Fall Girl, a Yandere Sim Fan Comic

If you’d like to enjoy something yandere-themed while waiting for the next update to arrive, I’ve got just the thing for you!

An extremely cool person has just finished illustrating a Yandere Simulator fan comic! I think it’s really awesome, and I think you should check it out!


53 thoughts on “Fall Girl, a Yandere Sim Fan Comic

      • I hope there will be pools. Drowning someone in a pool is more realistic than in a toilet (even though it’s fun to drown people in toilets). I’m not an expert on toilets but in mine it’s definitely to little water to drown someone, maybe it’s a special yandere safe toilet.

  1. It seems that the Yandere Sim’s popularity is very strong these days, congrats! I admire your 100% dedication for this indie project and I hope that the development of this game will be hasted because we are really excited to see the final game. I’m really sure that this game will become a slipper hit once it comes out.

    And also since this article is about a Fan comic, Yandere dev, why don’t you make a Manga version of Yandere Sim as well? Who knows it might become successful, and you as a talented artist might become popular like Naruto or SAO or Attack on Titan author in Japan.

    I do really think that a Yandere comics or Manga would be a great idea for your spare time. Oh btw I really liked most of the Yandere fan arts, you could get some ideas in most of them.

    • Thing is he said he doesn’t have spare time nor vacations. He works on Yandere simulator pretty much all the time.
      Still I agree, I’d love to see a comic series of yandere-chan just like this one. I just read it and it’s super well done! it’s not just killing and gore, the story is well thought! it would be awesome to see a series of it.

      • A series, eh? I don’t know about that, but this one did well enough I may do a follow-up one of these days. I’ll have to think about it, though. Thank you for reading. 😉

  2. You need to make those girls in the comic real people. This would make a good event for when you program framming people. It’s believable in the context of the game. Also I hope you add more students soon and make the game a little more livelier. I want to be able to immerse myself in that atmosphere of being cautious and carefully planning out someones murder without witnesses. The game is easy enough since right now I can literally kill people at the front gate or invite whole th school to a party in the computer lab and slaughter everyone then just chsnge clothes, dispise of the evidence then stare at senpai pics on day one.

    • Oh, I hope so. I think that with black mail, we can trick whoever we want to kill whoever we want.

      • Maybe Voodoo might be cool, if you blackmail a member of maybe the occult club or something to give you a voodoo doll and teach you how to use it in different ways. But you’d need a good psychology skill and a lot of info on the member.

    • Itd be interesting too. You would actually have to stalk your targets and record data about someone else to trick the other person to killing them for you.

  3. The art is ugh…highly inconsistent, but at least the girl tries different angles and dynamic poses…if she works hard, she could be decent; the story…dumb, but oh well, not worst than an average yandere anime, unless the police department from her zone is full of mentally retarded persons, she would have got caught easily, but again, in the game you can get rid of killing people using a mop and an oven…so I guess it develops in a parallel dimension in which all the police officers are mentally retarded…just like an average yandere anime, nice.

    • I’m the author, and I agree with most of what you say, especially with the art being highly inconsistent. And yes, the story is dumb. But like you said, no dumber than your average yandere anime. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for caring enough to criticize. By the way, I am not a girl. 🙂

      • Nice to see you took the critique well, as I said, work hard, read anatomy books, take life-drawing classes and keep trying with dynamic poses and different angles and you’ll see the difference and sorry for the mistake, I assumed you were a girl because most of anime amateur artist are girls.

      • @Meh
        Hmm, *most* amateur anime artists are girls? Careful there, buddy, you can get in trouble saying things like that. 😀

        I always try to be objective about criticism and not take things as personal attacks, because that’s not a good thing to do (and even a bad critic may offer up good criticism). I, of all people, am most aware of my shortcomings. I am also aware of the anatomy/figure drawing books, like the ones by Goldfinger and Loomis (and I especially like Loomis, who influenced Alex Ross). Are you an artist yourself? You seem quite the expert. I would be interested in seeing your work, if you have any.

    • Yep, most are girls, young girls, between 13 and 18 yrs old, they’re everywhere, in DA, Tumblr., Twitter, ect, sure there are a lot of boys too, but there are more girls than boys..so, also most of them don’t have any idea of the basics in art, they simply copy what they see in their favorite mangas without even understanding it and copying the mistakes of the original artist in the process; I’m not an expert myself, not even close, I’m at the range of age of “13 and 18 yrs old” but I’m interested in learning basic things on art like gesture, color theory, composition, ect, so I work hard to learn them but my main focus are anatomy and perspective so I’m taking life-drawing classes at my local Art Institute, also I’m currently reading “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art” by Scott McCLoud, I highly recommend Scott McCloud books to you in case you want to make more comics, you’ll learn a lot; yeah, I have some drawings, but most of them are incomplete or simple sketches because they’re gesture practices and anatomy studies a̶n̶d̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶t̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶i̶m̶u̶ ̶f̶a̶n̶a̶r̶t̶.

