October 11th Bug-Fixing Build

Yikes! More bugs! I’ve prepared a new build full of bug fixes. As always, you can find the latest build here. This build also contains something that Touhou fans might enjoy…

To see a list of all of the latest fixes and additions, scroll down beneath this gorgeous illustration by AlterTheStars!

  • Fixed bug that would make it possible for Yandere-chan to overhear the purple-haired girl’s rooftop conversation by standing in the room directly beneath her.
  • Fixed build that would cause the cyan-haired girl’s bra task to automatically be completed under a set of very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Kokona to break out of her “being electrocuted” animation if she spotted Yandere-chan looking suspicious.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to talk to an NPC who was distracting another NPC, or being distracted by another NPC.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Ryuto Ippongo to be bald in the “Witness Cam” that appears when a student witnesses murder.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to gossip about dead students.
  • Added “Accept / Refuse” button prompts when the “Will you accept this task?” window appears.
  • Replaced the “Quit Game” option on the pause screen with a “Return to Main Menu” option.
  • Added a sound effect when the vending machine dispenses a can.
  • Added a new Easter Egg.

I know it’s only been two days, but I need to bring this up again. I’m getting a flood of really useless and annoying e-mails, and sifting through them all is seriously cutting into my development time. Before e-mailing me, please think carefully about whether or not your e-mail is really worth sending. I may make a blog post elaborating about this problem soon.

55 thoughts on “October 11th Bug-Fixing Build

    • YandereDev is usually too busy to reply, so I hope that I’ll do. Osana-chan, the girl standing under the tree, will probably be the last and most important rival to beat. I’m just taking an educated guess, but I think she’ll be one of the last NPCs to be programmed into the game.

      • actually, it’s been confirmed that osana’s the first rival. however, he said that he wants to program all the rivals last, so it’s likely osana can be killed when there’s an official demo released.

      • Thanks for correcting me~ It was just a guess, after all. Plus if you could kill all the rivals and there wasn’t a proper ending programmed in yet, what would be the point of the game? So I’m pretty sure that you’re right.

  1. waiting for the full game, i’m so excited xD i downloaded 8th october game to practice !! Thank you so much for the game ā™„ Yendere-chaaaaan ā™„ā™„ā™„

    • The game won’t have seasons
      It would just ruin different methods of elimination…
      And It’s not what the game is about, it would be Nice but…

  2. Guys seriously, stop sending him useless information. How many times does he have to say it just to get it into your heads?

  3. i’m having trouble downloading the newest builds, when i download them it tells me “corrupt archive” i don’t know how to fix it : (

  4. I think Yandere Dev needs to get someone akin to a secretary. An assistant to go through his emails while he works on his game.

    It would be so much less stress on him if he had someone else handling his emails. I think he should also get a separate email, one just for him and his volunteers that no one else has access to. Would be easier for him to sort through the important emails regarding development projects. Just a thought!

    Doing a remarkable job on the game, I can’t wait to see the finished result! Keep up the fantastic work Yandere Dev!

  5. I was playing with the new easter egg.I killed everyone,even senpai.The next day after i teleported a teacher’s dead body (again,in the new easter egg mode),i went through the school’s doors and Yandere-chan’s heart was beating (the way it beats when she is around senpai). no one was there. It scared the hell out of me xDDD

  6. So Yandere-Chan name is Ayano Aishi ?
    This suits her well, even if it kinda pains me because for me, Ayano meant a good caring girl, because of the Ayano from the KagePro.

  7. great new easter egg but maybe in the future bind the easter egg key with a different one because now i cant turn off the copyrighted music with the c key anymore!

  8. Sorry but I think you made a mistake in taking out the follow me option for any reason. Even if the task thing is multiplied, it makes for some dull debug gaming when you before could get REALLY freaking creative with crap. Only being able to sneakily off Kokona and Miyu gets boring when before you could get freaky levels of creative. As a writer who likes a good murder mystery, really takes the fun out when you can’t be a stealthy yandere. To off anyone else you basically to keep the ONE chick always around to play distraction. Which gets tedious. Which is another problem I noticed in a lot of the newer builds is things are a LOT more tedious then they used to be. I get it, your trying to make a game with a LOT of possible outcomes, but taking out previous options that worked isn’t a good move at all. I was really disappointed and got bored quickly, so I didn’t even make it through the week to see all the options. You can’t get tasks from anyone else so the gameplay starts to get dull. I would save the task option for the FINAL build and put back in the follow me option or next debug build just…. Take it easy on the tediousness. In the final game we won’t have fun things like the teleport so we’d lose a lot of options REGARDLESS.

  9. YandereDev, YandereDev!
    When are you going to stop using that feeble email excuse & actually work on the game even half as much as you claim to?

  10. yandere dev yande- shut up stop sending him useless emails and let your yandere dev rest/work in peace for once he’s already preparing another post about your emails

  11. I kinda got stuck in the scenary while riding my bike. Sorta went off road and became rooted to the spot. It’s forgivable though as this area is clearly unfinished šŸ˜‰

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