Murder Reaction and Cleanup

Over the past two weeks, I added lots of new features to the game! Most importantly, NPCs will now to react to witnessing murder! Currently, they will run away and call the cops, which can result in a Game Over if you don’t dispose of the evidence before the cops arrive.

Murder Reaction Progress

  • After an NPC observes you committing murder or standing next to a corpse while bloody / armed / insane, they will attempt to flee the school and call the police. (This is the “Coward” reaction, and will not be the only type of reaction to murder.)
  • If the police are called, a timer and a checklist will appear at the bottom-left corner of the HUD. The timer displays how long until the police arrive, and the checklist informs the player of what they need to do to avoid arrest.
  • After the school incinerator has been activated, a little clock appears that displays how much more time is remaining before it can be used again.
  • It is now possible to clean up spilled blood and bloody footprints using a mop. The mop gets more bloody with each use.
  • The mop can be cleaned in a tub of water. The tub of water can be picked up, carried around, and placed anywhere.
  • When changing from a bloody uniform into a clean uniform, a bloody uniform is dropped onto the ground.
  • Bloody weapons and bloody uniforms can now be disposed of by tossing them into the school incinerator.
  • After the police arrive at the school, the results of the police investigation are displayed as text.
  • It is possible for Yandere-chan to be arrested by police and get a Game Over.

Other Progress

  • Added a katana to the game to test non-concealable weaponry. (The katana attack animation is a placeholder.)
  • It is now possible to customize Yandere-chan’s hair texture, face texture, and arm texture.
  • A drumbeat track now plays whenever the player is chasing down a fleeing student.
  • It is now possible to put an eyepatch over either eye, not just a single eye.
  • After the school day ends, the game advances to the next weekday.
  • Dead NPCs now eventually run out of blood and stop bleeding.
  • Yandere-chan can now have 7 different hairstyles.
  • NPCs can also have 7 different hairstyles.
  • NPCs can now have different bust sizes.
  • New easter egg!

Bug-Fixing Progress

  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate weapons in Yandere-chan’s inventory when she was near Senpai.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur when attempting to drag a corpse while already dragging a corpse.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur when carrying a weapon and a corpse at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause ragdolled NPCs to slide backwards when offscreen.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere Vision to become permanently activated.
  • Attempted to improve the quality of the “maniacal laughter” animation.
  • Due to the discovery of a graphical bug that occurs when the game is played at aspect ratios other than 16:9, I had to remove the ability to play the game at any resolution that does not have a 16:9 aspect ratio. I’m very sorry! I’ll try to fix the bug and restore support for all aspect ratios in a future update.

March 1st Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to chat with a student if you are carrying an item (causes too many bugs, doesn’t serve a gameplay purpose yet).
  • It is no longer possible to chat with a student if that student just watched you murder somebody.
  • It is no longer possible to chat with a student if you are currently standing on top of a corpse.
  • You can now use the B key to lower the music volume and the N key to increase the music volume.
  • The “chase” drums now only play if you are chasing someone who has seen you committing murder.
  • If you quit the game and load it up again, you will return to the beginning of the week.
  • Fixed the bug that would prevent Yandere-chan’s CustomFace.png texture from appearing.
  • It is no longer possible to knock over a bucket of water by swinging a corpse into it.
  • You can now kill an NPC by tapping the attack button rather than holding it down.
  • The “Police Investigation Results” screen now goes by twice as fast.
  • Previously, when an NPC died, their breasts would return to the “default” size. Now, an NPC’s breasts are the same size in both life and death.

March 2nd Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the “police investigation results” screen to not display any results.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the incinerator from acknowledging corpses inside of it.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the player from attacking NPCs while standing near a corpse.
  • Added crouching / crawling and began to implement a camera (these features are currently incomplete).

March 3rd Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to accidentally trigger the incinerator while performing the mopping animation.
  • It is no longer possible for blood to spawn outside of the school, where it can’t be mopped up.


