December 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve prepared a new build with a bunch of bug fixes. However, there are still several bugs in this build. The reason why I have not fixed those bugs is because I don’t know how to encounter those bugs. The reason why I don’t know how to encounter the bugs is because the people who are sending bug reports are not providing me with enough information.

To fix a bug, I need to see a list of steps that cause the bug to happen 100% of the time. This is extremely important. Without a set of “repro steps”, I can’t reproduce the bug or try to fix it.

If you figure out a set of steps that reliably causes the bug to happen, then please tell me what those steps are. If you can’t give me extremely clear instructions on exactly how to replicate the bug that you found, then don’t bother sending me a bug report. If I cannot experience the bug for myself, then I won’t be able to fix it.

  • DO NOT report bugs that you saw in a Let’s Play video. New builds are updated very frequently, so YouTube videos become outdated very quickly.
  • If you only encounter a bug ONCE and you cannot cause it to happen again, DO NOT bother reporting it
  • ONLY report a bug if you can successfully trigger the bug any time you try to make it happen.
  • ONLY report a bug if you can can tell me exactly what I must do to experience it for myself.
  • DO NOT report bugs that can only occur when you are using debug commands. Debug commands will not be available in the final game, so it’s pointless to report bugs that result from them.
  • DO NOT use vague language. ONLY use extremely specific and clear language.
  • DO NOT attempt to tell jokes in your bug report. ONLY give me the facts.

If all of these criteria are met, you can report bugs to Please include the word “Bug” somewhere in the subject of your e-mail.

It would really, REALLY help if you would send me video footage of the bug, especially if it’s video footage of the exact steps that must be followed in order to produce a bug during the Police Investigation sequence.

Scroll down past this lovely illustration drawn by Meeps-chan in order to see a list of all of the bug fixes in this new build.

  • Fixed bug that could cause Kokona to break out of her Cooking Event without returning the knife to its place in the knife block, causing her to permanently walk around school with a knife in her hand.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Kokona from going to the locker room and taking off her clothes if Yandere-chan dumped water on her head in a bathroom stall while the bathroom lights were off.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to believe that an article of bloody clothing existed somewhere on school grounds if Yandere-chan committed murder while naked.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a weapon from being updated with Yandere-chan’s blood if Yandere-chan already had the weapon in her inventory when equipping it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a plate of food to become glued to Kokona’s right hand if she became alarmed or witnessed murder while carrying a plate of food.
  • Fixed numerous bugs that would occur during the Police Invesitgation screen if the player tranquilized Kokona-chan and then framed her for murder.
  • Fixed bug that was causing certain props to not appear in Kokona’s hands when she was performing her “preparing food” animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the kitchen knife to levitate outside of Kokona’s hand during her “preparing food” animation.
  • Fixed bug that was causing all members of the Martial Arts Club to display the wrong club in their Student Info profile.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to become unable to enter night-time if the police were not called to the school.
  • Fixed bug that was causing two members of the Martial Arts Club to face the wrong way inside of the club.
  • Added a “victim’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon that killed her” circumstance to the Police Investigation sequence.
  • Updated some inaccurate / out-of-date text that would display after leveling up the Biology skill.

Important Announcement

I was planning on making an important announcement today, but it’s absolutely imperative that this blog post is seen by as many people as possible, so I’m going to save my important announcement for tomorrow, instead.

If I have to upload another Bug-Fixing build tomorrow, then the important announcement will wait until the following day.

Please, for the love of god, stop sending me useless bug reports! There is nothing more frustrating than that!

49 thoughts on “December 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Damn…that was really fast!!! I don’t know how you fixed it that fast! Good job! Also, I understand that you don’t want stupid messages that waste your time and that everything has already been suggested but I felt like I couldn’t live without telling you my idea, I thought of this idea during your video it says “maybe in a future update there will be a way to not get any blood on yourself”(when you were talking about how you still get blood on yourself while wearing the gloves) I think you should add an cooking apron in the cooking club, so you can put on and not get blood on yourself. I doubt this is useful for you, but if it please do tell me.(Mind my grammar and spelling I’m not that intelligent when it comes to this stuff.)

