August 1st Build Delayed

I’m very sorry! The content I was planning to show off today just isn’t ready yet. I need a few more days to prepare it.

If you’d like to see a brief preview of the content you can expect to see in the next build, you can catch a few glimpses in this video:

If you’d like to have more hints as to what kind of content I’m adding to the next update, here’s a look at my (slightly redacted) list of new features added to the game so far:

Of course, that’s not the extent of the features you’ll be able to enjoy in the next update. There are still more to come!

And, remember, if you want to avoid future delays, don’t e-mail me unless it’s important.

261 thoughts on “August 1st Build Delayed

  1. I’m so excited for the new demo! My friends and I are eagerly awaiting. Don’t kill yourself making it tho! 😛

  2. It’s been a whole week since August 1st and still no update.
    So I DEFINITELY think that after this update, you should not try to push yourself to have something ready by the 15th of August.
    That old schedule of updating twice a month just won’t work anymore, and everybody is worried about your health.
    Just update when you can.
    We know you always put amazing new stuff in the updates, so don’t worry about disappointing us. =)

  3. added the ability to dump a bucket of shit.
    if a bucket of shit hits a girl, she reacts to it with animation and voice
    if a bucket of shit hits a girl, she becomes wet with shit. if a bucket of piss hits a girl, she becomes wet with piss
    if a girl is dripping wet with shit, she goes to the school’s locker room, removes her shit, and goes to the shower room and shits herself
    if a girl’s clothing has been ruined, she wears her other shit for the rest of the day
    added the ability to wreck the fucking shit in the girl’s bathroom using a screwdriver
    added the ability to dump a bucket of shit over the bathroom stall
    added the ability to open and close the shit, push it, and pull it
    added 10 collectable shits around the school, and added a way to use them
    added the ability to shit in the girl’s bathroom
    added two new shits.
    added a new shit.

  4. Yeah, I think it’s better if you update whenever you’re ready, since it puts less stress on you and people don’t get their hopes up, which puts even more pressure to finish quickly on you ^-^ It kinda sucks because I was SUPER excited but it can’t be helped 🙂 Take care of yourself, YandereDev

  5. water, water, water, water, blood, blood, blood, clothes, clean, ?, remove, ?, ?, blood, trash, bins, item, ?, ?, ?

    So how’d I do?

    • I’m pretty sure she wears her gym uniform for the rest of the day. I remember YandereDev mentioning somewhere that he asked a Japanese teacher and he gave the same answer.

    • My guesses:
      liquid, liquid, water, water, blood, blood, water, uniform, dries (cleans?), (gym) uniform, lock, doors? (locks in doors), water/blood, trash bins, tapes, use senpai’s photos, students, HAT.
      I’m still not sure on some of those, but well.

  6. Hey man, don’t be stressed out because of a few people are disappointed in the build not coming out on time. You don’t have to make an apology video, either. You are only one person, and I’m pretty sure half the people harassing you are immature 12 year old children who think they’re much older and more mature than they are because they downloaded a build of a game that has violence and blood in it, and claim that they can “handle it”. You honestly (in my opinion) deserve a vacation. You have worked really hard over the past couple months on this game for 12 hours 7 days a week. Now that’s some dedication. Anyways, I hope you relax a little and take your time on this build. Take care ^^

  7. Yandere Dev, don’t feel like you disappointed us. Personally, I am not at all upset about the new build being delayed. Whenever the new build comes out (which will be okay no matter when) you should take a break. You shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t answer every email you get. Not answering every email is a natural response to an avalanche of emails. You shouldnt even answer any email that doesnt have to do with volunteering or donating. If some fans get mad that you havent answered their emails, ignore it. If they’ve kept up on any of your media posts, they should know not to send you irrelevant emails

  8. Please take care of yourself, YandereDev. We don’t care how long you take to update, we’ll always support you no matter what.
    I can’t wait for the next update. Well, I can (I’m going to have to), but I’m really excited for it. I hope I can remain excited until 2025.
    And don’t worry about having to work, you can keep living off our donations. We never expected anything back for our money anyway. You don’t need to apologize – its not as though you ever promised us anything, you only said that you’d TRY to make game.
    There are so many other projects that have turned out to be scams to rake in money without making any effort to provide what was supposedly being worked on. I’m certainly not starting to suspect that this is one of those scams. I trust you implicitly
    I look forward to your next apology video. Lots of love ❤

  9. YandereDev, you’re health is more important than deadlines.

    I will wait…


    for updates…


  10. I can’t wait and don’t be worried about disappointment. I’m just happy you’re going to continue making this awesome game. 🙂 Don’t work too hard and do whatever you need to so that we all can enjoy the creation of this game, including you.