The video at the top of this blog post tells you almost everything you need to know about NPCs reacting to murder and how to get away with your crimes, so I highly recommend watching it.

An NPC’s reaction to murder depends on their personality. The currently-planned personality types are:

  1. Coward (Flees the school, calls the cops.)
  2. Teacher’s Pet (Runs to nearest teacher, tells teacher about the murder.)
  3. Social Butterfly (Runs to nearest group of students, calls the cops.)
  4. Fragile (Becomes terrified of you, begs you to spare their life in exchange for their silence.)
  5. Evil (Congratulates you on your kill, promises not to say a word about it to anyone.)

If an NPC calls the cops, a timer and a checklist will appear at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The timer shows you how much time you have until the cops arrive, and the checklist tells you what to do in order to avoid getting arrested; dispose of the corpse, dispose of the murder weapon, dispose of your own blood-stained clothing, and mop up all the pools of blood you’ve left behind.

After the police arrive at school, the player can no longer control the game’s protagonist. Yandere-chan could not defeat the police in a fight, and could not hide from the police forever. The police would also instruct all students to remain in their classrooms while the investigation was taking place. So, controlling the character would be meaningless at this point. Once the police arrive, the screen goes dark, and the player is shown the results of the police investigation.

When there is evidence that a murder took place and evidence that you did it, the police will arrest you. The police will also arrest you if there is evidence of a murder and Yandere-chan’s Sanity is below 66% (which causes her to alarm and frighten the people around her, and causes the police to take the murder accusation more seriously perform and a more thorough investigation).

In the current build of the game, there are unique results for all of the following circumstances:

There will be exponentially more results added with each new feature added to the game (for example, framing a student by planting the murder weapon on them would produce different results than the ones above).


Last week, I added a new feature – the ability to change the color of Yandere-chan’s clothing and legs. Now I’m adding the ability for you to customize her hair, face, and arms, in addition to her clothing.

Like before, you can modify her textures by placing files in the “StreamingAssets” folder. There is a file in that folder named “How To Add Custom Textures.txt” that should explain what to do, in order to see your custom textures show up in-game.

I also added several new hairstyles to the game that can be accessed by hitting the “H” key on your keyboard. There are also some other new accessories that have been added to the game, but they are easter eggs, and you’ll have to figure out how to unlock them on your own…


When the clock strikes 6:00 PM, the school closes, and all students still lilngering at school must leave and go home. When the schoolday ends, the player will see a “Calendar” of sorts, and watch the weekday roll over to the next day of the week.

The protagonist is supposed to eliminate her rival by 6:00 PM on Friday. If she doesn’t, then the rival will confess her love to Senpai, and Yandere-chan will lose Senpai forever.

In the current “sandbox test build” of the game, the rival does not officially exist, so it is currently impossible to avoid a game over.

192 thoughts on “Murder Reaction and Cleanup

  1. Thoughts on Police questioning.
    Even if there’s no evidence it’d be likely that they’d question Yandere-chan and the person who fingered her extensively. If it’s possible, could you set up an interrogation system instead of the text screen with “the police arrived”. Maybe you could be asked what you were doing, where you were etc and could give alibis like “I was at kendo at the time”. Obviously you’d need someone to corroborate your evidence, so you would have actually have gone to kendo at that time, at least for a little while.

    • I could change the wording of the text to “The police brought Yandere-chan to the police station and questioned her extensively about the murder” so that it sounds like the police did a proper job. It would help to have an accompanying image of Yandere-chan being grilled by cops.

      Adding an interrogation minigame also sounds like it would be appropriate for the situation, but I worry that it might be annoying / frustrating, or feel like a tedious chore. It would break up the pacing of the game. I’d like the pacing to be:

      Play – Results – Play – Results – Play – Results

      And not break up the cycle with a “quiz game” where the player has to answer a bunch of questions correctly in order to proceed.

      Once the game’s official demo is out, I’ll be interested in asking people for feedback on whether or not the police investigations need to present more difficulties for the player.

