April 6th, 7th, and 8th Bug-Fixing Update, and How a Bug Became a Feature


The latest build can be download here, but I hope you read the blog post below, too.

You guys have been keeping me really busy with bug fixes! I’ve been updating the game daily over the past 6 days. Usually, I only post two updates a month…but this month, I’m already up to 6! I wasn’t aware that there were so many different ways to exploit the game…

Here’s a list of what’s different this time around:

April 6th

  • Fixed a bug that would cause permanent Yandere Vision if the player ctrl+alt+deletes out of the game and then goes back into the game.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s feet to create splashes of blood, even when she wasn’t stepping in a puddle of blood.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere-chan to snap into incorrect animations when pausing the game while crouching or crawling.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Yandere-chan to clip into the furniture in her room, or clip outside of the boundaries of her room.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an item to be launched into the air by trying to set it down near the incinerator.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause schoolgirls to fall through the ground on the way to school.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Yandere-chan from interacting with students.
  • Fixed a bug that would activate easter egg music from the pause screen.
  • Added “Cinematic Camera” mode.

April 7th

  • Student NPCs now stare at their phones while walking into school, and can’t react to murder or be murdered until after they have entered the boundaries of the school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to become responsive if pressing the escape key while ending a conversation with an NPC.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from picking up items that were dropped in the “go to class” portal.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to clip through her furniture or climb over furniture in her room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to wig out when pressing the escape key while talking to an NPC.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to climb on top of her kidnapped victim.

April 8th

  • If you kill a girl, leave her corpse lying around, and then attend class, her corpse is no longer teleported into class. (In the final version of the game, though, Yandere-chan wouldn’t allow herself to go to class if there was a corpse lying around.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause some of Yandere Vision’s post-processing effects to remain onscreen after Yandere Vision has become de-activated.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing outlines from appearing around students after their deaths, or after they witnessed murder.
  • Removed button that would transform schoolgirls into nightmare-inducing Lovecraftian eldritch monstrosities.
  • Fixed bug that prevented NPCs from running at their normal speed when following Yandere-chan.
  • Added a smartphone into the hands of schoolgirls who are still walking to school.

How a bug became a feature

I always prefer to “show” rather than “tell”, so here’s a video about the game’s newest feature! Enjoy!

By the way – if you only see a pink screen when you try to run the game, try pressing ctrl+alt+del and then returning to the game. Let me know if that fixes the problem.

250 thoughts on “April 6th, 7th, and 8th Bug-Fixing Update, and How a Bug Became a Feature

      • I hope the tourture scenes when you kidnap have many options are sadistic, cruel, horrible.. Agm.. i’m sorry my inner yandere side comes out โค but plsss..

      • I was thinking that when you kidnap somebody an alternate way to do it could be to get a massive number of points with info chan and then he/she could arrange a kidnapping or arrange for a van to be waiting outside the school or something along those lines

  1. This game is great so far, and I’m really looking forward to all the planned features to be implemented.

    That said, do you plan on re-introducing some of the ideas from the very early builds of the game, like the guitar case/dismemberment? I get that the game’s focus is now more towards social sabotage and such, but it would be fun to have alternate ways to get the job done.

  2. I’ve been thinking, how about a sort of “Invasion” style game play element similar to that of Dark Souls?

    Example; I could enter another players world and become a random student, the world host would be notified but it will not tell who the player is. The “invader” would attempt to damage the World hosts reputation or even kill them to keep senpai to themselves, while the host will try to figure out who the invader is and dispose of them quickly.

    Obviously this would require a lot of work, and even more budget for such a feature, but it might be a good way to implement a multiplayer element to YandereSim.

  3. Something I’m curious about, you say the game will take place over 50 days; does this mean it’s only week days/Monday to Friday? If so, would that give us a total of 10 rivals? Or will weekends be involved as well?

