E-mails, Volunteers, and Progress

It’s time to give you an update on Yandere Simulator’s progress!  This time, I had so much to say that I went over YouTube’s 15-minute limit, and had to make two videos!

These videos are quite unlike my previous videos in nature. These videos primarily focus on some problems that have been slowing down development of the game recently, and also address some comments that I hear dozens of times per day.

I hope that those two videos weren’t a downer! I had to spend a lot of time elaborating on negative subjects in order to thoroughly explain why I don’t have anything new to show off this week. Hopefully, those videos weren’t too whiny or depressing.

Now that I’m finally past the mountain of e-mails that prevented me from getting any work done over the past two weeks, I should be able to make some real progress on the game and have something impressive for you by August 1st!

…but that’s only if I don’t get swamped with e-mails again! So make sure to read this post and this page in order to avoid wasting my time!

Remember: Every time you ask me a question that I’ve already answered hundreds of times, a yandere girl loses her Senpai!

103 thoughts on “E-mails, Volunteers, and Progress

  1. Thank you dear sir for what your doing i really love yandere sim it one of the best creative games i have ever seen im sorry your working so hard on this but i want you to know i appreciate your hard work and dedication to the game and i cant wait to see it finished i know that will be a while but that’s ok and i dont mind the delays you just work so hard that i understand try not to work your your self so hard ok cause like u said its not healthy i wish you the best of luck and i hope ur doing ok and feeling ok im very grateful for this game im a huge anime fan and i love yanderes well thanks again for your hard work and dedication ^u^

  2. I’d love to offer to voice act, but I’m not sure if I should, since I only partially fit the requirements. I haven’t acted in anything else before, so I don’t have a year of experience. However, I have a great microphone (Blue Yeti), and I’ve practiced enough in my spare time to have developed at least some level of skill. Overall, I think I have an adequate level of skill, and my microphone is definitely good enough, but I feel like I’ll be rejected even if my acting turns out to be great, and just because I haven’t had a year of practice. I have thought about volunteering for a few small things over the next year to be able to fit that critera too, but I feel like auditions will be closed by then, and I really want to have my voice be in the final video game. Should I send an email anyway or wait a bit? I don’t think there’s been any officialannouncements regarding how long auditions will be open.

  3. I noticed myself loudly agreeing with basically everything Churuya-san suggested and finding the reasons for not doing so unconvincing and contradictory.
    “I’m afraid having a secretary clean my inbox of already-reported bugs, already-answered questions, and worthless volunteers because.. I can’t trust that they can do so without messing up. So instead I’m just going to stop responding to the worthless emails.. but I’ll still read them, somehow this will save time!” Jeez, if you KNOW you’re not doing well at project management, PLEASE LISTEN to people giving you project management advice. The suggestion for a second email account means the secretary can manage the cold-call inbox, emails from people who don’t have an existing relationship or agreement with you (anyone who’s already a volunteer or involved in some kind of negotiation can use the “privileged” email). The secretary can forward anything that isn’t obviously a waste of time (questions answered by the FAQ, worthless volunteers, feature suggestions, known bugs) and doing so will cut down on 80% of the junk email you read!

  4. Please can someone tell me how do i use the internet in the game? Everitime I do that i can’t write anything just watch thes ame old post’s.

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