Big May Update and Challenge for YouTubers


At this stage of development, I want to remove exploits and correct oversights that allow the player to blaze through the game without any difficulty. I’ve decided that the best way to achieve this goal would be to challenge players to kill the 10 rivals of 1980s Mode as quickly as possible; that will get players to expose the mechanics and strategies that are currently imbalanced and overpowered.

I was already aware of several aspects of the game that made it WAY too easy to eliminate rivals without any challenge. So, in this build, I’ve made several changes that will require the player to put in more work in order to eliminate the rivals:

  1. All 1980s Mode rivals now have unique Tasks.
  2. Rivals will now refuse to give you a Task unless you meet certain criteria.
  3. All 1980s Mode student routines have been updated so that there is never a point in time when a rival is completely vulnerable.
  4. When you start a new save file, you now have the option of putting restrictions called “Challenges” onto your playthrough.
  5. The garbage bag box no longer provides the player with an infinite supply of bodybags. Bodybags must now be crafted at the workbench using garbage bags from the Home Ec room and masking tape from the Art Club.

I made all of the above changes to the game purely so that I would be able to say this:

In the latest build, when you are creating a new save file in Yandere Simulator, you will have the option of opening up this menu, the Challenge Menu:

I want to see you kill the 10 rivals of 1980s Mode while playing the game while these specific challenges are all active simultaneously:

  • Knife Only
  • No Alerts
  • No Friends
  • Rivals Only

You must kill each rival with a short bladed weapon, you are not allowed to alarm anyone with a corpse / a murder / suspicious behavior, you are not allowed to befriend students, and you are not allowed to kill anyone except the rival!

Why do I want to see YouTubers do this? Like I said above, it’s all for the sake of uncovering exploits and oversights before moving further into development. If you want to read a more elaborate explanation, then scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous illustration by hot_pool_AIN and click “Continue Reading.”

Here, I’ll explain why asking players to play the game in a specific way will benefit me as a game developer:

Importance of Knife Only

Most players seem to avoid using any type of weapon except for blunt weapons, since a stealth attack with a blunt weapon does not leave behind any evidence. (No blood pools, no blood on the weapon, no blood on your clothing.) Because most players rely on that one strategy, I rarely get to see footage of people using the other weapon types, and I rarely receive any meaningful feedback on the process of cleaning up after a murder. It seems clear that blunt weapons are imbalanced. It was a mistake to give them such an overpowered benefit. It is very likely that blunt weapons will be re-designed in the near future. That is the reason for adding a “Knives Only” challenge – so I can gather feedback from players on what the game is like when you’re forced to play it as it was originally intended, with weapons leaving behind a mess that has to be cleaned up.

Importance of No Alerts

The “proper” way to play most stealth games is to be a shadow – a ghost – and eliminate your targets without anyone knowing you were even there. Since that’s the “right” way to play the game, I want to nudge players in that direction. I want it to be fun and rewarding to play the game that way. That is the reason for adding a “No Alerts” challenge – so I can gather feedback from players on what the game is like when you’re trying your hardest to avoid being spotted.

Importance of No Friends

Most players seem to rely on one very specific mechanic for quickly getting rid of all the witnesses around a rival: simply befriending the witnesses and telling them all to “Go Away.” This overpowered feature trivializes all of the other gameplay mechanics that exist for the same purpose, which are supposed to make it fun and interesting to manipulate the game’s characters to your will. I want to see players attempt to play the game without relying on this super-imbalanced mechanic. That is the reason for adding a “No Friends” challenge – so I can gather feedback from players on what the game is like when you can’t use the “Go Away” feature as a crutch.

Importance of Rivals Only

Obviously, if you simply kill everyone in the vicinity of a rival, nobody will be alive to witness you killing the rival. But, that’s a kind of lame way to play a stealth game. I want to see players try to play the game “properly”, rather than just indiscriminately slaughtering anyone who stands in their way. That is the reason for adding a “Rivals Only” challenge – so I can gather feedback from players on what the game is like when you can’t rely on killing sprees to make things easy for you.


For additional challenge, try to eliminate the rivals as quickly as possible. If you can manage to eliminate a rival before she has walked through the school gate, before she has changed her shoes, or before she has set her bookbag down at her desk, that’s something I really need to know about. (Also, if you find that type of exploit, please don’t stop there…please keep looking for similar “early rival kill” exploits and expose those, as well.)

(By the way…the first rival, Kaguya, is intended to be super-easy to kill, but the others are meant to be more challenging. So, if you kill Kaguya super-easy, don’t celebrate just yet.)

Even though I spent over a week re-arranging students throughout the school so that there would never be a point in time when a rival was completely vulnerable, it’s entirely possible that there are still “blind spots” where you can easily kill a rival with zero consequence. Perhaps today, on May 2nd, this challenge will actually be quite easy…but, that’s the entire point; to discover if there are currently any strategies that completely trivialize everything that is meant to be challenging about the game, so that future updates can remove exploits and oversights.

Oh, and another thing – because I changed several dozen aspects of the game in this build, it’s possible that I created several new bugs with this update. If you find a game-breaking bug, report it to me and I’ll fix it ASAP so that you can perform a “Knife Only, No Alerts, No Friends, Rivals Only” challenge run without a bunch of dumb bugs screwing you over.

I still have a lot of things to say about this update, but some of them could be considered “spoilers…”

If you want to be completely surprised when you play the new build, then stop reading here, and go play it!!!

…but, if you don’t mind “spoilers,” then read on.

