’ve never run into any problems with it. I can only conclude that the people who are failing to perform kidnappings are not following all of the required steps.

As a result, I’ve decided to add something new to the game; the “Kidnapping Checklist!”

When you walk into the “Kidnapping Room”, a checklist will appear onscreen. This checklist will tell you if you currently meet all of the criteria to perform a kidnapping. If you’re missing the tranquilizer, if your Biology stat is too low, if your victim is not eligible for kidnapping, if you’re missing the syringe, or if the door isn’t shut, the checklist will let you know with a little “X” next to the corresponding criteria. Hopefully, now it will be much easier for people to successfully perform a kidnapping!

That’s not the only thing that’s new in this build. To see a list of everything that has been changed in this build, scroll down below this image gallery of cool portraits drawn by clearlyoriginaljellyfish!

  • If the player left a note in Kokona’s locker, instructed her to go stand somewhere, and Kokona stood there until one of her events triggered, there was a bug that would cause Kokona to go perform her event in the wrong location. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to prepare food while standing on the school rooftop if the player left a note in Kokona’s locker asking to meet her on the rooftop during a point in time when she would be performing her food-preparation animation.
  • Adjusted the schedules of the female social butterflies / “Rainbow Six” girls so that they don’t spend so much time in the cooking club, allowing Kokona more time to check her locker for notes towards the end of the day.
  • If the player orders multiple items from Info-chan, Info-chan will now drop every item in the order they were bought, instead of only dropping the last item that was purchased.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to be able to walk through the chain link fences that appear on the school rooftop after a student dies from falling off the roof.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to perform the “Push Kokona off school roof” animation on Kokona even when she wasn’t standing at the edge of the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Sakyu Basu’s ring to remain on the rooftop bench if the player went to class while Sakyu was eating lunch on the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “What type of picture did I just take?” icons to appear at the top of all screenshots taken using the smartphone’s camera.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Offer Help” prompt to remain available in the rooftop meeting spot even after Kokona had walked away from that spot.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the woodchipper to stop spewing blood when disposing of corpses, after the first corpse Yandere-chan put inside of it.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause Musume Ronshaku to get stuck on the school’s exterior doors when trying to enter the school at lunchtime.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from completing Musume’s task if the player bought cigarettes before accepting her task.
  • Fixed bug that would cause cigarettes to remain in Yandere-chan’s inventory even after she had given the cigarettes to Musume.
  • A “Checklist” will now appear onscreen when the player is attempting to kidnap people in the “Kidnapping Room” of the school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause text to exit the text boxes in the Student Info screen.
  • Added Kokona’s task to the Task menu.

What’s next?

If at least 10 significant bugs are found over the next 24 hours, the next build will be another bug-fixing build. If not, then I’ll begin working on implementing some of those assets that I received between May 15th and June 1st.

The official website is coming along nicely! I’m looking forward to showing it off! I’m looking forward to releasing the official launcher, too!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

120 thoughts on “June 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. sorry can anyone tell During a conversation with a student,after press the ‘E’ key how get them follow me I can say (I am sorry )
    or get(task) but not (follow me )T-T

  2. I found a glitch/bug:
    If you go to the sewing room, you will have the option to sew (even though Kokona didn’t give you a task nor you bought a clean uniform from Info-chan. Basically, when the sew option appears and you press it, you will sit down in mid-air where you were standing and start sewing nothing.

  3. The checklist is a really good idea. Even watching let’s plays it’s obvious people easily forget steps accidentally.
    Especially if they remember learning the biology skills then forgetting that they had to reset the day thereby also resetting biology skillset
    Lol accidental murder.

  4. Am I the only having a lot of trouble here? When as get Kokona to meet me on the rooftop and try to click ‘Offer Help’ to start the cut scene, it starts with Kokona saying ‘Oh! You’re the one who wanted to meet me here?’ and bugs out. It just stops and I can’t move, nothing else happens and the rest of the convocation doesn’t happen. No matter when I try, it does this. So, am I the only one?

  5. nice to see these updates, but is anyone else having trouble playing it, the visuals wont load for me I just get a dark screen with the sound, I tried redownloading it, and older version that did work … ( is it because I got windows 10 now ? )

  6. Guys Yandere Dev’s birthday is June 30th. He is turning 28 and after all he’s done I feel like we should do something in return. If anyone has any ideas on what we can do reply to this comment. I know the 30th is a while away but it’s better to start planning now than later.

  7. Honestly I think that bug fixing builds are just as exciting as elimination builds. It’s really cool to see how Alex is planning on making the game better and easier to understand, just like it being much more appealing. It’s really impressive that all of the bugs were fixed, especially in such a short time.