  2. WOW. I’m shocked at how much got done! I’m really looking forward to downloading this and playing around more. Absolutely awesome!

    • I might just have to say “Yandere-chan’s incinerator does!” regardless of whether or not an actual school incinerator would really do that. Sometimes, a game has to be a little bit unrealistic in order to make a gameplay mechanic more fair or balanced.

  3. Found something. If you press Enter when on the results screen at the end of the day, it pauses that screen and probably brings up the phone under the black screen. Pressing enter again resumes the text.

    Also, my friend had an idea for the phone menu. Instead of bringing up a graphic of a phone in hand, maybe pan the camera over Yandere-chan’s shoulder and zoom in on her phone screen as she holds it in-game? Might be hard to implement, but it’d be a cool transition.

    • Oops…that’s a pretty bad bug. Thanks for pointing that out!

      The phone menu suggestion is something I had considered myself, but it would be very tricky to implement, so I’m not fond of the idea…

  4. I was very excited to test out this new build. I have some good news – I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it’s the same for other Intel users, but the problem with the no-show graphics seems to be gone. The game starts up on the calender screen and then proceeds to the sandbox level, which loads fine without me having to press alt+enter. This makes me suspect that starting the 3D graphics right away is what is causing the problem, though I have no idea why that would be.

    In my quick run through this build, I noticed that there’s no visible prompt for dropping the bucket after you pick it up – you have to “switch weapons” to your empty hand in order to drop it. This works fine, but perhaps it would be more intuitive to have a dedicated drop button? I also noticed that you will drop the katana if you drag a corpse while holding it, but I wasn’t sure if this was intentional or not. (It kind of makes sense because you can’t easily drag a body while carrying a sword.)

    If you wait for the other students to go to the lockers, they won’t notice if you kill someone right next to them. If you talk to them, the shock indicator (the speed lines and the window in the bottom-left) show up at the same time as the regular dialogue screen, and you can talk to them normally. After the dialogue screen is over, the character finally has their reaction (“stay away from me!”) but they won’t actually run and try to call the cops. They just kinda stay there.

    Also, as a suggestion for the final game… You’ve probably already thought of this, but I think you should make cleaning up the blood something that the other students can spot and react to as well, that way the player will be encouraged to plan out their attacks and go for enclosed spaces instead of just killing out in the open.

    • The “1” key (or down on the d-pad) is meant to be the dedicated button for hiding a concealable weapon or dropping a non-concealable object such as a sword, a mop, or a bucket.

      When you’re holding something non-concealable (like a sword) you have to drop it in order to do anything else with your hands.

      In the final version of the game, killing someone should make noise, and cause nearby NPCs to turn and take a look.

      Thanks for letting me know that students will behave strangely if they notice that you’re a murderer *after* you initiate a conversation with them! I’ll try to fix that.

      The only reason that other students don’t currently react to the sight of Yandere-chan cleaning up blood is because I haven’t gotten around to implementing it yet. Don’t worry.

  5. Oh, sweet, sweet, Dev-senpai comentary video! I stopped playing test builds and try not to overhype myself, so I won’t be disappointed when the game comes out, but still amount of new content you add is amazing. Can wait for demo.
    Hell, now I’m hyped again. Damn you Dev-senpai.

    • Derpies22 to change bloody clothes there is a girl’s lockeroom press e(laptop) or a(controler) to open the first locker the only option then should be “nude” and after you wash up you should have the option between to wear the school swimsuit or gym uniform. hopefuly that was helpful

  6. Can you continue the game after being sent to jail in the final game? Can you use that tempting SNAP button after that specific game over?
    Seriously though, what exactly would happen after you chase after Senpai? Will you get a quirky cutscene of him trying to apologise like a generic harem charater he is? Because, in my opinion, finishing the game like that should provide the player with the experience that they may or may not want to repeat any time soon.
    I really love the way this game is shaping out. It’s honestly a shame I couldn’t help you out with the monies because of my lost credit card info, ‘cuz I really want you to continue living freely while making our dream game come true. Just dont stress yourself out, okay?

