January 3rd Bug-Fixing Update

Yikes, the last build had some weird bugs! Here is a new build with some bug fixes.

To read a list of everything that was fixed in this build, scroll down beneath this beautiful artwork by Danny-chama!

  • It is no longer possible to put on new clothing in the locker room if you’re wearing a club uniform. (It may be possible in the final game, but not for now.)
  • If you become bloody while wearing a club uniform, you’re allowed to take off the bloody clothing in the locker room. The bloody club uniform will appear on the ground as a pickup. It will not be possible to change back into your club’s uniform for the rest of the day.
  • You can no longer equip gloves while wearing a club uniform. (It may be possible in the final game, but not for now.)
  • You can no longer change into a club uniform while you’re covered in blood.
  • Adjusted the text that appears if a teacher discovers the corpse of a girl who seems to have committed suicide (but was actually pushed off the roof by Yandere-chan) so that the text is accurate no matter what time of day it appears.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to slide along the outside of the changing booth when attempting to change clothes inside of the changing booth.
  • Fixed bug that would cause weapons and other small objects to drop through the floor of the Martial Arts room and land inside of the Occult Club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to walk around holding a knife if Yandere-chan distracted her during her “preparing food” animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause weapons and other small objects to fall inside of the mat and cushions inside of the Martial Arts room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “A teacher discovered a corpse” text and the “Police Investigation” text to appear simultaneously.
  • Fixed incorrect text on the sign above classroom 1-2’s doors.

By the way, guys – please remember not to report bugs that can only happen through the use of debug commands. You won’t be able to use debug commands in the final version of the game, so there’s no reason for me to fix any bugs that can only occur through the use of debug commands.

105 thoughts on “January 3rd Bug-Fixing Update

  1. The artist’s name is Danny-chama
    She has a deviantart and posted that photo she made on deviantart.
    You’re welcome yan-dev (;

  2. Again? wow I just downloaded the December 2nd update, lol oh well that happens often during game development.

  3. The artist’s signature is on the art work, just like in the previous post.

    Also, you could always do a reverse Google Image search to find it if you’re really at a loss. Usually it links back to a deviantART or a tumblr.

    Other people have already posted links to the artist, but I’d hate to see this become a habit.

  4. Devpai, what about that bug that makes steam clouds appear around Yandere-chan when she puts on the club uniform while naked?

    • He only accepts bug reports through email. Look at the report bug page for instructions on how to report bugs, if you have something to report.

  5. i was walking around in the new build, and I have to say… I’m not sure if the sign is fixed or if it’s worse now.

  6. I actually wish that there was a way to access the debug commands in the final game. (Like with sims ctrl+shift+c) But it’s understandable that yanderedev doesn’t want any “cheating” in the game lol.

  7. I’m not sure if it’ a known bug, but several times when I killed everyone on the first Monday of the game in the morning and decided to clean ALL of the corpses up, I would drag probably about most of the people and on one of the last ones a teacher would somehow see me even though I was at the front of the school. She didn’t even leave her room, but emerged from the wall and attacked me.

    • Grab a weapon by the school entrance (if it’s a knife or katana, a student will freak out if they see you with it and you will lose reputation, therefore you can’t have students follow you if it’s too low), walk up to your victim and press the button it has above their head to attack (idk if you use regular computer controls or xbox controller). If a student who has any level of martial arts skill sees you kill someone, they will attack you as a teacher would. I just want to know if it has been previously reported or if I need to send an email.

      • I didn’t mean to send that last one .-. idk how to delete comment but i actually pasted something I had saved

      • Same for me ! Damn teacher ! Do teachers have x-ray in Japanese High School ?? (I’m not English so sorry about my spelling)

    • You have to extract the download using the Zip file opener. Once you do that, just start the game up. If you get a blacks screen, try downloading the game again. But, if you get a pink screen, that means that the build is not suited for your computer/laptop etc. and you can’t play the game. You will probably have to wait until the next build comes out if this happens.

