E-mail Problems and Download Problems

I’ve got to take a moment to re-iterate some points that I made in a previous blog post.

Please, ONLY e-mail me under the following circumstances:

  • You are reporting a bug.
  • You are making a business inquiry or proposition.
  • You are a talented 2D artist, 3D artist, 3D animator, or Unity3d specialist who wants to volunteer to help me develop the game.

Please, DON’T e-mail me under the following circumstances:

If you can’t get the game to run, please wait until I release another build. If you can’t download the game, please wait until I post new download links. If you can’t extract the build, that isn’t my fault, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Simply put, downloading and playing the game will not be easy or convenient at this stage of development. If you want a smooth experience, please come back when I have an official launcher that automatically downloads updates and checks for file integrity before running the game. Until then, please don’t complain if you can’t play the debug builds (which are buggy and unpolished and don’t even qualify as a game yet, anyway).

Thanks for your cooperation.

P.S. – It’s okay to e-mail me if you would like to show me your fan art or cosplay! I enjoy seeing that sort of thing❤

242 thoughts on “E-mail Problems and Download Problems

    • His email is everywhere and on obvious places, dude. Make at least an effort before asking, jeez:/
      Its on the faq, on his Channel and on the contact section of the official website:/

  1. Where can I leave great ideas for the game? Cause I came up with a really REALLY good one that involves a new rival that’s impossible to eliminate for reasons…….
    You can kill her, you can kidnap her, you can do whatever you want to this rival, but you won’t get away because of another student…….

  2. BUG:

    I know the – and + buttons are just a debug but; for the time being,
    Here it is, when any day of the week starts, I speed up time. When I do, all of the students are spininng at the gates and its like, 8:30, I stop the speed up… just walking to there lockers. Please fix! ><

  3. yanderedev i have the problem with the launcher because i downloaded the new build also i have extreacted it but it wont let me launch the game

  4. Hello Yandere dev, I have a bug fix,1_ First you must bring a coprs in the mill and we must quickly elogner this mill.2_ you must kill another student and bring him back to the mill. Just before the meter there dedant it First of need you active since the corp is not comter when you away and you there you put the student.3_kill still qulqu’un and maleureuseument, we can not use the mill.I hope you find my review interressant.You Are The Bast!

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