March 15th Update

Hello! The past 2 weeks have been very productive. I knocked a lot of items off of my pre-crowdfunding checklist. Some are only half complete, since they are reliant on some other checklist item in order to be 100% complete, but I’m really happy with the process I made.

I’ve prepared a list of everything that was changed or fixed over the past two weeks – but first, I want to share something with you! An artist named Momo_Fujimi created a 24-page manga about Himari from the Gardening Club giving chocolate to all of the other students in class 3-1:

It’s a super cute and sweet manga, and it makes a lot of use of trivia that I have shared about the students over the years, such as the fact that Borupen’s favorite flavor is grape.

Please read the whole thing, because it’s absolutely adorable!

With that said, please click Continue Reading to read the rest of the blog post.

Garbage Bag Changes Coming

The current implementation of the “wrap a corpse in a garbage bag” mechanic is imbalanced, and trivializes the act of hiding or disposing of a corpse. I’ve been saying “I have a plan to figure that mechanic” for a long time…and the day has finally come to enact that plan.

First off, a normal garbage bag is too small to hide an entire human body. It could theoretically be done, but you’d need to use multiple garbage bags, not just one. With that in mind, a new mechanic has been added to the game – the ability to craft a “Makeshift Body Bag” at the workbench using masking tape and a box of garbage bags.

A roll of makeshift body bags contains 5 bodybags. If you use up a bodybag to conceal a corpse, you will see a notification appear at the top of the screen informing you of how many bodybags are remaining. Once the bodybags are all used up, the roll simply disappears.

I think that this is a fair concession; instead of being able to conceal any corpse by simply obtaining a box of garbage bags, you actually have to craft bodybags, and you’re limited to 5, since that’s the maximum number you could make with the supplies available to you.

I acknowledge the possibility that the majority of the game’s userbase may have become completely reliant on garbage bags, and can’t imagine playing the game without access to infinite bodybags. So, I’m considering the idea of allowing the player to purchase a box of garbage bags from Info-chan. Each purchase would let you conceal 5 more corpses (once the garbage bags had been crafted into bodybags).

The question then becomes, how much should a box of garbage bags cost? A low cost like 5 would allow players to easily afford enough bodybags to conceal the corpses of every student at school. A high cost like 25 would mean that the player would have to do a lot more work just to earn the right to conceal a corpse, and probably wouldn’t even be able to earn enough Into Points to conceal every corpse at school – maybe 25 corpses, tops.

As of now, you will see that the “corpse wrapped in garbage bag” texture has been updated to feature strips of masking tape, and you will be able to craft bodybags at the crafting table…however, in the current build, it’s still possible to use a box of garbage bags to conceal corpses. You won’t be forced to use the new bodybag-crafting method until a future build…probably the build that will be released on April 1st. This is because I don’t want to “officially” implement this feature until after the 1980s Mode Tutorial has been updated to walk the player through the crafting process.

(The tutorial should also be updated to walk the player through the put-a-note-into-a-student’s-locker process, too, since it’s canon that Ryoba put a note into Sumire’s locker to lure her to the bathroom. It’ll be annoying to update the tutorial, but…that’s what we’re down to. The “Ugh, this is annoying, I don’t really want to do this, but I have to…” part of the pre-crowdfunding checklist.)

Speaking of things that have been on my to-do list for a long time that I finished recently…

Intro Changes

I’ve updated various parts of the intro cutscene. I’m not 100% finished/satisfied with it yet, but I’m happier with it now:

  • The part where Ryoba talks to young Ayano now has floating glass shards to represent young Ayano’s pain.
  • The part where Ayano meets Senpai now has doors/windows in the corridors, instead of completely blank featureless walls.
  • The part where the camera slowly creeps forward through a corridor full of corpses now has additional post-processing effects to make it more spooky and creepy, and also has the camera cut to shots of Ayano’s victims to emphasize her brutality.


