Discord Server Notice


Occasionally, people try to join the official Yandere Simulator Discord server, but immediately get kicked out. This is not a bug! There’s a reason for this:

The Yandere Simulator Discord server has a join restriction in place; you aren’t allowed to join the server if your Discord account is under 24 hours old. This is to keep out people who have created a fresh Discord account purely for the purpose of trolling.

So, if you tried to join the server and immediately got kicked out, please try again once your account is more than 24 hours old. Then you’ll be able to join the community and begin chatting with other fans!

I apologize for any confusion that this has caused!

12 thoughts on “Discord Server Notice

  1. Chats where you can chat are only available with a subscription. I have been following the process of creating Yandere simulator since 2018, I love this game very much, but since I am from Russia, I cannot buy a subscription. I am disappointed

  2. and will you ever add the round racetrack back around the cherry tree because I really missed it and makes the school look more spacious.

  3. sorry for so many questions, but I have so many 1. Will you ever replace the oven stoves in the home EC room in 1980s mode because electric stoves didn’t exist back in 1989.
    2. Shouldn’t the school look a little different besides some rooms, and posters, and tech in 1989. What I mean by this is that,
    I think some of the school layout, classrooms, outside greenery, hallway decor, color schemes, and walls should be a little different because they look a little too modern for 1989 and some areas should may not even be added or built yet. I just find it very unbelievable that a prestigious Japanese highschool would keep most of the things the same for more than 30 years instead of advancing or changing things because schools can change a lot in that amount of time.

    • First electric stove was invented in 1892. But, yeah, sure, the stoves in 1980s Mode should look less modern. I’ll make that change in the next build.

      2. The entire point of 1980s Mode was to allow the creation of a new gameplay mode without changing the setting at all.

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