Here is the criteria for befriending each of the rivals of 1980s Mode:

  • Rival 1, Kaguya Wakaizumi: No requirement! This rival – and her entire week – exist so that the player can get comfortable with the game, without facing any real challenge.
  • Rival 2, Moeko Rakuyona: Must befriend at least one rainbow boy.
  • Rival 3, Honami Hodoshima: Must raise your Language stat to level 1.
  • Rival 4, Sumiko Tachibana: Must raise your Physical Education stat to level 1.
  • Rival 5, Ritsuko Chikanari: Must come to school with at least $500.
  • Rival 6, Ai Doruyashi: Must be a member of the Light Music Club.
  • Rival 7, Teiko Nabatasai: Must max out at least one school subject.
  • Rival 8, Komako Funakoshi: Must have at least 10 friends at school.
  • Rival 9, Chigusa Busujima: Must raise your Seduction stat to level 1.
  • Rival 10, Sonoko Sakanoue: Must bring her a faculty ID card.

To be honest, I’m not entirely comfortable with some of these criteria. For example, you can get permanently locked out of befriending Moeko if you kill all of the Rainbow boys, and you can get permanently locked out of befriending Ai if you shut down the Light Music Club. Also, it takes 5 days to read a manga book, so if you haven’t started reading romance manga before Chigusa’s week begins, you won’t be able to befriend her, and thus you won’t be able to perform her canon elimination method.

With that said, some of the criteria actually seems too lenient. For Sumiko, you have to raise PE to 1? Maybe you should have to raise it to 2, instead. But what if the player put all of their study points into something else before Sumiko’s week? Then they wouldn’t be able to raise PE to 2 before the end of the week, and they wouldn’t be able to befriend Sumiko during her week. Should I just say “Tough luck, that’s the way it is!” or should I keep the requirement at 1 to make it more accessible?

I’m willing to accept suggestions on what other criteria the girls could use, instead of the above criteria. However, with that said, each girl’s criteria is directly linked to the Task that they offer you, so that’s a very important factor to consider if you want to suggest new criteria for them.

So, what Tasks DO they offer? I’ll list them below:

  • Kaguya Wakaizumi wants a pair of pink socks so she can fit in with the girls that she wants to be friends with. Go to the Sewing Room, grab some cloth, and use a sewing machine to make a pair of pink socks for her.
  • Moeko Rakuyona wants to know more about any one of the “Rainbow Boys” so that she can make friends with them. Ask one of them to follow you, and then lead him into various clubrooms around school to learn his likes and dislikes.
  • Honami Hodoshima wants to spread flyers around school that advertise the library so that she will get more visitors. Go to the Computer Lab, make copies of her flyer, and pin the flyers to the columns located nearby all of the school’s staircases.
  • Sumiko Tachibana wants to pet a certain cat so that she can feel better about not being fast enough to catch it. Find the cat behind the statue of the headmaster, chase it down, grab it, and bring it back to her.
  • Ritsuko Chikanari is incapable of respecting anyone who lacks an abundance of wealth. In order to earn her respect, you must project the appearance of an extremely wealthy young woman by giving her $1,000.
  • Ai Doruyashi wants someone to compose a melody for her so that she can get started producing her next song. Go to the Computer Lab, grab the tape recorder, bring it to the piano located in one of the school’s storage rooms, play a melody on the piano, then bring the tape recorder back to her.
  • Teiko Nabatasai wants six books from the school library to be delivered to various podiums throughout school. Go to the library, grab some books from a bookshelf, and place one book on each of the podiums of the school’s six classrooms.
  • Komako Funakoshi desires nothing except the happiness of others. In order to gain her respect, you must travel around school and perform favors and tasks for other students until you have befriended 20 students in total.
  • Chigusa Busujima wants to perform a “duo” gravure photo shoot to advance her career faster. Whenever Chigusa is at the school pool being photographed by other students, go to the locker room, change into a swimsuit, join her at the pool, and participate in a gravure photo shoot with her.
  • Sonoko Sakanoue has a challenge for you. She wants you to bring her a katana from the Headmaster’s office before 8:00 AM. Make the Headmaster leave his office, grab the key to the katana case, open the case, grab the katana, and bring it to Sonoko (with the katana inside a container, of course).

Out of all these tasks, I think that the most shallow one is Ritsuko’s Task, but it suits her, because she’s an extremely shallow person.

Oh – and Sonoko’s Task may seem impossible at first, but it’s actually trivially easy if you’ve been paying attention to the new features added to the game over the past year.

During Kaguya’s week, all student routines are “normal” or “default.” This is because Kaguya is meant to be the easiest rival to eliminate. It is only during subsequent weeks that students change up their routines.

The barrel that Moeko lights on fire has been re-positioned. The delinquent girls now stand nearby the barrel so that it won’t be too easy to kill her back there without witnesses. There are now flowerbeds in the area leading up to the barrel, to justify the presence of a watering can near the barrel. There are also students watering the flowers, so that it’s not easy to simply run up to Moeko and stab her while she’s walking to the barrel. The rainbow boys now hang out closer to the barrel, so that Moeko doesn’t have to walk so far to reach the barrel. Also, after cleaning time has ended, Moeko will now talk with the rainbow boys in the indoor cafeteria.

Sumiko now performs “rajio taiso” – a group exercise that has been popular in Japanese culture for the past few decades – with other students after cleaning time has ended. Now she eats outside of the Home Ec room, instead of eating outside of the school gym. Also, the gym stage is “closed” during Sumiko’s week, so the drama club practice their acting in a different location, closer to where Sumiko stretches before she goes for a run.

Ritsuko now eats lunch in the student council room, since she insists on eating in the most “fancy” room at school.

Komako still walks back and forth between the school’s two zen gardens, but she no longer enters them, because it was causing too many pathfinding issues for her followers. She now has less followers, as well. She now eats lunch outside of the calligraphy room instead of in a zen garden.

