May 4th Bug-Fixing Build

After I released the previous build, a lot of people started reporting a “game freezes on white screen” bug. Supposedly, the bug would occur when attending class. I tried to trigger the bug many times under many different circumstances, but no matter what I tried, the bug didn’t happen.

It’s possible that I fixed some other bug that had the side-effect of fixing the white screen bug. If you were encountering the white screen bug, I’d like to ask you to download this new build and tell me if it still happens.

Of course, this new build also involves a bunch of other fixes, as well. To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed, scroll down past this beautiful artwork by Bvnnymon<3!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the dead bodies of martial arts club members to slide across the ground if the player sparred with a martial arts club member after killing a member of that club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to freeze in place indefinitely if she heard the sound of Osana choking on her bento while she was eating a bento that had been non-lethally poisoned.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the protagonist to be unable to move if a memorial took place on a day when school atmosphere was low enough to trigger Sleuth activity.
  • Fixed bug that caused a mind-broken slave’s limbs and “clothing” to be visible poking outside of a trash bag that she was concealed inside of.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher’s chair to follow them around even when they weren’t meant to be sitting or grading papers.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to perform the “pick up trash bag” action if the bag was on a table.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Journalist to pepper-spray Ryoba for being bloody even if the blood was hidden by a raincoat.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the game to freeze when entering the school scene if school atmosphere was low.
  • Updated Ryoba’s sprites in the maid minigame to reflect the artwork on the Characters page of the official website.
  • Fixed bug that caused Horuda to dress up in the same fashion as a kidnapped victim after being driven to murder.
  • It is no longer possible to use the “Pass 30 Minutes” book if the police are currently on their way to school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the protagonist’s raincoat from having an outline while Yandere Vision was active.
  • Fixed bug that made Efude appear bald after kidnapping her and keeping her prisoner in your basement.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the game to freeze when attending class.
  • Fixed bug that gave two 1980s students “angry eyes” that they weren’t supposed to have.
  • Updated the aprons used by the Cooking Clubs in both 1980s Mode and 202X Mode.
  • Spiteful students will now react positively to notes about “Bullying”.

68 thoughts on “May 4th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi i experienced this issue, The white screen would only appear when the schools atmosphere would be around 60% and the Photography club would start patrolling the school. I also noticed this bug would occur when 2 of the photography students would get stuck at the beginning of the day, i tried to get students to distract them to possibly
    fix this cycle but they would both disappear into thin air

  2. the error was fixed with a white screen on time of the class and when the student was killed and the next day on time of the ceremony after the student’s death!

  3. Hi yanderedev I encountered a bug, at the entrance to the school there is a bush that you can cross could you fix it?
    and then due to the error of the white screen once the cemony ayano is over you can no longer move and the game lagga tantisimo

  4. Hey, what are the chances after the game is complete of including a mode that would completely randomize everything? I know there’s a mission mode, but what about a mode that randomizes items, patterns, and even likes and dislikes. Would that be possible in the future?

    • Probably when there will be a big update or an art contest. I’m not YandereDev so what I say is not 100% sure.

  5. Hey, YandereDev, just something that came to my head but I think you should make the school pool function. Like where the protagonist can swim in it during lunch time or something, and every time they do their physical states boosts up by .5, I just thought this would be cool 🙂

    • Yeah! It’s great! I would love if Ayano could improve her stats more organically. Running/weight lifting/swimming for athletics. Talking with a bunch of different personas/read manga/steal the counselor files for psychology. Etc etc.

      Maybe even improve herself to attract Taro’s attention? I mean if we could give our rivals suitors it would be great if we could do the same for ourselves. Oh Taro likes athletic girls? Well time to hit the tracks! Taro likes girls with a kind personality? Time to change my persona in the mirror! Oh Taro likes [x] item? Time to hit the stores! Things like that. It would be so cool if we could try to do this over the course of the game as we learn more about Taro.

      • That’d be so cool!!:D
        And I think Senpai could have multiple preferances, so that the player can have more options to choose from, not just a liniar path or something

    • I really like this idea, but it isn’t as simple as it seems.

      If this was to happen there would need to be two methods of approach

      1. A simple static animation that is like when the yakuza kidnaps someone (easier approach)

      2. An actual in-game mechanic.

      This would be hard to implement for many reasons. It would require a lot and I mean a lot of animations. Not only do you need to implement character animations, but this needs to be done for Ayano and Ryoba and then this has to be done for every outfit in the game for both of these characters. Then you need to implement a wet version of these outfits and animations.

      You then need to implement a drowning meter which I could see causing a lot of bugs. In certain aspects of the game.