    Also, an idea I had, what if kidnapping had an extra risk to it? Like, after we knock out a student and hide them within the school, what if we had to return at night and actually control Yandere-chan as she sneaks around to school to get to where the students hidden? It might be a bit too complicated though I guess, as you’d have to make a nighttime version of the school and implement guards on a patrol or something. Maybe there could be a small mini-game instead? I have no idea how much work it’d be so if it’s too unreasonable then nevermind ^^

    • Correct. 50 playable days, 10 weeks, 10 rivals.

      Controlling Yandere-chan at night would be kind of pointless, since the school is empty at night. If I added guards, that would require extra development time and budget.

  4. ohh, congrats!
    was looking through facebook and noticed bigger pages are starting to saying stuff about it and from all over!

  5. Have you ever considered becoming a Youtuber? I know you don’t have much spare time, but I, and apparently many others, find your videos entertaining and funny. You could like, read creepypasta or something with that amazing voice

      • YandereDev, you would make an amazing YouTuber. I agree with this guy 100% He is definitely right, it has gotten to the point where I can’t wait to see your next video, the way that you think, it always leads up with something totally epic.

      • Yeah You’d be a amazing youtuber, I enjoyed watching that kidnap video, it was halarious and awesome, “Buuuut since im the programmer lets speed things up” that made me laugh abit, I Think after this game comes out and stuff, as teasers you should definitely go on youtube and just publish funny stuff that you can do, Such as that Phantom Pain, and Attack on titan Reference, that in game made my day, btw love what your doing in game! Keep it up.

  6. I was just wondering, the sound it makes in yandere when she goes crazy, if I can recall that sound, reminds me of a part in “my sunset – feint” music, pretty neat, but did it came from there or is it a coincindence?

    will be downloading the new dev soon, interesting game ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I see, it reminded me of this part: https://youtu.be/GpkHJlyV7TQ?t=2m48s

        It has been a little while since I last played the game, I came across this kind of music by accident, after listening to it a few times, it made me remember Yandere โค

        Can be just me though, it's not like I compared the two, but it's just damn awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m new to Yandere Simulator, and I’m enjoying your videos! But I’m having a little problem with the school, I don’t know why but it’s just bothering me. The school feels kind of empty like something I can’t explain. It just feels empty. I didn’t play the game yet, I’m waiting for the finale results of the game. So for now I’m watching videos of the game. I think you should expand the school more. Make some decoration like stuff for the school. Because I think a game like this doesn’t need to feel so empty. Just add some stuff to it. You don’t have I don’t really think your going to read this anyway, it’s just a suggestion. But if you do read this just don’t make the building feel so empty please.

  8. So…….who is holding the camera? XDDDDD
    Anyway great game I m so looking forward to play the final version(*^o^*)

    • The way I understand those ‘pantyshots’, info-chan wants blackmail on every student. It wouldn’t make sense to give someone blackmail of yourself. What if info-chan put the picture online? Senpai would never notice you, senpai would hate you.

  9. Using Yandere Vision, I found that my rival is the girl who stands outside by the tree the whole day. I can’t take panty shots, attack, compliment, or do anything to her, and info-chan doesn’t recognize her. She hasn’t moved an inch everytime I go to school. I know every other girl doesn’t like Senpai because info-chan says they don’t have a crush when I give her a photo of the 6 girls that gather in the hallway to gossip. I’m not sure if there are more students I haven’t noticed, but I’m really curious about her because one time I lost to her on the first week.

      • So if you can’t kill her but she’s the rival, there’s no way you can make it past the first week yet, right? Also, how many more students will there be, so that we can make sure we can get 50 panty shots for some of info-chan’s bigger and more cruel favors. And if you take 5 shots, can you always use a 5 shot favor, or will you have to take more shots to get info-chan to do more favors?

        Also, I want to say thanks a ton for this game, it may still be in an early stage but it’s already awakened the inner yandere in me, and that’s perfect. Keep up the great work!

      • Game isn’t finished yet, no way to kill the rival yet.

        The game demo will only be one week long. I can’t give the whole game away for free.

        The number of students will depend on game performance.

        The numbers of panty shots that Info-chan demands will be dependent on the number of students in the final game.

