2/2/22 Bug-Fixing Build

Darn! There was a bug in the previous build that prevented the player from being able to open certain doors around school. What a blunder! I’ve prepared a new build where the problem is fixed – along with a few other fixes and improvements.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed, scroll down past this beautiful artwork by x_anp!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If the player used the “Week Select” menu to befriend every student in school, they would never be able to perform Togo’s task, and therefore never be able to unlock access to the Yakuza. This problem has been solved; using the “Week Select” menu to befriend students will now automatically unlock access to the Yakuza.
  • If the player obtains rat poison, alcohol, or cigarettes while at school, and brings those items home, those items will now appear as options in the “Bring Item To School From Home” menu.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from realizing that the player had used up lethal poison obtained from the Yakuza and shouldn’t be allowed to bring it from home to school anymore.
  • Fixed bug that caused an unconscious student to wake up and exit the music case if the player reloaded a save file after putting a sleeping student into the case.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Bring Item To School From Home” menu to be a bit glitchy after bringing an item from home to school on a previous day.
  • Fixed bug that caused certain students (primarily the Gaming Club) from correctly returning to the proper location when the player loaded a save.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from realizing that a bottle of lethal chemical poison had been removed from Ryoba’s inventory.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to open the doors of the gardening shed, greenhouse, or tea house.
  • Fixed bug that caused the pyromaniac rival’s barrel to perpetually be on fire at all times in both 1989 and 202X.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from joining the Newspaper Club in 1980s Mode.

48 thoughts on “2/2/22 Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Thank you YandereDev! This fixed my 1980s Week 2 Playthrough!
    Also, you may not fix this, but in a few easter eggs in 1980s mode, the journalist will still attack you. You should also decrease his line of sight because he pepper sprays me way too much.

  2. I electrocuted Ritsuko Chikanari in the 1st floor bathroom and when I dismembered her the game froze and a bunch of heads started popping out.

  3. I just checked 1980s mode. I am unable to open any doors in the garden club. Also can’t open them in mission mode. Seems to be just fine in 2023 story mode.

  4. Honestly, the game has too much greenery and wouldn’t make sense for it to not have a groundskeeper.
    It would make sense for a groundskeeper npc to be added.
    On the side note, in 1980s mode, the trees are the same size as they are in 20XX mode, wouldn’t the size be different in the 80s? Surely the trees would have changed in 20XX mode, right?

  5. I don’t know if it’s a bug but last time I was playing 1980s mode I looked in every bathroom and closet and couldn’t find the trash bags

  6. Yandere Dev, I recall you looking for a better term/wording for ‘Headache Poison’. After doing some look through, why not make it Ginseng or Ginkgo Extract as a Medicine for headaches? In larger quantities/doses, a medicine turns into a poison: too much Headache Medicine can ‘become’ a Headache Poison.

  7. Hello, Yandere Dev! I hope you’re doing well! I’m here to report something (I’m not sure if it counts as a bug, but a mistake in a student’s surname). While I was looking at the 80s students’ profiles, I noticed a mistake in a student’s surname: Witness-chan’s/Ui Tunesu’s surname). The syllable “tu” does not exist in japanese. However, the syllable “tsu” does exist. So, here are some ideas for her surname:
    1. Change her surname from “Tunesu” to “Tsunesu”.
    2. Change her surname to another one.
    3. Give Witness-chan a new name.
    Here are some links that can help you. (Lists of female japanese names and surnames)
    That’s all! I hope you have an amazing day! Keep up the good work! 💕

    • I appreciate your attempt to help, but Ui Tunesu is a special character, so I will not prioritize giving her a realistic name.

      Also, I do think that the syllable “tu” actually exists in Japanese: トゥ

  8. hey YanDev! I have some bugs to report. I encountered both in Mission Mode.
    1. So, I don’t know if the method/weapon, target, or location matter, but I’ll list them anyway. I eliminated Rojasu in the top left storage room on the first floor (the one with the raincoat and pipe wrench) with a Katana. then, I placed the tarp under him and dismembered him. all the body parts immediately became tarp bags, and I wasn’t able to pick them up, meaning I had to restart the mission/day.
    2. I joined the LMC and, with the weapon bag still equipped, put on the cello case. I was able to (which is a glitch in and of itself), and afterward, I couldn’t remove the weapon bag. I didn’t have a weapon in there or anything (luckily), but the weapon bag was just..on me, and pressing 4, the key to remove it, didn’t do anything.

  9. Hey Yan Dev. So there’s a bug I have noticed, and I don’t know if you have already fixed it or if it counts as a bug.
    First I tried stealing the syringe in 1980’s mode. I got caught.
    Then, I chose the ‘Apologize’ option in the Guidance Counselor.
    I noticed after that, Ryoba’s face was Ayano’s face.
    Is this a bug?

  10. Great work! Keep it up! Also, I have a suggestion,
    you should make it seem suspicious when you are turning a radio on and off, because it would seem a bit strange in a school environment, also you should make it possible to join the bullies. Ayano’s reputation would automatically be higher, you could intimidate people like the delinquents, the accessory could be a hoodie, and gossip would take more rep points from someone, but there should be one downside. the student council have a longer range of sight.
    Enjoy your day!

  11. Hey YandereDev, I noticed a few bugs, like using easter eggs that can dismember someone will cause their body to appear bald, only leaving a dismembered head, and I also notice sometimes when I dismember Osana with a circular saw, infinite heads will appear, also, I couldn’t dismember Nemesis, and when I dismember someone while they are laying on tarp, seven tarp bags will appear, leaving no dismembered parts. If you see this comment, can you fix it please? If you do, I would really appreciate it, thank you. 🙂

    • Earlier today, I fixed a bug related to dismembering students (but not related to baldness). Now, when I dismember students, their heads are not bald. Maybe I fixed two bugs at the same time. Check again in the next build?

      I cannot fix any bug that is described as “Sometimes, (X) happens.” I need to know exactly what circumstances cause (X) to happen.

  12. Whenever I load a new build with debug commands none of the students or teachers load in I also did this in 80’s mode but it worked in that mode

  13. Hey yandere dev !
    I believe I have come across a glitch to do with how students pick up stuff that has been “left around”.
    When you drop an item and a student notices they will come to pick it up , right? Well sometimes when you as the player pick up the item whilst the student is coming over to pick the item up and you attack someone it makes you and the victim that you attack frozen in place whilst the rest of the game continues on. I have come across this twice and its pretty annoying .

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