Information for 3D Artist Volunteers

I’ve made a page with helpful information for the 3D artists who are contributing to Yandere Simulator.

This link will be added to the “Volunteers” page, and will be updated whenever new rules are established or new information needs to be shared.

14 thoughts on “Information for 3D Artist Volunteers

  1. 100% of those rules are just common sense. If a 3D modeller doesn’t naturally do all of those things (in one way or another) then they really shouldn’t be doing 3D modelling at all. I mean, sure, there are a few variables such as size, poly count and naming conventions but there usually are when modelling for production. If I didn’t follow rules like that when I have to model something, I would be crucified; not to mention how filthy I would feel inside by not following them. I guess what I am saying, YandereDev, is that if a modeller doesn’t follow these rules naturally, you should be very wary of them as they will probably turn out to be more of liability than an asset. Just my two cents though.

    Anyway YandereDev, keep working hard and keep making the game awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, good luck with all the good volunteers that you are hopefully able to find to help you out! If I had a bit more spare time (and my current contract didn’t prevent me from having my online portfolios up) I would certainly also volunteer to help you out. Who knows though, maybe when my current contract is up and I can put my portfolios back online, I may just come a knockin’!

    • You know, I agree with you so bad. The rules YandereDev gave were just… I dunno. Hard-coded commandments every 3D modeler knows. Or should know at least. It would’ve been better if the rules were much more specific. It’s not like there weren’t any specific directions in the list, but I guess I mean to say that since the game still relies on placeholders (which isn’t bad since this is so early in development) then maybe YandereDev should focus more on the pre-production stage first rather than the actual asset making. From what YD states in the posts, it felt like he/she was already looking for final output, not placeholders.

      Things like concept art, character profiles, environmental art, mood boards, and other critical things to keep the project organized and fast are needed. You can’t expect volunteers to shell out an asset that’s just roughly based on reference pictures. We need details. Lots of them.

      And since YD has a shit ton of e-mails to respond to, then maybe she/he should just make the much needed info public in this website. Not just what’s needed, but what’s necessary.

      It’s really hard to flesh out a demo, let alone a fully fledged game without solid foundation… or well, specifially speaking, the “pre” in production.

      • Welln, that should come from the way YanSim started, as a one- man act of having to set a space, populate it and then test coded behavior one by one and releasing the buold for testing.

        Of course it’s better to follow a streamlined development cycle, but that would’ve required months of work before producing the first alpha build, and no supporters or playtesters in the meantime.

  2. this is a disaster and i cant believe this happened however yandere dev to make things easier for yourself why dont you now update the game on the first day of each month and no longer the firthteenth day of each month or the other way around this will save time and now you will have much more time to read emails and update the game.

    Also i would like to report a glitch, when you take a photo behind the blossom tree behind the school you can see an invisable template of yandere-chan and i believe the same thing can happen in the gym however im not certain about the glitch in the gym i believe this was updated however i know for certain ‘the ghost’ is behind the cherry blossom tree behind the school also you cant see her unless you take a photo

    p.s i apologise if this comment is filled with mistakes its just my keyboard is being a pain

    • Good one. You can just update the game every 1st day of the month so you’ll save time, and the other days are just bug-fixes.

      Also, for the invisible Yandere-chan it is NOT a glitch, it’s an easter egg. Easter egg’s are just for decorations, like with the hair, accessory, or any other stuff. She’s called ‘Phantom’, the ghost girl I mean. Phantom will be put inside the girl’s bathroom, but in the meantime, she’ll just be in the cherry tree since something’s not finished for Dev yet to create something missing in the girl’s bathroom.

  3. I know you said you don’t want to, but you SERIOUSLY need to consider the idea of someone helping you with the e-mails. You’re trying to do what’s best for the game and yourself but it’s not a good decision to just put everything onto yourself and leave the actual game-making to the side, you need to learn to trust other people and delegate tasks to them if you want to successfully continue creating the game you want.

    Answering e-mails yourself is obviously not working out, but you don’t want anyone but yourself to answer those emails, so maybe compromise and get someone who only deletes e-mails? Someone who only gets rid of everything you don’t want and sort the rest so you can answer them more easily when you find the time.

    I understand that you’re trying to keep everyone happy and answer everyone personally, but take in account how much this has grown, that’s just not possible anymore and you’re gonna have to sacrifice a bit of that to move on with the game development.

