April 3rd, 4th, and 5th Bug-Fixing Update



As usual, my bi-monthly debug build was full of bugs. Here’s a new build that contains a bunch of bug fixes!

April 3rd Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere-chan to become unresponsive if the player paused the game while the camera is re-positioning itself after exiting a conversation with a student.
  • The “Witness Reaction Camera” at the bottom-left corner of the screen will no longer display other characters who are extremely far away.
  • If you accidentally kill a girl inside of the “Kidnapping Room”, the game will no longer lock you inside.
  • It is no longer possible for the Reputation Marker to leave the boundaries of the Reputation Bar.
  • It is no longer possible to make multiple “Easter Egg” music tracks play simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that would cause tranquilized girls to spawn pools of blood.
  • Added new sponsor to the game’s logo sequence and Sponsor screen.
  • Added “Main Menu” to the list of options at the Heartbroken screen.
  • Removed the April Fools cut-scene from Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Fixed incorrect school subject description text.

April 4th Bug Fixes:

  • If an NPC witnesses murder while the gate is open, she will run out of the gate. If an NPC witnesses murder while the gate is closed, she will run out of the emergency exit instead.
  • Added up/down and left/right prompts to the School Subjects screen to make it more clear how to use the screen.
  • Fixed a bug that would make the camera get stuck in one spot after Yandere-chan takes out her smartphone.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police results screen and the class screen to display at the same time.
  • Made a couple of adjustments to the “hateful” easter egg.

April 5th Bug Fixes:

  • Yandere-chan should now have an easier time picking up objects that she is standing on top of, or opening doors if she is right up against the door.
  • Yandere-chan can now walk up the stairs leading to the gym building, instead of needing to run to make it up the stairs.
  • Yandere-chan will no longer levitate into the air when running into a corner or running alongside a wall.
  • The camera no longer jitters back and forth when Yandere-chan is running into a wall.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer leave the boundaries of the school.
  • Yandere-chan no longer slowly slides down stairs.

Most of the April 5th bug fixes were made possible thanks to the assistance of my friend, SaracenOne!

Be sure to scroll down to answer polls, read information for newcomers, learn how to submit better bug reports, and also watch the April Fools videos!

115 thoughts on “April 3rd, 4th, and 5th Bug-Fixing Update

  1. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this issue (sorry if I’m doing something wrong), but with the April 3rd build, I can’t see anything on the menu. If I mash random keys, I eventually gain access to the game, but whereever there should be letter, like E or R, for interaction, there isn’t one. This applies to everything from picking up weapons, to allotting skill points during class. Also, instead of a solid background during the skill points allocation, it shows Yandere-chan standing in the classroom, where I left her. This problem did not occur for me in the April 2nd build.

  2. Err… When I tried to kidnap a girl, I’m positive that I got the tranq with the syringe, but I killed the girl instead, and I was stuck in the room that I locked myself in with the girl.
    I’ll try again tomorrow, but…

  3. Except for clipping through walls here and there, only two things seem to be off.

    For some reason I cant see Yandere-Chans room or basement at all, only solid gray.

    And for some reason the phone menu screen doesnt come up when I click enter.

    • Presorry for the inconvenience, it appears Ive been entirely blind and neglected the otherwise rather obvious “Intel” logo on my laptop. This misunderstanding was entirely my fault.

      Still clip through almost all walls in the gym, as well as being unable to pull out phone menu.

  4. When I played the game, yandere-chan killed the camera man!!
    The camera stopped following yandere UNLESS you paused the game.
    I didn’t saw this bug on the known bug list.

  5. I don’t know if this is a bug or just not implemented yet, but wearing yellow panties won’t affect the points you get by complimenting students.

  6. I’m eager to see how this game looks when it’s finished. Even these early builds are really something special. I’m a little concerned about difficulty though. I know a lot of gamers thrive on impossible challenges but there are also plenty of us who prefer a game be slightly less difficult and more fun. So I hope challenge levels can be adjusted or that various methods of varying difficulty will be implemented for kidnapping and such.

    I think the re-playability of a game is helped when you can both challenge yourself and sooth yourself via game immersion. Just putting my concern out there. Panty-shot grinding and complicated scheming can be fun but some methods should be simple plots that Yandere-chan can carry out on her own but maybe at a much higher risk of leaving evidence for the police or losing reputation?

