December 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

There was a really bad bug in the previous build that would cause the Police Investigation sequence to get caught in a never-ending loop. I believe that this bug is now fixed. If you can still find a way to make the Police Investigation sequence get stuck in a loop in this new build, please tell me exactly how to make it happen.

There are a handful of other bug fixes in this build, too. Scroll down past this beautiful illustration by ginkyoheart to see the list.

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to get stuck at the Police Investigation sequence under specific circumstances that involved disposing of a weapon in the incinerator.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai’s body to clip into the environment if he was alarmed or surprised while sitting on the fountain.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai’s body to sink into the ground if he was alarmed during Low School Atmosphere.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to send an NPC to distract an NPC who was unconscious in a box.
  • Fixed some typos in the Police Investigation sequence.
  • Began to implement an “ambient music in clubs” feature, and started by putting some creepy ambiance in the Occult club.

Important Announcement

Recently, I stated that I’d be making an important announcement soon. However, I want it to have its own separate blog post, so I won’t be making it today. I’m sorry for delaying it twice in a row. However, I can guarantee that the announcement will be posted tomorrow. Please come back on December 4th to hear the announcement.

53 thoughts on “December 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

    • im having trouble…i followed both websites to download and they did both download…but they are files that open files that open files….how do i just play???????

      • I couldn’t do that either, but what I did is right click the application, click open with, clicked find in the app store then downloaded RAR opener. I’m using windows and then you can open it with that. the application in your files will say application to the left of the name of the file

      • I’m so glad you listened to my EMAIL, I’m the guy who said stuff about killing a student with a random weapon then throw away the weapon, and take kokona’s knife and a different student and throw that student away, ect. Thanks for actually listening, I appreciate it, most game developers dont listen to me or reply, You’ve replied to 2 emails and listened to 1 without replying, because it was a bug email. as you can see by looking at my email right now, that I AM NOT lying.

      • Still can’t find the download link for the 3rd December build… WHERE THE HELL IS IT?! There’s only description about the build but no DOWNLOAD LINK…

  1. Now i really curious about the announcement…i wonder what is it. Because it looks like that it’s really important (sorry for my bad english)
    Btw,love the new bug fix build 🙂

  2. Im getting so hype over that announcement even though have no idea what is it about. Anyway thanks Devpai for making this game you are awesome! C:


    • He’s got a life. He’s doing this alone, unlike major gaming companies which have 100+ people on their teams, so learn some patience.

    • im having trouble…i followed both websites to download and they did both download…but they are files that open files that open files….how do i just play???????

  3. This game has come a very long way since the last time I saw it, fabulous job dev 😆 I’m excited to hear your announcement

  4. pls make the following changes

    this.CensorSteam[this.ID].active = true;


    this.CensorSteam[this.ID].active = false;

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  6. First time leaving a reply but..Awesome job. I’m getting into MMD soon..I hope that can make me feel closer to use as a creator XD. Keep doing what you’re doin’ 😀

  7. For about 6 months now, I have been watching people play this game on YouTube. I didn’t know what it was or anything besides that I loved watching people play it. A few days ago I downloaded it and now I am playing it for myself. It’s really fun and I am waiting for it to be done, however long that will be. It’s very amusing!

  8. why wont kidnapping work for me? i make the victim follow me into the room with the box close the door then stab them with the syringe but they die (yes i do pick up the tranquilizer as well)

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