Weapon Select, Dynamic Lighting, Custom School Uniforms, and Other Improvements

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday! If you’re looking for a link to the latest downloadable build, it’s near the bottom of this blog post.

Here’s what I managed to get done over the past two weeks:

  • NPCs now have a wider variety of reactions (weapon, blood, insanity, weapon+blood, weapon+insanity, blood+insanity, weapon+blood+insanity, etc.)
  • There are now five different weapons in the game, and interfaces for switching between weapons on both Gamepad and PC.
  • Added multiple graphics quality settings and the ability to disable some of the game’s post-processing effects.
  • NPCs now react differently if they witness you performing the same reputation-damaging action repeatedly.
  • It is now possible for blood splatters to appear on any uniform, not just the default uniform.
  • When speaking to an NPC, the player can now use the mouse to select dialogue options.
  • Re-worked the way that the game selects the nearest person or object for interaction.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the player to farm infinite positive reputation points.
  • It is now possible to navigate Yandere-chan’s smartphone menu using a gamepad.
  • As time passes, the color of the sky and the scene lighting gradually change.
  • All conversation options that are not yet implemented have been darkened.
  • It is now possible to put your own school uniform texture into the game.
  • Some weapons raise suspicion, others do not.
  • The NPCs now have different hair colors.

I wanted to make more progress that this, but personal obligations have been keeping me away from Yandere Sim. I should have a lot of free time over the next 2 weeks, so hopefully the update on March 1st introduces some cool new features!

Weapon Select

I added 4 new weapons into the game. They are all “stabbing” weapons, so for now, they all use the same animation. The syringe should probably operate differently from the rest of the weapons; it can’t piece the brain or severe the spinal cord like the other weapons that Yandere-chan stabs with, so it should probably be used to inject oxygen into one of the victim’s arteries. Either that, or the syringe will inject a tranquilizer and knock someone out.

The reason that new weapons were introduced was so that I could test out a method for swapping weapons. Currently, Yandere-chan can only carry two concealable weapons around with her, and the weapon-swapping menu is as simple and minimalistic as possible to facilitate easily swapping between Weapon 1, Weapon 2, and empty hands.

None of this artwork is final, but here’s how it currently looks in-game:

Gamepad Version:

Keyboard Version:

The space at the top of the gamepad version (or the far right of the keyboard version) is for a container. Yandere-chan can wear something on her back (like a cello case) where a much larger weapon (or a corpse) can be concealed. This feature isn’t available in the current build, though.

When Yandere-chan is carrying a large, non-concealable weapon, it won’t appear in the weapon menu. It will remain in her hands until she drops it.

Where exactly does Yandere-chan conceal her weapons? Well…

Ah, just look at the color of the sky in that image. That “golden hour” lighting is familiar to anyone who has watched an anime set in a high school. It’s that comfy lighting that you see when the day is winding down and students are walking home. Which brings us to the next new feature…

Dynamic Lighting

I managed to make the game’s lighting change as the day progresses. I don’t think this is a huge selling point of the game or anything, I just think it looks pretty, so I’d like to share it.

Custom Uniforms

A lot of people have been asking how “moddable” the final game will be. I can’t guarantee that anything will be moddable outside of art assets such as textures and music files, but I would like to make it easy to drop those sorts of things into the game. For now, I will give players the ability put a custom school uniform on Yandere-chan:

When you download the game (link below) you will be able to find a folder named “StreamingAssets”. If you put a texture named “CustomUniform.png” into this folder, the game will load that .png as Yandere-chan’s uniform. There is also a .png named “UniformTemplate” in the StreamingAssets folder that will show you how Yandere-chan’s uniform texture is set up.

78 thoughts on “Weapon Select, Dynamic Lighting, Custom School Uniforms, and Other Improvements

  1. Downloading the new build atm, but is there any way to spawn more than 6 girls?
    I tried messing around with the xml but no luck.

      • Hey I’ve went through the depths of the Internet and back just to get this game but whenever I play it a lot of the textures for the menus don’t show up.
        Could someone tell me what this is?

  2. I know it’s just a silly easter egg and almost certainly won’t make it to the final game, but.. It would be amazing if you made a way for us to kill the giant girls. Even if it was literally just Yan-san zipping 60 feet into the air to stab them, I just.. I want it so bad XD

    I’m enjoying playing with the uniforms, btw! Thanks for that!