For any student whose routine involves changing clothing, you will now find many more students socializing inside of the shower building.

I have a feeling that the changes I’ve made to student routines in 1980s Mode might be controversial…

In this update, you will now find many students spread throughout the hallways of the school, sitting on chairs and benches, reading books. This is the primary way that I ensure all rivals will always have witnesses around them – by making sure that every hallway or pathway a rival walks down always has several students sitting in it. I’ve done my best to make sure that there are no “blind spots” – that, for every single step a rival takes throughout school, she is currently in the field-of-view of at least one student.

I think that this is pretty crucial for a stealth game – just play any Hitman title if you don’t believe me – but I admit that the method I used to sprinkle witnesses throughout the school may be somewhat clumsy. As of now, the most common sight in school is a student sitting on a folding chair and reading a book. It’s kind of…awkward. But, I didn’t have much choice. It was simply the most effective way to achieve my objective.

“Why not have students talking to one another in pairs?”

Then I would quickly run out of “students who are available to be witnesses.” Putting two students in one spot is inefficient; a waste of a student. I want students to be spread out as far away from each other as possible while still keeping the rival in view, to achieve maximum coverage using minimum students. For this reason, students have to be alone. The result is a school full of loners reading books in hallways and corners…but it has to be that way, or else I wouldn’t have enough students to cover all the ground that needs a “living security camera” watching over it.

“Why not have students performing actions related to their interests, such as painting?”

That idea sounds good on paper, but quickly gets kind of weird. Standing in a stairway, selling pastries? Standing in a stairway, practicing acting? Standing in a stairway, painting? Seriously? It almost makes more sense to just be reading a book, instead, since it’s a school, and studying is what you’re supposed to be doing.

“Will all of the 202X weeks look like this, too, with students sitting and reading books everywhere?”

Hopefully not. I’d like for students to be performing a much wider variety of actions, but I can’t come up with very many good ideas, and I might need to rely on suggestions from fans.

As I explained above, certain gameplay mechanics seem imbalanced / overpowered, and I’m considering the possibility of changing how those mechanics work. The purpose of “Challenges” is to let you find out what it would be like if I changed those features, so that I can gather feedback before instating those changes permanently. Some Challenges simply remove options from the game, but other Challenges give you an immediate game over if you violate certain criteria.

The full list of challenges is:

  • Knives Only
  • No Alerts
  • No Bags
  • No Friends
  • No Gaming
  • No Info-chan
  • No Laughing
  • Rivals Only

(In 1980s Mode, “No Gaming” is replaced by “No Newspaper”, and “No Info-chan” is replaced by “No Yakuza.”)

There are several mechanics that I sometimes regret adding to the game…

Importance of No Bags

The Large Weapon Bag is kind of overpowered. You get it for free just by walking into the school, and it allows the player to easily transport large blunt weapons, which are currently one of the most imbalanced tools in the game. Maybe it should be a bonus that you get for joining certain clubs – such as the Light Music club or Delinquents – instead of being available immediately from Day 1. But, before I make this change to the game, I’d like to give players the opportunity to test it and see how it feels.

Importance of No Gaming

I only added the Gaming Club to the game after being pressured into it by fans of the game who felt bad for Midori after I verbally abused her in one of my videos. The benefit of the Gaming Club – the ability to instantly boost any of your stats by one level – is ridiculously overpowered, and perhaps never should have been added to the game. I really regret adding the Gaming Club and I want to change its benefit, but since there are a lot of people who over-rely on it, I’ll have to “ease” people into the removal of the club by first making it possible for you to see what the game is like without it.

Importance of No Laughing

I’m releasing this build for the purpose of gathering feedback on what mechanics are currently too broken/exploitable/imbalanced/overpowered – but it’s possible that one of the game’s most basic mechanics – giggling – might actually make it trivially easy to eliminate any rival. Giggle to lure a rival into an empty room, stab her, and bam, challenge complete. That doesn’t help me find broken mechanics! I’ve added the “No Laughing” challenge to encourage you to find other ways to get a rival to deviate from her routine aside from just giggling. This also means that you have to use an alternate method to restore Sanity – taking a picture of Senpai’s face and then “using” it from the Photo Gallery, instead of laughing maniacally like usual.

As for the “No Info-chan” and “No Yakuza” challenges…those are just for fun. Try those out if you’re up for even more additional challenge.

Numerous players pointed out that the “garbage bag box” was ridiculously imbalanced, and completely trivialized many aspects of the game. The ability to make an infinite number of corpses become invisible really was an overpowered ability. It was some of the most common feedback I received, so I decided to do something about it:

  1. The garbage bag box no longer provides the player with an infinite supply of bodybags. You must now craft bodybags at the workbench using masking tape and a box of garbage bags.
  2. Crafting bodybags at a workbench will supply you with 5 bodybags. Currently, there is no way to get more than 5 bodybags.
  3. This is, most likely, a permanent change to the game and will almost certainly not be reverted.
  4. The 1980s Mode tutorial sequence has been updated to teach the player how to craft garbage bags.
  5. In the future, it may be possible to order more garbage bags from Info-chan, obtain more masking tape from a “school supplies” vending machine, or obtain an “Infinite Bodybag Box” during the Alphabet Killer Challenge. This will depend on player feedback.