  11. I’ll be honest, waiting for the update is driving me CRAZY >.< yes, it's better if you work at your own pace and release updates whenever you're ready. Please just take care of yourself cuz that's the most important thing. ❤

    I love this game and waiting and aticipiating the mind blowing update but your health is more important, so please take care of yourself
    lots of love, from your fan who may be a tad bit too obsessed with the game xx

  13. From the information Yandere Dev said on his Twitter, the next update will be either Tuesday or Wednesday. Supposedly it would have been on Monday but he got distracted making a feature that may or may not be included in the next update. Anyone that wants to get more daily information on how development is going, it seems to me that he makes Twitter posts more often on the subject than he does here or over other sources.

      • He also stated that any date or prevision is actually meaningless speculation:

        We’ll just have to wait for the world to be ready to handle the awesomeness of the next update. The day will come eventually, everything we need is patience.

        P.s.: I’d soggest to anyone looking for up-to-date infos to follow YandereDev and check out the “Tweets with answers” tab, a comment section is simply not the right place to look for the latest news.

        Peace out!

  14. Aww, don’t work to hard! Some kid younger than me 9 or so will get upset about you but don’t worry! Health is more important 😉 love your game and keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Yandere Dev, are you still alive, please give us a short message only, remember, a short message with no update and video to let us know if you are still alive. 😦

    • Yandere Dev uses the social media website known as “Twitter.” If you type “Yandere dev Twitter” in a internet search engine, then it should be one of the first results. He sends messages this way roughly on a daily basis.

      Yandere dev 使用被称为社交媒体网站 “Twitter”。 如果您在互联网搜索引擎中键入“Yandere dev Twitter”,那么它应该是第一的成绩之一。他每天将消息发送这样粗略。

      我希望信息是明确的足够你去了解它。 我是不知道中国人。

      • Thanks for the translation… but I am sorry to say… I hate people translate the wordings to Chinese for me to see, although my English is not good enough, but I can read English, I know the meaning.

        And I am not Chinese too

      • I don’t mean any insult by including the Google translation, I just always like the opportunity to give it a try. Google translate interprets “北河” as Chinese so that is why I used Chinese. Google Translate has been known to be really bad for English to Japanese or Chinese translations so I find it fun to bring it to people’s attention when they seem to know those languages and English, so perhaps they could help it improve.

      • I am sorry, Wally. Forget about it and sorry about the rude wordings. I just want to tell the feeling…

  16. Dude.

    Id rather have a physically and mentally healthy YandereDev and slow progress on the game than a dead YandereDev and a completed game.

    Dont strain yourself, we are more concerned about your health than we are over a game.

  17. He’s finished adding what he wanted. Tomorrow, he’s going to play test it and find the bugs. I hope there arent many bugs bc I’d really like to start playing!! 🙂

  18. cool man…lemme know if u need any help….coz i am experienced with unreal engine 4…if any help reqd post a comment on my blog regarding this and i will be somewhere bound to help u

  19. YandereDev ‏@YandereDev 4 min il y a 4 minutes
    @LGtheBriana The plan is to post a video & build today. The only thing that could get in the way at this point is a flood of e-mails / bugs.

    Almost done guys 😀 !

  20. straight from yandere devs twitter……”Wow, I REALLY underestimated how long it would take to complete the next update! But, tomorrow there will FINALLY be a new build and video!”

  21. I Think we shuld all collect money, Put it toghether and with that cash, we sent Yanderedev on a well earned Vacation 🙂

    • He stated that he wouldn’t take a vacation after missing a couple of updates because then people would call him lazy :/ Ik he really needs one tho.

  22. He finished adding everything he wanted in the new build and will upload new build and video tomorrow 🙂

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  24. Am I the only one who has been refreshing all day, in hopes of seeing the new build?

    Yanderedev, if you see this, know that it’s not because I’m rushing you, but it’s because I love you. (?)

  25. Right from his twitter, he said he would upload the new build today, Wednesday August 12th, California hour.
    Only a few hours left ! 😀

  26. Yandere Dev Senpai! I couldn’t help but notice that the background music is the Fairy Tail theme! I’m so happy that the creator of my favorite game watches my favorite anime! It doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but I was just to happy to not leave a comment!

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