March 3rd, 4th, and 5th Bug-Fixing Build

Updated again on March 5th to fix ten more bugs.

Updated on March 4th to fix the “Students permanently freeze when you aim a camera at them” bug.

If you’re looking for information on the latest feature to be added to the game, click here!

I play Yandere Simulator using a controller. I almost never play the game while using a keyboard+mouse. When I implemented the cello case, I made it possible to equip and un-equip the case using a controller…but I completely forgot to make it possible to un-equip the case when the player is using a keyboard! Oops! What a huge mistake!

On controller, the D-pad is used to select and drop things that are “equipped” on your body, such as weapons and the cello case. Pressing “Up” on the D-pad to select the cello case, and then pressing the “A” button would drop the cello case.

On keyboard, the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys are used to select and drop things. The “4” key is reserved for dropping any objects that are attached to your body, such as a cello case.

If these systems prove to be non-intuitive, they may be replaced by superior systems in the future.

I’m going to be busy for most of today, so I don’t have time to fix very many bugs, but the cello case bug will prevent people from being able to properly playtest the “sneak a corpse past the delinquents” feature, so I’m going to roll out a new build just to fix that one bug. Head on over to the Downloads page to grab it!

Scroll down past this gorgeous artwork by Meeps-chan to read a very short list of all of the changes in this new build!

March 3rd Update

  • Added a way for keyboard users to drop the cello case.
  • Restored a sink that had been removed from the school rooftop.

March 4th Update

  • Fixed bug that would cause students to freeze in place when the player aimed a camera at them.
  • Fixed bug that would break “Bad Time Mode” if the player attempted to activate Psychokinesis while carrying a corpse.

March 5th Update

  • The player is not allowed to put down the cello case if there is an obstacle blocking the way (a wall, a person, an item, etc). In order to inform the player whether or not it is possible to put down the cello case, an “X” appears over the cello case icon. This “X” was appearing for the controller menu, but was not appearing in the keyboard menu. I’ve updated the keyboard menu so that the “X” appears whenever the player is not allowed to drop the cello case because there is an obstacle in the way.
  • If a club leader is killed, but the police are unable to locate the corpse of the club leader, the club leader will be described as “missing” instead of “dead” during the end-of-day text sequence.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the game to ignore male arms and only count female arms when the player was attempting to summon something…”totally normal”…in the Occult Club.
  • The camera now follows Yandere-chan’s movements when she is pushing a student off the rooftop or dumping a corpse off the rooftop (instead of staying locked in place).
  • It is no longer possible to give “large” weapons (like the katana and circular saw) to a mind-broken slave. Only “short” weapons (like knives).
  • Fixed bug that was causing pink detection markers to remain onscreen after an NPC was killed by…”totally normal” arms.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquents to freeze in place if the player moved more than 7 meters away from them.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any students from spawning if the player brought a mind-broken slave to school.
  • Increased delinquent running speed so that it should be impossible to escape them.
  • Fixed Mai Waifu’s student portrait, which had incorrectly-colored eyes.

189 thoughts on “March 3rd, 4th, and 5th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. This is only 5%done, yet it fun as hell and looks wonderful. Great voice actors too boot. 8.5/10 in my opinion,it’ll go up with more updates.BTW, you should add a bustersword weapon, cuz who wouldn’t want to kill a bitch with a huge af sword

  2. I just downloaded and played the debug version for the first time. Brilliant! But I hope you don’t mind some constructive feedback…

    First, the opening monologue is a tad too long, especially while looking at a black screen and then a red screen. I understand the effect you are trying to create, but…

    Second, the controls and UI are clumsy. Upon taking control of her in her dorm room, it was difficult to make her face the direction I wanted and to make her walk in the direction I wanted. Making her walk in wide arcs to get her to face certain directions was clumsy, imo. Perhaps have walk forward, rotate clockwise in place, and rotate counter-clockwise in place…walking forward while rotating will cause her to walk in an arc…that’s all you need to move her. Interacting with doors and people was also non-intuitive. Opening a door seems to be second nature in most games, without having to think about what key to press. Often, the game said to press E to talk to people, but upon doing that and getting a dialog wheel, I didn’t know what to do next, it took me a while to figure it out. Again, that should be second nature without having to think about it. Maybe take a cue from games like GTA, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Life is Strange, Dreamfall, etc. for handling conversation.

    • The developer said that the opening monologue will have visuals. He also said the controls are a subject to change. Also, eventually we’ll have the option to use the mouse to choose dialogue options. Everything is a subject to change and he will make it more polished once the features have been implemented. Hope that helped 🙂

      • Yes, after watching all his videos from the beginning, I see that he plans to add visuals to the opening monologue. I don’t remember reading anything in his FAQ about fixing the controls, but I’m glad to hear that he plans to, and I did read that he also plans to add a tutorial at the start of the game 🙂

    • The opening the door is handy because you can close the door to not let anyone see you killed someone or covered in blood.