  2. Yandere Dev I am going to toss and idea I found somewhere! Yandere Chan would be able to be other peoples crush! I know if might sound weird but, if Yandere Chan has a crush the crush might stalk her (depending on personality) or be able to witness murders. Crushes could add a new challenge to the game. Anyway just a thought… Thanks for making/working on this awesome game! ^-^ Bye!

    • You shouldn’t really throw out any ideas because YandereDev definitely said not to give any suggestions because either someone already said it and that he’s not accepting any suggestions. He already has everything set. Let him continue developing his game instead of wasting his time with stupid stuff.

  3. thanks for the update Yandere Dev and sadly from the looks of it… no matter how much efforts you do people just CAN’T STOP SUPPORTING MIDORI CHAN! THEY DON’T WANT TO STOP SENDING YOU STUPID NEEDLESS COMMENTS THAT HAVE NO VALUE AT ALL
    i’m so sorry for you Yandere Dev, the keep wasting your time with needless stuff all the time

  4. I don’t know why but as soon as I start the 2nd nov update game (when I go to school) the whole screen turns pink except for a few chunks of green ground in the middle with a knive. I don’t know if letting you know this helps but n hope it does…

  5. Omg……why do you keep moving things to the next day? The new build moved to next day and when I saw that there’s going to be an announcement, I was very excited but again you moved to tommorow. I understand how busy you are but can you please at least stick with your schedule?

    • It’s impossible to predict when something will happen or won’t happen, since any number of unforeseen factors could get in the way and cause a delay.

      That’s the way that absolutely every aspect of life is, always has been, and always will be.

      Why do you care if updates/announcements happen at a specific time, anyway? Today, tomorrow, the next day, it doesn’t matter.

      • Omg Devpai responded to you! Lucky.

        Can you post a list of bugs that have been reported without steps? I would love to try and find the steps to them for you.

      • I hate to argue but…. I care because you’ve said “I’ll announce tommorow,” which is today, and I was very dissapointed that I have to wait a day again.

    • They don’t have cafeterias in Japanese schools; they usually make their own lunch or buy from a little mini shop in the school, and eat where they want (so long as it isn’t disruptive). However, there is an eating area of sorts by the vending machines, Yandere Dev just hasn’t animated them sitting at the tables yet.

  6. I think this game needs a forum. You could have people go report bugs on the forum, and if the bugs are incomplete the other forumgoers would mock them…OR, people would make topics saying “Hey I got this bug but I don’t know how to reproduce it”, and other people would lend their brainpower, giving ideas and trying to reproduce the bug as well. And THEN once there’s a solid bug report, a trusted moderator could say “Okay, send the dev an email now”, or maybe the mod would send you an email, or maybe change the topic to “[REPRO] Bug report”…So that you could then look at the forum every day or so and see if there are solid bug reports.

    Well, it’s an idea anyway.

  7. 90% sure that the announcement is revealing the new rivals, since YanDev said on his twitter that his artist was just finishing off the official artwork.

  8. I love all of the work you are doing YandereDev. I hope that people will start to realize that they shouldn’t be emailing you about useless bugs. Do what you need to do. I also wanted to know something, so please don’t get upset or irritated when I ask. I know that you hope to have a full week for when you make the full game. That every week when a rival is defeated the next week a new one will appear. I know that much, I know you have to take a while to gain study levels to do some things in the game, or raise levels of seduction to gain friendships. Will you have to start over in the new week, or will they stay at the same level, in the new week?

    • Well, you won’t lose your progress such as gaining study levels, seduction etc.
      It would be no-sense. It’s like, you go to school, you finish your week, but the next week you don’t remember anything wtf?

  9. I understand your frustration. Receiving bug reports that has no clear reproductions steps or bug reports that cannot be replicated 100%. It must be tough!

    Don’t let this get to you though. If you are getting frustrated from these stupid comments/emails. Go out, have some fun. Play other video games. Drink beer. Alleviate yourself.

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