January 2nd Bug-Fixing Update

Oops! There were some weird bugs in the previous build. I’ve prepared a new build with some important fixes. You can download it here.

Scroll down below this gorgeous illustration to see a bullet-point list of everything that I fixed in this new build! (I only wish I knew the name of the artist!)

  • In previous versions of the game, when the schoolday ended, Yandere-chan would drop all weapons that she was holding. If the player had committed murder, but had not been witnessed, had cleaned all blood, had disposed of the body, and had disposed of their bloody clothing, but had a bloody weapon in her possession, the police would still be called at the end of the day. This makes no logical sense, because there is no reason for Yandere-chan to drop a piece of incriminating evidence on the ground if she had successfully gotten away with murder earlier in the day. I have adjusted Yandere-chan’s behavior so that she will no longer drop weapons on the ground at the end of the day; she will simply bring the weapon home with her, which will count as disposing of the weapon. If the police are called to school and Yandere-chan has a bloody weapon in her possession, Yandere-chan will not drop it, but the police will still find it on her person. As a result, you can now kidnap a girl without having to dispose of the syringe that you stabbed her with…as long as you didn’t commit any OTHER crimes, and as long as there isn’t any OTHER incriminating evidence around school.
  • Removed circular saws. You weren’t supposed to be able to pick them up yet. They will be re-implemented once they have functionality, and/or proper animations.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an unconscious girl to teleport to the classroom beneath her usual classroom when Yandere-chan attended class.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to apologize to a student, even if that student had not witnessed Yandere-chan doing anything wrong.
  • Fixed bug that would cause two students to become unable to sit down at their chairs in the computer room.
  • Attempted to fix the “students get stuck and spin in circles when walking up or down stairs” bug.
  • Removed images of unfinished future content that you weren’t supposed to find out about yet.
  • Attempted to fix the “students get stuck when entering and exiting the changing booth” bug.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to compliment NPCs more than once per day.
  • Did a better job of hiding the hidden girl.


PLEASE read the Known Bugs List before sending me a bug report! It’s a pretty big deal!

95 thoughts on “January 2nd Bug-Fixing Update

  1. I wonder if eventually we’ll become friends with students who are in the same club by joining

    also if when e make friends, if we can get them to join a club with us :3

    • You have to remember yandere simulator isn’t a game meant for making friends,its a stealth game about eliminating your rivals without being caught,its not supposed to be about interacting with other students or teachers.

  2. Added a tool shed with a new weapon inside of it.

    So..you only meant for us to see the circular saw rather than be able to actually use it?

    • YandereDev might have made a mistake using that term “hidden girl”. Ive seen her and if you go near her above, she’ll walk in a different direction, you can see her with Yandere Vision.

    • If you refer to the hidden girl … in the YandereSimJan1st version is a girl under the school more specific under the fountain in the school can be found with the yandere vision and you can see a little you have to move away a little, so that retail crouch on all fours and yandere this cross the floor with the camera and there girl is … porcierto is the same that appears in the laptop

  3. There’s a hidden girl…?

    Is that a girl under the fountain, or something? Man, now I’m going to just run through the 1st January update and 2nd update to see the differences!

    • the hidden girl was the girl on the laptop, but if you used yandere vision you could see her under the fountain. it was more of a ‘you’re actually not supposted to see this’ than ‘super secret easter egg’

    • Remember that girl on the computer? Well in the January 1st update, you could see something red with Yandere Vision way under the fountain. YandereDev let slip that it was a girl, so everyone suspects it’s her.

    • Since there’s five of them, I guess they’re club members? Maybe Drama Club, since they’re wearing masks. Or they’re the delinquent rival’s gang (in Japanese media, delinquent schoolgirls often wear ankle-length skirts)

  4. Why is this game PC only. Why is anything PC only. Most people use mac. Unless this guy pushes a mac version im not giving any support.

    • While he doesn’t make a mac specific version himself he links to a fan who puts out a mac version so that his fans that use mac can still enjoy the game.

    • Because more people(Significantly more) use PC over Mac. Thus why PC makes a lot more sense. Especially when you consider those who don’t build their computers are almost entirely likely to have a laptop/PC with a Windows OS on it, as that’s what most stores have as standard.

    • Because:
      A) developing for Mac’s little bit harder, because there is not enough dev tools…
      B) 70% of mac’s are trash, that barely runs anything
      C) YandereDev would have to buy Mac (and it ain’t cheap)
      Also “most peoples use Mac’s” my ass. People that uses Mac’s are usually hipsters and ppl that don’t know any better…

    • *facepalm*
      If you’re going to hate on Windows, don’t take your time writing a comment.
      Honestly, who cares if one guy doesn’t give any support just because he wants a Mac version of Yandere Simulator?
      Don’t be so selfish.
      The “most people use Mac” “fact” is not true… Most people use Windows. That’s why this game IS Windows only FOR NOW.
      Later, there will probably be an official Mac version.