    • As Sun Tzu once said:
      โ€œWater shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing.โ€

      Think water as data; Yes you can just let people filter it out but if you’re dealing with over 10,000 emails, you’re just delaying the problem. Like the water from a river, there are many things that you seriously don’t want in your tap but you’re still want more of the clean looking water that is safe to drink. Some of emails are fan-art which is good for us and the dev, while others are written down ideas that (lets face it) may or may not pass the development phase. And there are more critical emails, like assets, buisness propersitions and volunteer work that must be preserved and handled with care.

      So rather than making a single huge “dam” that deals with a wide range of data, why not just reshape the landscape, rechannel the water to just several small dams? (I.E Why not just make several email addresses dealing with specific enquires rather than just one?) That way while there are “ideas” that’s been incremented to one email, the more important ones like game assets, content from fans, buisness propositions and volunteering work remains sorted to the other emails.

      Of course that would mean juggling through different passwords and addresses but for the benefit of categorising the emails clearly though importance (and thus lower the time it takes to read through them) outweighs the problem it created itself.

      • Just to add on to what you are saying, certain type of e-mails (like bug reports, and fanart) don’t necessarily have to be through e-mail. Fanart can be shared through groups and/or forums, there’s no reason that Dev /needs/ to see the fanart (and if Dev wants to, they can just visit the group and/or forums that is designated for that).

        As for bug reports, I’m pretty sure a good chunk of it is known bugs or legit bugs that have so little detail (how/when it happens) that it is of little use for Dev. So why not a google form? It’ll actually force the person to explain the how/when/what of each bug being reported. Then info will be compiled in one excel sheet that Dev can review/edit (like highlight the last report Dev saw).

        And just like you were saying, the more important ones that probably can’t wait a week or so can be responded quicker than otherwise.

        As a side note for Dev, in case it isn’t being used already, by having people title their e-mails correctly ( [VOLUNTEER] or [BUG] ) using automatic filters should divide all the e-mails in their respective folders so that it is easier to shift through the many many e-mails. This can help avoiding issues of having multiple passwords, people e-mailing the wrong address, etc.

      • Because the purpose of sorting ia condensing information.

        Fan mail gies to the happy folder.
        Hate mail gets burned, along with the bodies and bloody clothes.
        Fanart goes to the decorated folder, where YanDev watches images and tags those that get uploaded to the fanart gallery.

        Voluneer mails move to the volunteer folder, where each little piece gets looked at by YanDev.

        Bug reports get sorted by relevant bug.
        Old bugs get a “this is fixed,please dl latest build” reply.
        Undeployed features get a “this is planned, wait until we implement it” reply.
        New bugs get sorted and classified, so that whenever YanDev is checking why the purple haired girl was dismembered, he can read all relevant mails at once and find which of them have clues to find the cause.

        If mails are a river, they currently lead yo a muddied, turbulent lake. Sorting them would compare to separating the river into a set of streams that lead to a group of independent pools that can be reviewed individually without YanDev having to dive to find that one critical piece of information.

    • Agreed.
      Having someone sort mail into volunteers, bug reports, trolling and miscelaneous would be enough to make development easier.
      If the sorting also condensed duplicated bug reports, it would speed things a lot, since all relevant information from each reported bug could be reviewed at a time, wwthout having to sift through 15 mails with fragmentary glimpses to how the glitch was caused.

  4. Yandere if can do anything to help u let me know i have to much free time ๐Ÿ˜€ for that game let me know what to do i will do my best , well i can cheer for now >///> , DO YOU BEST YANDERE SAMAA, i Have a idea for a title for the game can be the title call “Yandere Chronicle” something like that to make it more attractive ๐Ÿ™‚ just suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i wonder if YandereDev well ever respond to comments im not surprised he did not say anything about my Rant on how the game was going to be sold

    • Well, Dev is busy and he spends a lot on his time on emails, and if you’ve red the article, he can’t yet answer his other emails. Too bad for Dev though, he really needs 3-4 assistants to help him answer the mails >.>)…

      He also did say tons of times that he’ll will not respond anything unless it’s what he wants, I pity Dev though, I’ve been with him for a year now and people just don’t listen >.>), I’m not back-firing at you, but, if it’s how the game’s gonna be sold… I guess it’s up to Dev.

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