November Progress Update

Hello, everyone! Please check out the latest YouTube video!

The most significant thing about this update is the new school. Here’s an overhead map of the new school:

Here’s a comparison of the old school and the new school:

Here’s a view of the current schoolgrounds (subject to change, just like everything else):

The new school has 54 rooms in total:

  • Locker Room
  • Dining Area
  • Headmaster’s Office
  • 6 storage closets
  • 6 classrooms
  • 9 clubrooms
  • 12 bathrooms
  • 18 miscellaneous rooms

The “miscellaneous” rooms range from faculty rooms to student-operated rooms to teaching environments.

Out of all the rooms listed above, only about 10 of them are actually furnished with props.


  • Added the “Heroic” personality type. Heroic students will attempt to restrain you, like a teacher.
  • Added a “Struggle” minigame that takes place when grabbed by a Hero.
  • Added a time display to Yandere-chan’s room at home.
  • Added a “Headmaster’s Office” room to the school.
  • Added a plaza to the center of the school.
  • Added a running track to the school.
  • Added 10 new students to the game.


  • Kidnapping now takes place in the school’s northwest storage room on the first floor, instead of in the gym’s storage room.
  • You can now leave a note in Kokona’s locker telling her to meet you at the school fountain, where you can drown her.
  • Began implementing a new gym environment (it currently only has an interior, with no exterior).
  • Student portraits now have a gradient background instead of a solid color background.
  • Expanded the total size of the school campus to over twice its previous size.
  • Doors now have signs that describe the room on the other side of the door.
  • Changed the locations of some of the collectibles.
  • Students now sit down in chairs during class.
  • Placed the mythical tree on top of a hill.
  • Changed Midori Gurin’s hairstyle.
  • Expanded the size of the roof.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to wake up late from reading manga at night and still have enough time to torture a prisoner before heading to school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to look towards Yandere-chan whenever they became alarmed, even if they were alarmed by something else.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the player from hearing the Basement Tape after bringing it to the tape player.
  • Fixed bug that was causing apologies to damage Yandere-chan’s reputation instead of repairing her reputation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some kidnapped students to have two hairstyles displaying simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to appear bald during a Game Over in “Cirno Mode”.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from leaving the map after leaving school for the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s hair to glow green after she was kidnapped.

What’s next?

In this build, I began to implement club rooms, began to implement more personalities, and began to implement a new gym. Of course, what I wanted to do was completely implement clubs. What I wanted to do was implement all planned personalities. What I wanted to do was completely implement the new gym, and a pool. I also really wanted to implement a new elimination method – a method that couldn’t be implemented until a specific clubroom was in the game.

In a perfect ideal dream world, the December 1st update would have all of those features. However, that’s a lot of work, and I can’t guarantee that I can get all of that stuff done in just two weeks. My top priority over the next two weeks will be adding a new elimination method to the game. Anything else that I can accomplish will simply be a bonus.

I’m worried that the current build is a lot more buggy than the previous builds, so it’s very likely that I’ll post a “bug-fixing update” within 24 hours. After that, I’ll start working on the next elimination method, and then I’ll try to add whatever else I can fit in before the December 1st deadline.Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

172 thoughts on “November Progress Update

  1. Whenever I try to go into the school, it just is pink and I can hear a lot of mind broken Miku-chans int he background and all I can see is a blob of all the npc girls and a blob of all the npc boys. The girls even have the titan models, the skeletons, ect.

  2. I love the new layout to the school! It’ll take a bit of getting used to with the kidnapping but it’s still very nice! Also, I like that there are Heroic students, makes more of a challenge. I’m guess taking P.E classes can increase your chance of winning? Maybe I’m wrong but anyway, it’s still awesome 🙂 Keep up the impressive work, I don’t know how you’re not going crazy with all that work. o3o

  3. Yandere-chan? What is she doing in 3:09? It’s either-
    A. Demon Ritual.
    B. Human Transmutation
    C. Playing “Hide and Seek Alone”
    D. Eirin’s shady new drug.
    E. Trying to summon the demon that Venomania made a deal with in “The Madness of Duke Venomania”.
    This is why you don’t use those haunted demon board things kids. (Even if I don’t think the paranormal exists in this world.)

  4. I have loved every update so far! Everything excites me! Even the little things. I feel like YandereDev should make male teachers. Maybe even have one of them be himself! You have done so much hard work YandereDev and thank you for making this amazing game!

  5. Budo Masuta Still Weak…..LOL. Eventhough He was a “Master” of Martial Arts He Should be able to dodge the attack if we try to kill him first XD but still not as good as GTA 5

  6. I’m really excited about all these changes!! Yesssssssss!! I love the school! Looks a lot more realistic now and its awesome!! The track is huge, though. Much larger than most highschool tracks would be- you’ve got something special planned for it. I can see it now- yandere Chan chasing down track students to their doom lol.