    When the cork board for photos debuted, I thought it would be great to have Yandere-chan use it to plot against her rivals or plan ways to gain Sempai’s affection, instead of being just a decorative thing.

    Oh, an alternate kidnapping method: love letter in the shoe box to lure the girl to either a secluded location or off campus. It could be a skill level-based method where Yandere-chan has to have a high reputation or a high stat in something like seduction or conversation. Yandere-chan would either claim the letter was from her and get the girl to eat some chocolate Yandere-chan “prepared” for this occasion out of pity or make her think that Sempai wrote it but he’s going to be late to the meeting and then Yandere-chan knocks her out by using the girl’s sad reaction to the news to catch her off guard. Chloroform would be a nice method here.

    Also, since there will be evil students, maybe Yandere-chan could convince someone evil to help her (requiring that she first figure out which students are evil) and then go for a straight out kidnapping. Of course, the accomplice must be eliminated afterward to prevent loose lips from sinking this ship. There could be a varying timer, based on the accomplice’s other stats, for how long before they slip up and Yandere-chan gets caught. There could even be a risk of blackmail against Yandere-chan, requiring her to out gambit the accomplice.

    Another method that came to mind was club/study-based. If Yandere-chan can join a club or if she’s weak in a school study skill that her target is strong in, and she has the right reputation or can get another student to vouch for her as a favor, the target will just go right to Yandere-chan’s house. This would be a very high risk method requiring her to either break the girl very quickly or use some sort of more insidious method like planting doubts in her mind or using gossip to trick her into antagonizing a fellow student who then snaps or revealing that Yandere-chan has blackmail info on the girl. Or you could even play out the whole scenario as just a way to improve a skill quickly or even direct the girl’s affections toward Yandere-chan. (The idea of seducing a potential kidnap target, rather than mind-breaking them, into helping Yandere-chan appeals to me).

    The last idea I had was the classic method of using a cute animal to lure the unsuspecting girl. It could be a random chance event per day that Yandere-chan will take some sort of photo on her way to school and a kitty could be one such shot or she gets a panty shot or even a shot of Sempai. Or Yandere-chan could either have a pet or a stray sometimes shows up on campus. Either way, Yandere-chan would show the intended kidnap target the pic and ask if she wanted to come over and see the cute pet. Depending on the girl’s personality, she would agree or decline. It would be low risk but also maybe have a lower chance of success versus a direct and fool-proof method.

    Ah, sorry for the long post.

    • There are some interesting ideas here! I’m sorry that I can’t address each point individually, since I’m trying to get through the dozens of comments that have been made today, but I want you to know that I did read your comment.

  7. So a lot of the problems I had I was able to find a way around, or they just disappeared or something… But I can’t do anything to Rival-chan. Thooough I’m assuming that I’m not supposed to do anything to Rival-chan right now. Am I right?

  8. Do you play the build before uploading it? I know you want to save time but some of these bugs are hard to miss. Like for example, the text being wrong on the school subjects. Maybe you should get the obvious ones out of the way so we can focus on informing you about the more intricate problems. Just a thought.

    Also, what language are you programming in? I’m a bit curious.

  9. Suggetion for more methods to tranq someone:
    Instead of raising your rep, you could level your literature skill to fake a letter, lead someone to the storageroom in secrecy and tranq them. Of Course, since you mentioned faking letters with the literature skill in-game alread, I recon you already had this idea… wanted to say it anyways. What I think would be important to not for this method is stealth. The victim should be unaware of your presense when she enters the storageroom, since it would blew that the letter was fake.She shouldn’t notice you until its too late for her, basicly. In that sense, being able to lock the door would be nice as well. I mean, what if she sees your weapon, notices what is going on and tries to run? That would be bad, right?
    Otherwise, a favor from Infochan could be helpful as well, I mean, she can probably set up something, right? Like, Infochan sets up a meeting between your target victim and you in the lockerroom over the internet or what ever (not telling that it is you who waits there, of course) and all you have to do is wait.
    Inviting someone over to your house could also be an option, but a quite risky one since somebody is bound to see her with you.
    Also, maybe black-mailing could work as a method of sorts. Like, you blackmail the victim, get her to meet with you by promising to trade the black mail material, and tranq her instead. Stuff like that.
    Can’t wait to see more of this stuff 😀
    Keep going!