  10. What about “accidental death”? Someone may fall of the ladder, or get hit by a car (truck), if we help them. We can also kill someone “accidentially” in judo or archer club by breaking her neck in training or shot her when she stay near target. What do you think?

  11. Suggestions:

    Please make the character break down in tears when you laugh crazily for too long a period

    Please add in body weight. if you get too fat or too skinny senpai might not notice you the way YOU want him to!
    Only the best genes and vessel will do for senpais bodily fluids/future child

    Please make a kill senpai ending, because no one else must love him ever again, and you can still love senpais corpse as well… This way he will always stay the same senpai in the holy moment that is my life forever.
    Especially when the rigor mortis sets in ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please make a jet pack option if your science/math gets high enough, senpai would absolutely notice a jetpack.

    Please make a “Senpai is actually gay, and will never love me.” optional ending where Yander-chan becomes a washed out feminist so that she can mask the hatred that she could never be as good as the other girls at school. *eye ball twitch*

    Please make a “sock’em boppers” minigame for gym class where all the girls dress in their school swim suits, and hit each other with the sock’em boppers, please make it so said sock’em boppers can be upgraded with rocks in them from info-chan, make it so you can really hurt the other girls without getting into trouble for it.
    You could also make this a battle royal online multiplayer mode, just make it 15 dollar DLC or something.

    Please make it so that Yander-chan has a little sister (even if she has to kidnap, and brainwash one, senpai is more likely to notice a loving big sister type, also make feeding her dog food an option.)

    Please make a godzilla event of some kind, it doesn’t matter what, it just needs to be there.

    Please make Sundays special days / days you can plot, or do bidding of a different kind it’ll be a nice break from school life, even if it was just fully text based.
    It would add variety.

    Please add a makeup option to be a Ganguro girl.
    This will appease your male fans that are jaded, and pushing 30, they’ll remember the game that held many a wank for them in their tender years from newgrounds.

    Please give senpai his own distinguished / off in another universe / weight of the world is on his shoulders image.
    Pretty much make him like Sasuke from the smash hit Naruto, but more of a bitch.

    Please make voo doo dolls a thing, make it have interactions that.

    Please make at least 1 bible black reference, make it as dumb as you possibly can.

    Please make it so you can set traps like wet floors / or loose screws on step ladders, make it so you can make the girl who is after senpai show up in a cast.
    She can’t touch senpai if her arms are broken.

    Please don’t take any of this seriously.

    Please feel free to use any of these however

    credit me as “Captain Misogyny ;)” in the credits. (Yes, That does mean include the winky face.)

    • Break down in tears – Interesting concept. I could think about it.

      Body weight – Probably not. Would interfere with animations, cause clipping.

      Kill Senpai Ending – I’d comment on this, but I don’t want to say any spoilers.

      Jetpack – No.

      Gay Senpai – Not likely.

      Sock’em Boppers Minigame- Not my style.

      Online Multiplayer – Not something I know how to program.

      Little Sister – Doesn’t fit with the story.

      Godzilla – Highly unlikely, would require extra budget.

      Activity on Weekends – Maybe, depends on budget.

      Ganguro girl option – Most likely.

      Sasuke-like Senpai – Not what I had in mind for him, really…

      Voo Doo Dolls – Maybe the occult club president might do this.

      Bible Black – I’ve never seen it.

      Wet floor traps – Might make things too easy.

      Loose screws – This seems more sensible.

      • You’re awesome man, I was fully kidding / trying to be as unrealistic as I could.
        Looking forward to this game.
        Hope it sells a million copies.

  12. Little suggestion
    When someone notices Yandere-chan asking a girl to follow her and the girl disappear the next day, they will spread rumours about Yandere-chan and damage Yandere-chan’s reputation.
    I mean don’t kidnap a girl who is hanging out with her friends, it’s not wise.

