Update Preview

I can now announce that the big update will be released later today! (Unless I have horrific Internet connection problems or something like that.)

As promised, I’ll release a short video teaser for every day that you have to wait. So, here is today’s teaser:

Some people will understand what’s going on here. Other people will be like “Whaaaaat?”

15 thoughts on “Update Preview

    • That’s pretty interesting, I can’t wait to see what the routines would be like for the other rivals!

  1. YandereDev, are planning on nerfing seduction in the future, as it allows the player to ignore tasks?

  2. oh my godd- i am so excited for this new update– i want to let you know that you are an amazing dev, and all the hate that you have means nothing when you have produced a game like this!! I hope that your health is great and life is happy for you! you deserve praise and happiness and wealth! thank you for making yansim!!

  3. I guess I’m a psychopath who likes game-changing updates. The garbage bag will decrease (most likely), the number of witnesses around Rivals will increase, etc. And that doesn’t bother me at all.
    Keep up with good work, we support you!
    Thank you for developing Yandere Simulator.

  4. This is so exciting!! I feel like I’m refreshing the page so much to update my game ASAP lol!! Great work again YandereDev!

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