  10. How about you YandereDev? What are you looking forward to adding into the game?
    Also the follow favor that you ask students, is it going to stay possible to ask more than one to follow? I just thought it was interesting when I tried it because I seen things like that in school, when a small group walks together and whatnot. Though it was pretty funny when I led them all into the room in the gym and went crazy with the tranq.
    Lastly, thank you for everything.

    • I’m not sure if I should allow Yandere-chan to have a “posse” in the final version of the game. It could break the game by allowing you to block doorways with your gang of followers, etc, making the entire rest of school late for class.

  11. I think I’ve found a bug for the mid-february build, although I’ve no idea how it was caused for what it is exactly.
    Here’s a folder of a few screenshots from a few days ago.

    From my memory. I believe I murdered all six girls on the way home and cleaned up after three or four of them, then for whatever reason whipped out my phone and that thing was there. Sorry about the incomprehensive bug report, I don’t clearly remember.

    I don’t think this was covered in the bug fixes or the known issues, so eh.

  12. Hi I left a comment but i cant find t so now im wondering if i even left it or not xD sorry i dont know how this site works. But with the latest build i have an issue. When talking to a girl i can ask them a favour but complimenting doesnt always work. Even i havent complimented them before, i can select compliment but pressing e doesnt do anything, only sometimes if i keep tapping e it might work…
    also is info chan supposed to work atm? or has that feature not been implemented yet? since i can send them shots but i cant ask a favour
    (also how can you tell who the rival is through yandere vision)
    Thhanks! and keep up the good work!

  13. Hello & good job with all of this! I just had one question about the build in regards to kidnapping girls.. Are we meant to already be able to do that in this build? Because I can’t seem to figure out how to get the music case that allows you to transport them.. I figured it had to be a request from Info-chan, like request weapon, but the game won’t allow me more than 6 panty shots atm, and that request needs 10. Am I missing some step to getting more panty shots? Did I get the whole process wrong entirely? Or is this just not implemented yet?

    • Question, are you able to use the stuff that requires only 5 shots? Because when i have 5 shots i select it (example ruining rivals reputations costs 5 shots) I press e and nothing happens…

      • Did you read the flashing red text at the beginning of the game? Did you read the text at the top of the Downloads page?

        The game is not done yet and not all features are in yet.

    • The case is permanently in the room right now so you don’t need the panty shots. Kidnapping is completely do able in the current build.

  14. About lessions.You must make they like in bully,Where you was need to do something to have points. Like in biology you would need to mix something,And things like that.So that you can fail,Or its will be to easy to have points.

  15. Can you add taser gun and janitor room to hide body.Taser gun will be hidden in tight space at janitor room and guarded by janitor.
    And can you add trademark weapon for yandere-chan you know weapon that yandere have like in a game “Not A Harem Heaven, It’s A Yandere Hell”.
    btw im haven’t try your game but good work so far man ;D

  16. Suggetion regarding Weapons:
    I know you said that would probably wouldn’t include a projectile based weapon, but, since archery clubs aren’t that uncommon in japan, you could add an archery club, through which you can gain access to bow and arrows. This would widen the range of possibilities in which you can kill someone, or, which is possible as well, how to threaten someone. Just imagine what would went through your head if suddenly, an arrow came flying out of nowhere and barely missed you. That would be some terror right there. Maybe even add a feature to tie messages to arrows so you can threaten someone without interacting with them directly (in a pretty hardcore way, to be honest). Of course, killing someone with an arrow would potentialy lead suspicion to a member of the archery club, unless you get rid of the arrow before somebody notices it. Killing people from a distance could give you a way to kill someone without “making your hands dirty” + you can take out targets even while they are being watch.
    Of course, this sounds pretty over powered, but since you first need to gain access to the bows and everything, this could prove to be a nice way to play the game.
    Also reagrding clubs: I think it’d be cool if you could learn some secondary skills with clubs. Much like you do with school subjects. Maybe something like you need to spend some of your learning points to do that, so you need to keep some points from your class room session and spend them during club activity instead. For example, if you joined the Photography club, you gain the basic ability to arouse less suspicion when taking photos of someone and after leveling the skill, you can do stuff like convince people to do photoshots, maybe even lewd once for some extra pantyshot-points… or increases the worth of a pantyshot or something. And to stick with the bow and arrow example, you may need to spend some points into archery before gaining the ability to do all those awsome things with your bow…. like, first, you only gained access to the bow, but you can’t really use it. After leveling, you gain the ability to shoot, to tie messages to arrows and stuff like that.
    I think that could be really cool and give the game even more depth