    By the way, I just pressed the space bar and…

  13. When I murdered someone and there was a witness (during lunch break), she started running. When she had almost left the schoolgrounds through the emergency exit, I blocked her path. She then tried to exit through the main gate, which was impossible because it was closed. So… I then went to class. After that, the girl just walked to the shoelockers as usual, but I couldn’t interact with her. In Yandere-vision, she still had the red outline, and she had that terrified look.
    Did I just find a bug? I thought I’d just report it, in case it hasn’t been reported yet. And… To clarify, I blocked her path by just standing in the way. She was about to leave through the emergency exit, but I caught up to her and blocked her path, and that was when she suddenly ran to the main gate.
    (I won’t report how there was no blood on the second floor x3 I know that’s a known bug)

      • I successfully recreated the bug. I don’t know a lot about programming, but I think it has to do with their path being obstructed, so their pathfinding script sort of ‘reboots’, but the original path to escape is through the main gate, so they go there instead of the emergency exit. Which explains why I’m only able to recreate the bug during lunch break.

  14. I decided to play this game in a few ways to see what’s available for me to do and what isn’t, and few of those times I got confused so I will share them here:

    In one of my plays I passed time for the first 4 days, and on the 5th day I went on a killing spree in the morning. Killed all the girls I can kill, cleaned up all the blood, burned all the evidence w/e, and waited until 6pm. I still got the end text of a girl confessing to senpai-kun and yandere-chan being heartbroken. Is this because the girl standing under the tree (senpai’s childhood friend) is the rival? It really confused me because she does nothing whatsoever.

    When I got 6 panty shots and tried to exchange info with info-chan, it didn’t work. I kept pressing E and nothing happened~
    Also, how are you meant to get more panty shots than the maximum amount of girls? If I try sending info-chan the same person’s different panty shot she says she already has that girl’s one. Is it such that it’s only 1 panty shot per day or per week? I haven’t seen this being explained anywhere.

    Four more things:
    1. When you speed up the time and make Yandere-chan walk, she can run inside the school’s outer walls (as in the walls on either side of the gate).
    2. You cannot walk up the gymnasium’s stage’s stairs, but I’m guessing this is because you haven’t gotten round to making those places available for the player to explore.
    3. Yandere-chan can walk through the two white doors of the classroom that is inside the gymnasium.
    4. One time I killed the purple haired girl and hid all the evidence, but the next day she still showed up to school.

    Few suggestions:
    – I think once you get round to making a rooftop, Yandere-chan should be able to push people off it, or force them to jump off. Or even better: ask them to eat lunch together, then poison their food/put laxatives.
    – I don’t think every student that is walking to the school should be on their phones. Or atleast maybe some of them could STAY on their phones as they’re walking inside the building. Because it just looks strange everyone being on their phone until they go through the gate.
    – The tiny sliding windows(?) at the gym: Yandere-chan should be able to crawl in/through them.
    – Players should be able to collect things that belong to senpai throughout the game and add them to the senpai shrine.

    Does the game yet have ANY way you can prevent the first rival confessing to senpai? Or at the moment is this build just to see what you can do throughout the gameplay?

    • okay after looking through the comments most of my questions are answered anyway, but I’d love to hear a reply on those that you haven’t answered~
      thank you so much for this game

    • At the moment, this is just to debug. He’s still working on it. Everything you’ve said so far has already been said or explained. No offence, I was confused at first as well. I recommend reading the FAQ and, if you still don’t have the answers you want, reading everything on this website. Also, take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEj15OWPrXI
      It’s not even a demo yet. You can’t win the game, it’s just for debugging. That’s all I can say, as just some random fan of this game.

    • Game isn’t finished yet, so you can’t stop the rival or use the Favors menu yet.

      The final game will obviously have many more girls than the demo.

      1. I don’t care about bugs that involve debug commands that the user won’t be able to use in the final version of the game.

      2, 3, 4. Game isn’t finished yet.

      Rooftop-pushing is planned. Poisoning students’ food is planned.

      Students being on their phones is necessary from a game design perspective. I can explain it if you need me to.

      Crawling into crawl-spaces? I’ll consider it.