    • Buy looking up through the school and getting close, I managed to stab a giant girl, since the icon still showed up. However, she turned back to normal instantly. soz

  3. It’s the first time I post something here, You know I like your game and I want to say you good luck !
    In the final game could we customize yandere-chan or just senpai ?

  4. Have you considered making a FAQ page to answer the common questions asked every time you update your blog? It could be useful, especially for the new arrivals checking out your blog for the first time.

  5. I’m liking it so far so I made a list of things

    It’ll probably be useful to know I’m running this on linux through wine.

    First time I tried to run the game I got forcably logged off and couldn’t log on again without restarting my computer.This has only happened once so i think it’s just something on my end

    In my opinion the blood is way too wet
    I think blood should dry over time when its in puddles and faster than it already does when its on yandere’s shoes. Similarly there should be a limit to how much blood a body can produce so it gets a little bit less as time passes until eventually you only get smears by dragging the body around.

    Stabbed a girl near the lockers and she got stuck in the locker so when i picked her up her limbs stretched until i pulled her out

    You can run straight through some walls as if they aren’t there at all. Examples: Both ends of the halls on the lowest floor and near the middle of the wall at the back of the building after going up 1 flight of stairs.

    Boobs can get so small you get a concave chest

    Activating yandere vision whilst wearing the red school uniform will revert it to being the white one

    I would consider making yandere-chan’s walking speed slightly faster than the other students

    This one’s probably just me but I’m not seeing any text at all (not on the alerts, not the time, not in the menu) so I like the sound of the icon system of alerts

    Hope this helps

    • “Activating yandere vision whilst wearing the red school uniform will revert it to being the white one ”

      I can’t replicate this bug. Is there some really specific set of steps you have to follow to get this bug?

      • I tried a few things and it seems you must already have on the uniform prior to switching to red. You don’t need to be holding a weapon in your hand. I think you must have a weapon in slot 2 (not sure about this one).
        Going straight to the tree and trying: nope
        Picked up 1 weapon, stabbed 1 person: nope
        Picked up 2 weapons, stabbed 1 person with weapon 2: nope
        Picked up 1 weapon, stabbed 3 people: nope
        Picked up 2 weapons stabbed 3 people: nope
        Same with 4 people: nope
        I got it to happen at least twice before making that list….
        Once I picked up the knife then syringe. Used the knife on 1 or more people. Dropped it by senpei. Then it happened.
        Tried that again and it didn’t happen….

        I’m nearly certain you need to already have blood on the clothes for it to happen, 80% sure it needs to be more than 1 persons worth.

    • >This one’s probably just me but I’m not seeing any text at all (not on the alerts, not the time, not in the menu) so I like the sound of the icon system of alerts

      It’s because of Wine probably, I’m running it also via Wine on Linux.

  6. I can’t seem to find the application file to run it, do you need to drag and drop it into the previous download or something?

  7. I’m just gonna point this out now in case nobody else does.

    If the needle can’t pierce the skull, how are you going to use it to inject oxygen into the cerebral arteries? I suppose you could stab it through the eye, but the needle would have to be pretty long, and you would have to have an unrealistically high degree of accuracy to pierce right through the hole into the skull, otherwise it would just hit the back of the eye socket and bend.

    • Maybe the needle was forged from GLORIOUS NIPPON STEEL folded a thousand times under Mt. Fuji.

      All jokes aside though, I don’t think the game needs to be completely realistic, that said, it’s up to Yanderedev to address whether we can suspend disbelief on syringes or find an alternative way to kill with the syringe

    • Oops, I was under the impression that there were a few cerebral arteries outside of the skull. It should be a cardioid artery instead.

      Would the method work with any artery, though?

      • a neurotoxin, like many spiders and snakes do, they could be injected almost anywhere but in the neck, chest of back would be most effective

  8. Great work as always!
    Will you let us try the other dialogue options in the next update?
    I’m really excited about dialogues and the NPC’s reactions…

    By the way, I was wondering if you already know the game’s story and script. I mean, maybe you have the main idea and the concept, but did you have planned the full story/script since the beginning of the development of the game or you still writing it?
    Just curious about that…

    Good luck and keep working hard!

    • The dialogue options aren’t as important as other aspects of gameplay, so it will probably be weeks until I get around to implementing the other dialogue options.

      I’m imagining that the story will be very bare-bones. Something like…

      1. Yandere-chan is an apathetic person who never feels strong emotions.

      2. Yandere-chan meets Senpai, and feels strong emotions for the first time in her life. He is the only color in a grey-scale world, the only music in a soundless world. She becomes obsessed with him, addicted to him.