    • I don’t think the player should be able to continue the game after being found guilty in a court of law. At that point, the player would only be able to pace around in a padded cell in an insane asylum, and that probably wouldn’t be very fun.

      I’m not sure what circumstances will allow or disallow the use of the “Snap” button. Using “Snap” while Yandere-chan is surrounded by police with pistols drawn on her would be difficult to implement. It may only be accessible during situations where Yandere-chan has a clear-line-of-sight on Senpai-kun.

      Instead of telling you what Snap mode is like, I’d rather make a video and show you, so please look forward to the next update!

      • Can’t say Im not satisfied with your answer, but that cliff-hanger you just spawned will be hard to bear with for 2 whole weeks. But we’ll manage, because this feature sure is going to be awesome. Thanks for the answer, YanDev

      • Maybe if you get caught. Instead of snap you get a fluffy padding button and you get to walk around your cell and talk to a guard. He’ll tell you everything you did then you can go to sleep for game over.

  7. Awesome! Only issue I’ve got so far is that I can’t change Yandere-chan’s face texture. I’ve done her hair and outfit just fine, though I haven’t tried her arms nor drills. I’m pretty certain I did it right, the file is in the streamingassets folder and named “customface”, it’s a png… everything is as the text doc says it should be. Re-downloaded the game just to double-check I didn’t accidentally screw something up, but nope. How odd.

  8. You’re doing such a good job! Every time you update, you have so many new things added and a lot of bugs fixed! I love how it is coming together so far, and I’m excited for the next update!

    That said, I’d like to point something out, it’s not something bad or a bug, I’m just pointing it out because I love when games have a lot of seemingly unnecessary details to add onto the realism (like when the big watch on the school actually shows the time, I freaking love that).

    I was thinking that the player should have to dip the mop in the bucket before it would actually function as a mop, because mopping with a dry mop? Kinda hard man. And also, wouldn’t it be just a little bit suspicious that the cleaning utensils are standing somewhere they aren’t supposed to be? For example, if now there was a shed or a closet somewhere in the school where the mop and bucket would be, and Yandere-chan took them to clean up some evidence, but doesn’t put them back in the place where they are supposed to be or didn’t clean either of the utensils properly, somebody would surely notice, wouldn’t they? Of course, this is just a smaller detail and I thought it would be fun to add to turn up the pressure for the player.

    Also, someone mentioned in a comment that it could be very useful if Yandere-chan walked a little faster than other students, which I also think is a good idea. Not like a lot faster but just a slightly faster pace. I don’t know if you have already considered that.

    While on the topic of Yandere-chan’s walking pace, I was thinking that when chasing an NPC, you could tackle them. However, since that might be a little weird for Yandere-chan to be able to do without really having any experience in combat (other than stabbing people in the throat), this could be added after she joins a sports club, like rugby or American football, or basically any club that craves for someone to be physically fit. It’s not that you have to actually add this, I just thought it would be hilarious… somehow… to tackle… a fleeing target… ahem.

    Anyway, just suggestions from me in the corner. I don’t have any experience whatsoever in programming, so whether you’ll add all this to the game or not is of course your own choice. Thank you for making this game and putting so much effort into it. 11 months are a long time and I am very impressed by the results you have gained so far. Do your best, no one could ask for more than that!

    • Thank you for your kind words!

      The cleaning utensils won’t be next to the incinerator in the final version of the game. This is a sandbox for testing and debugging, which is why all of the most useful things in the game are sitting in a row.

      I’m worried about how tackling could affect the game (I’d have to test how it works if the tackle animation carries them into a wall, or into another student, or what happens if it’s done at the top of a staircase or on the edge of the roof, etc) and also, I don’t have any tackling animations. I’m always willing to add anything into the game that doesn’t involve brand-new animations, but if someone wants a new feature added into the game that requires me to have specialized animations, I can’t promise that it will get in.