  17. 1. Is there going to be a First Person mode in order to not bother taking out your phone every time you need to look at something?
    2. Please, please, keep the I’M NUCLEAR mode in some shape or form in the final. Like, a hidden joke ending or something.
    3. Can I kidnap Senpai in order to convince him that HE IS MINE AND MINE ONLY?
    4. I have an idea – a harder mode with a “Patience” meter which unlocks after a first playthrough – playing for too long will decrease patience and when it hits zero, Yandere-chan snaps and kills someone without your control (and not even caring about the witnesses). Patience regains by collecting Senpai’s items (like, a handkerchef or his personal pen) and putting ’em to the Senpai shrine in your room.

  18. Hey YanDev,
    I’ve been following your blog for about a month or so now and just want to say that it’s amazing how much progress you’ve made by yourself.
    I can imaging how much pressure it can be to have so many people suddenly interested in your project and most of them suggesting ideas, but don’t get too stressed out with all the requests!

    I can’t wait to see how the final game will turn out 🙂

  19. Hi. In the final version of the game, how does Yandere-chan find her rival? Does Info-chan send her a text and a picture of the rival? Or does Yandere-chan has to talk with other students to find out who it is? I’m thinking that Yandere-chan would have to request favors from Info-chan, or have a high reputation where she can ask the students and the students would tell her who has a crush on Senpai.

  20. First off as Evoxide stated before I’m suprised in a positive way how much progress you’ve made while doing it all by yourself.

    The other thing as for ideas maybe also add something like “requests” from info-chan for example she have trouble with one of her “clients” who could blackmail her into reporting her activity to teachers so in exchange for information or some other kind of help (like the kidnapping) she would request that yandere-chan get rid of that person any method allowed.

    Another thing that too applies to info-chan maybe there could be some special mission like making a certain photo of that one girl (the easiest answer would be pantyshot ofc) to obtain a certain favor for example the male student who is good in biology would be able to teach our protagonist raising her stat or something more direct like he would be able to provide yandere-chan with traquilizer.

    The last thing while not really that important and would probably take a lot of work could be that instead of simply going to class picking stuff from the list maybe there should be a classroom so that you sit in your place (it could even switch to first person view for that purpose) and take the lesson where you pick what to learn by clicking on thing related to particular subjects (the hentai magazine you mentioned in one video could also be there) + the last thing exept for learning maybe there should be an option like chatting with other students in class to raise reputation.

    • I was planning on allowing Yandere-chan to get requests from students directly, in order to befriend that specific student. I wonder if that system, and Info-chan requests, would be mutually exclusive, or if the two could exist together…

  21. i.imgur.com/v3J4X4a.png

    The girl I kidnap has a black shirt, does she supposed to have a black shirt or just a bug?

  22. Haven’t actually played the debug demo, but I’m strongly interested in the game. I’ll probably have to test it out for myself soon. Here’s some ideas/suggestions, hopefully some of them are new:

    Kidnapping Ideas:

    1. Sometimes High Schools have their own students cook for the cafeteria. This is a good chance to slip weak poison or time delayed tranq. Depending on the student’s natural behavior, they might sleep in class, or head to a resting spot, like the nurse’s office, the rooftops, their club room, to name a few. They might even try to make it home on their own and pass out on the street (allowing you to call bad students to do bad things or bring her home if you skipped out of class and stalked her. This will be the best case for this method of elimination). No matter where she rests, she’ll be out cold, and you’ll just have to find a method of transportation, and wait for the right time to act.

    -time delayed tranq will be a higher tier biology perk, as the amount of medication required to achieve the desired effect is very precise.

    -if you used poison instead, the target will be resting in the nurse’s office, but might / might not be asleep, depending on time. Too early and you see your target in pain, and too late will have your target feeling better, or taken home by family. Some targets might not even have a window where they are asleep, as they have overly caring family who comes to take them to the doctor right away, or students skip out to look after them due to their reputation. Poison also have a increased chance of yandere-chan being suspected (-rep), if she was seen anywhere near the food, even if she’s a part of the food club. Multiple occurrences will cause teachers to supervise the kitchen more carefully or even a lock down of the kitchen: no students in the kitchen. Only chefs hired by the school will be allowed.