  8. I know it’s so long ago.. But I now realized that the school counseler looks alot like Fiora! I’ll show you look at the picturehttp://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Fiora_3.jpg

  9. “Please feel free to modify these assets as you like. In addition you are free to sell and distribute games developed with these assets. However, redistributing or selling these assets is prohibited. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.”

    Um is reskining and sharing modified skins online illegal?

  10. Yanderedev!!! I created Akademi High School on Sims 4 check it out!! jessica_nicole61 or just look up Akademi High School in the origin sims gallery!!!

  11. anyone else have an issue with lots of students just walking aimlessly in circles? sometimes getting stuck to each other?
    I saw what looked like Senpai french kissing Budo. (You’re welcome, yaoi fanbase)

  12. Why, when I try to steal the character, then I kill him and not euthanized? The door is closed, I come from the back…

  13. You can’t kidnap any students anymore. When you get a student inside the room with let’s call it “hiding box for the body” and close the door, even though you have tranquilizer (sorry for mispelling and bad english!) you cannot kidnap him/her. I end up killing her/him. (tried girls, boys, saku miku) Is it only my problem or is it a bug? Could someone here try it and tell me if they have the same result as me?

    • That’s the Sukeban easter egg! I’ve been wondering about how to activate it for so long… thanks for the tip-off 😉

  14. I would like to recommend a Modesty feature in the game; walking around in your underwear or naked ruins your reputation. Or maybe if a boy sees your panties when crawling or standing on stairs or whatever, he’ll try to take a picture and run away with it. Failure to catch the guy will damage your reputation. lol

    • YandereDev has already stated that there will soon be a penalty introduced in the game for indecency in the form of a reputation drop and a meeting with the Counsellor.

    • Being naked and being noticed in the end game is most likely going to happen. Instead of taking a picture It might be better if some men fall insanely in love and are willing to do anything for yandere-chan after seeing her panties.

  15. So many comments that prove people don’t even read the main topic, Of course you don’t know what happened to the circular saw you didn’t read the fix list. Another thing too if you don’t know how to extract a zip file, I hope your not from canada or the states. One more thing if anyone has an error when extracting the game like, corrupted file the game wont run properly and you should re-download the game.

  16. I need help with downloading the game and I dont know where to find it, Evertime I download a new build and go to ther mediafire download, once it is done I don’t know how to play the acuall game. Someone please link we to where to find it.

    • You know not all the emails are stupid. I have emailed him three times, all of three times I have reported legitimate bugs in the game he is developing If he needs help with this, that would be understandable because many people do not read the guidelines before emailing the poor guy. I hate to tell him, no matter how much he gripes at them, some people still won’t understand, or bother to read. He should hire someone to dig through his emails and give him only the relevant ones, like a secretary…but he’s also very opposed to such an idea. So, digging through pointless emails is going to be something he will have to do, sadly.

    • It should be in your “Downloads” folder as default if you’re using Windows 10. You then need to extract with Winrar and once done, a new folder should appear with the same name, click on that, click again, and you should see an icon with a heart in a pink background. That’s what you click to make the game run. After doing that, well the rest is self explanatory.

  17. Statler:
    Y’know, the game would probably be almost finished if he didn’t get stupid emails.

    Maybe he should tell his stupid fans to go away.

    But then he wouldn’t have any donators!


  18. empezando el año de maravilla.
    yo pienso que tu trabajo es sensacional y yo quiero.. bueno cuando entre a la preparatoria voy a estudiar informatica y diseño grafico, y tambien un poquito de dibujo.
    no importa, sigue asi que el juego les esta que dando super!!.

  19. Hey there yanderedev! I have a problem and I was wondering if you could help me…

    So to access the Easter Egg Menu, you have to press “?”. No big deal. The problem is that on swedish keyboards, the “?” key is the same key as the “+” key, so I can’t access the Easter Egg Menu on my computer. The game reacts to the “+” key, rather than the “?”.

    If it’s not too much to ask, could you please do something about this in the next update? Maybe you could move the Easter Egg Menu to another key, or something. I don’t know.

    Sorry for my horrible english!

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