  • It’s supposed to be tricky to get away with drowning Osana in a toilet stall because of the witnesses nearby. However, if the player closed the bathroom stall door before drowning Osana, nobody would witness her death. So, from now on, when a student shouts “HEY, WHAT ARE YOU – ” before being drowned, they will attract the attention of any nearby student, who will come investigate.
  • Nemesis is too tough to care about stink bombs. So, from now on, whenever you throw a stink bomb at Nemesis in Mission Mode, it won’t stop her – it’ll only make her angry. Throwing a stink bomb at Nemesis will cause her to completely stop pretending to be a normal student; she will charge at you aggressively until she has caught you and killed you.
  • It is now possible to read manga in the Photography Clubroom after joining the Photography Club. This means that it’s now possible to max out an entire stat (Seduction/Numbness/Enlightenment) within the span of 1 week, if you read manga at every possible opportunity (and increase your Literature stat so that you read through manga faster).
  • Because Ryoba states “I was having so much fun watching him, learning everything about him, and planning our life together…” in the 1980s Mode opening cutscene, 1980s Mode now begins with all of Jokichi’s interests unlocked. This has absolutely zero effect on gameplay, but it makes sense for lore reasons.
  • Ritsuko Chikanari, the 5th rival of 1980s Mode, depises poor people, and only wants to interact with rich people. To reflect this, the 7 girls who sunbathe with her at the pool are now the 7 richest girls at school, instead of just being 7 random female students.
  • Previously, if Student A was running to warn Student B about murder, and Student B was in an event, Student A would politely stand there while waiting for Student B’s event to end. This was silly, so from now on, Student A will forcibly end Student B’s event.
  • Some of the books in the faculty room had titles that referenced things that were created after 1989; JavaScript, HTML, C#, etc. These book titles have been adjusted to have more generic names that don’t explicitly reference post-1980s things.
  • If it’s Friday and the player hasn’t participated in a club activity yet, a warning notification appears at the top of the screen to inform the player that they will be kicked out of their club unless they attend a club activity.
  • It is now possible to change the resolution and change whether or not the game is running in windowed mode from the Settings Menu; this means that you can do it from the title screen or while at school.
  • Changed the texture for the leaves and roses on the arches in the school plaza, since they were photorealistic and didn’t match the art style of the other leaves around the same area.
  • The “over-the-shoulder camera aiming system” can now be found in the asylum level, too. (This means that it can be added to any Befriend/Betray stealth mission added in the future.)
  • Updated the icon for Money to reflect the age that Saisho Saikou actually would have been when the Japanese government decided to put his face on their currency.
  • Updated the Counselor’s portrait to reflect her new model.


  • If the player destroyed a bloody weapon using the incinerator and then used the incinerator again later that day, the game would count two bloody weapons as being destroyed instead of one. This bug would interfere with the game’s ability to know whether or not the police should be summoned to school. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player dropped a car battery towards a puddle of water and then immediately tranquilized a student who was standing in that puddle of water, the student would enter the “being tranquilized” and “being electrocuted” states simultaneously, causing a lot of bugs. This scenario is no longer possible.
  • If the player concealed a corpse within a garbage bag and then walked into the field of view of another character within 1 second of concealing the corpse, that character would magically become aware that the player was a murderer. This bug has been fixed.
  • Sometimes, students and teachers would not react to bang snaps. This bug should now be fixed, I think. But, it was a somewhat inconsistent / random bug, so I’m not sure if it’s really fixed. If you encounter it, please report it to me.
  • If a student died by drowning and police discovered the corpse, School Atmosphere would not drop by the proper amount, and the number of security cameras present at school the next day would not update properly. This bug has been fixed.
  • Doors open if students walk close enough to them. So, during the “Kidnap Kokona” tutorial, it was possible to open the gym’s doors and exit the gym by getting Kokona to walk close enough to a door. This oversight has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to play the “I’m sending you to the guidance counselor” voice line after getting annoyed by the protagonist, but then fail to actually send the player to the counselor.
  • At the end of the intro cutscene, a montage of images appears onscreen. There was supposed to be a picture of Amai here, but it was accidentally removed a few months ago. This oversight has been fixed.
  • By standing in a very specific spot, it was possible to complete the “steal a key without being spotted” tutorial without actually distracting the nearby NPC. This oversight/exploit has been removed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru’s pathfinding to break if Musume’s Friday “talk to Osana” began while Raibaru was investigating a dropped object or returning a dropped object.
  • If the player dismembered a corpse and disposed of all body parts, there would still be a memorial for the dismembered student the next day. This bug has been fixed.
  • When aiming and throwing a throwable object (such as a bang-snap or a stink bomb) sometimes the protagonist would throw two simultaneously. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player toggled Vsync on or off in the Settings menu, it would affect Vsync at school, but not within the protagonist’s home. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Science Club students to retain outlines on their lab coats even if the player had disabled outlines in the Settings menu.
  • Some of the player’s postprocessing / detail options were being reset to default when closing and relaunching the game. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the game from creating a “Reset Week” save file at the beginning of the week in 202X Mode specifically.
  • The “Subtitle Size” option would only affect the size of subtitles if it was changed during gameplay. This bug has been fixed.
  • Choosing the Poison elimination at the corkboard was unlocking the Matchmaking scheme instead. Oops! This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai to appear bald during the intro cutscene if the player chose hairstyle #7 for him.
  • The “Kokona asks you for help with a play” cutscene featured a prop from 1980s Mode. Oops! I’ve removed it.
  • Fixed bug that caused one of the bully girls’ earrings to rotate in weird ways (physics problem).
  • Fixed a typo in one of the 1980s Mode teachers’ profiles.