    -If poison was used on the food source, there will be a mass poisoning, and the students will vacate the school. On the next coming days, the kitchen of the cafeteria will be in lock down. Will this be a good thing or a bad thing? Made bentos becomes more popular as we have crappy chefs instead of students who care?

    2. Physical Education will allow you to learn how to knock out an opponent without killing, allowing yandara-chan to use brunt objects to knock out a girl without the use of tranq. Everything else can be the same as any other methods, but since you have that down as a class, you might as well make use of it eh? By the way, if you have no idea how to knock out someone, it is possible to kill someone before you can knock them out. So this should be a higher tier perk. Down side is your target might get injured too hard and be an inch from death after kidnap, and will just die in your basement if you don’t have any skills in first aid.

    3. Chem perk should allow yandere-chan to make stuff, right? So… sleeping gas bombs aren’t out of the question, right? You can make some air exchange spots for some rooms that yandere-chan can rig. Target extraction will depend on the location of course, but kidnapping isn’t the only thing you can do to a sleeping girl…
    -side note: With high chem, befriend a target who’s clumsy, low chem, and tell her to mix cleaning agents to get a better clean when it’s her turn to clean the school. PERFECT CRIME IS PERFECT.

  23. This happens when I took a panty shot from the front side.

    What happened is:

    -All the students disapear.

    -The framerate decreased, massively.

    -And if yandere will run she will clip through anything.

    I know that clipping is a common bug.

    • That happened to me too while taking a photo of a student. However, I also entered the gym before through doors that couldn’t open but are still passable, before that happen.
      Could it just be the game glitching cause of it?

      • Nevermind, I tried avoiding the gym and used the cellphone to take a photo and every girl I take a pic of just disappears. And like above, Yandere-chan clips through everything and not just while running.

    • Happens to me too but more randomly :/ It happens sometimes after I have taken a photo. No matter if I saved, sent or deleted it. And it also doesn’t matter what photo I have taken. In earlier builds this never happend to me.

  24. Hello Yanderedev, I’ve been loving the game so far and I can’t wait for the next build. though I was wondering, will it be possible to kill a girl/rival with fire in a future update?

    for example, being able to tie a girl up with rope, douse them in gasoline and then set them ablaze with a match.

    or alternatively, using the sedative to sedate them and drag them to the incinerator to burn them while they are sedated for a more efficient kill.

    or for a more grousome method that sends a message perhaps being able to lure a girl into a home ec. classroom and shoving the victem into an oven and turning it on while locking the victem in it to roast to death.

    I dunno, just an idea I thought I’d throw your way for more killing variety outside of the bladed weapons and tools.

  25. I just wanted to show up and say I’m curious as to where this game is going. Usually I’m not much of a Yandere fan, but I thoroughly enjoy the mind games.

    Setting up girls against eachother in various ways would be nice.

    Also, making a rival girl worry about her grades or her family, or something else of that nature, would distract her from her relationship with Senpai. She would be less observative and more easily led astray.

    The ability to poison the food may just influence the girls as well. Making them paranoid of the food could make them stop eating lunches at school, making them weaker… Unless they just bring lunch from home.

    After a significant amount of instances of girls disappearing, there should be a message going on that there may be a criminal on the loose that is targeting schoolgirls. This should further make the remaining girls fearful and paranoid, and there could be a way to turn this into an advantage. For example by maximising your reputation, your psychology and maybe a few other qualifiers, you may convince the remaining girls that it’s safer to move in groups of two – Yourself being one of the two.

    You may want to consider the ability to place incriminating evidence on another girl to get her out of your way quickly, but temporarily as the police will find out that she is not a criminal… Unless you continue planting evidence on her and her relatives. Of course, this could get police on track of the idea that the criminal may be a schoolgirl herself.

    And so it should be possible to forge evidence that the real criminal is actually a perverted man who targets schoolgirls. That should distract officials for a while.

    The suggestion about the cute animal lure got me thinking too. Your character may decide to get herself a cute pet that follows her around, or comes when called. That pet will have a collar with an inconspicuous closed off container hanging from it, which contains tranquilising agent, cyanide, formaldehyde or other substances.

