September 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There was a really annoying bug in the last update, so I decided to release a new bug-fixing build right away. Please grab the latest update to be free of the troublesome issue that was present in the last build.

To see a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest update, please scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous artwork by Kenishman!

This artist has produced some of the most amazing Yandere Simulator artwork that I’ve ever seen, and has been one of my favorite artists for years. Some of their fan art is extremely dark and graphic, but perfectly captures the extreme situations and emotions that would happen in the kind of scenarios that can occur from Ayano’s actions. Ah! I love this artist so much!

Fixes and Changes

  • Previously, a sabotaged power strip would only recognize a puddle of water if it was created through a scripted event (sabotaging a pipe with a wrench), and would not recognize any puddle of water that was created by dumping water from a bucket of water. This is no longer the case; sabotaged power strips will now always be able to recognize that they are inside of a puddle of water, even if that puddle was not created through a scripted event.
  • Osana will no longer react to a stink bomb if she is reacting to the sight of Senpai’s book floating in water. Reacting to the destruction of Senpai’s book is more important to her than a bad smell.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Tag” button from displaying properly (or functioning) if the player accessed the Student Info screen through taking a picture of a student’s face.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to think that Ayano had Saki’s Bra in her inventory if she picked up any “task item” (such as Ryuto’s bandana or Osana’s cat phone charm).
  • Fixed bug that caused sabotaged power strips in the bathrooms to only become electrified when the power switch was “Off” rather than “On”.
  • With advice from a native Portuguese speaker, I’ve adjusted some of Joze’s Portuguese dialogue to sound more natural.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in “invisible walls” in the plushie and workbench areas of the school.
  • Removed the blue tint from the Student Profiles, since most people seemed to dislike them.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “low-sanity hallucinations” from fading in and out properly.
  • Corrected a typo in Shinako Bunzai’s student profile.

35 thoughts on “September 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. i know these are hard to make but sorry, i just want to share some of my opinions. we can have energy drink in game that makes us run faster, also we should be able to build physical education level by practicing with sports club. with this way, we can spend our study points in other things. also we need more bars to fill up with study points because in 10 weeks a lot of points going to waste. we should be able to build our reputation with our top grades and exam results. we can impress senpai in this way. this is a school and we need to feel this with things like students will do.

    also reputation bar makes me confused all time, i cant be sure if there is a limit of reputation that we can have or there is not a limit but just we cant see more than 100/150? we should have a menu in our phone to see it, im sorry if we can already see it but i just dont know how to. also if our reputation is high senpai should know us as a person in school cuz everyone will know us (i know not possible rn, but maybe in late game)
    English is not my native language, sorry.

    • I agree with being able to improve ourselves like you would a suitor but I see that as maybe a Kickstarter campaign thing. I always thought it would be great to see what Taro finds attractive in a girl and try to improve yourself in that way.

      You could improve yourself in the same way you improve the stats of suitors. That way the only thing that would change in those scenes would be that Ayano is the one performing the activity.

      Though I wouldn’t add the energy drink as it’s bit of a hot topic over there atm since they allow minors to drink it and just hand it out like hot cakes. It’s currently being discussed as a real problem over there and it wouldn’t look good to the educated eye to see someone in a sailor uniform drinking one. Especially since most people wouldn’t know the characters are 18+ and would likely be angered.

      I would also love the idea of Ayano taking the tests and stuff on a hard mode. I love challenges but not all people do and would rather just try to hit the storyline as fast as humanly possible.

      So hard mode would be a great way to add in tests and studying. Like, “Oh! I shouldn’t stay up doing ‘X’ or else I won’t make it for my test on time/grades will slip/reputation will fall!” It’s great for that immersion and extra difficulty but I can see how it would annoy some.

      Hope YanDev sees your suggestions! Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are!

      Also you’re doing amazing! Learning English is hard from what I hear and I think it’s cool you’re learning another language! Great job!!

      • Hot topic for energy drinks? That literally makes no sense. That shouldn’t care!

      • Well that’s not for you or me to decide. The fact is energy drinks have been proven to be bad for your health in the long run. Especially since some have addictive ingredients designed to make your mind hooked on them.

        But it IS a big thing for the Japanese. Since they give them out to minors as young as 10 years old. Its a very controversial topic over there. And since they’re using a sailor fuku in this game people might get the wrong idea if it were to be added.

        People make a fuss about things all the time. Even what may seem minuscule to people like you or me. So it’s best to avoid things ahead of time. Which is why I talked about it.