  8. yanderedev….when i try to propose kokona a solution the voice doesnt play and she only say oh youre the one who wanted to meet me here? but after yan-chan doesnt answer and they stay like that looking into each others eyes :\ its kinda awkward

  9. I’m not sure if it was fixed in this build (there’s no June 3rd update on the Downloads page) and I was going to report it but I didn’t think it was important enough, but, when you go into Yandere Vision, Musume Ronshaku’s hair wasn’t highlighted when I had a picture of her ‘:|

  10. Am I the only one having issues with ‘Offering help’ to Kokona? I offer help and she says her line of dialog but then we freeze, the music is not as loud but its there, the time still passes and people still come and go, Yandere’s line didn’t play and the only way I could get out of it was restart the day. I’m going to list the things I did and maybe that will make it easier to figure out where I went wrong.

    1. I listened to Kokona’s phone call
    2. I got her task and completed it
    3. I went to class
    4. I listened it to Kokona talk about her home problems
    5. I went home and slept
    6. The next day I left a note in Kokona’s locker asking her to meet me on the roof at 7:15, I followed her to make sure she got to the roof.
    7. I offered my help and thats where the game just kinda froze, Like I said above, the students still moved and time still passed but we couldnt move, and no one said the lines after Kokona’s first line.

    I’ve read all of the known bugs and reread kinda how to do this and I havent found a way to stop this from happening.
    Thanks for any help.

  11. Did anyone else get the bug where Kokona’s hair turns gray during the cutscene at yan’s house?
    Also, I supose the kidnapping checklist is usefull……but makes it kind of……. too easy? Makes you feel like you’re going through a tutorial.
    I guess for me it takes away a lot of the fun of the game, wich is to find out new things and develop strategies by myself. When I play this game I like to think: if I were to do this irl how would I go about it … etc,
    Like solving a puzzle.
    if you get a list of steps telling you everything you have to do, it kinda feels like playing chess with someone next to you telling you all the moves you should make. It becomes a chore and leaves very little for the imagination, wich is what this game is suposed to be all about ( I think ). To have fun and find out lots of ways to get away with murder in a school.
    Just my two cents, Im aware its not even a game yet and its just a debug build.

    • i agree…irl we dont have a tutorial for how to kidnapp or kill people like yanderedev told us many times…getting away with murder shall NOT be easy…but i hope it wont be in the final game and its just for the new people playing :\

    • You have a pretty good point. I suppose that it’s there for now so that people will stop spamming YandereDev with e-mails on “Oh, I can’t seem to kidnap someone, and all they do is die!”
      There’s a possibility that he’ll remove it in the future, and I kinda hope so.

  12. Guys, please remember to report bugs to him via e-mail, not with comments. Not only he doesn’t have the time to scroll through comments to find bug reports, it also makes it really hard for him to see it AND organize himself and his bugs-to-solve list. He’ll be grateful for your bug report if you send it to his e-mail 🙂

  13. thank yew yanderedev ❤ oh and i dunno why but 50% of the time my techer treat me like im not a student and 50% she act normal but its no big deal for the moment :3

    • Do you have the Cyborg easter egg activated? That causes teachers to act as normal NPCs.
      Also, if you try this out and decide to e-mail it to YandereDev, he most likely won’t fix it. If my memory serves me right, he said that he won’t be fixing bugs in the default menu or the easter egg menu (unless they’re serious bugs) for a while.

      • no even when im normal i go to class to raise my stat but meanwhile i raise my stat shes been like….youre not one of my student…i got rejected from my own class XD

  14. I don’t now so fixed bug but when kokona talk to the phone and putt all the teacher and leaving the waters she’s They get wet and continue to Kokona and stay there in the locker room

    Other: Sorry of this is a stupid but i only know to what happening o anyone tell me to the dismmember but i don’t remember 😦 it’s normally to dismmember and the character have accesorys have a normal unniform but not the accesorys? and dismember the teachers dismmember and she haves the normal unniform .-. this is rares

    The other bug i don’t know of fixed it’s cyber in easter egg you talk of the teachers and kindnapping alls .-.

    There anymore bugs but i don’t now for the bugs here

    • And I don’t now of fixed but the machinne saw I don’t now it’s my computer slow or all but put one body and put the bucket and expelled blood and put other body and put de new the bucket and no watch to expelled blood I don’t now it’s rare

      • and the teachers and the more students don’t move and atraped in the areas of don’t move :V in the club gardening and the and the laberint and the area of run all the area big xD this is funny

    • Please check the FAQ before sending an e-mail to YandereDev on these bugs.
      He usually doesn’t check the comments section, and usually just checks his e-mail, which is provided in the FAQ, I’m pretty sure.
      He already knows about the dismembering issue, as well as the previous two bugs you mentioned. He said that if he allowed NPCs to go too far from the school/main building, the framrate will completely drop.