60 thoughts on “March 15th Update

  1. hi yandev! i came to suggest something. i think u should add blinds to rooms, because if you commit a murder or do something scandalous in a classroom, people would see it through the windows. if you don’t want anyone to see, you would close the blinds. it would make players be more cautious of their surroundings and not just shut the door and kill somebody without preparation, therefore making it not be so easy to murder someone.

    • That’s an interesting thought…having to add the blinds to hide what’s going on in a room. However, there are a lot of technical issues that would make this a pain to implement, so honestly, it’s unlikely to get into the game.

      • Could you at least make it to where you have to be alone, and without anyone in the hall before you commit murder? Bc it’s silly for no one to be able to see through a clearly see through window…

  2. Wow how much progress in just two weeks, I congratulate you, how you are refining every aspect of the gameplay, I can’t wait for the crowdfounding campaign.

  3. I have some questions though, about the bodybags. would the students or teachers get suspicious of it? Since it isn’t just a ‘regular garbage bag’ anymore,

    • perhaps, teachers would inspect it, but students would come closer, inspect it, and then go away. If a corpse is discovered, they’ll say that they noticed the bag but didn’t act on it since they thought it’s just smelly trash and didn’t do anything about it. If Ayano/Ryoba was nearby the garbage bag in question, the students will count as 1/2nd of a witness (so 2 students which noticed the bag = 1 full witness)

  4. I know it’s a bit weird but yandere sim is also played by people on a laptop who have a touchpad and it’s very difficult for them to throw stink bomb, could you add a setting change to that?

  5. if the people are like sitting down and you befriended them they glitches out for me because they wave, and mindslaves and senpai can wave too

    • I befriended a sitting student and didn’t encounter any bugs.

      “Mind-broken slaves can wave” will be fixed in the next build.

      Senpai cannot be befriended without debug commands, so that’s not a valid bug.

  6. We also need to add drinking fountains and lockers at the moment where Ayano meets Senpai. And it seems to me that the moments where the camera cuts off the frames of its victims should be removed.

    • Most likely. Imagine the demo version having 2 complete (or semi-complete, I don’t know) game modes/timelines, while the final game only has one. He put a lot of work into making it, so I’d assume it would be kept.

  7. I must ask, do you plan on listing extra/complex features as goals in the crowdfunding campaing? For example, a small town could be added to Yandere Simulator, but only if we could manage to crowdfund a certain amount of money. Or even the possibility of having opposite genders senpai and yandere to play with… stuff like that.

    Additionally, have you ever thought of what types of benefits a donator would have for paying more or less money? I know about a crowdfunding campaing in which a limited number of people could donate up to US$1.000,00 in order to talk exclusively to the creative director of the game and add our own custom monster enemy to fight with in the game. Lower “donation tiers” would have t-shirts, posters, early access to the game and little things like that. But maybe you don’t plan on something like this, perhaps?

    • someone suggested a prototype for opposite genders, like working with what you already have, so i’d assume if the crowdfunding did go well it could be added.

      • I’m aware that if the crowdfunding goes well, opposite genders are a possibility for the finished game, but that was not the question… I asked if maybe it would be a funding goal, like this: “If we manage to raise US$XXXXXX,XX for the campaing, Senpai-chan and Yandere-kun will be added”. I’ve seen plenty campaings do this kinds of stuff in order to gather more money, offering highly expected but complex/extra features at the cost of a specific amount raised. I was wondering if YandereDev planned on doing something like this as well.

  8. I think that, if adding a task for every rival in 1980 mode is too difficult, you should at least have requirements in order to do them (just like how Budo’s task work in 202X mode)
    Here’s some ideas:
    •Kaguya Wakaizumi: None (She’s supposed to be easy and straight foward)
    •Moeko Rakuyona: Must befriend at least 1 of the rainbow boys
    •Honami Hodoshima: Must have Language level 1
    •Sumiko Tachibana: Must have P.E level 2 / Be part of the Sports Ckub
    •Ritsuko Chikanari: Must have a certain amount of money
    •Ai Doruyashi: Must befriend all her band members / Be part of the music club
    •Teiko Nabatasai: Must have full level at least one school subject
    •Komako Funakoshi: Must have at least 50 friends at school
    •Chigusa Busujima: Must have the max seduction skill
    •Sonoko Sakanoue: This one is really tricky since she’s the most difficult rival. The only thing i can think of is something relating to the newspaper club, but I’m not sure:/
    Anyway these are just ideas and i would like to hear more of you have them^^

    • sonoko already requires a high reputation and doesn’t trust the player, not much could be done about that. maybe befriending the photography club members or newspaper members, since they both are kinda related to her.