      3. Over the course of 10 weeks, Yandere-chan eliminates (lethally or non-lethally) every girl who stands between herself and Senpai.

      4. After eliminating the last rival girl, Yandere-chan confesses to Senpai. The nature of her confession and Senpai’s reaction will depend on the way that the player eliminated the rival girls, how much evidence was left behind, how low Yandere-chan’s reputation was at the end of the game, the school atmosphere at the end of the game, etc.

      I’ve also thought up a lot of lore / backstory for the school and Yandere-chan’s family. I don’t know how much of this lore will actually make it into the final game, but I can show you what I am current planning on. Spoiler warning!

  9. While I know you plan to do much more, Even the test build looks awesome. I think adding variety to the NPC’s hair and eye color adds a lot of depth to the game, And certainly a lot of individuality to them. Plus it is now easier than ever to see each one’s daily routine. The dynamic lighting itself does quite a bit for the atmosphere. Been following this for quite a while but this is my first comment. So I must add that I have always thought the blooms falling from the Sakura trees was a very beautiful effect. Rare I comment on things, But just thought I would add to those saying “Keep up the good work.”

    • You’re welcome to post about the bugs here, or e-mail me about them.

      However, I will be posting an update later tonight with a list of the bugs I’ve fixed over the past 24 hours, so you might want to wait.

      • I’ll wait to see if any of the bugs I have found were fixed.
        I will most likely email them due to the fact that I took some photos to go with them, hopefully that won’t be a bother.

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  11. I just found this today, and am really wanting to try it out! I downloaded the latest release which was released on feb 17th. My problem is that when I start the game I am having that blue screen (but I can see the school gate and the girls entering the school gate) problem that is shown via screenshot on this post.
    my graphics card is: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000.
    Also I’m not sure if this is relevant… but I noticed that in your latest post (the feb 16/17 one you mentioned something about fixing the game for intel players, should I still be receiving this blue-screen? or was that a different fix?
    Thank you very much,
    And I look forward to playing this =]

    • Darn it…I thought I had fixed the problem that was causing the game to be incompatible with Intel graphics cards, but I guess the problem still exists.

      Presently, the Unity game engine appears to be incompatible with Intel graphics cards. I don’t understand why, and I don’t know why there aren’t more game developers discussing this on the Unity forums. If anyone out there can figure out the reason, I’d love to hear about it. Until then, I guess all I can say is that “Intel graphics cards currently do not support Yandere Simulator”.

  12. Nice work going so far! I’m still dying for the full release~

    By the way, do you also think you could make a maid outfit or something else? I’ve never seen a yandere maid before. :3

  13. Hey ! I’m French and if you want, I can translate your game in French ! I don’t know if this is interessant, but if is it, I can translate !

  14. This game is awesome so far! A few suggestions. 1) higher phys ed = Yandere chan learns martial arts, can snap students necks when they murder someone. 2) customizable shoes and socks as well. Not just colour. Different types like stockings, lower or higher socks or shoes like heels, boots, sandals, etc. Keep up the good work!

  15. Omg I’ve literately only had this for a two days,and its absolutely addicting. I love the direction you are taking this project, it’s deep yet simple back story, the way it works, and the wonderfully executed Easter eggs, not to mention you started it by yourself, then there’s the thing with the custom texture idea; I do hope you keep it in the finishing product it kind of reminds me of sims custom content except easier to make, so i encourage you to continue
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, its the part where i share my opinion though I’m sure you’ve already thought of it ;
    maybe you can make it so you can only get certain weapons in certain periods of time like, you can get the scissors during lunch in one of the classrooms, or the Katana after school in the gym, the box cutter in one of the storage rooms at all times, the screwdriver next to the furnace during class time, and the knife at home, thought this is just an idea
    also i think you could have an exchange student come in and she/he is staying with senpai’s family, and become a new rival (though i know the red around the nurse is foreshadowing of whats to come in the game) until she ‘commits suicide’, falls into the furnace on ‘accident’, or simply ‘slipped and drowned’ in the fountain
    also i think you could add Mario mode were you are big instead of the classmates while having a blue, white and red uniform with a hat to top it off
    oh my freind thinks you could add angel wings and/or halo to oppose the demon accessory, or a star spangled top hat and instead of the calmer laugh (that’s what me and my friend call it) it says stereotypical American things like what you did with the English top hat
    weelp that was my opinion, i do hope you continue

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