November 21st Update

EDIT: Oops! There was a bug with the new weapon animations. I fixed the bug and uploaded a new build on 11/21 at 12:20 PM PST.

Finally – a new build where the majority of the changes are not bug fixes! That’s more like it!

For some weird reason, a lot of people had difficulty downloading the previous build. I have absolutely no idea why. I created, zipped, and uploaded the build using the exact same process as always. I really hope that people will be able to download this new build without any problems. However, just in case there are problems, I would like to remind you about something:

If you try using the launcher, and it doesn’t work for you, do not e-mail me and report it as a “bug.” There is nothing I can do for you. The launcher never changes, and the way I upload the latest version of the game never changes, either. So, if you are unable to use the launcher to download the latest update, I have no clue what the problem is, and there is nothing I can do about it. Your only option is to try using one of the other download links, and if that doesn’t work, then just wait until the next build comes out. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Actually, I released a new version of the launcher today. What changed? Only one thing: The text of the error messages. The error messages are now extremely short, and tell you exactly what to do if the launcher is not working: just give up on the launcher and use one of the alternate download links, instead! Don’t e-mail me about it, don’t post a screenshot of the error message in my subreddit or Discord…just use an alternate download link! Okay?

Anyway! With that out of the way, it’s time to share a piece of fan art. To see a list of everything that was fixed, changed, or improved in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely phenomenal artwork by crosma666!

New Weapon

A new weapon has been added to the game – a scythe! Why? Because scythes are badass, and because it’s kind of sort of technically possible to rationalize the existence of a scythe in a school, since it counts as gardening equipment.

After uploading the latest build, I realized something. The “pick up scythe” sound effect is way too quiet – almost inaudible. Don’t worry, I’ll fix this in the next build.

Mission Mode Additions

For a long time, players who enjoy Mission Mode have been asking me to make several additions to the mode. It took me a long time, but I finally got around to it:

  • The player can now set “must dispose of corpse by dumping it into the sewer as a condition when designing a mission.
  • The player can now set “must wear a lab coat while eliminating the target” as a condition when designing a mission.
  • The player can now set “must dispose of corpse in a vat of acid” as a condition when designing a mission.
  • The player can now select 14 more weapons as conditions when designing a mission.
  • The player can now enable “Aggressive Nemesis” when designing a mission.

Gossip Restrictions

It was pretty weird that students agreed to gossip about their friends, family members and crushes. So, from now on…

  • If two students are in a relationship with one another, they will refuse to gossip about each other.
  • Students will refuse to gossip about students that they are friends with.
  • All clubmembers will refuse to gossip about each another.
  • The Rainbow girls will refuse to gossip about each other.
  • The Rainbow boys will refuse to gossip about each other.
  • Kokona and Saki will refuse to gossip about each other.
  • A girl’s suitor will refuse to gossip about her.

Rival Adjustments

Two 1980s Mode rivals got adjustments to their routines:

  • If the player eliminated Moeko non-lethally and she continued to attend school on subsequent weeks, she would continue to perform her routine from Week 2 – standing around in the school plaza where the “Rainbow Boys” hang out. However, if the Rainbow Boys were not present, then she would simply stand in the plaza alone, performing a thinking animation. It looked weird and unnatural, so I’ve decided to give her a new routine on subsequent weeks. From now on, after Week 2, Moeko will spend more of her time in the area where she creates fires.
  • If the player eliminated Chigusa non-lethally and she continued to attend school on Week 10, her routine would change to “walk around the first floor of the school building,” which was a lame routine, since it had nothing to do with her identity or personality. From now on, her Week 10 routine will be to walk around and look at all of the clubs at school. This is justified by something in her lore; she wants to be more than just a gravure model, and she is looking for something else to try to excel at, but can’t decide what to pursue. That’s why she walks around from club to club, looking at them all.


  • Changed the appearance of the leader of the 1980s Martial Arts club. The leader of that club was always meant to use the hair model that has a bandana. It was an accident that someone else was wearing the bandana.
  • It should no longer be possible for the gravure idol (Chigusa) or traditional girl (Komako) to get “stuck” on the characters who follow them around school.
  • On Saturday/Sunday, Ayano/Ryoba do not wear their school uniforms. So, from now on, they won’t wear their school uniforms while in town during the daytime.
  • From now on, posting gossip on Kaobook will always result in a reputation penalty. -20 for untrue gossip, and -10 for true gossip.
  • Added a new weapon to the game – a scythe. The scythe can be found behind the gardening shed.
  • Added Miyuji’s “after club shuts down” stockings as a stocking option on the Pose Mode menu.
  • It is no longer considered suspicious to hold a kitchen knife inside of the Cooking Club.
  • Updated Yuna Hina’s hair model.
  • Updated Sota’s hair model.