As always, this build also comes with a bunch of improvements and fixes:

Improvements and Changes

  • The “Murder-Suicide” Scheme instructed the player to lower Horuda’s reputation and then befriend a bully. When Horuda is bullied, she changes her routine. Musume’s Task involves taking a picture of Horuda performing her usual routine. This means that when Horuda is bullied, it becomes impossible to complete Musume’s Task. The player doesn’t have to befriend Musume to complete the Murder-Suicide elimination method; they can use any bully. However, many players were trying to befriend Musume, and then discovering that they were unable to. Because this was confusing for new players, the Scheme instructions have been changed; the instructions now tell the player to befriend a bully first, and proceed with all other steps afterwards.
  • All 3 save files were sharing the same folder for photographs, meaning that if a player took a photo on Save File 1, it would appear in Save File 2. This is no longer the case.
  • Restored the “Press B button to instantly fill a bucket with blood” debug command, since a lot of people seemed to use it and wanted it back.
  • From now on, loading a saved game will bring you to the protagonist’s room, rather than bring you to the Calendar screen.
  • Made adjustments to the school environment behind the shower buildings.
  • Added bleachers nearby the running track behind the school gym.

Save System Updates and Fixes

  • Previously, if the player ordered an object from Info-chan or crafted an object – such as bang snaps or stink bombs – and then saved and loaded the game, the game would not remember those objects. From now on, the game will remember to spawn those objects where they were when the player saved the game, even if those objects were placed into a bookbag when the save file was made.
  • Previously, if the player grabbed the rat poison from the gardening shed or the lethal poison from the chemistry lab and then saved and loaded the game, the rat poison and lethal poison would re-appear, allowing the player to obtain an infinite amount of it. This exploit has been fixed.
  • Previously, if the player changed the state of the cardboard box that is used for framing a student for murder (tape it shut, put a box cutter in it, etc), saved the game, and then loaded the game, the game would not correctly remember the state of the box. This bug has been fixed.
  • Previously, if the player moved the gas burner, occult club candle, brown paint bucket, or jerry can, and then saved and loaded the game, the game would not remember the new location of those objects. From now on, the game will remember where those objects should be located.
  • Previously, if the player used any of Info-chan’s “only available once per day” Services and then saves and loaded the game, those Services would become available again. This bug has been fixed.
  • Previously, if the player pickpocketed the Gardening Club leader’s key, and then saved and loaded the game, the key would re-appear on her body upon loading. This bug has been fixed.
  • Updated the texture for the interior of the cello case. (Actually, it’s more of an “upright bass” case than a cello case, but…oh, well.)
  • It is no longer possible to save the game while a mind-broken slave is committing murder; it could result in too many bugs.


  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from unloading a character who had run out of school after the player had used the “Sent Home” feature on that student. (This bug would also cause the out-of-school student to teleport back to their classroom after the player attended class.)
  • If the player spoke to Chigusa while she was in a bikini and walking to the shower building to change clothing, she would forget about changing clothing as soon as the conversation ended, and would attend class in a bikini. This bug has been fixed.
  • If you befriended a student and then later let that student see you commit murder, that student would develop a grudge against you and identify you as a murderer, but would still wave at you like a friend on subsequent days. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to use the “Fire Student Council Member” feature on any student council character who was being followed by a member of the Cooking Club that was trying to give them food.
  • Fixed bug that would cause one of the 1980s Mode student council boys to get stuck and become unable to proceed with his routine once he reached the part of his routine where he visits the art club.
  • Clubs must shut down if they have less than 5 members. Due to a bug, clubs were shutting down the day after they dropped to less than 5 members. This was a bug. The bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in 1980s Mode that would prevent the player from completing any student’s Task if the player left school and went home without completing that Task.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the header at the top of the Extras menu from updating properly when the player switched between different screens in the Extras menu.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to hide inside of a locker that was on the other side of a locker in the asylum scene in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from using the “report corpse/blood” feature on the school nurse (as well as the Pose Mode feature).
  • Fixed bug that would make Senpai appear bald in the portrait that appears in Ayano’s bedroom if the player chose Hairstyle #13 for him.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to “walk on air” in certain spots in the Insane Asylum mission.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Ui’s lips to move during Ryoba’s lines in the 1980s Mode tutorial.
  • Fixed typos in the text that appears upon leveling up the Language school subject.
  • Fixed a typo in the subtitles for the Occult Club leader of 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed a typo in the subtitles for the stalker’s sister.
  • Fixed a typo in the subtitles for Shima’s task.

I feel like there were definitely more fixes than that, but at some point, I stopped documenting them. I was trying super hard to get the build out by May 1st, so at some point, I just stopped logging my bug fixes so I could focus more time on development. Oh, well…

See this, right here? An S+ rank, achieved with all 8 Challenges active?

I think that this is impossible. It’s because of the “No Friends” Challenge; some of the rivals’ “canon” elimination methods require you to befriend them, so if you’re doing a No Friends run, you won’t be able to get the “True Ending.”

I might consider changing this at some point in the future. Perhaps I’ll make it so that, during a “No Friends” Challenge run, it’s still possible to befriend certain rivals – but they will still refuse to do Tasks for you, so that you can’t exploit the “Go Away” or “Follow Me” features.

I’m not sure how many players care about it at this point in time, so I’ll wait for feedback to roll in before making any decisions.

I’m really proud of this update. Honestly, I think that this is one of the most meaningful updates I’ve ever released for the game. There’s a lot of content in this build that adds a ton of replay value: befriending rivals is no longer a brain-dead task, Challenges let you perform new types of play-throughs that you’ve never attempted before, and the garbage bag adjustment will make you re-think how you play the game if you’re going to go the violent route. This might be one of the most significant updates released this year, and I hope that you’re going to enjoy it for a long time!

At this point, there’s about 5 items left on the “Pre-Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist.” I say “about” because I’m not 100% certain whether or not I’ll do some of them; I might decide “This isn’t worth the time, forget it!” or “I tried it, but I can’t get it to work, after all…” or “Wait, I forgot something super important, I gotta add it to the list!” so, I can’t really give you a definitive number at this point in time, but I can say that barely anything remains at this point.