    And what I would personally like to see… The aspect of stalking the Sempai character. Finding out his routine so you can use that to your advantage.

    Sorry for the long post, it may very well be completely useless.

  26. Just DLd the Apr5 build and found a bug.

    Ok, so I made some testing, and found that I still clip through the floor when I keep the cellphone cam active for a while. Dropping it doesn’t seem to reser the “drop timer”.

    But beyond that, I found that sometimes any girl I try to pantyshot simply disappears.
    First time, it was in the ground level of the school, with all girls in circle. Pantishotted one, and the pic showed nobody present (no pantyshot registered). Drop cam and everyone’s gone, Yandere-chan clips through stairs and can’t go to classes.
    Second try, I managed to perform a frontal pantychot of a girl I led to the gym. After pantyshot I clipped through the floor, ran out, and then girl left the gym and fell through the floor.
    Third try, after classes talked to nearest girl to follow me, tried frontal pantyshot and got it. Then fell through floor, then girl fell through floor too. I could cross walls, but girl couldn’t.
    Fourth try, after resetting a day, waited until first girl arrived to lockers, back pantyshot made her dissappear: Turned around to phtograph contiguous girl, back pantyshot made all but one dissappear. Followed last remaining girl to “circle”, and made her dissappear with frontal pantyshot.

    Thanks for the new build! Complimenting seems to work well, and studying is going nicely.

      • Thanks for releasing yet another bugfix build.

        Anyhow, by “drop timer” I meant the ammount of time it takes for Yan-chan and the other girls to drom through the floor. Putting down the cellphone doesn’t five you another ~3 secs before Yan-chan drops.

      • I still don’t understand…I’m sorry…

        I can’t think of any situations when Yan-chan “drops”. Do you mean going from idle to crawling?

  27. After I take a pantie shot, all the NPC disappear (expect the nurse, Senpai and Info-chan) and I can walk across stairs and walls. That’s not a big deal, but just a kind of weird ^^

  28. I have a suggestion on how to kidnap somebody. You could “befriend” your target whilst silently destroying their reputation so that everyone but you begins to shun them. Then when you’re the only one that they feel that they can trust, you can easily take advantage of their emotional state and lure them back to your home where you promptly knock them on the back of the head and drag them to the basement. Hell, this betrayal from their only “friend” could even break them sufficiently that you can simply send them off to commit murder for you at a later date before they kill themselves too. That’ll teach that harlot.

  29. Hello.
    First off, I am in love with this game and I can’t wait for the new updates.
    I have a suggestion about the kidnapping:
    1) The kidnapping process should be different depending on the student’s personality or in the club that she is in. [E.G If the student you want to kidnap is in the basketball/sports club, It would be necessary to put her to sleep in the sports club room. Following her into the gardening club room might make her suspicious.]
    2) Since you did said it would be difficult in the final version to obtain the syringe, perhaps creating a friendship with the nurse could unlock the syringe being easier to obtain from the nurse room. In order to obtain a friendship with the nurse, perhaps you could volunteer after school or during lunch break to help her out. [Help her clean the room, help to treat the student’s wounds. This could maybe give you a chance to maybe steal something from the room without notice?]
    3) If Yandere-Chan and the student that you want to kidnap are both in the same school club, this would make it easier to kidnap.
    4) When you have kidnapped a student, you can brainwash her or “break” her into the following things:
    1) Take panty shots and give the “panty shot” points to you.
    2) Kill/murder
    3) Can get information from the other girls.
    The kidnap girl might not be able to succeed to do the task. This will depend on Yandere-Chan’s subject points/score.

    • 1) The final game will most likely work this way.

      2) I don’t know if Yandere-chan should be able to befriend adults.

      4) I don’t want the player to have brainwashed slaves who can fulfill any purpose. I think that brainwashed girls should serve one purpose, not many.