  • If the player doesn’t know who the current suitor has a crush on, the suitor’s “Crush” label is supposed to say “Unknown”. This feature was working as intended while at school. However, if the player looked at a suitor’s profile while at home, the suitor’s “Crush” label spoiled the name of the rival that the suitor had a crush on. Oops! This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player got blood on their shoes while wearing raincoat galoshes and then removed the galoshes, their shoes underneath would become bloody. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player went into first-person view in 1980s Mode and tilted the camera, they could easily make the camera clip through walls. This should no longer be possible.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the game to freeze when the player tried to move past the sponsor screen and enter the title screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented one of the girls in the light music club from being able to react to Ai as she was being electrocuted on stage.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Listened to all Headmaster Tapes” and “Listened to all Journalist Tapes” Achievements from unlocking.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the game to freeze when the player tried to begin the Martial Arts Club practice minigame.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Ayano and Ryoba from having the correct eye shapes when in town or during a stealth mission.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to skip past Sunday if Friday night ended by attending the maid minigame.
  • Fixed bug that broke character pathfinding after the player exited the Light Music club rhythm minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to softlock if the player attempted to accept Gita Yamahato’s task.
  • Fixed bug that activated a debug camera when the player exited the Light Music club rhythm minigame.
  • Fixed bug that made Ayano’s clothing appear incorrect when in the town at daytime.

83 thoughts on “November 21st Update

  1. I opened my launcher and it said it needed to be updated so I clicked the link, download the launcher, and I opened the downloaded file but it still said update available

  2. i download the game via mediafire and it i extracted it and it said “No data folder found” when there was a data folder

  3. Hi YandereDev I do not mean to rush you but do you have any kind of estimate of when you’re going to finish adding these new mechanics? Like is there still a lot of them is it just some of them?

  4. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! Shouldn’t Horuda be happy if all bullies die except Kokoro, since she stops being a bully?
    Great work BTW!

  5. Hello yandere dev i was able to update the new launcher and it worked! So i think it was some problem with the other one

  6. Dev it’s so amazing how your game improved and here I am reporting another bug, the bug is that when you take a photo of Senpai, the next day later it’s still says (required photo of Senpai)

  7. I found a bug, if you attack a student with the scythe with zero sanity after you kill a student from the front yan chan will freeze btw it will be after the second victim

  8. yandere dev! I have one question, would it be possible to add such cards placed around the clubs to the game? i.e. in the occult there would be a letter from oka ruto and it would say 1/4 of her routine and why is she not at school? it would be interesting and for that it would be an achievement?

  9. Hey, Yandere dev, I think you should need to have a sedative already at your house in order to betray rivals for two reasons.

    1. It makes sense logically.

    2. Betraying rivals is more advantageous than befriending so you should need to meet a requirement to be able to do it.

    • I’m sorry, I disagree. For game difficulty balance, you shouldn’t be able to get one for free from the start of the game. You should have to go to the store and buy it.

      • I meant that you should need to have one already in your home inventory by buying it or taking one from school, not start the game with one. Bad phrasing, my bad.

      • He meant that you should need to buy a sedative first, to be able to make the betray elimination method. Rather than magically having it once it gets to that scene. If you don’t have it, the scene should proceed in the befriend method, i suppose.

  10. I apologize for the delay;
    Personally, I would like them to implement amai, not respectively weak if not possible, a rescue (I don’t know if I make myself understand).
    In other words I would like that if the player wanted to attack her someone would defend her regardless of the specific person, I know it would take a lot of work and I apologize for that, but if she wanted to have at least 2 rivals that would be really nice and I would be happy, having to repeat 2 equal weeks 😍 (I don’t know if it’s too much trouble, my respective opinion would already be the game of, Dev and apart from a million people

    • Are you suggesting that if anyone witnesses Ayano attack Amai, the witness should try to take down Ayano?

      Sort of an “Absolutely everyone loves Amai and will come to her rescue” sort of situation?

      I understand it, but it’s not what I had in mind…

  11. Can you change the cloaking device button to another key? I keep entering Yandere Vision to speed time/slow it to perfect timing, but it always turns my cloak off. A student council member usually sees me bloody and I have to restart.

