45 thoughts on “Answering 14 Questions for Victorialand5

  1. I think that the rival who’s hiding her true self might be Osoro. In the rival introduction, she said : “That boy… He’s the only one who…” I think that could refer to how Senpai is the only one who knows what she’s really like, or how he is the only one that could love her (according to her, of course).

  2. Yanderedev I think your idea for Multiplayer is kinda fire! I like it! Please let it be a part of the game 😦 I wanna play YanSim with my dudes

  3. If the crowdfunding succeeds, do you plan to add more voice lines, events or animations for osana (or raibaru)? or are you just gonna focus on the other rivals and leave osana’s week just how it is now

    • I think the answer is Yes. As you can see — 1980 mode rivals are still kept on improving even they are already set in stone. What’s more on Osana and Raibaru?? Ofc, whilst the week look polished and complete, I believe Yanderedev will polish and add more scripted events and voicelines to Osana. The focus of crowdfunding campaign is only only for subsequent rivals, but also to add future features and adding unique quests for all NPCs and improving the overall experience of the game.

  4. I found an annoying bug. When I try to eliminate Osana with a long weapon while she’s sunbathing in the pool on thursday I always get a weird bug. I got ride of the bullies by befriending them and telling them to leave the area, then I distracted Raibaru with the radio and attacked Osana with a weight, while performing the death animation her hair was out of sync with her head (she was bald) I did it again but this time a left a screwdriver in front of Raibaru so she left the pool to return it to its location, when I took a fire extinguisher and I was approaching Osana to kill her, she reacted to my suspicious behavior when she was supposed to be asleep, ohh, and her swimsuit became a school uniform. Hope you can fix this.

  5. hey yandere dev, i sent you a bug report a month ago and you haven’t seen it, this bug existed ever since Osana and Raibaru was added. so i’m just going to paste it here since you seen the read the blog post more.

    when you send Osana to her locker about blackmail, to meet you behind the school, Raibaru runs in circles between Osana and Ayano the whole time they talk

  6. three question:
    1-Any chance Nemesis is in the original yandere simulator story?
    2-Will Mission mode get any story mode or something?
    3-When the game is completed, will we be able to visit all the rooms and neighborhood of Yandere Chan’s house? (living room, etc.)

    • 1. Nemesis is Hanako, and Hanako will appear in 202X Mode, so in that sense, “Nemesis” will technically appear in 202X Mode.

      2. I consider it sometimes, but it’s not a super high priority.

      3. I don’t see any reason to implement this.

      • Too late but Michigan and Minnesota are the wrong shape in that America silhouette

  7. The original Assassin’s Creed III had pretty good social-stealth-based multiplayer. It was very similar to what you described, with the important distinction that you could choose your avatar from a selection of available appearances instead of getting a random one. (Player customizability is important!)

    An example:

  8. i think a cool idea for multiplayer yandere sim would be if there was an online feature. you could team up with others, make a private server to play with irl friends, have a username, and come up with different ways to kill-sorry, eliminate-your current rival together. teamwork makes the dream work! 🙂

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