    • I know this is old, old, old news, but I thought the anatomy was pretty good and the use of light was appropriate for some panels ( The only weird anatomy I saw was when Yandere-Chan was kicking the leg of the fall girl) (That one basement scene with the light over Yandere-chan was excellent). The story wasn’t that bad… even though the police should have been more suspicious at the end, it’s still a decent story. Plus, the author doesn’t even really use the “animu” style- she uses a more comic book style. I heavily disagree about the art, it’s simple, good and natural looking for something like a fan comic. However, I think it’s great that you’re analyzing art and stuff. Good day.

  4. Hey i was wondering if someone could answer a question i have, i just recently started following this games progress so i don’t have much of an idea on what direction YandereDev exactly plans on going (I know the basics so spare me on the definition of what yandere is and the fact that this revolves around school), but given that the august 1st update is suppose to be releasing a room where students can bathe and such, so my question is: is there going to be nudity? I ask this because I’m a pervert but also considering that YandereDev isn’t exactly shy about adding a mechanic where you can chop up a girl and stuffing her into a guitar case, so there might be a slight chance this might be the case. Anyways, if you know if there is going to be nudity or not let me know please. But if don’t know or want throw in your opinion on the subject, save it, im not interested. Thank you! 😀

  5. Like woah there people, given that this is a community that obviously appreciates Yanderes you’d think people wouldn’t be complete assholes over a comic about Yanderes. Like bro, who gives a fuck if it makes sense or it’s not up to fucking serialization quality, just fucking appreciate it for what it is. Otherwise I’m going to accuse you for not being one us.

    • As for the guy you’re talking about (Mr. “Meh,” I presume?), I wouldn’t say he’s an asshole… then again, he didn’t come across so well, either. Perhaps I’m being too kind. My response to him was restrained, to say the least. (And you know I was effin’ with him, right? Saying he’s “quite the expert” and all that? If there’s one thing I know from being an artist: when it comes to no-name critics with poor grammar, never take ’em too seriously.)

      In this case, he made a fair point (it’s not up to serialization quality), but so did you (it doesn’t have to be). If I was going for serialization quality, which I most assuredly could, it would have taken longer, but as it is, people still like it. I am amazed by all the feedback it got. I never expected so many people to many to read and comment.

      • I’m a girl, just letting you know, look, I don’t see any part of my original comment being too harsh and even if it was for you, like you said, I made a point, what really matters in a critique is what you said, not in the way you say it, also my grammar…well, I’m a spanish native speaker, so I guess I made some mistakes, I find funny the fact that you think grammar in an important thing to take a critique seriously, sure, you take more seriously a person with good grammar, but again, the important thing is what the critique says, not the way it’s written and unlike the rest of the persons here I made a critique and told you that you have things to improve, most of the people commenting here are not aware of your mistakes, they’re not aware that you make anatomical mistakes, that your gesture needs work or that your way to draw the characters is inconsistent, I personally prefer critique over compliments, because even if compliments are nice, critiques are necessary.

      • And one more thing… it seems I ascribed to your words harshness perhaps you never intended. It also seems I came across as dismissive, condescending. For that I apologize. I know you mean well. (Now, it’d be a good idea for us to drop this before it escalates again. I’d hate to ruin YandereDev’s comment section with fighting over a silly fancomic, of all things.)

      • @Jo-Shu Oh please, stop being a hypocrite, you said that you were alright with my critique to then tell other people that I was being harsh and that you didn’t take it serious because of my grammar and now I need to grow up…sure, but you and the people that defend your stuff are not precisely mature either, but since they defend your stuff they’re right.

    • If the author cares about quality of his content, he should care, if you don’t mind the mediocre products, that’s fine, but just because you don’t mind quality it doesn’t mean that everyone should have the same low standards than you.

      • Jesus christ you’re rude and pretentious. “Here, let me blatantly shit all over this fan – comic and pretend it’s constructive criticism but then refuse to show my own work because I clearly am not secure about my own skills but will attack someone else’s”
        Yeah, you seem like you’re between 13-18.
        If an artist does not ask for constructive criticism, don’t feel entitled to give it, even if you think it’s not really that good. Nobody cares about what you’re studying or reading.

      • @emiri
        Hey, man… it’s alright. You don’t have to defend me. I’m really not that angry. She’s just a kid who means well. Maybe green, maybe oblivious to herself, but she means well. She’ll grow up one of these days, so why don’t we all drop this and… get along? Sound good? Good. “Love and peace,” y’all, like Vash the Stampede.

      • @emiri When I refuse to show my own work?, show me, all I said that most of it were sketches and gesture practices, also you don’t need to be an artist to know why those hands in the cover are deformed. Yeah, I’m between that range of age and I’m pretty sure that you’re too, talking about being rude when you tell someone that it just giving her opinion that is an “asshole” and use the word “fuck” for almost every comment.

