The “Mysterious Disappearance” of YandereDev

Every now and then, I check the latest comments on my main YouTube channel. There’s always a lot of…

  • He hasn’t uploaded anything since last Christmas? I guess he gave up on making that game, after all.
  • So, whatever happened to this guy? Did he completely disappear from the Internet?
  • No videos in 11 months…did he die? Does anyone know if he’s dead?

This is kind of stupid, because I’m active on tons of websites. I always upload at least 2 new builds of the game every month, I document the current state of the game’s development on this blog, I post previews of upcoming content on Patreon, I occasionally stream on Twitch, and sometimes I even upload short Yandere Sim videos to my 2nd channel. YouTubers even play the latest updates when I add something significant to the game! How can anyone be dumb enough to actually think that I’m dead, when there are so many different ways to verify that I’m still actively developing the game?

Apparently, uploading a YouTube video is the one and only way to prove that you have a heartbeat. So, I made one:

As you can tell from the title and thumbnail, it’s meant to be a bit humorous.

There are a lot of things going on in this video:

  • It’s one of the few videos on my channel that features voiceover narration from someone that isn’t me. The dulcet tones you hear in the first minute of the video belong to Th3Birdman. Hot damn, that man has a godly voice! And he understood exactly what kind of narration I wanted for this video!
  • The production values of the video – the first minute, at least – are high above the production values of a normal YandereDev video. Color grading! Vignetting! Kinetic typography! Drop shadows! Wow!
  • This is the first time I’ve represented myself using a 3D animated Vtuber avatar in a video on my main channel. I’ve been doing it for a long time on Twitch and my 2nd channel, but this will be the first time that many of my main channel viewers are exposed to “Vtuber YandereDev.”
  • I cover a million different topics rapidly in a very short timeframe! I explain why I haven’t been around, I describe everything I’ve been working on, I describe all of the places where I’m active, and I try to communicate – with the force of a sledgehammer – that people should, at the very least, check my blog before they assume I’m literally deceased.
  • Midori returns for the first time in several years, portrayed by her original voice actress, the talented Caitlin Myers! I hope that the fans appreciate it!

I worked hard on this one. Even though it’s only 3 minutes long, it took a lot of preparation and work. It’ll be one of the only two videos that I will upload in 2022, so I wanted it to paint a nice, positive picture of the current state of the game’s development.

Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly – I’ll be uploading one more video this year. All of my yearly traditions are very well-known at this point, it should be extremely obvious what to expect. But, I still hope that you will look forward to it and enjoy it when it comes out!

28 thoughts on “The “Mysterious Disappearance” of YandereDev

  1. I’m excited for the Christmas video this year! also, congratulations! you made so much progress this year and as a fan, I’m feel really happy for you!

  2. Nice video Yandere Dev.
    1.) I was recently playing the Amai Challenge after a long time of not playing the challenge. I notice that Kyuji is talking by himself by the front doors. I’m assuming he’s meant to be talking to Otohiko. But Ik his routine for the first week he always arrives to school late. So I was wondering if you can fix that. If that is considered a bug it just seems weird to see Kyuji talking to a ghost.
    2.) Are the routines of the students in the Amai Challenge final or just meant for demonstration and will be changed once she’s actually in the game.
    3.) If the routines are final I was thinking maybe for the final game Kyuji can talk with Toga while Otohiko and Hazu interact. It seems to be better since they are the same grade level and age in my personal opinion. I’m not asking for u to change this in the Amai challenge rn cause it’s a really minor thing and it doesn’t matter atm but something to consider for the final release if any of the boys talk to each other during the ten weeks.
    4.) I loved the socks u gave to Kokona and Saki it fits them really well and they can finally be like the other rainbow girls and Midori who wear colored socks. But I was wondering if you would consider giving Supana and Kokuma black socks like the ones Horuda wears. I feel like it would fit the them well and it would fit the theme of the occult club.

  3. could you do me a big favor and update the archive please? I would really appreciate it! Alot of the recent builds arent on there. Thank you!

  4. Lol there comes a time someone popular is thought to be dead. XD Yandere Dev, I’m having issues activating the alphabet challenge. You type abcdefg in Ayano’s room, correct?

  5. I have never understood that mentality myself, no offense to anyone who came here specifically BECAUSE of this video, really not intended.

    But we should all remember to do proper research. Its very important in this day and age to always research things yourself. Especially with all the technology we have to fake screenshots, apps for faking chat messages/blogs/posts, and cloning numbers or accounts. Its super tricky!

    So always be careful out there! Stay safe, stay hydrated, and wash your hands!

  6. Ugh I can’t believe there are people being this dumb, yeah I know, they may not have any idea that Yan Dev is uploading content on other websites other than YouTube, but can’t they do any research? Like there’s a thing called “Google Chrome”.

    • then how do people watch dev on youtube? not chrome? they could be using microsoft too, chrome is not the only way to get here

  7. Of course, this wasn’t really uploaded by YandereDev! It was posted by a secret society of video game creators who want to keep him from exposing the truth about how certain popular indie games contain mind control signals to make players forget how to live in society! See it in the 2-hour documentary coming out on Netflix in the year 20023! Yes, the extra zero was intentional!

  8. Can we have a Christmas special by Ayano but this time, featuring the two icon of Yanderesim! 🥺❤️❤️❤️

    “12 Kills for Christmas” feat. Midori and Kokona

  9. Yandere dev honestly the new look of beshi takamine is nice but i definitely preferred the previous version. I don’t mean that you suddenly change her model because the current one is very well matched but just add to the pose mod?

    • i agree the old ones are better, in 80s mode the drama leader was my fav bc of his hair but then dev changed it and i dont like the student anymore

  10. hey yanderedev I have some certain doubts/questions of thing that could be in the game and why not te:
    1-because the cooking club can not offer food to the ayano so they do with other students
    2-ayano could open their club probrio in school someday?
    3-The hidden club could change its routine when the player kills a rival in a specific location (this would show that it could be more difil in the other weeks when the player eliminates the rival without witnesses and members of the club would begin to go in these more deserted places to try to find the appearance of the supernatural
    and 4 if the player could be friends with raibaru she could be useful if the osana was killed and the player became friends with her?

  11. Hey Yandev, don’t you think there should be a mirror or a desk is in Ayano or Ryoba’s room? I just find it very weird that she doesn’t have some kind of mirror or desk where her homework is in her room. Even some plushies, dolls, or toys would fill the voice since I think I think their bedrooms are very bland and don’t tell that much about their owners. Idk. This is just some personal pet peeve of mine.

  12. And the mirror would basically would have the same functionality like the ones at school where you get to choose your own fake persona and pose.

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