January 3rd Bug-Fixing Update

Yikes, the last build had some weird bugs! Here is a new build with some bug fixes.

To read a list of everything that was fixed in this build, scroll down beneath this beautiful artwork by Danny-chama!

  • It is no longer possible to put on new clothing in the locker room if you’re wearing a club uniform. (It may be possible in the final game, but not for now.)
  • If you become bloody while wearing a club uniform, you’re allowed to take off the bloody clothing in the locker room. The bloody club uniform will appear on the ground as a pickup. It will not be possible to change back into your club’s uniform for the rest of the day.
  • You can no longer equip gloves while wearing a club uniform. (It may be possible in the final game, but not for now.)
  • You can no longer change into a club uniform while you’re covered in blood.
  • Adjusted the text that appears if a teacher discovers the corpse of a girl who seems to have committed suicide (but was actually pushed off the roof by Yandere-chan) so that the text is accurate no matter what time of day it appears.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to slide along the outside of the changing booth when attempting to change clothes inside of the changing booth.
  • Fixed bug that would cause weapons and other small objects to drop through the floor of the Martial Arts room and land inside of the Occult Club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to walk around holding a knife if Yandere-chan distracted her during her “preparing food” animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause weapons and other small objects to fall inside of the mat and cushions inside of the Martial Arts room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “A teacher discovered a corpse” text and the “Police Investigation” text to appear simultaneously.
  • Fixed incorrect text on the sign above classroom 1-2’s doors.

By the way, guys – please remember not to report bugs that can only happen through the use of debug commands. You won’t be able to use debug commands in the final version of the game, so there’s no reason for me to fix any bugs that can only occur through the use of debug commands.

105 thoughts on “January 3rd Bug-Fixing Update

  1. You should use the masks which are found in the drama room or is it in the back yard? well no matter.. Anyway, you should give yandere chan the option to put on a mask so when she kills a person, people can’t identify who was the murder when they see the murder in their own eyes.. As well, maybe differant masks could give yandere different special powers or skills when they are being used. That’s all for now and sorry for my terrible english, it’s not my native language :).

  2. Yandere Dev…just a thought, to make the game more realistic…In Japan, since there are no janitors, students clean up the school on clean up duty…so you would think that a STUDENT would find the corpse/bloody weapon/blood, and not a teacher, since it’s the students who have to go around and clean things. (Such as the bathrooms.)

  3. The girl under the fountain, is she supposed to be there temporarily or is there gonna be a school basement or something?

  4. I have this really weird bug that none of the studends come to school and there is a student in the place of Midori Gurin and she has all the hairstyles on, different clothes, she holds a occult club book and has skeleton hands and shoes. It happens everytime I play since the january third update. Could you help me with that?

  5. Hello dev I need a one piece anime mod plz I will be very pleased if you add it or you can add costume of one piece anime love you ❤

  6. When i take photos of students/teachers and send them to info-chan, the pics don’t appear in the students info on the phone, only their names.

  7. NOOOOOOO please don’t give the game to a company the game will great if made it yourself yandere dev I don’t care if I have to wait three year for the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. and please don’t give the game to company, a lot of fans think the game will great if made it yourself yandere dev we don’t care if we have to wait 🙂

  9. To: YandereDev,

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. In the school when I have high reputation and high seduction, I talk with Martial Art members to do a favour for me, and I tell them all to ‘Go Away’. All members of the club including the leader don’t follow my instructions and go back to what they were doing and not go to the fountain. They were normal NPCs and I talked to them outside their club room. The Occult Club members follow all my favours (outside their club room) including to ‘Go Away’ as well as other NPCs. It’s only specifically the NPCs part of the Martial Art Club.

    Please respond to me if this is a bug or not so I’ll know.
    From: James.

  10. Love the game man! Just one thing.. when asking a person to follow, they follow up to a certain point. They still follow, but it acts like an invisible wall all around the school. It interferes with the kidnapping mechanic, as the barrier is not far enough to include the gymnasium, where you are supposed to tranquilize students. So, it is preventing me from having my own personal Ayanami-kun locked up (aka kuu dere, i know its Rei… and I freaking love it >;-D). Is this something anyone else has encountered? In any case, I just wanted to point it out. Cheers man and loving the game!

  11. Herrow ereone!

    I found an actual hidden easter egg not on teh menu/

    press V with the easter egg menu up and you get a long dress…

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