      Adding to Senpai Shrine – this is super obvious, but yes, this is planned.

  15. Which is the lowest quality graphics option? I want the game to play as fast as possible, so I’m confused on whether I should choose “Simple” or “Fastest.”

  16. Fastest is the lowest quality. That’s why it’s the fastest. If your computer can handle the game though you really should play on Yandere.

  17. So…About a way to kidnap, what about a favor from Info-Chan where she like calls some gang members or something to kidnap the girl on her way home from school.

    Or convincing a boy to overcome the girl and kidnap her for you. Of course through ‘seduction’ or blackmail… Or promises.

    Just a few ideas.

  18. Here an idea: one of the students is allergic a peanuts or something like that.

    Convince your target cook something to the allergic student and Yandere-chan poison the food with the ingridient.

    After the allergic student dies shot a photo and accuses your target using an announcement board without revealing Yandere-chan.

    The target drops the school then.

  19. Invite your target and another student to shot a horror movie. As a director shot a sceene where your target kill the other student by dismemberment.

    Later on, kill the student by dismemberment and give the shot to the police.

  20. is the orange haired girl that stays behind the tree ever come up and talk to senpai? because no one else talks to him.

  21. Edit a photo where your target is kissing someone (a dog for exemple), and put on it another student os even her brother.

    Steal a positive pregnant test (from the nurse, for exemple) and hide in the student desk.

    Create some ruckus in class to the teacher check her desk and find the test.

    Later on use the photo to accuse your target (using the announcement bord) of incest.

  22. I am digging this game, my suggestion would be an extra animation during the laughing. If you could have Yanadere-chan lick the blood off her fingers or knife as she laughs that would be awesome. Imagine standing in a pile of bodies and laughing like a psychotic person and then licking the blood

  23. it would be awesome to strangle someone with a rope or something… then maybe abduct them maybe? or interrogate them about senpai… and ohhh! maybe have a friend betrayal system, like they’ll help you to do youre killings then when you got what you want, kill them…mwwhahahahahah!!!

  24. It’s actually looking like a really cool game. It’s also interesting to look into the code, and am looking forward to some of the things that I found being implemented. I won’t say what the things are, since I know developers want to announce things like features on their own time as they’re completed. Nonetheless, it’s looking pretty cool.

    • Also, nice touch with the “sanity level” in the police script. If her sanity is above 66.66666f then โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ. (Saying this since sanity and police are already in the game). (Also meant “and I am” instead of “and am” last comment.)

    • I’ve also thought of a possible idea. A “cleaner” perk from Info-Chan which will dispose of a maximum of say, 1-2 bodies for you in-between one class of a given day, but it would cost a fair bit and you have to have not been spotted first. Sort of like a panic button for a “suspicion” or “alibi” type thing. (Where if you’re missing from class when the dead student was, you’d be a suspect. It’d encourage time-management and cleaning up after yourself quicker.)

      On a coding related note, you’ve used a TON for the police scenarios. It looks like you’ve coded a ton of permutations of what could happen such as blood or sanity in any given police arrival. Couldn’t you have done it so that it takes a line from methods like sanity to set it so that if it’s above X, then string Y; get string Y for (line about police sanity) if it’s above X else it talks about something different? I’m not sure how hard it would actually be, as I only mod unity games rather than make them, so take my thoughts about the code with a few shakers of salt and a salt-lick.

      • I don’t like the idea of just paying Info-chan to basically play the game for you. That’s like if Mario could pay Toad coins to just defeat Bowser. It defeats the purpose of the game.

        I don’t like the way that I set up the “end of day report” code, and it’s not feasible, but I’ve been having a difficult time trying to code a better system. I’ll eventually improve it, but it’s a low priority for now.

      • Yep. There’s a program that let’s you do it. Some of the code is obfuscated to the program, but a lot of it is visible and moddable for anyone with skills in Unity and coding. It’s quite difficult though, and you can’t directly decompile through it then just throw it into unity and compile it again. You usually have to fix at least 50% of the code before you can compile it. I can send you the link to it if you want.