      Also it would be annoying if you killed someone with the door closed and it suddenly opened revealing you to everyone

  3. When one of the delinquent boys chases you then gets stuck, the rest of the guys make funny derp faces and start to act like the other normal boy NPCs.

  4. Yandere Dev. I don’t know if this is a glitch or if your purposly took it out of the game. You probably know about this but, the demon hands won’t work. The debug thing isn’t working, and even if I dissmember the Occult Club members normally, it still won’t work. Is there a new method on how to appeese him, or is that a glitch?

  5. i don’t think this is really that relevant but i just realized that the blue haired delinquent kinda looks like pipi it would be cool if they where actually sisters or something sense right now we only have one pare of siblings

  6. Names for the delinquents you probably won’t use because all yandere dev gets out of his fans is being annoyed. tbh (but i wanted to any way)
    orange: Tomoko Umari
    green: Ren Temko
    purple: Masami Naito
    red: Kaoru Irie
    blue: Yunia Osu
    im ok wit you not using these especially if you already have names planed but it would be cool if you did

  7. Yandere Dev you will eventually add other languages ​​to the game we Brazilians love their game !

    • I would like to help translate the game when the english script is finalized. I think Yandere Dev said that he would only think about translations when the english script was 100% done. I could probably help in a PT and PT PT translation

  8. When a delinquent chases you then you teleport to your classroom to show teacher, some weird stuff goes down

  9. Thank you for fixing so many bugs in such a short time 🙂
    I personally enjoyed toying around with the delinquents when they still couldn’t catch me, but it makes more sense to not be able to escape. You’re a hard worker if I’ve ever seen one!

  10. “It is no longer possible to give “large” weapons (like the katana and circular saw) to a mind-broken slave”
    What? Lame! I loved making the hostage kill my rival with a katana.

  11. I think a cool new Easter egg mode would be a Sailor Moon mode. When it’s activated Yan-chan could be wrapped in ribbons or something and then changed into Sailor Moon’s outfit. And while this mode is activated, you could press ctrl and use one of the moon septres to kill. Maybe a cat that looks like Luna could follow you. Just a thought. 🙂

  12. After all most ONE month.. I found the hidden girl again! (she is now behind the houses at the school gate – march 5th update)

  13. Yandere dev, why do not make smile some student? Like social butterfly personality for instance ! They all come at school with bad mood 😦 a little smile for kokona and her friend will be welcome!
    – Yandere FR

  14. This was just an idea I had, but maybe you could add a transgender character in later builds? Like, maybe a trangender male/female to male that gets a crush on Senpai after he helps him through bullying, abuse, etc. The character would be more sensitive to suicide and bullying so it would be easier to kill him that way. It was just a thought. ._.

  15. on the orange delinquents mask the symbols say くそ(kuso) which actually translates to F**k in english. so nice going yandere dev

  16. Ah, to think that one day this will be a fully functional, finished game.

    Of course, by then we’ll have half life 3, spaceships, the cure for cancer, concrete evidence of God’s existence & a heartfelt apology from Kanye West, but still. I’m sure our distant descendants will enjoy it nonetheless.

  17. Yanderedev, when the atmosphere is low, all the students are paranoid right? So I was thinking you should add In a paranoid personality, where the person with that trait is always paranoid whatever the atmosphere.

  18. Dev-kun! (Or whoever can help me)
    Maybe you won’t see the comment,but I loved and still love the game.The problem is,it’s laggy as hell for me,and I can only watch youtubers play it for I am not able to.I can’t get to a higher fps,I usually get like 20 fps normally and then like 11 when I kill or do whatever else.I’ve tried as much as I’ve known I could’ve done,I hope you can fix the lag problem,not trying to be mean or anything,but I love the game so much and I feel sad that I can’t play it(not properly,at least).
    If someone else knows what to do,please reply to me,I really want to play the game.I’ve tried playing windowed,fullscreen,changing graphics(even though I pretty much expected it wouldn’t work),playing in other compatibility modes,I even made a complete antivirus scan to eliminate what I have to eliminate,please help.
    I’ve got Windows 8.1 and it’s all I can do,for I do not have a CD to refresh or reset.
    The game is brilliant and I love it,you make progress with each and every update you post and I am so proud,I actually do follow everything you say in your videos about them and read your posts completely,and even though it’s laggy AF,I still sometimes try myself some amazing stuff in the updates.
    Thanks for anyone who would be so kind to try to help me.

    • He’s not going to (he’s American), but when the game will be finished, he will be looking for volunteers to translate the game to as many languages as possible!

  19. Very excited to see where the game goes over the next couple of years – especially with updates like this! What does everyone think he will do next? I am a straight woman but the cat outfit thing made me laugh and her going miaow! I’d be interested to see her actually stalk Senpai out of school and play Cupid so rivals are set up with different men to Senpai

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