      You also need to add an item that expands the player drowning meter

      Maybe a static animation is possible but a whole mechanic would take longer than it took to develop 1980s mode

  6. Great job Yandere Dev as usual. Yandere Dev
    i found bug: I opened the doors on the roof near the planters and closed these doors and now I can walk through those doors without opening the doors near the planters on the school roof.

  7. IF we are able to join the SCA(student council administrations) would we be able to pepper spray and/or push people

  8. Yandere dev, Please add to Ayano’s computer New advertisement in the online store and a new random server in Yancord.

  9. Yandere Dev, can there be a feature where Budo will break up fights between Ayano and the delinquents?

  10. hey yandere dev, I found a bug. On mission mode ayano wear the default school uniform unlike other students who wear the black uniform then when you enter the building, ayano uniform changes to black uniform. so please fix this bug!!! 🙂

      • Hi Yanderedev,
        this happens when you restart the game after a game over, but not always. (If it helps, the times it happened to me I was killed by Nemesis, I don’t know if it’s related, but I’m saying it just in case.)

  11. Please start working on ingame volume controls for more than just music, the game can be really loud and even volume mixer can’t fix it sometimes. I understand it may be hard but that is the biggest thing I would love to see added

  12. I found a bug in Ryobas time period in the street town. Whenever she sprints her hair is kind of glitchy and into her scalp but not when she walks.

  13. Yandere Dev there is only one more mistake, but not quite a mistake, that is, if a player took a slave and caught the eye with a corpse to the consul, Hero, or offender, then the slave killed him and the player stayed to get ready with him for a battle with the characters who noticed him, then until 6.00 pm it could be done so if for 13 seconds, if the player did not get caught by the character, then she stopped being prepared because he is dead from a slave

  14. Quick question that might sound dumb and nitpicky but are you gonna change the characters uniforms at some point cause people on the internet say that the uniform the characters in 202X are junior uniforms personal I think this is kind of dumb and nitpicky but I what to hear what you might do about it, if you will change it, if you will not I would love to know ^w^

    • It’s been a part of the game for so long that it’s part of the game’s identity and it’s difficult to consider changing it.

      There is an option to change the school’s uniform while you’re designing your Senpai, so if it bothers you, it’s easy to fix.

  15. The bug where you cannot pause after a student is a killed. Please fix this 😦
    My steps are as followed if it’s specific:
    – Grab 2 sharp weapons
    – Join sports club
    – Kill all student council with a dumbell while theyre distracted with one of the sharp weapons
    Please fix this yandev!! 😦

  16. Yandere dev, I don’t want to sound rude but..
    the models for the student council in 202x..
    they aren’t *it*
    I don’t know how to describe them to you, they feel like a massive downgrade, especially Shiromi and Aoi
    some other models I’m not a big fan of are the occult club’s, the drama club’s and for some other students that aren’t in groups (Sumire in 202x, Saki, Meka, some of the sports club members etc)
    (I’m not hating on the modelers or the game, they all did an amazing job, but the inconsistent styles and the outdated models are a bit.. I think you understand)
    please answer me if you can and thanks for reading ^^

  17. Are you going to change the teachers’ hair textures ? They seem old and out of place among the new hair models you’re giving to students these days.

  18. In the character section of the page you should put ryoba’s rivals in the ”Rivals” category.
    and Mae Kunahito in the ”faculty” category.
    also an illustration of Yokichi yudasei in 202X.

    • no he shouldn’t they’re in the 1980s mode bc they aren’t ayano’s rivals and she’s not a faculty member anymore

  19. would the gloomy unreleased rival ever be added to the game as a dlc rival with a bigger personality

  20. Ciao yanderedev ho riscontrato un bug, all’ingresso della scuola c’è un cespuglio che puoi attraversare potresti risolverlo?
    e poi a causa dell’errore dello schermo bianco una volta terminato il cemony ayano non puoi più muoverti e il gioco lagga tantisimo

  21. Yo, I noticed that when you enter snap mode on Monday and go to the student council’s room, Megami’s laptop will start saying the lines ‘don’t hurt me’ and ‘stay away from me’. Is this intentional?

  22. BRO I went on characters and went up up down down left right left right b a Twice that was SCARY

  23. Hi yanderedev, I encountered a bug, there is a bush at the school entrance that you can cross, could you solve it?
    and then due to the error of the white screen once the cemony ayano is finished you can no longer move and the game lags a lot

  24. Hey Yandere-Dev!
    I have a bug. One person from the karate club has a task for us to clean the traces of stupas. Before doing this task, I take a photo of the ‘prints’ of the shoe. It said in the upper right corner that it was “blood.” I think it’s because of one more type of trail. Bloody traces.
    By the way, I had an unnecessary idea for MEGA. However, an IDEA is an IDEA.
    Yandere-Dev, what do you think of the mud puddles? I don’t know what this destiny might be. Sorry.

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