Eavesdropping, Notes in Lockers, and Faking Suicide

The latest build can be found here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/

This update contains some of the darkest subject matter so far!

If you think this is unappealing, don’t worry. The final game won’t be this dark ALL the time…unless you want it to be. The player’s actions determine how dark the game gets.

What’s new?

  • Created the code structure for an “Event” system, in which two NPCs break out of their normal routine and go have a conversation somewhere.
  • If the player eavesdrops on two NPCs during an “Event”, new gameplay options will become available.
  • Created an interface for crafting a note and leaving it inside of a girl’s locker.
  • Programmed NPCs to react positively or negatively to a note in their locker, depending on the content of the letter.
  • Programmed NPCs to go stand at a specific location at a specific time, if they responded positive to a note.
  • Added the ability to push a girl off the school rooftop.
  • Added the ability to leave a suicide note on a dead girl’s shoes if the player’s Language skill is high enough.
  • Added a police response to suicide.
  • Programmed the railing on the school rooftop to be replaced with a chain-link fence after a suicide is discovered.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to run towards a corpse instead of Yandere-chan if Yandere-chan dragged a corpse in front of that teacher while a student was reporting a corpse to a different teacher.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would cause a teacher’s pathfinding to break if the teacher spotted a corpse and then that corpse was dumped into the incinerator without the teacher noticing Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students who died in the middle of the “Heartbroken” or “Expelled” sequence to come back to life in the middle of the sequence.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to get stuck in “Lewd” status even when not aiming her camera at a girl’s skirt or panties.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Expelled” sequence to break if the teacher grabbed Yandere-chan right before 6:00 PM.
  • Fixed bug that would cause NPCs to not react properly to Yandere-chan if she spoke to them while bloody.

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107 thoughts on “Eavesdropping, Notes in Lockers, and Faking Suicide

  1. I agree with the others on this. Shouldn’t part of the evidence be the letter you made to her? That’d be TOO easy

  2. Yeah hey it’s me again. I got a few more ideas.

    – Bashing in a student’s head on the ground. It would take some time, such as luring the student over. How long it takes to do relies on the psychical education stat.
    – Another way of disposing of bodies. Say, a garbage chute, taking them out to the courtyard and burying them, etc.
    – Some things Info-chan can do as favors could be is supplying you with weapons you can’t find on school grounds regularly. Think katanas, swords, and nooses.

  3. Recently, I went on exchange to Japan and one thing that they always do without fail, is have homeroom in the morning and after the cleaning has been done after school. I was just thinking, maybe if you have a homeroom feature for ‘authenticity’, that’ll be the information base – telling students of a suicide, telling them of changes like the roof, informing them of clubs and their times etc
    I don’t know if that’s too much for you though 😦
    Maybe a school cork board is enough (they stuck things on cork boards too but for the life of me I couldn’t read them properly, some were advertisements for the English club, others were about Universities etc)

  4. Hey! I was playing Yandere Simulator on this build, and I discovered that after I killed two students after school and cleaned up, I couldn’t go home by stepping on the pink circle. I didn’t have a clean outfit to use, and I disposed of the bodies (and finished cleaning up by 4:21 PM), but did not dispose of the weapon (the box cutter). It didn’t give me the option to go home, so I just sped up time and waited it out.

    I’m guessing this is a bug, so I’m just gonna report this here! =)

  5. Can you make your voice volume bigger next time?
    kinda hard to hear you so I had to increase da volume, and when the girls conversation started,
    sound blasted my room so…

  6. Will ‘Events’ also have other effects besides acting as little titbits of stalker info?

    I had an idea while looking over it. What if Yandere-chan was stalking someone for information and found that they had said something bad about Senpai, causing her sanity to drop slightly?

    While it might not really make sense due to her wanting to reduce competition. I’d think she’d like to stop any slob dragging her Senpai’s name through the mud. Perhaps as a side objective that might have certain effects if the person is left alive and when they are eliminated.

  7. At works figured out a cool thing. As the world gets darker from you killing people. How about metal detectors and teachers start searching lockers and desks and students

  8. I dont know if thats a bug but i killed 4 students and the next day no one was in school, only your senpai

  9. Would it be possible to provide emotional support and console to the friend of the girl who ‘killed herself’ as a way to gain their trust for future exploitation? Green haired girl/Miku Hatsune was pretty worried about what her friend told her, so to see that friend kill herself over it after she’d tried to help would be quite distressing for Miku.

    • I love this idea. It plays right into the style of a manipulative player who wants to trick everyone but also works for a player that wants to role play a more remorseful Yandere-chan. It could have some sort of stat-based chance to fail too and cause the student to become suspicious of Yandere-chan.

  10. Hey man! I just wanted to say that I love the idea for the game and how it looks so far. I did have some questions, namely regarding the personalities that the NPCs would have (IE: Coward, Teacher’s Pet, ETC.)