I hope you’re feeling optimistic, because I sure am!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

61 thoughts on “Big May Update and Challenge for YouTubers

  1. I still don’t understand why you can view 20xx’s tutorials when you pause the game in 1980s mode, since they reference stuff like Info-chan who isn’t available in 1980s anyways

      • I think what they meant is “How can you get the S+ ending with all the challenges activated because when you drown Ritsuko the cops always come to school”

    • I think you’re looking at the alarm on the S+ picture thinking it’s “Cops can’t be called to school.” It’s not that though, you just can’t alarm anyone with a body, weapon, blood, etc. The post doesn’t say anything in the challenges about the police.

  2. I could see the Gaming Club ability being useful as-is, if it’s balanced a bit. Since the Gaming Club leader is a bit of an introvert, maybe you should have to do his task (or, even all of the Gaming Club member’s tasks) to be allowed to join. Since all members would have harder tasks in the final game, this could balance it a bit. I can see the current buff being useful in situations akin to those in this revamped 1980s mode (different modes I know, but this could be an issue in the final game too) where the player has to have a certain stat level to perform an elimination method.

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  5. These new additions are awesome. As for an idea to improve the “all npcs reading books on chairs” making them do different animations along with reading, such as fidgeting with an object, studying/writing notes, walking over to get a drink or use the restroom, and dozing off at the ceiling/looking around while in the chair could help the students seem more realistic. For the chairs at the stairways, if they were rather pacing around the stairway while reading the book it would be better than a random chair being there, or, maybe a task could be to actually get a chair for them first.

  6. You misgave information on Sonoko’s requirement. It’s not getting the gardening shed key, but getting the Faculty ID.

  7. Holy moly! Incredible update dev! Thank you for all your hard work! Excited to try it out, even though I’m not a YouTuber

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    I was wondering if you still have in mind that there are more reasons to have a game over due to low reputation besides being somehow targeted for bullying for acting weird around school.
    I was hoping that you come up with more cutscenes for the game over screen for low reputation such as npcs running away form yan Chan.
    Hope you keep in mind
    Thank u for making progress on yan sim btw

  9. For student Routines in 202X mode, a simple solution could be to have students leaning on a wall on their phone texting, calling someone or playing a game. It’s less awkward since it’s pretty standard for people to be just around on their phones

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    – Students breaking up their routines when they see a weapon on the ground;
    – Framing a student for murder using the box cutter.
    These things make it really easy to eliminate rivals. Framing a student with a box cutter is a really easy task that can be done with any rivals and requires no challenge. And rivals breaking up their routines to take a weapon to a safe place is also a super easy, no challenge exploit. Maybe to fix these you could make it so that rivals will refuse to help you with the box cutter unless you’re their friend, and maybe make it so that only rivals ignore weapons on the ground.
    That’s all!

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  14. Hey, YandereDev. About the Challenge Mode, I thought there was already Mission Mode with conditions on playing the game. And also, what is the estimation of time you’ll launch the crowdfunding campaign.

  15. Hi YandereDev, thank you for everything you do! I am so happy to see adjustments like these being made as the game will just continue to head for the stars!! I hope that you do manage to really take good care of yourself. You need a break sometimes and it is clear that you’ve put in a lot of work into this update as it is great!

    One thing though, and a possible suggestion, have you ever considered making it so the first rival has 1 task…the second rival has 2 tasks…third rival has 3 tasks and so on? I feel as if this change would definitely be suitable in 1980s mode for Ai, Teiko, Chigusa and possibly even Sonoko as their tasks at this stage possibly seem a bit “too” easy. Ai’s task is significantly easier than Ritsuko’s and Teiko’s task is even easier than Honami’s (For Teiko, you know exactly where to go and there are less books you need to place). I understand that you’ve set requirements in place but you have considered removing those requirements like maxing out a subject and this may be one possible way of doing so. This could allow for you to elevate the difficulty of the tasks over time with each rival.

    Another thing, adding minigames to certain features such as tasks would be cool! You did mention the possibility of this in a previous blog post, and it may be something to consider in order to add a bit more ‘liveliness’ to the game. Obviously they can’t be littered everywhere but it’s just an idea! It could resolve the issue of bringing weapons to certain characters such as the wrench for one of the members of the martial arts club in 202X mode. Maybe you just find it and play some sort of minigame instead of looking suspicious by just carrying a wrench somewhere while doing a task for someone.

    It’s very enjoyable seeing everything you do. You’re making a great game!!

    • “have you ever considered making it so the first rival has 1 task…the second rival has 2 tasks…third rival has 3 tasks and so on?”

      This was my original plan. It might work this way in 202X. However, not for 1980s Mode. That’s waaaaay too much content to add to the game.

  16. The 1980s mod needs to form an idea of ​​what the 20xx mod will look like once it’s completed. If the 1980s mod is this exciting right now, I can’t imagine how nice and exciting it will be with the completion of the 20xx mod. With this update the 1980s mode will be much more fun, I can’t wait to play it!(I’m out of town and my computer is at home so.. yeah.)
    Thank you for developing Yandere Simulator.

  17. I have some ideas for a reworking of the bags, the small book bag and the ‘weapon bag’.

    In this scenario, all students carry small book bags, as does Ayano. She should spawn in school with it equipped, and be able to leave it at her desk or just…unequip it to throw it on the floor. Although I’d imagine she’d get in trouble for attending class without her school stuff. Ayano’s bag being full of books and school supplies also explains why she can only fit one tiny thing inside of it.