  25. This game has a very interesting and unique concept. I really love it.
    Btw you noticed that this game was played by the most subscribed youtuber “Pewdiepie” right? Congratulations! I even got here because of him

  26. Hi, don’t know if anyone else got the same problem as me, so..
    While i’m in menu or home (Only happens at Monday), V-Sync doesn’t work and it’s using 100% of my GPU.. So i’m getting 1100-1200 FPS in menu. Usually i’m playing at 1920×1080 or 3840×2160 with Yandere graphics, but this occurs even at 1280×720 with Fastest graphics and does not affect the FPS at all.

    • This would require 3D environment artists to make outside-of-school environments, 3D animators to make non-school NPC animations, 2D artists to make all of the artwork that would populate those environments, sound designers/composers to make non-school sound effects and music, voice actors to record non-school lines, and lots of extra programming work.

      In short: Depends on number of volunteers and/or budget so I can afford to pay people for all the necessary assets.

  27. *Stares at email for next build* O_O I have had no sleep, because I have been waiting for the update. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted.

  28. It’s… Err… it’s me again.

    I did some thinking, and, considering a certain rival, and the Yandere Gene storyline… Is it possible that Senpai/all Yandere targets have a “Yandere imprint trigger” gene?

    By which I mean they have a gene that causes all carriers of the Yandere gene that come into range of them, and aren’t already previously imprinted on someone, to become attracted to the person. It would explain why Yandere-chan imprinted on specifically this Senpai, rather than, say, a Senpai from her previous school.
    Given Senpai can be male or female, I guess that would make the “target” gene located on the X chromosome, and mostly dominant… The Yandere-gene would obviously be X chromosome located, and dominant over any other genes that could take that spot. (Meaning, “Target” gene would be dominant over “non target” gene, and”Yandere” gene would be dominant over “Target” gene.) it would explain the circumstances of that certain part of the game.

    It could also open up the chance for a mini-scenario where, since there is a chance for both a Yandere and Target to be siblings, a younger sister is very obsessed with her “Onii-San” and has to drive off his girlfriend’s when they come over, without him noticing.

    Also, if you are still looking for ways to let the player raise Yandere-chance reputation, here are some ideas:
    – Favor Variations:
    1: (All Personalities) The student asks Yandere-chan to find an item they lost, with the item randomly spawning somewhere in the school. Yandere-chan can then locate the item using Yandere vision, and return it for a reputation boost. (Small, 1-5 points.)
    2: (Fragile and Coward Personalities) The student asks Yandere chan to scare or otherwise get a student that is bullying them to back down. The target is illuminated in YV. (5-10)
    3: (Social Butterfly and Evil Personalities) The student asks Yan-chan to spread a rumor about a rival student until their reputation hits x threshold and in exchange they’ll spread positive rumors about her. Alternatively, the player can choose to warn the targeted student for a reputation boost based off that student’ rep. (10-15. Varies.)
    4: (Teacher’s Pet and Social Butterfly) the student want info on a teacher so they can get in their good graces, but obviously can’t get it themselves or the teacher would know and that would defeat the point. Yandere chan gets some sort of data on the teacher via conversation, snooping at their desk, asking Info-chan, etc, and informs the student in exchange for a rep boost. (5-10)
    5: (Evil and Teacher’s Pet) Another student has a book that this student NEEDS. Steal it and hand it to them, and they’ll spread word about how helpful Yandere-chan is. (5-10)
    6: (Fragile, Coward personalities) The student has a crush on another student. But they’re too afraid to confess because of fear of rejection. Find out if the student likes them back, and convince them to if they don’t. (5-10)

    -Advice Conversation Option
    Makes Yandere-chan give a a random line of dialogue that is “helpful” to that personality type.

    -Exceeding social expectations
    Yandere-chan does something that puts her above the curve ing he eyes of the students and teachers. Could be getting to level 3 or above in a class. Or during cleaning time they clean up more (non-murder related) mess than necessary. (Of course, this would require clean up time period having a mandatory thing where the player mops dirt patches/picks up wads of paper.)