    First question is that will teachers have personalities like the students would? Like for an example, would there be ‘Protective’ teachers that will go out of the way to ensure the student’s safety? Such as making rounds during the halls after a murder or unsolved case has been reported to ensure all the students are safe and no suspicious activities are taking place.

    Second, exactly how many personalities are you planning on having in the game?

    Third, I notice that one of the conversation wheel has a ‘seduce’ option. Does that mean it is possible that there will be some students who are the same obsessive tendencies as Yandere-chan? Or while Yandere-chan is stalking Senpai, she would get her own stalker that she could easily manipulate for favors but will try to hurt you or Senpai when they realize that they have been used or manipulated in some way?

    Please answer at your convenience! 😀 The last thing I want to do is bother you as you obviously have a very ambitious project on your hands.

  11. This update looks pretty interesting! However, I can’t help but feel like domestic abuse might not be the best topic to be covered.

    Although both domestic abuse and suicide can be touchy subjects, the player can (from the looks of things) choose whether suicide becomes a factor, whereas it looks like the domestic abuse conversations might be overheard by the player without them wanting to. I’m guessing there would be other reasons to stalk targets, right?

    I especially can’t help but think that, even if a player is okay with the “make another character’s death look like suicide” option, if the player themself had been a victim of domestic abuse or knew someone who was, suddenly having the person they need to kill mention that out of the blue might cause some issues.

    Perhaps an option to limit some of the potential conversations if the player has things they’d rather not have brought up (possibly at game start, where I assume the NPC’s “interests” would be randomly assigned, in which case if a certain type is disabled, an if statement checking for that interest and reassigning it if it came up would likely be enough)? I don’t think any of the currently shown options should be excluded, certainly, but that one in particular struck me as one that could cause issues amongst some players if it came up unexpectedly.

  12. I think having the darker content can be very cathartic. Talking about painful things has actually been proven to be one of the best ways to deal with trauma even though it means mentally re-experiencing the trauma.

    Different things will affect different people differently though. Some people will take one look at this game and think the creator is a monster and all of us playing are psychos in training; other people will just ask if the game is fun or not. Once you start adding filters then you’ll find that someone somewhere will be offended by any and every topic in the game and become upset that you didn’t add a filter for their personal problem.

    I hope more ways will be added to fake suicide. Hanging is surprisingly popular in Japan with students. The box cutter could be used too possibly to fake a suicide.

    Actually, I hope that the opportunity to learn secrets will let us also coerce students into doing themselves, or others, in. Blackmail and despair are powerful weapons.

  13. A helpful suggestion…

    I was thinking that because of the complex social aspect of this game something to keep track of all that might come in handy for Yandere-chan, maybe something like a simple mental representation of a journal containing tabs with information such as who has a crush on who, what can be info used for blackmail, the exact schedules of students, important observations, exploitable pieces of information like the the girl’s father abusing her and such. Like a planner for psychopaths that is updated as information is gathered, with her mental journal becoming more decrepit looking as the body count rises (shaky handwriting, crumpled pages, bloody fingerprints, disturbing drawings/doodles done by Yandere-chan herself, in general just falling apart). Just a suggestion that I thought would reduce frustration for players, especially those like me who have a bad memory. I realize you are busy balancing reading these comments and developing the game but it would be much appreciated if you could code a basic version of the mental diary as the social part of the game is being fleshed out and the opportunities to perform sabotage blossom.




    Postscript— Amazing job on the new update, the game is REALLY starting to come together now!

    • I like this idea; like I’ve come back to a game after not playing it for a week and am like “Where the heck am I?!” Also the idea of the diary changing over time with Yandere-chan’s mental state is cool.

  14. So I had an idea for the gossip option when talking to students, is it okay if I tell you, yanderedev?

    Well, you know how for the eavesdropping and such? Well, how about maybe Yandere-chan uses that information about that student, and gossips about it to other students? Then, depending on what that is about, the student’s reputation will lower, or raise!

  15. When are you going to stop slaughtering Japanese? You pronounce everything completely wrong! At least look up how to pronounce the title of your game. Yawn dah day chawn (rhymes with prawn).

  16. The last sound effect is too much in-your-face kind of horror in my opinion. I think it should be something that is more soft, to kind of show the ‘innocent’ side of yandere while everybody who plays the game would sense the creepiness/horror while playing it. Just my opinion.

  17. So I had an idea relating to the fake suicide thing and how you could frame someone for the murders. Could you somehow lower their reputation, push them off the roof, and for their suicide note say something like,
    “I’m sorry, but I’ve killed so many. I can’t take it anymore.”
    This way it would look as if the student had killed themselves because of the pressure of the murders they had committed.

  18. Funnily enough, when I initially saw the thing about faking suicide, I thought that Yandere-chan would be faking her *own* suicide as a way to manipulate people’s emotions, not framing murder as suicide. I don’t know how feasible that would be from a game mechanics perspective, just throwing the idea out there.

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