        I love this game and don’t want YanDev to come under fire for something unintentional. Its just safer.

        But just know I don’t mean any offense. None at all and sorry if this seemed aggressive or rude in anyway. Never my intent.

  2. You fixed those bugs amazingly fast!
    I hope you’ll have time to add new features, the game seems to have less “game breaking” bugs.

    Osana’s reaction when she smells stink bombs is strange during her “Visit clubs to calm down” event after her morning call with the stalker.

    She will walk at running speed and separate from Raibaru for a few seconds (letting time to kill her) while Raibaru is running away.

    Osana and Raibaru will go to their tree and say “So, is that club for you?” or something and they walk again at run speed to their event

    • Occultism (not Satanism). They believe in spirit, Oija board, and the like. But that is not a religion or belief system just like what YanDev stated. I should warn Oka that engaging in that shit is dangerous:( if I were Taro

      • occultism is (and means) a spiritual belief but it includes hidden knowledge and generally u dont share it to other ppl. maybe club members has their own personal beliefs like one of them is pagan, ona of them is wiccan and idk. we need to ask them personally if we really want to learn it lol

  3. Maybe you should program such a function for the next rival’s event or important npc’s event. If a player interrupt a event such as (laughing, throwing stinky bomba, killing someone infront of them, sending mind-broked student to kill them, throwing items, etc.), then the rival or important NPCs will return to normal animation and the event will be canceled and then you don’t have to worry about the constant fix bugs about next rival’s event.

    • Yeah, it became apparent that this was the correct choice years ago. You just described exactly how 1980s Mode rival events already work.

      To the extent that it’s possible, every new rival event added to the game in the future will share one generic script that is programmed to be able to handle a diverse range of different scenarios.

      • Well i mean for next 202X rivals or important npc’s event (not for 1980 rivals). That’s good to say, mate.
        Last question: An explosion from a detonator in 1980 mode should be alerting everyone in school. Also do you fixed bug that mind-broked student getting scared pose when you get game over by journalist, senpai and etc?

  4. Hey there Yandere-Dev. Hope you’re doin’ well. I was pondering about your speech bubble thing and thinking of cool and artsy ways for it to integrate with the A prompt (two examples are that: when a speech bubble appears the button prompt would split in half and open up like a retractable screen keeping the prompt in the middle with the prompt to the side ready for you to use OR maybe that every student would have quick pop-up speech bubbles with a chibi sprite of Yanchan holding up the button prompt off to the side of the frame but the thing is you only “hear fragments” of what people are saying and thus have to “focus in” with a button on what they’re saying to see the full speech bubble thus saving space) but since both would take an extra amount of work then the simple solution would be to just do what you did in the video but lower the speech bubble and make the button prompt move to the corner when someone is talking and keep it on top of their heads when they aren’t

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Correction: “a retractable screen keeping the prompt in the middle with the prompt to the side ready for you to use” should be “”a retractable screen keeping the SPEECH TEXT in the middle with the prompt to the side ready for you to use” Sorry about that

  5. Could you make the former newspaper leader as Member again instead of removing him? Also, could you make him admire Shinako and I wanted Shinako to be a guest/DLC Rival in the game. Just an option please!

    Suggestion: We can select NPC to be our rival (example, I selected Akane as my rival) and her script will act like Osana/or Rival so that we can have our customized rival in-game

  6. Only for curiosity. I’m asking if when the 9 missing rivals are finished … After eliminating the last rivals, if the following week will be to approach and make senpai fall in love

    • no, according to what i know when you eliminate megami, ayano will ask taro out and he will accept, however there is a chance that they won’t start dating right when ayano asks him out because taro doesn’t want ayano to die like the other rivals

    • I don’t think that will be the case. Yan Dev mentioned that the game takes places exclusevly during 10 weeks (from Osana to Megami). Also, 1980s mode also show how gameplay ends right after Sonoko is eliminated!

  7. yandere dev I have an idea to change the routine of a PE teacher during a lesson! normally she works in the teachers’ room but maybe during 8:30 AM she would wash the floor and if she caught yan-chan, she would go to a psychologist or yan-chan would slip and then it would end badly or go to the nurse what about do you think it? 🙂

    • Might be a good idea. The PE teacher isn’t utilized for much, so maybe I should station her in certain areas as a “sentinel” of sorts. It’ll depend on what areas need an extra witness that week, though.

      • In 1980s, she could be used during week 5 to walk around the pool area
        or during week 4 she could stay in front of the running track, facing Akademi
        Idk lol

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