First Promo Artwork

Hey, everyone! I’ve just received Yandere Simulator’s very first official promotional illustration. Take a look!

There are two versions – a “Yan” version and a “Dere” version!

If you’d like to see both versions at the highest resolutions possible, check these out:

High-resolution Yan Version

High-resolution Dere Version

The artist who illustrated these wonderful images is the amazing Joakim Waller!

61 thoughts on “First Promo Artwork

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Many, many praises to the artist for this beautiful work.

    And what do you mean, “too Yan for you”? If it was, then what would be the point of attending the development of the “Yandere simulator”? XD The Yan version is the true version~! Teh-heh…

    • Nah, the whole point of a yandere is to be yan and dere at the same time (or interchangeably).

      Great artworks! The only thing I think would be a good addition is some kind of a filter to the yan version to make it darker. Like a dark-red frame fading out to the centre of the pic.

  2. The art is fantastic, BUT isn’t the current look of Yandere-Chan (and pretty much everything else) just a placeholder?

  3. It’s amazing. This is exactly how I thought this game should be represented – you have to go for that absurd contrast of a cute girl who’s in love and brutal things she does. It exactly captures the soul of this game, I love it.

    Just one minor criticism – i think she could be a little bit cuter, I don’t like her face that much, but it is just my personal taste.

  4. Very kawaii, requesting a .gif of the dere image being the front with the yan as a split second replacement like it does in the title screen. Or that .png over lapping image trick.

  5. She’s so cute even in spite of all of the blood~ Perfect yandere! >W<
    Hey! I know this game isn't done yet but I was wondering if you're thinking about releasing it in Japanese at all because I'd really, really be interested in translating Yandere Sim~~ (^^) I wanted to send a PM but I'm pretty new to WordPress so I wasn't sure how, sorry!

  6. They’re both awesome!
    If you’re ever going to make a boxed version of the game, use the Dere version as the front cover, then when people open the box, show the Yan version inside.
    This would be truly awesome!

  7. These look great!
    Though I was under the assumption that you would wait until you replaced all the placehoder models with your own ones before you had any promo art made. Still, if this is what the promo art looks like with the placeholder designs, I can’t wait to see what it looks like with the final ones!
    I hope Mr. Waller will be sticking around until then.

    • Because the placeholder model has become the “face” of Yandere Simulator, her appearance will most likely be the “default” look of the main character, even though the player will be able to customize her. The “default” protagonist will probably be the version featured in promotional artwork.

      By the way, ever going to make a new video about YanSim? πŸ˜€

      • Okay, fair enough. Will you just keep the asset model as the default, or will you have somebody construct an original model that has a similar design?

        I was going to make a video on your April 2nd build, but I got distracted while working my own Yandere project. I’ll be sure to make one with your next build, though. πŸ™‚

        Though I must say it’s getting harder to compete with all these other folks who are uploading videos of your game. I feel like I’m getting left behind.

      • I’ll probably have someone build custom models for the game, eventually.

        Your videos are always my favorites, so don’t get discouraged. ❀

  8. I have one suggestion kidnapping a girl: Giving her snacks. Ofcourse the snacks has been poisoned. those poisoned snacks is made by yandere, it requires high rank in chemistry class to do so.

  9. Beautiful! Although- I had a question. Many people seem to be suggesting the idea of… raping or sexually assaulting senpai, or the girls you kidnap and bring to your basement. Personally, I think the idea is disgusting.

    But I’m not the programmer. Are you considering it?

  10. Honestly, I initially liked this game because of the idea with all the yandere stuff, though it was funny at most. But looking at all those interesting mechanics you put in the game, all the talented people you gathered, all those nice ideas, and to make this game mostly by yourself! Thanks for making such a fun game.

    But don’t let all this praise go to your head, guess I’m just excited for this game.
    Looking hella forward to see how much better this will get and all other future projects you’re making.

    Best of luck, Yandev!

  11. Beautiful artwork, I believe it’s not the first though, I’ve seen some fan art of YanSim for a while now.

  12. I’m also a fan of the dere version, though perhaps maybe you could add a small dark patch on yandere’s legging to ambiguously slant the cover closer to the Yan side. It also looks more appropriate in my view for the title since the game looks rather no killable base off of what I know about the game.

  13. Wow… Looks like I’m gonna have to step up my a-game if I want to be able to keep up with this kind of art xD

    Love the image. Now I’ve gotto make my own designs higher quality aswell.

  14. Amazing. I am going to be making a video of the debug test (game) soon. Could I use this as the thumbnail? If not, I will just use an in game screenshot.

  15. You should really use the Dere Version. That way when people buy it, they get the surprise. But, using the Yan Version can attract more customers than when it’s Dere, probably because people love violence xD

  16. You should add in Yandere’s kitchen and make a bento box for Sempie cuz’ you want to keep your self looking innocent to him yes? So this could be a way to gain positive points with him yes yes? Just a random idea I had while watching many try the unfinished game.

    • That would be because shut down not long ago. Fortunately some imageboards had already rehosted the images. I’ve found both on Danbooru and Sankaku Channel. The original post should still be updated with either links to these or reuploads posted at an active image hosting service.

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