  5. their is only one place were, the mystery girl is, the place where we never bother even look, i look thru the whole school, scope every corner with yandere vision, results are Negative! :v

  6. Can someone tell me where is the girls in the computer now? Its not under the fountain it changed place!!! Please help meee!!

  7. Do you want a very very very bad reputation ? Follow this steps:
    – Teleport you and Oka Ruto to the Occult Club (left ctrl in Debug Menu).
    – Dont move ! Yandere and Oka must be exactly at the same place.
    – If its ok, laugh insanely.
    Oka notice you, and enter in a infinite loop, endless decreasing your reputation.
    Fun bug 😀

  8. so if you walk to the fountain in the plaza and activate yandere vision, look down and you can see a hidden (and spooky) weird girl’s hair?

  9. That girl under fountain is that girl in the computer in Student council room.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has same hair!!!!!

  10. Thanks a lot for fixing bugs, I will test the new version today as fast as it finishes downloading. It will be pretty cool if… one of the rivals… is kind of yandere to… but its just a stupid idea! :v
    I was not able to test (or download, anyways) the January 1rst’s update, so… the jarden’s labyrinth is alredy implemented? I saw a video of YandereDev wich haves it.
    Ah, also. I think that the circular saw is for dismembermet, doesn’t it? ewe

    • In the January 1st update you found a girl on the computer screen in the student council room. If you went to the fountain, looked down, and activated Yandere Vision, you would see a red outline, meaning she’s a rival. I’m guessing she could be Yandere-Chan’s rival that’s NOT over Senpai.

  11. everytime i download the newest build (january 2nd) it keeps saying its corrupted welp gonna have to wait for the next one ;-;

  12. Omg yay, it was so annoying but kinda funny, also when the students clipped into each other on the stair case xD

  13. I think the girl on the computer is the headmaster’s daughter. She says “My father won’t allow me to attend school while you are…active. He has a reason for tolerating your presence at this school. I don’t.” Remember, the headmaster didn’t want to do anything that would hurt the school’s reputation in the tapes. He doesn’t do anything to expel Yandere-chan until she is deliberately caught by the teacher because he wants his school to look good. So he doesn’t do anything about Yandere-chan, which angers “Computer Girl,” or his daughter. Just a theory.

    ADDITION: The girl (now removed in the Jan. 2 build) was hiding under the fountain. When the Computer Girl begins talking in the computer, you could teleport to the fountain and glitch the floor to see the girl was actually moving to the animations that was used on the screen in the student council room. This means that the Fountain Girl = Computer Girl. In Yandere Vision, she was highlighted red, which means she is a rival.

    Computer Girl is a future rival. I recall seeing on YandereDev’s blog that one of the rivals will be the student council president. How convenient, that Computer Girl’s laptop was in the Student Council Room on the front desk (the student council president’s seat). (What if she became the student council president because her dad was the headmaster?)

    I think Computer Girl is the headmaster’ daughter and the student council president, and is a future rival in the final game.

    • no, you’re wrong
      yandere dev said in the wiki that the student council president is going to look like Nayuta from Yumina the Ethereal VN
      the hairstyles of the two girls are far too different
      it can’t be possible that the laptop girl is the student council president
      but your theory is cool though 😀

    • I agree with this. I think the only other possibility is that she is the daughter of a secret character DevPai referred to on Twitter: a very important male character, as important to the game as Info-chan if not more, whose identity can’t be revealed yet. There also seems to be a high chance that she’s the final rival – her father has power/influence, which would make her tough to defeat, and not being allowed to attend school would explain why she would be absent from school for a long period of time.

      I agree it seems unlikely she would be the Student Council President given DevPai’s description of the Student Council President looking like Nayuta … but I’m struggling to think who else she could be. There are ten rivals and we’ve been told who they are:

      Osana Najimi
      Oka Ruto
      Student Council President (described by DevPai as looking like Nayuta)
      Cooking Club President (described by DevPai as a kind, gentle “big sister” type)
      Drama Club President (described by DevPai as having a fancy purple hairstyle, possible that Kokona will be given this role)
      Swimming Club President (described by DevPai as a “genki girl”)
      Substitute Teacher
      Senpai’s Sister
      Delinquent rival (DevPai gave a tease of her look in a previous video; she’s blonde with a bandaged arm)

      So, yeah, that’s ten and Computer Girl has to be one of those, so Student Council President seems most likely

  14. Does anybody know if you can turn both of the eye sockets in the skull in the occult club blue? I found out how to do one eye but not the other.

  15. YandereDev! The name of the artist is “Luisa”, shown down in the left corner. I think you couldn’t read it, right? 😉

    • Because YandereDev doesn’t have the correct animations for them. YandereAni (who does animations for the game) posted a recent livestream of himself working on them, and said that the saws should be re-implemented in the next build.

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