  9. So i watched the intro again, and i think that students of 1989 should’nt be there right, also Saki is using his very old hair model… i think you should change that so it would make more sense 😀

  10. Hello yandre dev right now the students only tell the police if they saw the player commit murder but I think they should also report any suspisious behaviors on the day of the murder, for example : a body is found in a garbage bag and a student has seen Ayano carrying a garbage bag box before the murder so they will tell the police about this even if Ayano apologizes to that student. Then Ayano is arrested as she is their only suspect, to avoid this the player has to kill that witness or not be seen carrying the garbage bag box. The same thing should happen with weapons and buckets of oil or blood. Also if a student finds a garbage bag on the ground they should go check it out, by inspecting the garbage bag they realize that it is a body and report to the teachers. I agree that garbage bags should be limted and should cost info points or money to buy but I thought that crafting the garbage bags is a bit much. Thank you and good luck for your game.

    • maybe later on in the game, when things are more finalized than now, that could be added. A lot of bugs could come with that kind of update, and make the game more challenging. Not that it isn’t supposed to be, but still. Say using the save/load feature to break it somehow

  11. Hey YandereDev! I have a suggestion and a question
    For the suggestion could you add slow-motion rival effect thingy when you are performing a drowning animation on a rival
    And slow-mo for Osana the fan elimination and the pool elimination.
    And for the question, so basically Akademi have infinite money for school supplies but the Shards of glass, Scrap Metal, The Old Axe and the Scythe is not a school supplies

    • shards of glass could be from a delinquent breaking something or a student dropping it. Maybe even, if new buildings get added later on in the week to expand (as proposed in previous videos), could be from a mistake during construction.
      Scrap metal, the same construction thing I guess, or from an art project.
      The old axe could be for cutting trees or something in Ryoba’s timeline, and they forgot about it because no one goes back there.
      The scythe… I’m not really sure.

  12. First, I REALLY like the photography club addition as its only utilities before were only good in specific situations that the player might never need to trivialize. Also, the club’s benefits reflect the duel nature of the club either being lighthearted or very serious is a fun change.

    I’m also a huge fan of the garbage bag changes; however, I think one more change would help A LOT. Either teachers (or MAYBE student council members, but probably not because of the variety of places they go) should be able to see a body bag on the floor as a corpse. (this would make sense in my mind as they would be suspicious of it and investigate and realize what’s going on.)

    This change would be beneficial because it still lets the player shove a corpse in a bag and not have to worry about it, BUT they can’t just leave it in the middle of the hallway because a teacher or student council may see it. This encourages the players to learn how to hide or dispose of corpses without the extreme punishments that may make some players want to use the garbage bags in the first place.

    Things like shoving bodies in lockers or hiding them in the bathroom are so much fun, and it sucks that the garbage bags in their current state encourage new players to leave the body where it is and not learn these things. I imagine this wouldn’t change how players interact with body bags THAT much (especially more experienced players), but I think it would be very healthy for new players, which I think is the biggest flaw in the game’s development right now.

  13. i love the changes youre bringing to the game, even though minor, they really make the game feel more lively and aesthetically pleasing. I have a suggestion though, ive commented this on one of your previous videos and ive expanded upon the thought. my original idea was that during the loading screen game tips could appear in the form of letters from ryoba/ryobas mother. I was thinking about this idea again and I was thinking it could also be interesting if during the weeks ayano will receive letters from her mother which unlock different mechanics which her mother will teach her or tell her about within the letters. love the game dude 🙂

    • Unity stops updating the screen when loading, so loading screen tips wouldn’t be able to appear in a smooth way…

      Even if I settled for loading screen tips appearing abruptly, I feel that putting the controls onscreen is more important than gameplay tips.

  14. Hey Yan-Dev! There is a thing that has kinda been bothering me, considering the reputation system, more specifically how it works. I really enjoy the current socializing method, but I don’t really get how it would work. If you tell a student that you like/dislike whatever they like/dislike, they start liking you too. But doesn’t the reputation go up/down because the students gossip to eachother. So how would that make sense? For example, you tell Student A that you like violence, because she likes violence. But a very few people like violence in the school. So, wouldn’t your reputation go down, because if Student A tells people that you are cool because you like violence, wouldn’t people dislike that? Hope you answer, because I need some clarity.