    -Reputation Based bonus at the end of the week.
    Exactly what it sounds like- at the end of the week, if Yandere chan has a positive rep, she gets a bonus equating to some percentage, of her current reputation, rounding down.

    • …all of that information about the yandere gene…

      …this guy knows too much! Send in the assassins!

      Joking aside, I really like most of your reputation gain / favor ideas. Most of your suggestions are going in the direction I was planning on going in!

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  30. So many comments… tl;dr.

    Just played and streamed the game to some friends to share the progress and we love it!

    1. I was able to have at least 3-4 people follow me at a time so I could kill them.
    2. I know early stages, but the syringe and the tranquilizer replenish everyday, as do the uniform.
    3. The gym has a door you can walk through to the stage.
    4. stairs in stage no accessible (beta I know.)
    5. Special requests did not work even though we got panty shots. ( I think we only got credited 5 though…weird.) **I will try this again.
    6. Once school began I waited until everyone was in between all the trees and senpai was in front. I killed everyone, and cleaned it up during class. ( Maybe create mandatory to attend class? )
    7. Tried to take panty shots of nurse, meh, didn’t work. ( Sidequests for teacher photos?)
    8. I was able to kidnap a girl every day, except for the first since I didn’t have the experience for the tranquilizer. Do you plan to allow us to capture more than 1 girl? What about Yandere’s parents? No parents?

    1. School monitor. It’s likely to have them in Japan, why not have one patrol the area. Then randomize their patrol patterns randomly by time periods.
    2. Stagger the students walking in. Try clusters of groups, as opposed to walking one by one at sides of the road. ( too easy to kill )
    3. Do you plan to increase the locations? ex: school, gymnasium, mall, cafe, etc?
    4. How about a popularity ranking? Senpai will most likely be interested in the most popular girl, so why not have a rank structure he can work with?
    5. I voted in regards to age range, gender, etc. I didn’t see an option for “hentai” in the “what do you want from this game” ( Let’s be honest, with the age groups listed in the votes it’s obvious. The panty shots do add a nice touch though. )
    6. Food? Night time events? Maybe date sabotage if senpai goes on a date?

    Came across the senpai shrine. Nifty.

    Hope this helps, if it hasn’t been repeated. Love it so far. I will return. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1. Will be disabled in a future build.
      2. Yes. Items replenish. This is intentional. May be changed later.
      3. Clipping issues are listed as a “Known Bug”.
      4. If you know this is a “beta” issue, why bother mentioning it?
      5. Favors are not implemented yet. Game isn’t finished yet.
      6. There will be consequences for this in the final game.
      7. Nurse is a placeholder, not a true character.
      8. Not possible in final build.
      9. Yandere-chan’s parents are out of the country.


      1. I don’t think that Japanese schools have hall monitors.
      2. Final build will have staggered students.
      3. Of course.
      4. No.
      5. This won’t be a porn game.
      6. “Food” is very vague, so I can’t address that. But outside-of-school events depend on volunteer support / budget size.

  31. “In the final version of the game, though, Yandere-chan wouldnโ€™t allow herself to go to class if there was a corpse lying around.”

    Why not, though? It would make things more interesting if Yandere-chan (or more accurately the person playing as her) forgets to dispose of a body – whether by accident or deliberately – before attending class.

    Perhaps instead of making the disposal 100% mandatory even if it means cutting class, the game could have a notification pop up saying something like “Are you sure you want to go to class? There are *insert number of corpses* lying around/You are covered in blood/You are Visibly Insane. Yes/No”. Clicking “Yes” has Yandere-chan go to class and either face the repercussions of things left undealt with or deal with them at a later point in the day, and “No” gives her an opportunity to go deal with whatever needs to be dealt with.

  32. whenever i open the game the screen is still black.I tried what you said but it still didnt work and I REALLY wanna play!!
    PLZZ HELPPP!! sorry about my grammar and typing errors im rushing.

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