May 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

I really wanted to fix that Sakyu Basu ring bug, so here’s a new build that fixes/improves 10 things that were added in the previous build.

To see a list of everything that was changed, scroll down past this beautiful artwork by Denzel Adobas!

Actually, I’ve got more artwork from Denzel that I’d like to share with you!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that was causing the game to display the wrong text for any rival that had not yet arrived at school. That text will now read “?????” instead of spoiling information that the protagonist couldn’t possibly be aware of.
  • Fixed bug that caused Miyuji Shan’s forehead to become deformed when she was a prisoner in the basement or a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to steal Sakyu’s ring in the shower building after splashing her with a bucket of liquid.
  • Fixed bug that caused some students to look strage when kidnapped and held inside of the basement in 202X.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers’ chairs to slide around school with them as they followed their schedules.
  • Fixed problem with Uekiya’s hair model that caused her hair ties to be desynchronized with her hair.
  • Adjusted the textures of the stockings of the girls in the Light Music Club in 202X.
  • Fixed a typo in the instructions for the 1980s Mode tutorial sequence.
  • Fixed a typo in Info-chan’s “Gossip” tutorial text.
  • Slight tweaks to Akane’s hair model.

36 thoughts on “May 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hm, these fixes aren’t bad, but I’d still like to see the previous 202X Council girls’ previous hair models come back. Like I said in my comment on the May 1st build update, the previous ones looked much closer to the official artwork.

  2. I found a bug I guess, when Ryoba is in the house or town her hair physics is weird…
    I don’t know if this is a bug, but Ayano’s running animation while in the town is different. Just like the old versions of the game.

    And sorry, but most of the student hair textures do need tweaking. Some students’ hair looks terribly straight and smooth, not like Ryoba’s hair, where the textures are there. I noticed that many people on YouTube do not like new hairstyles and everyone wonders why they are changed. The earlier ones looked better.

  3. Thank you for fixing the teachers’ chairs bug because I was walking around and saw a chair in the middle of the hallway! I also like the other bug fixes, I noticed some of them too. 🙂

  4. This is unexpected but needed update! I love all the fanarts. Thank you for keeping a constant bug fix to the game. This is something that has not expected but needed 🙂

  5. Hi YandereDev, so I am here to ask you a question (I don’t mean to harm you or anything) but when will be the crowdfunding campaign starts?

    As you can see – All of these new updates in the past months focused on Aesthetic, Models, Small things and More bug fix. I love those things and I am more happy to know that you were making these changes to the game.

    What bothers me is that – This game is appealing enough to represent the game. We have the 1980s Mode, we also have the 202x mode demo plus Amai Challenge.

    I love these constant updates but, I really wanted to start the crowdfunding. The future of Yandere Simulator is residing in this. I love the game since 2016 and I’m here to support every little piece of it. I don’t let hate stop me from loving your game.

    Just to let you know that the community wants to know your next plan to the game – most of them are worried since the May 1st build, with all these small updates. They clearly wanted to know when the next big thing happens

    Again, This is due to my worrying about the future of my favorite game. If you feel offensive or uneasy, that’s fine – kindly ignore my reply.

    Love you yanderedev!! ❤

    • I personally agree with this comment. I think everyone is wanting and waiting for the crowd funding campaign. I dont think it’s rude to ask yan dev about it, but I do hope he has some answers about it. 🙂

    • Yeah, I believe that the crowdfunding would have been a succes if it started in december or january Idk – somewhere near the 80s realese since the game got a lot of hype with the respective update
      However, if by june/july 1st the game will have a big update (something similar to the new way of splashing a new student with water), then there are still big chances the game’s crowdfunding will be a succes!!
      This is only my opinion though!

    • Yes. Whatever your next big addition to the game is, prioritize it. Do a bit of teasing leading up to that next big update to build some hype. Then drop in the crowdfunding. You want to follow it up right after getting people excited. The release of 1980s mode probably would have been ideal, since that had been the biggest change to the game in a long time. Whatever it is you do, you can’t wait too long. Give it your best shot dude!

