Final May Preview

Right now, it’s still May 31st where I live. 2 hours and 30 minutes remain until my  calendar rolls over to June 1st. That’s when I’ll post the new build!

I promised that I’d post a preview of upcoming content every day that the build was delayed, and because it’s still May in my time-zone, that means it’s time for one last preview.

This preview is going to be different than the rest. Instead of showing you a preview of upcoming game content, I’m going to show you a preview of something that is going to appear on my YouTube channel one day in the future.

A few months ago, I planned to make an important announcement about something on my YouTube channel. I wanted the video to be special, so I asked the super-talented Beedrops to produce some illustrations for my announcement. She’s the artist who created the artwork for the Raising the Strength Stat video!

However, my circumstances changed, and I decided to postpone the announcement. Every day, I think about those awesome illustrations that Beedrops made for me, and I feel guilty that nobody has seen them yet. So, here’s what I’ve decided to do…

I won’t make the announcement yet, but I will show you the artwork that will be used for the announcement. You’re free to speculate about what this mysterious announcement will be about, and how these illustrations are meant to go along with it. Enjoy!

By the way, have you seen this totally badass illustration by Beedrops yet?

Be sure to check out the full-size illustration! It’s huuuuuuuuuuge!

227 thoughts on “Final May Preview

  1. My predictions for what the animations are gonna be saying:
    Midori surprises Yandere Dev.

    Midori asks about the elimination methods and she asks about Osana-Chan. She might mention if they’re gonna be future rivals other than Boobs Mackenzie

    Midori is frustrated

    Midori slaps herself (Out of boredom, stupidity or both)

    Midori suggests a feature or brings up an idea to Yandere Dev. TADA! New feature!

    • Actually, I found this idea from another comment. In the last frames, Yandere-Dev may be talking about money problems or something, so Midori suggests something like a kickstarter. Or at least a website. He mentioned an official website for Yandere Simulator, so it could be that!

  2. The cutscene was wonderful. I haven’t played the new one yet, but will as soon as I get home today. In the future, I would love to see Oka Ruto have a pacifist elimination method too. But….I don’t know. Seeing that she’s in the Occult Club, ritual killing seems fitting.

    Hmmmm….ritual killing of Oka Ruto..Or, involve her in the ritual killing of someone else….The Basu Sisters!!! Mwahhahahhahahahahahhaahah

  3. Oh wait, you actually didn’t realize there wasn’t the shy animation fro Oka? I thought you removed it because bugs. Well, that’s a long time to realize that but it’s okay.

  4. What if using this method on a specific rival convinces her to give up on Senpai, not as a favor because of you helping her…but because she now likes Yandere-chan instead? Why do I hope this will be the case with a delinquent rival?

  5. I wish Dev would hire another programmer to help with the game (if there was enough money.) Like imagine if he had someone else working on a different feature, there would be so much more progress. Or even just someone to fix bugs and add things that Dev doesn’t have time to implement.

  6. So, Midori surprises YandereDev, and proposes an idea. He thinks a little, and states it is, yet another, horrible idea. So, Midori slaps herself, to make YandereDev care. After doing so, she asks “So, what do you think?” or something, and he’s like “Um, well I guess it’s allright…” then Midori thinks something like “Yeah!! I just won him over” while blushing. Finally, they showcase the idea.

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    In the 11th and 12th images, Midori is holding her hair in twintails.

    You know who has twintails that people commonly ask about? Osana Najimi.

    She’s probably asking when the rival will be implemented.

  9. What i think midori and DevPai are saying
    midori:*sneaks up to yanderedev*
    midori:YandereDev YadereDev!
    Yanderedev:what is it midori?
    midori:wouldnt be a cool feature to add *gets cut of by yanderedev*
    yanderedev:dont you have something else to do but bother me midori?
    midori:*whispers through gritted teeth*WHAT?
    yanderedev: i said dont you have something to do right now?
    midori:*sticks toungue out at yanderedev*
    yanderedev:midori just go do something else please!
    midori:*blows a fuse smacking self and geting angry at yandere dev*
    yanderedev:midori listen not now i*gets cut off by midori*
    midori:wouldnt it be a cool if i had a routine besides just standing on the roof top because im a real easy target to kill?!
    yanderedev:*thinks on the idea*
    yanderedev:i dont know….
    yanderedev:*smiles at midori*
    midori*smiles back*
    yanderedev: thats a good idea midori il put it in the game when i can!
    midori:*blushes slightly*
    yanderedev:im suprised midori thats the best idea youve had this month!

    Again i dunno but its a good guess tbh in my opinoin. MidoriXDevpai for the winnnnnnnn♥♥♥♥♥

  10. [DONT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE FREE TIME YANDEREDEV] But I wanted to say that Yandere Chan has muscles and is so strong, but when I loom at Osana I’m like…. THAT LITTLE WEAKLING SHE PROBABLY COULDNT WIN HER WILDEST DREAMS OF GETTING SENPAI!!!!!!!

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