    • maybe quieter students wouldn’t gossip, and social butterflies would gossip a lot. Every character in the game likes a different set of things. Say if half the school loves cats and half doesn’t, what then? Sure, it makes the characters seem more lively, but now the player has to figure out what the majority of students like, and what the majority don’t.

      example, say you tell everyone you hate violence. Cool, your rep goes up a bit (if this did get added). but what about the ones that like violence? then you have to find a way for that to work. Like how bullies act differently depending on your reputation when you speak to them. So being known as a violence-hater and then talking to someone who embodies the exact opposite- they would dislike you more. Maybe even so much you can’t get them to do favors because you can’t befriend them.

      Being caught with the violence lover would lower your rep, no matter how popular the other is, because people would start to doubt what you said.

      If you get what I mean, it’s that revamping the rep system like that would introduce a bunch of other features people would be asking for. Until the creator can really answer these types of questions like revamping this or finding the time to work on the game’s main aspects, it’s best to leave it how it is.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good point, but it should only be considered when yandev decides to make students more lively, or by some means. Like rearranging students and small conversations, etc.

  15. Hi! 🙂 this post is kinda irrelevant but great update btw! Anyway, is there any way Kokona could be involved in Kizana’s elimination? Maybe Kizana can bully Kokona and later on we can use this against Kizana. After eliminating Kizana Kokona could become more confident and be the drama club leader. Tukoko could be upset by this and the whole scenario could cause some disruption and arguments among the drama club members.

  16. Yandev, I found a bug while trying to “rush through” the game. More importantly, killing Raibaru.
    So, I interrupted the first event on Monday where they talk after osana speaks with senpai, took both of their pictures, and left a note in Raibaru’s locker. when osana and raibaru were talking in the school plaza, I interrupted again to send raibaru to her locker. she tossed the note, and I searched for her locker again to see what would work (like the options in the note) nd now shes stuck standing in front of her locker. i tried to talk to her and it says she’s in an event, I’m assuming the plaza event, but she isn’t reacting to anything and hasnt moved.

  17. Hello Yandev I got an idea, could you put the crowdfounding campaign checklist on trello. So we will be able to know how many objectives are missing before the campaign.
    Obviously you decide if it’s a good idea or not.

  18. That’s a great update! I’m happy of your hard work! Also I have a suggestion that i think is very logic. I played in the 80’s Mode and fought with the Delinquents, then a teacher apprehended me and led me into a game over. I think that is illogical, both Ryoba and the Delinquent should go to the counselor and explain themselves. Please consider it!

  19. That’s a great update! I’m happy of your hard work! Also I have a suggestion that i think is very logic. I played in the 80’s Mode and fought with the Delinquents, then a teacher apprehended me and led me into a game over. I think that is illogical, both Ryoba and the Delinquent should go to the counselor and explain themselves. Also why do the corpses in the intro have old hairstyles instead of new. Please consider these!!

  20. YandereDev, I have three questions: Puresu’s Horuda model should be changed to match most of her fanart (in my opinion), to do vandal quests you should have -33 reputation, in mission mode after selecting targets you should automatically have their profile in the album.

  21. YandereDevvv~~~ I would still like to have the opportunity to officially join the bullies, I think it’s not easy to do but it would be really cool to use bullying for the purpose of gossip or information about the student, while the reputation that is below 32 does not fall :3

    • For a long time, I have been considering the possibilities of allowing the player to join the bully clique or become a member of the student council. I would like to give the player the ability to join those two groups, but it’s not a high priority to me at this point in time. It’s something that potentially won’t happen until sometime after the crowdfunding campaign.

  22. I’m a bit confused. In 1980’s mode, when you start off, the atmosphere shouldn’t be 100% since Sumire Saitozaki went “missing”.

  23. Hey YanDev, I thought of something: When you are trying to report another student for stealing, you can ONLY use the Basu sister’s ring, right? And if you mess it up, you don’t get the chance to do it again. Perhaps, the player should be able to hide another student’s phone in the rival’s bag as well, so that way there’s more than one way to frame for stealing!

  24. hey yandere dev i think in order for kiddnaped hosages mouth is having duct tape on theier mouth if thats possible

    • You can already hide from Nemesis. Just go around a corner.

      I didn’t understand the “Stood up like statue” statement. Feel free to record a video of the bug occurring and e-mail me a link to it.

  25. Honestly, not to be harsh, but you need to go to therapy if you aren’t already. It doesn’t get rid of all your problems, but it does help you feel better. It works for a lot of people, myself included.

  26. Why don’t you add that Ayano can sing my love is stronger than yours or some other song in the Music club? It would be cool but if there is a reason you can’t it’s fine

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