Preview of Upcoming Content

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded something to my Patreon page – a 2-minute, 25-second video of something that will be added to the game in the near future.

If you want to be one of the first people to see the new feature, you can join my Patreon!

49 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Content

  1. I know exactly what the new feature is, we can finally have the ability to slide while taking panty shots 😎 And the picture shown above is the player sliding with the camera! I always thought that Yandere Simulator needed a feature like this from the moment I saw that video of yours called “Let’s Examine Natsuiro High School” And I enjoyed the fuck out of it! Keep the fantastic work up and make Yandere Simulator as lewd as you can!!!😎👍

  2. Yanderedev, Yanderedev! Why, when you are from the cooking club and you take the knife, do the members of the club get alert? Shouldn’t they be calm if they are inside the kitchen?

  3. Hey yandev just a small suggestion
    People who fight back (basu sisters kokona Saki himari riku etc) shouldn’t have Incapable of self defense. They should have very weak or weak self defense however you would like

  4. Hey YandereDev, when you run behind Sonoko when the event is happening, she will notice our footsteps and the event between her and Jokichi will be cancelle

  5. I don’t know if this is just me not knowing what I’m doing, but I’ve been trying to poison someone’s bento with headache medicine, and it just won’t work. I’ve tried distracting them, but they just get up and the lunch disappears, I’ve also tried laughing to get them to come over but the option doesn’t show up anywhere when I get to the bento. I’ve tried with both girls and boys but it just doesn’t work. I just thought I’d report it just so I can know if it’s just a me thing or if there’s actually a glitch happening.

    • It works for me…I don’t know what to tell you. Could you record a video of this bug occurring, upload it to YouTube as an Unlisted video, and e-mail it to me? (The video must begin at the start of the school day so I can see everything that happens.)

  6. Hey YanDev! I got a suggestion: Maybe, the player could need some… “skills” to join some certain club.
    For an example: To join the Sports Club, the player would need to have P.E in Rank 2. To join The Gaming Club, the player would need to have at least 3000 points in Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki. etc.
    Well, if you do read this, it doesn’t need to be the *exact* same requirements as i commented. And it also don’t need to be added. I just think it would be interesting for people to have to work a little to join certain clubs.

  7. Hey YandereDev, I can make a suggestion, which is that when the teachers catch you fighting with a delinquent they stop you just like that, I know this is done intentionally… but it seems unfair that it only hurts you, like that What..wouldn’t it be better if the teachers are like the student council? Just stop the violence.

    • those teachers are discriminating students if they like them less, lol
      but its also weird that they like troublesome students more than main char.

  8. It looks like yanchan holding a brown bag and what looks to be a red scythe. I can see why people think pizza bc of how the scythe-like object looks against the celling. Still got no idea what it could be, but I hope it’s a new weapon!

  9. Dev! There’s two problems that I encountered when ayano goes to town, one: her uniform is buggy, two: It doesn’t really make sense how Ryoba and Ayano get to wear school outfit in town during Sunday morning.

  10. Hi Yandere Dev The last Build I have a tlauncher does not want to download the game after 100% fix the bug with tlauncher!

    • That makes no sense… I use Save/Load for the genocide route, when I want to save in the middle of the day in case I mess up on something, or many other situations like timing some event or just not wanting to start at the beginning of the day. For me, Save/Load is very important. Also, many of those bugs are being fixed.

  11. I think holding the box of garbage bags shouldn’t be considered “insane behavior” and get you sent to the counselor since garbage bags aren’t a dangerous item even though it’s a little weird to have them when it’s not cleaning time

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