  12. Yandere Dev, idk if you didnt know it, i would tell u about it. When kill student and make other student see the dead body to report to teacher. Before teacher can see the dead body, u can visit cousoler (i dont remember correct name because i’m not good at English but that room near cooking club and teacher room…) and after that, teacher will forget what will she do and ignore anything

  13. Hey yandev! Just wanted to point out that the art club leader (the one who only says two words at a time) still says the “sorry I have somewhere to be right now” when the timer runs out on the ‘follow me’ favor.

  14. As a player who plays on 1/8 texture quality due to crashing issues, I have noticed in some parts of the game (like in the pickpocket minigame) that the button promps are all rendered text instead of a texture, but in other parts of the game (like the delinquent fighting minigame) the game only uses a texture. This makes it hard to tell a difference between the R and Q buttons. I would like to ask you if you could maybe add these rendered text button promps to other parts of the game just so that those who play the game on lower textures can see what button they need to press.

  15. So I tried posting this before but didn’t get accepted or something? Anyways! The art club leader who says two words at a time still says “I’m sorry, I have somewhere to be right now” when the timer runs out on the ‘follow me’ option. It’s a bit out of character for him so I was thinking he could say something like “sorry, busy”, “no more”, or something more in character. Have a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate that)!

  16. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! If I framed a student for murder, why did the school atmosphere still decrease?

    Also, suggestion: On the map of the school, the room labeled art room on the 3nd floor is very empty, but the actual art room on the second floor isnt labeled on the map. This made the masking tape box cutter trick very confusing, as I didn’t know where the real art room was. Maybe change the labels?

      • I also just started playing 1980’s mode and noticed that Ryoba’s legs move really weirdly when she runs with a corpse in a garbage bag. It looks a little janky, so if you didn’t mean to have it like that, I just wanted to let you know!

  17. I tried disposing of Amai by using the woodchipper but I didn’t get the Amai achievement
    Also, wouldn’t it make sense for studenta to run towards distractions starting Week 6? The way Raibaru does

  18. How to Fix Muja Kina, the Nurse:
    Main Problems:
    – Too dumb
    – Too clumsy
    – Not professional looking
    Anyone who has gone to medical school and was able to be hired by an elite school is going to be dumb, clumsy, and looking like a bimbo.

    Possible Solutions:
    – Make her good at her job but she acts dumb in order to be more relatable to the students
    – Make her only clumsy when running around but if she is handling medical items, she will walk.
    – Cover her up and make her outfit look more like a nurse’s. I know she’s supposed to be sexy but no nurse is going to expose her skin and hair when her profession requires her to handle fluids and chemicals.

    Muja wanted to become a nurse due to a condition that runs in her family. For some unexplained reason, she and her family fall randomly every time they run. She studied hard everyday and was at the top of her class in school. She became very proficient and precise. However, Muja’s monotone voice and bland nature made many of her patients feel uneased by her. So one day she decided to act like she was ditzy and an airhead in order to relate more to students. This made more of her patients feel more at ease and receive the proper care. With her relatable personality and kind nature, it’s only a matter of time before Senpai falls in love.

    Getting her Fired:
    – You can sabotage her for being clumsy by making her trip with medical supplies and taking a picture.
    – You can mislabel her medicines so she gives the wrong one to a student.
    – You can sabotage her medical papers so that it says the wrong information about a student.
    – You can frame her for stealing from another teacher.
    – You give her sleeping pills before she’s going to be evaluated so she’s seen sleeping on the job.
    Because she has created this airheaded, clumsy nature personality for herself, these become believable in the eyes of the headmaster who took his chances by bringing a trainee into his school.

    How to Fix Mida Rana, the Teacher:
    Main Problems:
    – Too much like a predator
    – Not professional looking
    Anyone who was hired by an elite school is going to act like a prostitute and look like one too.

    Possible Solutions:
    – Targeting young boys like it’s her side job is really creepy and unprofessional. Just completely cut it out. I would make her more mature and knowledgable.
    – Cover her up and make her outfit look more like a teacher’s. I know she’s supposed to be sexy but no teacher is going to be hired, let alone keep their job for breaking professionalism standards.