  7. Okay, I love playing this game and I been playing right before you added male students but I don’t want to sound like I am offended in anyway but please be aware, that you may get back lash for putting more sterotype on the wicca religion.

    • I’m a Pagan and I cracked up seeing the occult room. People use the Pentagram for anything it’s HOW you use it, not the fact your using it. Not offended at all.

    • I kinda get what you’re trying to say ivy but in no way is the game stereotyping the Wicca religion. Sticking a pentacle in a room doesn’t make it Wicca, lots of religions use pentacles (Other Pagan religions, Christianity,etc.) It’s an occult club the most well known occult symbols are the pentacle, evil eye, and spiral. It’s never even implied that they’re using it religiously

  8. Will there be any interaction between heroic students and broken torture victims? If they attempt to restrain Yandere-chan after seeing her kill someone, it’d be logical that they may do the same to a mind-broken slave before they can commit suicide. *shrug* Though I just realized that this would require a bit of work to maintain a good game balance, so maybe not.

  9. I can’t even extract the update. It gets stuck on the resource file. Also, I would much prefer if the updates were .zip instead of .rar and I don’t think I am the only one.

  10. Stop apologizing or giving excuses to why you can’t do the things that you *wanted* to do. Any update at all is an update we’re excited about. Do what you gotta do.

  11. love the new school layout and classrooms, although all the humans and interactive items are pink and weird shaped, hopefully this is fixed with the 24hour update you’re making

  12. I had a Genius idea! make a romance system! (not that yandere-chan would want to date anyone other than senpai,) but it could be done in a way that uses the previous use of manga in the last update. this could be useful as a way to get male students to do favors for yandere-chan, and might be useful to have in the full game!

  13. This is so freaking awesome jfc. I love the school’s new design and all the new students!

    …did anyone else find the mouse-and-cheese easteregg?

  14. Interesting thought: with all the potential elimination methods and Info-chan helping so that she can report on it, wouldn’t it be cool to see the headline of her articles whenever you eliminate a rival?
    ‘Osana-chan stabbed – police say ‘killer still on the loose, so stay sharp’
    ‘Bad noose – Ryoko hangs herself’
    ‘Imoto found dead in a dumpster – police criticised for rubbish investigation’
    Can you guys think of any others?

  15. It must be REALLY hard just trying to do this… But tell me… it was worth it. I love everything about this game~ It’s really worked into~ I can’t wait to see the next update~ (◕‿◕✿)

  16. my ep liked to do as a slumber party and invite 2 students yandere ‘s house and kill them or go buy and kill them in the bathroom or go quietly and take one more police and a gun , not only have to kill school but in more places. We also want the room is bigger yandere living room, bathroom, etc. A truth and it appeared the sister Imouto sempai . YandereDev escuhe hope these views. If you understand not because I speak Spanish and I am translating a translator . Cheers

  17. Okay so I love the update but I keep having a problem where instead of students standing still and doing their actions, such as at their lockers, in the courtyard, or in the classroom, they all glitch like they’re walking around but just pop from spot to spot, making it impossible to talk to them or interact at all..

  18. I don’t play Yandere Simulator (I don’t have enough space) but when I watch youtube videos,it’s gonna take me a while to get used to the humongous environment and the 10 new students

  19. Fantastic new build, the amount of effort you put into the school shows; and with the new students, it’s starting to feel like a real world that you’ve created.

    I had a thought while playing, and I’m not sure how you feel about suggestions in comments (since I won’t bother your email as you’ve asked us not to in previous blog posts): what if Yandere-chan could smuggle an extra pair of panties into the school with her? She could, for example, wear the compliment-boosting panties in the morning before school to raise her reputation, then change into the rumor-boosting panties at lunch to spread gossip with the extra reputation gained before school.

    The caveat to make this a non-op feature would be that Yandere-chan must take the time to put the panties in a locker or storage space, and change in the shower area; also, only one panty change per-day, so if you accidentally wear the wrong pair of panties and change into the correct ones before school, you don’t get the opportunity to change again during lunch. Yandere-chan might also get a “being lewd” marker if she’s seen holding a pair of panties.

    Just a thought! Again, great work, but make sure you take breaks when you need them; us fans, we love the game but we care about your health and happiness too.

  20. Brilliant! You deserve a reward Yandere-Dev, for being that guy that took our dreams of loving Senpai and murdering anybody who wants to take him away, and brought it to life! Now Senpai can be ours for ever ❤

  21. I feel like the next elimination method that YandereDev is planning has something to do with the Drama Club. Something like dressing up as someone and committing actions that could get them in prison.

  22. I’m a french (female) supporter (i’m sorry for my english, i’m not bilingual!). But, thx for everything and continue to improve the game. This game make me laugh everytime i play on it !
    xoxo and have fun !

    N.B : i can’t kidnap this girl with blue hairs… Use the seringue it’s like a murder !

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