        If an artist doesn’t want criticism then that artist should not make his/her work public, you have the right to say you liked it and why, but other people can say why they don’t, is called “freedom of speech” if the artist just want compliments and praise about his work then that artist is going in the wrong direction.

      • @emiri Sorry, I confused you with the other guy that needs to put “fucking” in every comment he does, the rest of my comment still, I never shit about anyone’s work and also your arguments still dumb, why do I need to show my artwork to do a critique? I’m not saying that I can’t though. I’m not sure about my own skill and that’s why I try to educate myself, that’s the logic thing to do, If you’re not good enough in something, work hard to be good…and I swear you think every time someone critiques something that you like your thinking is “they must be insecure of themselves and need to shit in others, is not because the have also an opinion or that is not as good as I though or something”, ridiculous.

      • @Meh, you know what, you’re right about the fact that a person who critiques does not necessarily need to be skilled on what they’re critiquing, however, the way you worded your “critique” was incredibly rude. You said the story was “dumb” and the characters were “mentally retarded”. That is FAR from a professional critique. Of course a person should expect constructive criticism when sharing their work, but your criticism was NOT constructive, is what my point was.

      • And how do you know, “most of the people aren’t aware of your mistakes”?? Of course we know it has mistakes. You think we opened up the comic expecting it to look like it was graced with the hands of a professional comic artist? We appreciate it as a creative fan comic. Don’t see why that’s such a difficult concept to grasp.

      • @Meh, again, I’m not saying critiques are BAD, but yours sounded like you were deliberately attacking the author.
        Like it’s not hard to not sound like a dick. “The faces are inconsistent and the story is unrealistic, making the characters appear pretty unintelligent, but it doesn’t stray too far from a typical yandere anime storyline, so good job” I reworded your entire critique without being offensive and assuming the author’s gender. You’re welcome.

      • @emiri emm…no, I didn’t, I didn’t said that his characters were mentally retarded, the only character of his that has a relevant role in the story is the other girl, the one with the glasses which was dumb as well but the thing that I was complaining about was the police department not realising that the yandere girl was the killer when is was plenty of obvious, she didn’t even use gloves and even if later she made it look like it was a “suicide” there’s a difference between the wound of someone who kill him/herself and the wound of a homicide, a huge difference, also, again, she didn’t even used gloves, and of course the yandere girl is mental, so she will likely kill again; but again, at the end of my comment I said that it doesn’t really matter because the way you get rid of homicide in the game is even dumber, which makes it kinda fun. That “nice” was sarcastic because even if his story was kind of dumb, the story of a lot of yandere anime are dumb as well, that’s all, I didn’t mean to be harsh, at most, sarcastic, but not harsh…again, my critique is valid, just because I was not nice or “soft” enough doesn’t mean that my critique doesn’t stands.

        Have you seen the comments here? I see that maybe you’re one of the persons that are aware of the mistakes is this, but you can’t talk for the rest that only make praise comments, look, I know how it is, your impression on things change with time because you adquire expirience. There are a lot of mediocre artist that I really liked a few years ago and I though their work was better than it really was, but then I started learning stuff and when I came back to see their work, I noticed mistakes that I didn’t notice before, there are obvious mistakes that despite your knowledge in the subject you still noticing them, but there are others that you don’t notice until you see some color theory, anatomy books or you simply look at better artists, so, even if they’re aware this isn’t perfect, Is obvious that they ignore a lot, ah…and also, you don’t need to be a professional to know how hands work, you just need to take an anatomy book, look at some good hand tutorials and practice, practice until your hands hurt.

    • I have clearly upset you. I am sorry. And I will not deny being a hypocrite; not only do I have growing to do myself, I was less than charitable to you in our interactions. That was not very nice. I want to wipe the slate clean, start over again. Even though we don’t know each other, I want to make things right.

      Here’s what I propose: go to one of my blogs, either CASTLE SCHADENFREUDE or ART OF JO-SHU (you can find them on my profile). Click on one of the contact pages at the top of the screen, and email me. Lay out your criticisms. All of them. Every last one. You can even attack my personal character. Just come and vent. Be as blunt as you want. I can take it.

      (One of the reasons I’m doing this is because I feel like I wronged you. The other reason I’m doing this is because our public interaction is getting out of hand. If you want to carry on this discussion, then fine; but let us do so in private. I will no longer respond to comments here, so if you want to continue, I invite you to email me. And make sure you use a valid email address; if you write something, I want to be able to write back.)

  6. Also, who fucking cares if a girl or guy made it, like seriously where the fuck have you been the last fucking decade?

    P.s. I’m a guy, bitch nigga!

    Thank you :3

  7. Hmm… I just had an interesting idea… what if one of the rivals was another another yandere girl who wasn’t in love with Senpai… but with Yandere-chan.

    I know “♩ YandereDev! YandereDev! ♫” said he can’t read the comments here or on YouTube anymore due to it being extremely time-consuming, but it would be interesting to get fan feedback.

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