February 21st – The Totally Normal Update

Updated at 6:45 PM, Feb 21st – New Build Available

I’ve prepared a new build of the game. It’s a totally normal build. There’s nothing weird in this build. It’s just a normal build, like all the others. I didn’t put anything weird into the game. It’s a normal, average, ordinary, everyday, standard update. You shouldn’t expect anything weird in this update. It’s completely, totally, entirely, absolutely, 100% normal. Don’t go hunting for weird new things that might have been added, or anything like that.

Just look at this totally normal illustration that was created by minorpeybee:

Look, I just posted some artwork, like I always do. That’s clearly evidence that this is a normal update, right?

Stop looking at me like that! I didn’t put anything weird into the game! Just look at this totally normal changelog!

Totally Normal Changelog

  • Attempted to implement support for all aspect ratios, not just the 16:9 aspect ratio that I’ve been using up until now. Warning: Any aspect ratio other than 16:9 will be buggy during Yandere Vision.
  • Pointing your camera at a girl who is wearing pants is no longer considered to be lewd behavior.
  • Yandere-chan now wears thigh-high stockings instead of leggings in all of her outfits.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some characters to appear bald in the “Witness Camera”.
  • Gave the Titans in Titan Mode a new texture, thanks to help from Druelbozo!
  • Removed several copyrighted tracks and replaced them with original tracks.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to go bald when decapitated.
  • It is now possible to dismember male corpses.
  • Restored Senpai’s normal default picture.
  • Totally didn’t add anything weird in the Occult room.

Totally Normal Edit

  • Fixed bug that would screw up Yandere-chan’s holding/carrying animations after traveling to the…totally normal place.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from taking out her camera once she had visited the…totally normal place.
  • Removed debug command that made it way too easy to summon the…totally normal things.
  • Replaced the sound effect that plays when you travel to the…totally normal place.
  • Added new voiced lines for one of the…totally normal people.

There! Are you happy?! Now you can see everything that’s different in this build! And it’s all totally normal! All of it! Nothing weird at all!

In Closing

Currently, only one of them is functional. The other two don’t do anything yet. Once you figure out which one of them is functional, you can stop trying to get the other two to do something.

That was a TOTALLY NORMAL paragraph that I just wrote, and there was nothing weird about it AT ALL, so stop getting weird ideas about this build, okay? TOTALLY NORMAL. Don’t give me that look! Baka!

I’ll try to update the game again on March 1st. I hope there will be enough time to implement a good feature between now and then!

381 thoughts on “February 21st – The Totally Normal Update

  1. Okay.. So if you’re updating the game March 1st (tommorow) why does the “Senpai” demon have a completely different dialogue and a voice?

    • You kill every occult club members, make sure they are within the circle, then dismember them, and the hands will appear 😉

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