    • The worst case scenario is:

      1. Launch crowdfunding campaign

      2. Tell people to download the demo and see if they like it enough to fund the full game

      3. People download the demo

      4. The demo is full of bugs, it gives people a very poor impression of the game, people hate it, and decide not to fund the game

      To avoid this, I must spend some more time fixing bugs.

      I hate this phase of development, too, but it’s mandatory.

  6. I have to say, the more you wait, the more the hype you built dies down.. I don’t mean to pressure you, yet many people are in fact forgetting more of YanSim because of the time. Perhaps you still have important things to do, yet i truly wish for your crowdfunding to go well.

    • If you were to do the crowdfunding before doing the videos or changing the models (it seems like it is close?), i am not sure if the hype for the crowdfunding would be the most good, so we can at least wait until then..

    • I agree. It’s such a sad thing, because as I said in another comment, this game has so much potential. I understand that Yandere Dev wants to show the story once certain parameters are adjusted, but sometimes we have to accept that not everything has to be the way we want it to be received with open arms. This game has no substance due to its lack of story, however its creator still puts effort into adding nice and good quality visuals, and it’s lovely, but it’s not enough to encourage others to keep supporting the development of the game. I’m tired of watching people hate this game so much, but I try to explain to myself that not everything is black and white, and that maybe there is something within Yandere Dev that we don’t understand.

      • Hm.. I only see as a bad thing for the game that he took this long to launch the crowdfunding campaign. You see, if he had launched it when the game was at its hype, he would certainly have gained, i assume, much more money than he normally would be guessed to get nowadays. There would be no point to add too much story at the first demo week, so it couldn’t be helped.. he wanted to add features first, and launch the crowdfunding to complete the weeks.

  7. Im glad you fixed the teacher chair gliding glitch, it used to get students stuck when I was trying to eliminate them

  8. What if, starting Week 5/6, characters would run towards distractions like Raibaru instead of slowly walking!

  9. i was thinking maybe if the art club is shut down (meaning we can’t frame someone cause we need masking tape and box cutter) u can use the scissors in the sewing club and there could be masking tape there too

  10. hi yandere-dev sensei . well first of all , thanks for new update .I actually wanted to suggest a steins gate crossover in later updates easter egg . well I think I will fall for kurisu skin if this idea really works , sorry if its kinda rude .
    oh and one more thing . 2B nier automata easter egg ,I don’t if its a typo or not but I think Its Nier , not Near I guess :>

  11. there is a bug that when killing someone the other day after the funeral the screen goes white without being able to see anything

  12. Hello yanderedev I found a bug in 1980 mode. If the atmosphere at school is low and there are photographers, then when you go to class the game freezes on a white screen. Please respond.

  13. Gosh, I absolutely love this game, just a quick suggestion: I think that the school uniforms’ skirts should be a bit longer (not like the female delinquents’ skirts) I mean, it’s the 80s, and it’s Japan. I just think it would make more sense. Don’t give up, we wish you the best.

  14. I noticed when I dismembered the male members of the Photography club (Both 2023 and 1980s Mode), Newspaper Club, and the Rainbow Boys, their eyes turned red (Sukubi’s eyes became grey.) instead of their normal color, and not to mention the goatee disappeared from Rojasu and Itachi, and the roses from Shozo and Riku are floating when I picked their dismembered head up. And Pippi’s bandana, Gema’s glasses and bandana, the suitor’s accessories, Osana’s cat accessories, and Mai’s ribbon have disappeared.

    • Several people have reported this bug, but when I follow the steps, the bug doesn’t happen.

      There must be something specific that causes the bug to happen, but nobody has been able to identify it yet, so I haven’t been able to experience the bug yet.

      It’s also possible that I’ve already fixed the bug, which is why I can’t encounter it.

      I’ll upload a new build shortly. Please test it and confirm if the bug still happens.

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