    In this scenario, all of the students would carry around their book bag and wear it all day, not leaving their bag unattended. The only way to access a character’s bag should be to force them to shower, in which case they would leave their bag at their locker. During this time, you could poison their food, put anything in their bag, steal something from their bag like their phone, et cetera. For extra storage, perhaps you could even steal the bag itself, emptying it on the floor and gaining like 3 item slots, or 1 big item slot (like the radio or a dumbbell). People probably won’t care, as long as you don’t get seen carrying it by the student whose bag you stole. You could return a bag by leaving it, empty, at the student’s desk.

    As for the weapon bag, we can make that something you don’t start with. To acquire a weapon bag, which would still function the same way as they do now, you would have to join the Delinquents or Light Music Club, or steal a bag from the locker room as described above. Since the Delinquents are the only ones with weapon bags, I unfortunately think this would mean having to allow Ayano into the boys’ locker room. She can get a -10 reputation penalty for being seen in there. It could be a clone of the girls’ one, just with, like, urinals or something. This would also let you steal from male characters, which would be nice.

    Ayano can also purchase a weapon bag or an extra book bag from Info-Chan.

    In town, you should be able to buy two types of bags: a weapon bag, and a new kind of bag called a tote bag. It’s giant, you can fit all sorts of stuff in it, including bigger stuff like a wrench or other medium sized weapons and objects. These things would probably be a bit pricey so that you can’t buy them Monday morning. I don’t know exactly how many items you could fit, but probably a lot.

    Funnily enough, I think you should be able to put an entire dismembered body in a tote bag to transport it, but the bag will soak through with blood, giving you a -10 reputation penalty being spotted with it. Once you’ve transported the parts and disposed of them, you should be able to wash the bag in the washing machine (or burn it……there goes your hard-earned cash).
    Those are just my ideas. I also think that Info-Chan should be, maybe not completely omitted, but not mandatory. The player should start more like in 1980s mode, with all of the student profiles filled out. Instead of ‘info points’, the player exchanges real money with Info-Chan. She pays the player to set bugs, steal phones, and complete the bounties. I think that, as outlined above, when rummaging through a student’s book bag in the locker room, you should have the option to steal however much money they’re carrying with them in their bag. This would vary for each character: someone like Musume would have a lot on her, while someone like Kokona may not have any money. You should also be able to purchase EVERYTHING that Info-Chan provides in the stores, online, or be able to make it yourself.

    She should also just be completely optional as an inclusion in my opinion. During the scene where she texts Ayano, there should be the option to ignore her text. With a disclaimer for new players.

    Other things I think could be nice would be reworking the panty buffs. Instead of underwear, I think the buffs could be fancy jewelry, with the different gemstones giving you different buffs. You could be able to wear multiple at the same time, however since they’re jewelry, they’d be much more expensive. Perhaps in the intro sequence, Ayano can still pick one to start the game with (or opt to buy none of them), since they’d likely be way over $100 each and she shouldn’t start with that much money, though she should be able to start with a buff.
    This comment is already longer than In Search of Lost Time, but I’d also like to share my ideas for an overhaul of the kidnapping feature, since it’s one of my favourites. Makes me feel… idk, not alone, as Ayano? I have friends in the basement. Firstly, being able to kidnap male students. I don’t even care about the councils or teachers, I’d just for purely selfish reasons like to be able to kidnap male students too. Make things fair, y’know. I also think that taking care of kidnapped students should require more work and that they should have more needs. If you want to torture them, perhaps there could be options, to make it interactive? That would be fun. Since students found in the musical instrument case don’t remember being kidnapped, I’d like to think that this applies to students who make it into the basement. You should be able to let them go at any time, leaving them traumatized. Their behaviour afterwards depends on their sanity level, and how long they were abducted. I’d love to know what would happen if you let a 0% sanity student go, that would be interesting. Maybe Ayano could even be given the option to be “merciful”, like giving them that TV they want (even though they can’t see it). She should also be able to kill them, like, just because she feels like it.

    This would require an ABSURD amount of lines, but part of me thinks it would be fun if every morning and night you could privately spy on kidnapped students, getting a cutscene where they speak to each other. They would talk about a different thing each day and night, and the conversations would change depending on how many people you have kidnapped. With special interactions if you kidnap two characters who know each other (e.g. Sakyu and Inkyu, Kokona and Saki, a rival and their suitor, et cetera). Even without voice acting, the amount of lines for this premise in a ten-week game would be absurd.

    So sorry for writing a novel, I just really like this game ❤

  18. I wonder why make the game realistic, because these are pixels … how to arrange a genocide now? …if there are now 5 bags..why make the game so difficult..
    good luck with game development..
    I’m really looking forward to rivals in the main fashion ..

  19. Hello, Yanderedev !

    Why not simply increase the interactions between Senpai and the rival if you’re lacking students at certain times? It doesn’t necessarily have to involve animation; you can have them engage in conversations using existing animations or have them walk around the school a bit. This would make the relationship between the rival and Senpai more believable and prevent 50% of the students from constantly reading.

    • Oh yeah. That would be cool! Maybe they hang out more and more as the week progresses? I mean I know it’s not realistic to spend every waking moment of your crush.

      But maybe times of day where they hang out at more than just beginning of day, lunch, end of day.

      Like maybe have them interact in the way we saw in the photos? Like Kuguya taking a walk with Senpai or them sitting together at the fountain. Honami sitting down and reading with him and he would show interest by frequenting the library more as the week progressed. Him exercising along with the other students during Sumiko’s new routine and eventually joining her throughout other things to show his interest. Or following Chigusa around like the other guys more and more as the week progresses. To show an increase in his interest in each rival girl.