      • Well, that’s understandable. I’d rather not put you through more work than necessary, and it was mostly wishful thinking anyway. Good luck with the game!

  9. Thanks for you dedication! Downloading now.

    Just one thing I’ve noticed, though. About that calendar – you’re using an american layout in which the week starts on sunday. In japanese (and european) calendars weeks start with mondays.

    • Huh. That’s a good point.

      The reason it starts on Sunday is so that I can have the little white box animate from “Sunday” to “Monday” to visually demonstrate that time is passing. If the little white box started out on Monday, the player wouldn’t “get” that time has just passed. It would also be tricky to get the box to roll over from the far-right end of the screen back to the far-left side while still transmitting the idea “A day passed!”

  10. I notice that pressing E to dip the mop or to sweep can also accidentally activate the incinerator if you’re too close to it. Then of course Yandere-Chan is doomed, If there was a witness. Like the improvements overall, Though.

    • Discovered that the best way to avoid the above is to dispose of the weapon, uniform, and body, BEFORE cleaning up the blood. What happened was I had only disposed of the body, But was planning on disposing of both weapon and uniform after mopping up the blood. Putting in the body, But not activating it yet. However while mopping near the incinerator, Pressing the ‘E’ key also activated it leaving both the murder weapon and the blood stained uniform unable to be disposed of, And out for the cops to discover when they arrived..

      • Just thought of something: What if the NSA in their screening of the internet, Saw my above comment but did not know the context? Aside from pressing keys on a computer. Disposing of bodies, Cleaning up blood, Destroying evidence. {Loud knocks at door} “FREEZE,FBI!!!” Dear NSA, I’m talking about a game, BTW LOL 🙂 I really enjoyed this update and look forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing it.

      • Because I’ve been working on Yandere Sim for the past eleven months, my search history is full of incriminating terms like…

        “How to kill someone” “How to clean up blood” “How to dispose of a corpse” “How to avoid arrest” “How to get away with murder”

      • Oh, that sounds bad!

        I’m going to edit the code so that you can’t activate an incinerator while mopping, and upload a new build with the fix.

      • Thanks so much, And really appreciate all you have done so far. Meanwhile it’s not a problem so long as the player saves the mopping for last. Again, Thanks for all your efforts. All the best!

  11. This is amazing! I have no idea how you got SO MUCH done in just two weeks, but it’s incredible! Custom Yandere-chan, 16 different police reactions, new animations, new hairstyles and NPCs- I can see that this game is going to be amazing simply because it is obvious how much you care about it, and about doing it well.

    When your Kickstarter launches in a month or so, I can guarantee you’ve got a backer in me.

  12. >It is now possible to put an eyepatch over either eye, not just a single eye.


    I’d love to donate to you, but I still can’t get my paypal fixed.
    Fucking fuck

    Also where are the drills

  13. Alright, I found your pathetic excuse for drills, if you want my hard earned dough you better step it up, senpai.
    Also, what’s up with that Punished Yandere-chan thing?
    (Activated by pressing “k” I think)

  14. I love everything about this game. Excellent work, I can’t wait to see a proper demo! I did notice a weird thing though, whenever I restart the game, it advances a day. Is that supposed to happen?

  15. So I killed Mio and disposed of all the evidence but the weapon, and then walked in front of someone else and got a bit surprised because I didn’t think holding a weapon would trigger a reaction to flee the school. Since the incinerator was still in use, I had no choice but to drop the katana somewhere and wait. When the text regarding the police came up, it displayed what I assume is the default first paragraph, and then the numbers 2-5 in the place of each other paragraph. Then, when I came back to school Tuesday Mio is perfectly fine.

    So there’s that.

    Also you can talk to students as they are fleeing. When I did this, she started walking at the running speed and when she left the school the police timer never showed up.

    On a side note, I’m impressed how much you’ve accomplished all this time! It may be a long way to go, but you’re making good progress!