  15. ok is it just me but when i did the task for Kokona and then asked her to meet me on the rooftop, I offered help but there would be only the dialogue of Kokona saying “Oh,, so you’re the one who wanted to meet me?” and it would be all quiet and it would basically freeze on that so I tried resetting the day and the same thing happened

  16. Hi there! I’m following you since may 15th build (Sorry if my english is not perfect my mother language is italian)
    i wanted to say that i can’t wait for the complete game cause i think it will be really great!
    I’d like to ask you a question, i tried to buy cigarettes from Info-chan, it says that i can report it to the consuelor,
    or i can use them differently, but when i take them behind the school than they don’t appear anywhere,
    it would be great if Yandere chan could smoke them, like “i murdered kokona / or became friend / or i kidnapped someone etc. (it doesn’t matter LOL ) and now i’m relaxing smoking a cigarette” !
    let me know what do you think about it if you want :DDDD thanks a lot, and super cool game!

    • Not being rude, but Yan-Chan is emotionless and doesn’t do things like that for no reason. Senpai could never love a delinquent. And since you’re pretty new to Yandere Simulator, you might not know this but he doesn’t listen to suggestions. He won’t add anything that doesn’t have any real purpose. Don’t E-mail him suggestions. Commenting suggestions is fine but don’t expect him to see it. And welcome to the fandom, where we prefer crazy, yandere and emotionless girls over regular tsundere girls.

  17. Umm… Yandere dev, I can’t talk to Kakhona like we will both meet on the roof and I can offer her help but we will both just stand there and I can’t do anything after that. I tried talking to her at different times but we would still get stuck, and from what I have seen on YouTube I am the only one with this prob….

  18. When Yandere-chan killed Yui Rio, instead of falling on the ground (like a normal dead person would), she just kneeled down and started spinning (she’s been spinning for hours, in game) … Tried killing Midori Gurin to see if it was only Yui Rio who did that shit – she did the exact same just without the spinning xD

  19. si

    si ________________________________ De: Game Development Blog Enviado: viernes, 3 de junio de 2016 02:00 a. m. Para: ruben333567@hotmail.com Asunto: [New post] June 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

    yanderedev posted: “If you’re looking for information about the most recent additions to the game, click here! There were some bugs in the June 1st build! I’ve created a new build loaded with bug-fixes and general improvements. Here’s an example… A lot of people have been”

  20. Does anyone actually read the fucking FAQ?
    Or the HUGE BLACK BOX?
    Or the fact it should be self-explanatory that you shouldn’t ask questions here in the bug reports page?
    Or the fact that it’s to obvious that he doesn’t read/respond to comments?
    Or that you shouldn’t report bugs in the comments of the bug reports page?
    Or that if you can’t even stand on your tippy-toes to get the whipped cream from the top of the refrigerator, you’re most likely not old enough to be playing YanSim?
    Or that we don’t give an honest damn about what you ask because we’ve seen it thousands of times before?
    Or that the girl by the tree ISNT A RIVAL?
    Or that you should probably read the FAQ?
    Or that you should fact-check what a fucking debug build is?
    Or that adding emojis makes him more likely to read your comments?
    Or that adding capital letters does not make your point any less retarded-sounding, if not the opposite?
    Or that even though this is a game 12-year olds (maturity-wise) shouldn’t be playing this game, you should not insult them for their age?
    Or that complimenting the Dev’s work on the game then asking for a feature in an email does not awe him and will not make your ideas any less worthless to him, if not opposite?
    Sorry, just snapped there.

  21. What if the occasional combat scenarios are just cut scenes with choices that require stealth type quests to be accessible. Like you get a martial arts girl alone after completing certain things to do so and you have to make quick timed decisions to take her out.

  22. Hi There,

    Hip Hip Hooray! I was always told that slightly slow in the head, a slow learner. Not anymore! It’s like you have my back. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learnt here and how easily! Thank you for blessing me with this effortlessly ingestible digestible content.

    I have parent case PC-1 and I created multiple child cases through page list CC-1 , CC-2. And I applied wait shape at PC-1 giving options – Wait type as “Case Dependency” , Case Type as “Child Case Type” , To reach status as “Resolved-Completed” , Scope as “Parent” and advance wait option as “Some work basket”. And when i resolved my child cases PC-1 is not moving further and appreciate the reason cause and how can we debug the issue.

    It was cool to see your article pop up in my google search for the process yesterday. Great Guide.
    Keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards,

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