    Mida is an excellent English teacher from Russia who has recently moved to Japan in order to work for the elite school that is Academi Academy. However, as an elite school, they don’t just hire anyone, so she is currently acting as a substitute while another teacher is on leave to show her prowess. Being new to this country, she decides to ask Senpai for help and there’s just something about him that makes her want to spend more time with him. If her accent wasn’t enough to get Senpai’s attention, it’s certainly her knowledge of books and classical music.

    Getting her Fired:
    – You can swap her books in the teacher’s lounge for porno magazines.
    – You can place another teacher’s lesson in her teacher desk in the lounge to look like she stole them.
    – You can change her student’s scores on their tests to be higher to look like she’s cheating to make herself look better.
    – You can take pictures of sports club boys changing in the changing room and place them in her purse or the teacher’s desk.
    – You can frame her for stealing from another teacher.
    – You give her sleeping pills before she’s going to be evaluated so she’s seen sleeping on the job.
    Because she’s an older teacher and she’s trying to get hired, these become believable in the eyes of the headmaster who took his chances by bringing a foreigner into his school.

    • Ah, don’t mean to be rude, never my intention or anything but this is by design.

      We all know, YandereDev included, that this isn’t the attire or normal attitude of a Nurse. Trust me, I am also in the medical indust, so please take this to heart.

      This is just an anime stereotype, common in anime school settings, along with a common personality type you see in harem/romance anime.

      This is all by design, for a crowd to point at, who gets the references. Where we can all laugh at the common stereotypes we see in several series where girls all fall for a boring looking boy.

      Like, for example, when you see the names of characters in YanSim. Look at “Midori Gurinu”, who’s name is a pun, translated it says “Green Green”. Since her primary color is green.

      Another example that we should look at to know this isn’t something to take so seriously are canon centered things we can see. Like the Science Club students who have a vat of acid, a robot cleaning blood, visors that double as ear coms, a cyborg, a mech hidden under a tarp, and their leader who openly admits his goals for world domination and experimentation.

      It gives us permission to see how silly and absurd this world can get. Another example would be the Gardening Club actually having a scythe on school grounds.

      Or the Delinquents allowed to walk around with weapons. The Occult Club’s existence, their rituals, and the canonical demons you can acces in their club room for access to powers obtained through sacrifices.

      Again, no offense meant, and I hope this doesn’t dampen your experience. I personally find no problems with her character considering it’s obviously in a fictional setting we all can acknowledge as unrealistic. And this is saying something considering that I am Asexual/Apothisexual.

      It’s also great to see someone else in the medical care profession, I provide at home medical care, and it’s nice to see someone else here. 🙂

      But, again, I hope I never came off as rude. It’s not my intention. Hope this explanation helps!

      • I totally understand why they were created in the first place. I have respect for yandev and the game. I just feel like there should be more to these characters so they feel more real than just stereotypes. It’s like yandev mentioned with Kizana. He wants her to be more than just a girl with an inflated ego.

      • Yes, but to be fair we have only seen the rival introduction video. We don’t know all her events or how she will be as a fully fleshed out character.

        Just like in anime, people are more complicated than their stereotype, and have their own personalities beyond that.

        Like we learned with Osana. She’s not just a Tsundere. She’s actually really sweet, has an endearing friendship with Raiburu, has fears of her own, loves cooking meals for Taro, is into pop music, has trouble staying awake during movies, isn’t into horror, loves cats and cute things.

        Etc etc. So I understand the need we all have to help, your suggestions seem wonderful, but until we have Muja Kina actively in the game I don’t think we can prejudge a character.

        Take it like a patient. We can’t judge their problems based upon their physical appearance or persona. We have to actually get to know their problems, do tests, run blood work, etc. We can’t do that if the patient doesn’t properly exist yet.

        That’s, at least, how I look at a character analysis. How am I supposed to judge them off of table scraps? What do we know beyond she’s a sweet hearted but clumsy nurse who’s primary color seems to be pink? Nothing at all.

        But I do like some of your suggestions, I hope it an give YanDev some fun inspiration for any eliminations he might not have considered yet, and I genuinely love your focus on the medical aspects of her character.

        Again, no offense meant, and I hope I never came off as rude or preachy. Sincerely.

  19. YandereDev! I’m reporting a bug. Delete your current save, take a photo of Senpai, go to the next day, when you go to school it says (required photo of Senpai) even though I didn’t use the picture.

  20. Bug 1: Students don’t have a line for reacting to the player holding the scythe.
    Bug 2: Whenever I tilt the camera at the east fountain where the suitor meets Osana, Ayano goes bald and the environment doesn’t render properly.