    • The only options implemented are that and “apologize” which you can only do if there is something to apologize for.

    • I found that exact model and tried to implement it into the game, but it was a real hassle to get it working. In the end, I couldn’t manage to make it work.

      Two major problems:

      1. The art style doesn’t match the art style of the game, so it looks super out-of-place on Yan-chan’s head.

      2. The black cartoon outline is part of the model, so it has an unnecessarily high poly count, and weird graphical glitches show up when it’s in the Unity game engine.

      I might send this model to a 3D modeller and ask him to “fix” it for me, or model it from scratch. However, I try to limit my requests to 3D modellers, since I don’t want to be too demanding or bothersome, so I might not put in optional stuff like hairstyles until after other, more important stuff has been modeled.

  16. Cool Update Yandere Dev 😀 But since you can change Yandere-chan’s skin texture is it possible to create tattoos for her?

      • Oh, I just found out what is causing the bug. I will post an update later today with the fix.

        (The problem is that the game doesn’t update her face unless she also has a custom uniform on. Sorry! I will fix this bug later today!)

      • same here. it happened to me when i removed the CustomFace.png. if you put it back in it should work again i think.

    • Her red-and-white face is actually a little image of a red question mark on a white background. The “question mark” image is what appears when the game looks for a texture, but doesn’t find one.

      Did you name the file CustomFace.png ? With those letters capitalized exactly like that?

  17. 1. After committing a second murder in the school day I realised I couldn’t take care of my bloody clothes since there wasn’t a second clean pair… Not really a bug, but I’m mentioning it.

    2. When I committed the second murder, it was on the third floor. No blood as I dragged the girl’s body downstairs, only to find it had appeared on the first floor instead.

    3. Went to mop up the blood and found that a girl was standing in it. She didn’t seem very concerned about the mess. Suppose reactions to blood puddles just haven’t been implemented yet, no biggie.

    4. As I got near her while mopping up blood, a conversation was triggered, I imagine since I was holding down ‘E’. Clicked ‘bye’ to continue my job, and the dialogue wheel went away, but the camera didn’t budge. Was unable to move, though I could continue sweeping.

    Despite all this I’ve been having a lot of fun, can’t wait for the next update.

  18. Really good update dude! I really enjoyed playing around with it. I found a bug you might be interested in knowing though. If you run at the door on the top floor, you phase through it and go flying out into the courtyard. I dont think that happened in any previous patches but good work overall!

  19. I finally was able to get to play this! Also, i can confirm the bug i had before where characters wouldn’t appear and everything was blue did not happen this time, i can play with every graphic quality without this happening to me. Thanks for fixing it. Also, very good job with this man. KEEP IT UP!!

  20. Great work as always. Though after getting to the heartbroken screen the letters all appeared at once so it sounded like one large bang.

  21. Will there be some sort of reaction to missing students? It might be kind of weird if students suddenly disappeared each day.

  22. Killed a student, wasn’t spotted. Burned her body in the incinerator and mopped up the blood, but didn’t change my clothes and kept my weapon. Went to kill another student in the hallway, and she reacted as though she had witnessed a murder and ran. I chased after her, only to find that I couldn’t stab her. The button prompt didn’t appear no matter how close I got, even when I was practically on top of her, and pressing it anyway did nothing.

    • Oh! I know why this happened.

      When you are near a ragdoll, the ragdoll reports that Yandere-chan is standing near a corpse. When you leave a corpse, the ragdoll reports that Yandere-chan is no longer standing near a corpse.

      When you dump a ragdoll into the incinerator, the ragdoll disappears from the game before it can report that Yandere-chan is no longer standing near a corpse, so Yandere-chan is tagged as “near a corpse” even though the corpse is gone.

      That’s a pretty bad problem, so I’ll fix this bug and upload a new build.