  30. I have some ideas for other ways of kidnapping girls

    the first way would be for the type of girl that will not break any rules, if you try to lead them to a spot students are not aloud to go to, they will refuse, and this may even hurt your reputation. for this one, you may need to ask for help for something like cleaning the storage room after gym. at this point, wile she is distracted, you will kidnap her.

    next is the girl that is suspicious of anybody she dose not know. in this case you will either have to become friends, or wait till she goes to a secluded spot by herself. if you try to lead her there, she will remain a large distance away, and will not enter any small rooms, if you try to force her to enter, she will become scared and run away.

    next is that one girl that rely likes you. this would be the easiest one to kidnap as she would not threaten to take senpie away. in this case she would just fallow you, regardless of your reputation. if you approach her, depending if she is shy or not, she may run, or stand strong. you may also be able to just ask her to be your friend and come home with you.

    for preppy girls that are always with somebody at all times, and never give favors, you will first have to get a very good reputation. you then need to become part of her group, wile she and nobody else is watching you tranquilize her, and hide her as fast as possible. or you could make a big deal and say she just collapsed, at witch point she would be taken top the nurses office, where you would wait till everybody was gone, and kidnap her. if someone where to see you tranquilize her, they would immediately react similarly to it like it was murder, also calling annotation to what just happened, causing everybody to react.

  31. Hello again! I have been having a bug where I have been able to run into the nurse’s office from the outside wall. (^-^)/

  32. How do you find the girl who is doing intolerable things with senpai? I use yandere vision but it doesn’t tell me anything…

  33. Thanks for including my new movement code so quickly. Just one thing I thought I’d point out, I think you forgot to include the part of the code which prevents her from playing her movement animation when she runs into walls.

    Muh immersion…

  34. I seem to have found a major bug. not sure if this has been reported yet. on the april 5th build. if i take a picture with the phone i do not like and try to delete it, my FPS drops to around 5, everyone but yandere-chan, senpai, and rival-chan disappear. i guess the game is taking delete a bit to seriously? ;P

  35. Small bug, but when in the Hateful Mode(J) and you use > to make Yandere-Chan’s boobs bigger they become weird boxshaped things sticking out of her chest. Like, Minecraft boobies or something.

  36. Ok so I found a few bugs. I Am not sure if I am the only one, but I want to let the Dev know of these.
    1. When I run up or down the stairs the school stairs, walls etc glitch and disappear for a few seconds, and it appears I run and float down the stairs.
    2.When I decided to skip class so I could kidnap a girl on Friday (DEADLINE DAY) I used passtime, it usually helped skip over class or the mornings before school. Yet when I went to 3:04 pm for the time, the girls were frozen, until I went to class for a few seconds…
    3. The Corkboard is a bit strange, I love the idea of putting pictures, but it decides to reset EVERY time I start a new day, same goes for when I change her bust size and hair style. It resets.
    4. In one of the old builds (not sure if this one does the same) Everytime I decided to kill EVERY girl, or any girl for that matter, they would appear the next day. Like, if I killed 3 girls in one day, cleaned up every bit of evidence, and then start the new day, BOOM they all come to school the next day.
    5. The glitch is still there for where you can change the inform color to black and red, by going behind the confession tree. (I saw a youtuber do this)
    Also I have a suggestion, or a questin I guess. When will you be able to do a save and load feature? I would also love to see voice acting, the intros as well (I saw your amazing videos, I like them, please use it soon!) And the customizing as well! I got so bored one day I was actually reading the voices for the intos lol. Keep up the good work! I hope you bring the game to your full potiental!

    • 1. Can you make a video of that?

      2. I don’t understand what you’re saying.

      3. Corkboard will save your photos in final version of the game.

      4. The game isn’t finished yet. Wait until the game is done.

      5. That is not a bug. That is an easter egg.

      It’s too early to predict when certain features will get in.

      • I would like to thank you for taking time to reply YandereDev! Let me explain number 2 then. I decided to try and kidnap a girl, and it was during lunchtime and I wanted to skip until after school, but honestly didn’t want to go to class, so I used ‘pass time’ it worked, but it showed the time as “3:04: Lunchtime” And the girls were all in front of there classes frozen, no bell rang and so I just went to class and it ssent me there for a few secs, so after I went to class the bell rang, it said it was after school, and then the girls moved. So I think there is a glitch with the passtime option. So I just wanted to bring that to your attention 🙂
        For the glitches I am experiencing, I will try and take a video so you can oberve it. Thanks for listening!

  37. how about a strangling kidnap route which would bypass the nurse altogether but require skills in both biology and P.E. generally she would just strangle the rival until she falls unconscious and if the player has insufficient biology skill it would kill the rival instead

  38. I just need to know, what is the name of the band and the song when i press “k” in me keyboard, the lyrics it is something like “standing on the edge” Please!

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