  21. I joined the art club and put on the painter’s smock which makes blood not suspicious. But when I had blood on me with the painter’s smock and I walked in front of Senpai, I got a game over because he saw that I had blood om me. Is that supposed to happen, and if not, can you please fix that?

  22. YandereDev, I don’t wanna irritate you but I just wanna keep telling you that the required photo of Senpai still doesn’t save when you go to the next day even without using the photo.

  23. Hey i had an idea for 1980s mode
    Since the fifth rival wont talk to anyone unless they are rich i think you should have to have over a certain amount of money in order to speak to her

  24. I see this weapon as perfect, for the ghost of the bathroom, Sumire Saitozaki, to cut the bond of the living and go in peace. Ayano would be a shinigami, a Halloween spin-off

  25. I found a bug where if I had blood stained clothing or a gun bag with a blood stained gun on it, while I was holding a bucket of water, it would be stained with blood.

  26. Hey dev, the Akane persona doesn’t boost the interactions of a personality type. Also, the snitch personality in 1980’s mode doesn’t have a specific boost.

  27. Hey, didn’t you say in a previous build that Ayano and Ryoba would no longer wear their casual/street clothing in the morning when in town??? Because if that’s the case, they still wear said clothing in the morning when in town.

    Also, I’ve noticed, there’s some REALLY bad clipping in the game. When going around the east fountain to match-make two students, yandere chan clips completely off the screen and the school and everything else completely disappears. This happens when walking near the school wall while going behind the tree at the east fountain. I also noticed if position your screen at certain angles you can still see ripples from the fountain and falling sakura petals. I experienced this with both Ayano and Ryoba.

    Last thing, I was wondering if it’s default for Ryoba to be kicked out of a club on Friday even when she participates in activities all week? I’m not sure if it happens to Ayano, but while playing Ryoba, she joined two different clubs that she participated in every day of the week, and still got kicked out on Friday. What’s up with that?

    • 1. It was a bug. Fixed in next build.

      2. I know. Fixed in next build.

      3. Huh? It should be impossible to join two clubs simultaneously. If that actually happened, that’s a bug. I need to receive instructions for how to replicate this bug.

      • Coolio, coolio.

        Apologies for the miscommunication on the last part! I hadn’t joined two clubs. On the first week, Ryoba had joined photography, participated all week, and then was kicked out Friday at the end of the week. The next week, Ryoba joined the gardening club, participated all week, and then was kicked out once again. I was wondering if her being kicked out every time after the week was over was default or a bug. Ryoba also wasn’t caught doing anything or had a low reputation. 🤷

  28. Hey yandev, I had a suggestion. I think Ayano should be able to regain sanity when she hears music (from the radio, in the gaming club room, whenever she passes by a light music club member practicing her instrument, etc…). I’m not sure what the programming with that would be like but I thought it was a neat idea, since music usually draws people back to earth and is comforting to some.

  29. Hi! I really want to play this game but I can’t open any of all the launchers ; I’ve tried them all, the one on the main site and the others in case the first one doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because I’m on Mac ? Is the game only for Windows?
    Thanks in advance!

  30. Hi! I just want to leave a suggestion because I feel like there could be more students like, popular kids (idk about this one because of the bullies), quiet kids,ect no pressure just an idea that I wanted to get and didn’t know where to post

  31. I am wondering if we will ever see the Gardening Club students using the equipment?

    Especially the ones behind the Gardening Shed so it provides more of a challenge if you want to use a specific weapon.

    For example it could give Gardening Club students a more unique role and it could provide more locations to go to in their routines. Which would also make them appear more lively besides just watering the potted plants.

    Ayano would have to steal the weapon from them when they aren’t looking without getting caught. Like when we steal a ring or a phone.

    I could see you reusing the Osana stretching animations for the club members.

    But I completely understand why you wouldn’t add this to the game, new animations, and new routines are a big ask.

    It’s just an idea for when the Kickstarter rolls around.

    • To add onto this I absolutely love the inclusive nature of the Cooking Club and wonder if the other clubs will soon follow that vibe eventually?

      Like they have us physically going around handing out food and I really think that’s a great step into making clubs feel unique.

      I understand if features like that won’t come until the Kickstarter campaign though. It’s a lot to program and I am sure you’re very busy.

  32. When you said it’s not suspicious to hold a knife in the cooking club, did you mean you must be both a member and in the room? Or is this a bug in the latest build?

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