  20. To fix the awkwardness of students sitting around like loners, perhaps you could have a few students sitting alone reading books while the rest of the students perform regular school activities such as socialising, transporting objects or simply walking around the school. You could also have some students chat while walking for small periods of time before parting ways and doing some other activity. Alternatively, the rivals could be hanging out with a student when they aren’t moving about the school and don’t have a scripted event. Smarter rivals like Teiko could be tutoring a student while other rivals could be doing an activity fitted to their personality. An example could be Ritsuko occasionally bullying poorer students at Akademi. Super sorry if none of these ideas are useful, but the game is coming out really well even with the slight awkwardness of the student’s positions during the day.

  21. we are all very very proud of you yandev, i have been waiting super impatiently for the May update, and for some reason i had a feeling that it was going to be huge, but this exeeded my expectations, i am certainly going to miss alot of exploits, but i love that the game is becoming more challenging and more diverse, afterall you cant have it all (at least not at the same time) otherwise it gets boring, which is why i appreciate the new challenge restrictions that have been added.
    thank you for being mindful of your fans and our feedback, and thank you for this amazing work, you are doing great yandev, sending you endless love and support from Tunisia

  22. Here are my task ideas:

    Rival 2, Moeko Rakuyona: Must befriend at least one rainbow boy. OR befriend (some other boy(s) so you don’t have to change dialogue, but players have another option in case they’re a murderous person) OR maybe stalkthem online?

    Rival 3, Honami Hodoshima: Must raise your Language stat to level 1. OR seduction 1 (seduction can be seen as another way for persuasion, persuasion would be required for this task) OR the panties that make apologies more appealing imply you become more persuasive, maybe those would work? (I apologize I do not remember the panty names)

    Rival 4, Sumiko Tachibana: Must raise your Physical Education stat to level 1. OR buy the fast panties (the fast panties should make you fast enough for this right?) OR boost your physical stat with the gaming club?

    Rival 5, Ritsuko Chikanari: Must come to school with at least $500. OR befriend the richest students at school (i mean, you’re gonna sell them to the yakuza anyway right? so might as well befriend them) OR steal something that makes you look rich? It doesn’t exactly make sense how she would know you have $500 when nothing about you changes, unless she can smell that sort of thing. In the future, this task could be spend $500 on accessories for your character, since that would make sense.

    Rival 6, Ai Doruyashi: Must be a member of the Light Music Club. OR befriend the piano player of the club and pay her to do it. (if you’ve killed her, oops, uh, maybe buy a composing book from the market gift shop?)

    Rival 7, Teiko Nabatasai: Must max out at least one school subject. OR befriend kuudere (the librarian girl) and have a grade of 5-10 in all subjects (whichever is more balanced).

    Rival 8, Komako Funakoshi: Must have at least 10 friends at school. OR have a reputation of over 80? OR perhaps a high seduction level? Maybe reputation + apology (persuasion) panties.

    Rival 9, Chigusa Busujima: Must raise your Seduction stat to level 1. OR have high reputation + the matchmaking or apology panties + a few friends (i think that would kinda make sense right? as the rivals go higher the number of requirements can too)

    Rival 10, Sonoko Sakanoue: Must bring her a faculty ID card. Perhaps you can request the Faculty ID card from the Yakuza for a price, but I can’t imagine it’s too difficult to obtain. (granted i don’t know where it is since i’ve never stolen one) Maybe you can befriend a delinquent and pay them to get it for you.

    • Ah, some of those options aren’t available in 1980’s mode. Like the online bit and the gaming club.

      Also persuasion is nice but the object of a gravuure model isn’t to be persuasive. Its to be physically attractive.

      I agree that making the panties come more into play though. I also think an alternative for that should be accessories as well in case it makes people uncomfortable to improve your stats that way. As it also makes no sense that people would suddenly think you’re attractive based upon an article of clothing you can’t see.

      And I like the idea of befriending the rich girls. Also same with the money thing. I think we should either make it be accessories OR..

      She asks us to lend her a “small” amount of money which turns out to be $500 and then she is flabbergasted that you don’t have it on you. As she lives in her own richie rich world. Snubs you and says she doesn’t bother hanging around “poor” people since they can’t AFFORD to keep up with her. Then you show up with the money and she looks unimpressed, since to her $500 is a meager amount, and she laughs haughtily and tells you if a commoner like us can get $1000 then MAYBE she would allow us to be seen together but she doesn’t expect much from us.

      Then she begrudgingly accepts our friendship when we show up with the $1000, a little irritated her plan to make us buzz off didn’t work.

      I think that would be a tad more fitting than the Mr Krabs money sense of smell.

  23. I have a suggestion for the stats, maybe, I find myself with free time in the game sometimes and just like you can study in the library I think you should be able to do the same with all stats!

    You wanna improve your PE? Take a run at the track when it’s unused, participate in that stretch time you added for the rival girl, or go for a swim in the pool.

    We already have a lot of events that could improve Ryoba/Ayano. Remember how we train suitors in stats? I always thought we could just do that for Ryoba/Ayano to improve upon.

    Or you can look at how the clubs benefit your stats. Maybe participating in their activities when you see them doing so? Like when Sports Club is running, stretching in the gym, or swimming you can join them?

    I have also thought about sneaking manga into school and secretly reading it in the library. I think it should spend the same amount of time as regular studying so it’s the same penalty of studying outside of class. You would also have to bring it back home at the end of the day without getting caught.

    Vice versa with the study book. Maybe we can “borrow” it from the library and use it to study at home for the same amount of time it takes to read manga at home?

    These are just little things I could come up with at the top of my head.

