May Preview #13 (and two polls!)

The next build is still on track for June 1st. The cut-scene that caused the delay is now 100% finished; all that remains is testing for bugs, fixing whatever bugs I find, adding polish, and seeing how many additional features I can add between now and June 1st.

I promised that I would post previews of cool upcoming content for every day that the build continued to be delayed, so here’s another preview:

I’ve always wanted Yandere Simulator to have an original school uniform, instead of using the cliche “Sailor” school uniform, I want the game to have a school uniform that makes you say “Oh! I recognize that! That’s the uniform from Yandere Simulator!”  The above image is a school uniform that I designed by combining aspects of some of my favorite anime school uniforms. This roughly what I want Yandere Simulator’s “official” school uniform to be. (I might still want to make a few tweaks here and there.)

Of course, if I’m a horrible uniform designer and the majority of people think that my design looks ugly, then I would be a fool to use that design. As with most things, I think it would be a good idea to present multiple options to the fanbase and then let the fans vote on Yandere Simulator’s official uniform.

Let’s try a quick test poll right now! What do you think of the uniform featured above?

No matter what the school’s “official” uniform is, a lot of people associate the stereotypical “Sailor” school uniform with Yandere Simulator, and won’t want to use anything else. So, of course, the traditional “Sailor” uniform will be an option in the final game.

By the way, there is something worth mentioning. Yandere-chan’s current character model is a store-bought asset, and this model lacks many of the features that I would want to see in a video game character model (namely, the capacity for an expressive face) and I think that her body proportions are a bit strange, so I plan to eventually replace Yandere Simulator’s current character models with custom-made character models that have way more versatility.

Updating the game’s character models would require at least a month of “downtime” during which no apparent progress is being made on the game. The reason it would require so much time to update the game’s character model is because there are dozens of scripts that are designed to directly access specific parts of the current character model, and ripping out the game’s current character model would break all of those scripts. Also, there’s no guarantee that all of the game’s current animations would be compatible with the “final” character model, which means there is the possibility that the “final” character model can’t even be implemented unless I have a full set of (over 100) animations made specifically for the new character model.

I don’t think that this is the correct time to have a month of “downtime” where no apparent progress is being made on the game. So, the “Aoi” character model will remain in use until after the game’s crowdfunding campaign, which will most likely take place in late 2016 or early 2017.

Because Yandere-chan’s current appearance is very closely associated with Yandere Simulator,  I believe that the protagonist’s final character model should be similar in nature to the current character model. The protagonist’s final character model should have a hairstyle that is very similar to the hairstyle she currently uses. It might look like this, for example:

Similar enough to be an original asset, but close enough to the original that you still recognize the character.

With that said, let me poll you on two things:

How do you feel about the use of store-bought assets in games?


How would you feel if Yandere-chan’s character model and hair model were replaced with similar-looking models?

By the way, the hair models and clothing models in this blog post were modeled by Druelbozo. Fun fact: I started working with Druelbozo exactly 365 days ago, on May 27th, 2015!

388 thoughts on “May Preview #13 (and two polls!)

  1. As far as the uniform goes, I personally like it. It’s simple and different and would be easily recognizable. And though I guess it could be argued that the underbust design is a bit sexualized (as it subconsciously draws attention to her breasts), I still think it’s a nice design. Even if it doesn’t become the official uniform, I would still love to see it ingame. Partly because I’d really like a valid excuse to cosplay as Yandere-chan in this uniform. =D

    As for updating the character model…

    The way I see it, Yandere-chan could be redesigned completely and it honestly wouldn’t matter. People would get used to the new design in time. And if anyone decided that changing the look of the protagonist was reason enough to stop supporting the game, then they weren’t the target audience anyway. In video games, character design is among the least important things – especially when deciding if a game is “good”. The main reason the majority of your fans want to play this game is because it’s interesting and different. Not because Yandere-chan looks a certain way. Aesthetics only get you so far. And honestly, with the ability to change her hair and whatnot already a feature implemented and often used in the debug build, I really don’t see the problem.

    Update her model.

    If you personally like the design enough to want to keep as is YanDev, then go for it.

    If you want to change it completely, go for it.

    I will support you whatever you decide.


  2. i think the idea for the outfit is amazing the actual model needs some work though it looks a little too bulky on the character and i’m not saying it needs to be skin tight just the collar makes her neck look weird, and the straps over the shoulders are too thick.

  3. i think the hair looks perfectly fine than the older one and the new school uniform looks amazing, i think yandere dev should add these but its okay if he doesnt i dont care i love what yandere dev decides. 😀

  4. I really don’t like this thing she uses above the social shirt, it looks childish. Megami and Osoro would look especially weird using this.
    I loved this other design of Ayano’s hair.

  5. i know im hella late and I like the model and the hair but the uniform… it looks alright in drawings and im sure it can look good on this model but right now it looks ugly and uncomfortable.

  6. I think the uniform looks very good on Yan-chan in particular, but I’m not sure it would look so good on other characters. Osana comes to mind because her hair and stockings would clash horribly with that shade of blue. Oka would also look strange with such a dark aesthetic but a predominantly powder blue costume, so maybe darken the shade a little? I’m also wondering about Osoro and possibly the bullies since I just can’t picture them in something like this – would they rebel by refusing to wear the waistcoat and bow, and adding their own jackets?

    I also have to say, it’s kind of weird how much it emphasizes the boobs. Maybe have the front for most girls more covering, but have this style for the girls who like getting that kind of attention, like Kizana and possibly the bullies if they do wear it.

    This sounds a lot more negative now I’ve written it out than I wanted it to. I do like the silhouette a lot, and I think it would be nice to put some buttons on the front for a little extra detail. I like the long-sleeved shirt as well – it makes it look smarter and more mature, whilst the sailor shirt made most characters feel a lot younger than they were supposed to be. The bow is cute as well.

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