  23. Killed a student in front of another and began cleaning up the scene. Dropped the katana I used in the incinerator, then the body. Activated it. Didn’t change my clothes since I was wanted to see what the result of that would be. Cleaned up all the blood. The problem? The corpse wasn’t checked off my checklist and was mentioned in the police report, despite my burning it.

    • Just happened again, the only thing these two tests have in common is that I used the katakana, and put it in the incinerator before the bodies. Haven’t tried it with any other weapon though, I’ll update with how that goes.

      • Yup, the game doesn’t like me putting the weapon in the incinerator before the body. Don’t know why, but hopefully you can figure it out.

    • Ohhhhh…I just learned that it’s possible to dump a body into the incinerator, then activate the incinerator before the it realizes that it contains a body.

      I’ll fix this bug right away – thanks for the report!

  24. Sorry to comment so much so quickly! But I just encountered something else. Once again I killed a student in front of another, with the katakana. Took care of all the evidence without a hitch, but left the weapon on the floor. When the police arrived, the report said:

    “The police arrived at school, and informed the faculty that a crime may have taken place on school grounds. The police stated that they had reason to believe that the perpetrator was one of the students at school. The faculty instructed all students to remain in the classrooms until the police investigation was complete.





  25. Just wanted to pop in (again) to say I’m loving the update! Only problem left that I can think of is how blood spilled upstairs appears on the ground floor, but people have already commented about that, and it doesn’t look like you’ve found the solution yet. Hope you get it figured out! Looking forward to what we get on the 15th!

  26. When you try to kill 1 of the student when the other one is next to it, the other one is stuck on yandere-chan and if I remember right, the f button shows for both students then after the the kill this bug happens

  27. If you leave behind a bloody weapon at the end of the day, it says a teacher discovered a “mysterious bloody weapon”.
    But if you leave behind puddles of blood is still says “mysterious bloody weapon”.
    And if you leave behind a bloody uniform it says “mysterious blood stains”.

    • If there are puddles of blood PLUS a bloody weapon, does it say “mysterious bloody weapon”? Because then the statement is still technically true (although it should also mention the puddles)

      If there are puddles of blood, but NO bloody weapon, does it still say “mysterious bloody weapon”? Because that’s definitely a bug.

  28. Greetings from Tijuana, Mexico, first of all i love the idea of your game and im looking forward to see more.
    but i found a bug where the characters walk one over another one, this only happens to me once but i wanted to report it.

  29. Great job on the project so far! I’ve been lurking around here for awhile, so it’s great to see this much progress made. Also, not sure if you know this, but I found a bug with throwing corpses into the incinerator. Still haven’t figured out what triggers it, but it occasionally happens. Note that the corpse was dropped in the middle of the animation. Here’s a gif of what happens after the bug occurs, as I haven’t been able to record it in the act. Also, this was done with the March 1st, second version, as I haven’t downloaded the third one yet.

    • Oh my gosh! That bug looks really bad. I would really like to fix that. I tried to reproduce the bug on my end, but I couldn’t get it to happen after many tries.

      If you can find out what steps I have to follow in order to recreate that bug, please let me know!

      • I’ve figured it out! As soon as Yandere-chan attempts to throw the corpse into the incinerator, running will make you drop the corpse, but doesn’t cancel the animation.

  30. Hey, loving the idea and great work on what you have so far. Do I remember correctly that you fixed a bug with NPCs spinning on the stairs? I just had it happen to me on the latest (March 3rd Ver. 2) build. When the NPCs line up and start going up the stairs to their classes I had two girls, one on each set of stairs, start spinning in place. Talking to them fixed the problem but I thought I’d let you know. When I started the game I told it to restart the week instead of playing right from Tuesday, if that makes any difference.

    Keep up the good work man, it’s impressive.

  31. While I will play the sandbox alpha soon, I’m glad that you took some of our ideas and incorporated them into your game.

    Good luck with the rest!

  32. Hey I just downloaded this latest update! and I no longer have the intel/blue screen glitch!!!
    thank you! I look forward to playing the sandbox!

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