    • You’re right about the tech stuff, I forgot we were in the 1980s lol. About the manga thing, if we’re members of the photography club and you do the club activity, it says you all read manga (iirc), in the future this could lead to you selecting which manga to read for the club activity to help boost it. (i can’t remember if the 1980s photography club reads manga, but it works for ayano anyway)

      Exercising to raise stats could be good rather than studying if it updates your stats in real time. But, if it has to wait til next class period it’s about the same as studying and then allocating the points.

      In response to “She asks us to lend her a “small” amount of money which turns out to be $500 and then she is flabbergasted that you don’t have it on you. As she lives in her own richie rich world. Snubs you and says she doesn’t bother hanging around “poor” people since they can’t AFFORD to keep up with her.” Sounds good- but I can see a bug where someone already has 500 dollars and then she’d have no reason not to accept their friendship immediately. Unless, she asks for 1000 dollars, laughs, says I bet you can’t even make 500, you bring her 500, and she’s like “Fine, wanna be my friend? get me the other 500.”

  24. you said it was illogical for students to be doing their interests in the school but that actually happens very often its not unbelievable

  25. Perhaps in order to keep the S+ ending possible with the effects of the no-friends challenge-…you could change it to “No Favours” challenge. Since the favours seem to be the main problem with the friends (A favour could include ‘sending the person to their locker, too?)

  26. in 202x mode maybe you can have students go to the washroom at random times and students can fall down and get a scraped knee or some injury randomly and go to the infirmary. You can just memorise their routines right now and avoid being seen, so this will add more surprize.

  27. Thank you for this update Dev! I think that for this update to be perfect I would add very small button mini-games for the tasks (I think messing the wires in the electrocution elimination method should also have a small button minigame as well) to make it more immersive and rewarding. Anyways. Wish you luck with the remaining things in the list, I’m feeling optimistic as well! 🙂

  28. Instead of the strange criteria for Sumiko, I would suggest visiting her rajio taiso at least twice (during the whole week) and taking part there.
    if the player decides to make friends on Friday then the player must visit only once (the task is still not big)
    Then after completing these tasks, she will be sure that we can catch up with the cat.

  29. some development to make the game more alive is to add va’s for separate characters and when walking around a large crowd like a sound effect of people talking! there is so many cool things i have in mind for this game cant wait to see it grow!! 🙂

  30. Students could be putting on makeup, either while sitting down using a compact, or standing by the mirror at the halfway point of the stairs. Drama students (or anyone really) might also pose in front of the mirror. This could account for students in the stairwell that look more natural (although maybe not for thirty minutes or an hour)

  31. Maybe to encourage raising of certain stats each week (to make sure that required stats for later weeks are able to be preps in advance), you could have small mini-events each week. For example, academic-wise there could be some kind of test or assessment that week in a certain subject, like PE, so studying that subject during that time gives you a slight boost because it’s more important and the character is paying more attention.

    For the manga, that’s tougher. Maybe there are flyers around announcing a student trying to get a book club off the ground so read ____ books (romance, whichever) this week to be ready to discuss. A few days later, new flyer- the club was shut down by administration before it could even get started because they thought it wasn’t an extracurricular that was properly enriching the student body. Sorry to everyone who read up! Then you get players to raise a certain stat but you don’t have to do large overhauls with students and routines. Idk, just an idea.

  32. I know I’m days late to this, but I still wanted to provide a few suggestions, if you don’t mind. (I’m sorry in advance with how long this is)
    For the 1980s Mode rivals, I could only come up with alternative tasks for three of them:
    -For Ai, you could potentially help with her practice, if a club member were to “suddenly” become unavailable. Manipulate the club member, by poisoning her with the headache poison, could make her too dizzy to be standing, or somehow give her cramps or pain going through her hands (so it would hurt if she were to play an instrument). Since Ai will be one less musician for practice, you could offer to fill in for that club member. Maybe being friends with the absent club member would be required, so it would a friend of their’s and not some random person.

    -For Honami, since she is the librarian and is absent from school for two weeks, perhaps the library books are all disorganized, which would lead her to spend the whole day running around trying to reorganize everything. Maybe by not doing this task (and it could only be available on Monday), her schedule for that day would be different and she might even spend some of lunchtime getting things sorted out. You could offer to assist in putting books back in their right places, thus her usual schedule would then follow.
    Another task you could give her would be similar to Kuu’s task, but instead of finding one book, it could be five or six. Honami would notice some books haven’t been returned, so you would be given a list (maybe on screen or only visible in the pause menu) of students who have not returned a book. Go to them and ask about the library book they borrowed, some may still have it and could give it to you, or head over to the library to return it themself. As other students may have lost it and will give the last place they recalled having the book, and maybe any place they went after that. [Potentially, the player can go to each student first, then go to all the locations to search for the missing books, instead of student first, book next, different student after, then search again. And if given like a “Task List” with the students’ names, the one’s missing the books would be updated with the locations next to their names.]

    -And as for Moeko, she could “lose” her lighter and you could either “help search for it”, by leaving and then coming back. Or, you could obtain another lighter or matches (unless there is a reason why not to use matches). But you could also somehow obtain lighter oil, if her lighter were to run out.
    Also, instead of a rainbow boy, could a male student outside of that group work? Maybe finding a male student, who would be a good match for a friend, or does she not mind that at all?

    It would be interesting to see the later rivals having more task criteria, or even harder to obtain. Or have more than one task to complete. Maybe even after befriending them and any student, unless doing tasks after befriending someone would be pointless, if that is all doing tasks are for.

    • I understand the suggestions, but honestly, I don’t really feel like the currently-existing tasks for Ai/Honami/Moeko need to be replaced.

      It’s the “criteria for rival offering task to you” that I’m uncertain about, not the Tasks themselves.

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