Sharing a cute fan-made animation

A Japanese fan of Yandere Simulator has produced a video that is so cute, I just had to share it on my blog immediately:

It’s a parody of a video named “Kero” from 11 years ago. Want to hear an interesting coincidence? Earlier this month, I had this song stuck in my head, but couldn’t remember the name. At the exact moment that I was trying to remember the name of this song, somewhere out there in the world was working on a Yandere Sim fan video incorporating that exact song. The universe is funny sometimes!

Watching this video, I think it actually features every single student of 202X Mode. If the video’s creator actually managed to incorporate all 90 of 202X’s students into the video, that’s incredibly impressive!

Oh, you want a development update? I’ll say this: I’ve been getting very few bug reports recently, which means that I’ve been able to focus more time on my checklist items and less time fixing bugs. What a relief! (This also tells me that the game has finally become extremely stable and bug-free. That year of bug fixes really paid off!) Unless something important happens over the next 2 weeks, the next time you’ll hear from me will probably be March 31st for a blog post – and possibly a video – to discuss Yandere Simulator’s 9th anniversary of development.

10 thoughts on “Sharing a cute fan-made animation

  1. Hey YanDev! I know you’ve been wanting to implement more varried stand-in tasks, and Im super excited for that. Ive thought of a couple you might like the idea of, or you could put a spin on perhaps ^.^
    Perhaps the bully students could ask you to steal a random girls phone, so they can look through it for something to gossip about.
    Perhaps the occult students could ask YanChan to go look at one of the creepy locations in the school, or bring them something creepy (a picture of a ghost?)
    Perhaps the science club could ask yandere chan to make something in the chemistry lab?
    And perhaps the gardening club could ask YanChan to water various bushes outside the school?
    Hope these help to inspire you!

    • i feel like mai waifu should ask yout o get an accessory, to better fit her “anime style” and then later in gameplay that accessory can be worn around school like casually or spark dialogue between mais friends asking how she got it

    • Dev said he didn’t want any more “bring me something” tasks.
      It might be:
      – one where you use the game club machine, to beat someone’s score.
      – one where you use the piano, to teach a song.
      There are so many features in the institute that could be used for missions.

    • I think the swimming club can ask Yan chan to clean the gym or the pool for them. and perhaps the cooking club can ask her to give snacks to some students.

  2. Hello Yanderedev, I wanted to ask you if you would like to do a story mode focused on the first Yandere? That is, a way that is focused on Ryoba’s mother, how and why she became a yandere, that is to say a 1950’s way, something like that or maybe one from much earlier, it’s just an idea. By the way, did you start developing Amai a long time ago, or are you going to prepare everything for the Crowdfunding Campaign first? Greetings!

    • The progenitor of the Aishi Condition was born in the 1700s. The first woman to have the Aishi condition was born in the 1800s. A “First Yandere” story would bet set hundreds of years before Ayano’s story takes place.

      I haven’t begun work on Amai yet. (I’ve explained why many times…)

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