February 1st Bug-Fixing Build

EDIT: Oops! There was a critical bug in this build – the gymnasium’s doors could not be opened. How embarrassing! I’ve uploaded a new build where the bug is fixed.

Got a huge update for you, around 5x the size of a normal update. This update contains 48 differences from the previous build; dozens of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements that should help you enjoy the game a lot more.

In January, I said that I was planning to make a post describing everything that remained to be done in 1980s Mode before I shifted my attention elsewhere. That post is now up on my Patreon. It is currently a patron-only post, and will become publicly available on Valentine’s Day.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous Ayano cosplay by the incredibly talented devilfrei!

Bug Fixes

  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause the game to stop rendering the walls/floors/ceilings when the player walked up or down stairways with the camera tilted at a specific angle.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ryoba to travel back in time to the beginning of the week if she was suspended by the guidance counselor on a Friday after eliminating her rival earlier that week.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to forget/ignore/discard the settings that the player chose for the Draw Distance at the title screen, as soon as they entered the school scene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Otohiko to come back to life at 8:53 AM if he was killed and dismembered prior to that point in time, during a Mission Mode mission.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to incorrectly remember whether or not the player had quit a club if the player quit a club and then restarted the school day.
  • Fixed bug that caused a teacher running to investigate a blood pool to completely forget about the blood if she witnessed a (non-blood) weapon on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pour bleach into a bucket if that bucket had been used as part of a bucket trap earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “put a tarp underneath a body before dismembering it to automatically wrap up the body parts” feature from working properly.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the screen from fading to black properly when existing the post-credits scene involving the Headmaster calling Mr. Saikou.
  • Fixed bug that caused the map’s “RIVAL” icon to be visible over a character’s head when the player was spying on a Senpai-Rival interaction event.
  • Fixed bug that caused a weapon to be incorrectly marked as “murder evidence” in Yandere Vision even after the blood had been cleaned off of it.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the money label on the street scene from updating after the player had spent money while talking to the Yakuza.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from correctly remembering whether or not the player had disabled the blue tint in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to pick up a dropped object if that object has been dropped in the exact center of a doorway.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to travel to the stalker’s house or the asylum even if their rival had already been defeated.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the game to get stuck in the End of Day sequence displaying the text “Students are free to go home.”
  • Fixed bug in Pose Mode that prevented the player from being able to put Ayano’s hairstyle (Hair #1) onto a female student.
  • Fixed bug that made the wrong line of dialogue play when talking to the Yakuza about providing him with kidnapped victims.
  • Fixed bug that prevented characters from returning a dropped magical girl wand or fantasy sword to their proper locations.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the shape of Ryoba’s face to change after she was sent to the counselor’s office and exited it.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from rendering the floor of the Student Council room when viewed from the map screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokoro to perform bullying actions even after she had renounced her ways and quit bullying.
  • Fixed bug that caused shadows to automatically set themselves to “off” at the start of a new save file or school day.
  • Fixed bug that caused Sleuths to stand obnoxiously close to Senpai during his morning-interaction-with-rival events.
  • Fixed bug that would cause low-sanity hallucinations to cast shadows even after they had faded to 100% transparency.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the money label in the Yakuza’s menu to display an excessive number of decimal point places.
  • Fixed bug that caused all students to have their reputations set to “0” at the beginning of a new save file.
  • Fixed bug that caused certain parts of two display cases in the Gaming Club to not render properly.
  • Fixed incorrect Scheme text that claimed that the Screwdriver could be found in the Science Club.
  • Fixed bug that caused some doors to be completely non-interactive when loading a save.
  • Fixed bug that caused Sumire’s corpse to have the wrong eye color after she died.
  • Fixed bug that caused the outlines on Rojasu and Sukubi’s hair to be too large.
  • Fixed bug that caused the tarp in the science club to be bright pink.
  • Fixed bug that gave Jokichi the wrong portrait in 1980s Mode.

Changes and Improvements

  • The “remove weapon from container with one button press” feature wasn’t fully thought-out, so it has been re-worked. Now, to remove a weapon from a container attached to your back, you must activate Yandere Vision and then press the “R” key (or Y button on controller). This button also allows you to instantly put the weapon back into the container without having to drop the container first.
  • The moon will be full during the middle of the first week of April in 2023, so the phase of the moon in the night sky now reflects this during the stalker house stealth mission.
  • The “Censor Killing Animations” and “Replace Blood With Flowers” features now function properly with the “killing Osana with rooftop fan” animation.
  • Improved the “fire inside of drum barrel” effect so that it doesn’t look like the fire is clipping through the sides of the barrel.
  • Updated the run animation that Ayano uses inside of her room to be the same one that she uses while at school.
  • Added one more illustration of Saisho Saikou to the Characters page of the official website.
  • Updated the text for Ichiko Saikou on the Characters page of the official website.
  • Added text labels on the map screen for the Workshop and the Home Ec room.
  • Completely replaced Ryoba’s idle/walk/run animations with new ones.
  • Increased the run speed of Ayano/Ryoba when inside of their rooms.
  • On the title screen, adjusted “year 2022” text to “year 2023”.
  • The teachers of 202X now have text in their profiles.
  • A bunch of miscellaneous little improvements in various places through out the game, like adjusting the appearance of the hearts at the end of the “Thanks For Playing The Demo!” sequence.

51 thoughts on “February 1st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey Yandere Dev, Can you please improve the fps rate of the game? Is it possible to? It’s really laggy when I play yandere simulator.

  2. Hey so I had an idea. So you know how the first Yandere Sim Easter egg was the black and red uniform thing. Well I was thinking and maybe it would be cool if the sewing dude (I forgot his name sorry) was sewing a black and red uniform instead that purple-ish one.

  3. Yandere Dave! I have a new idea for you (I used an interpreter, it could be wrong). I would like Ayano to have a different walking animation from the other characters and similar to her mother.

  4. Hello Yandere Dev! I have found 2 minor but game balance breaking bugs so decided to report;
    1- Even if you use the lethal poison which you get at school, you can bring it home with you.
    2- Lockpick and lethal poison (both brought home from school and obtained from the Yakuza apply) will not be lost no matter how many times you take them from home to school and use them there. In other words, once you get them, you can use them indefinitely.

    Besides, I have one more suggestion;
    How about allowing rat poison, alcohol, and cigarettes to be brought home from school too?

    Thanks for reading this far!

  5. Yandere Dev I think I find bugs (I’m using google translate, it might be wrong) Ryoba game console has a second game is name senpai of the night.

  6. You cannot directly equip a weapon from the weapon bag found in the Student Council Room during the Alphabet Killer Challenge. The one in front of the school works fine though.

    Also, not sure if this was a one-time thing or what, but the members of the SC stare at you non-stop when you give them the puzzle block. (Only tried it in the 1980s version).

  7. Can anybody help me? The point is that when I try to drown Osana un the pool… first I talk with The vídeo game’s leader on wednesday and he already change his look for thursday, but although he changed his look, the bullying girls didn’t stare at him dumbfounded, they continue going to the pool together with Osana. Has that method been removed? Do we have to use another strategy to get rid of the girls?

  8. I love Ryoba’s new animations, they are so natural and they are not robotic as before, but I have found some bugs that I would like to inform you about:
    -When I throw a bowl full of gasoline on a student, it becomes water and no longer gasoline.
    – when any student with an animation other than the default one, changes in the locker room and wears for example the gym uniform, or the swimsuit, he loses the Idle animation, Walk and the face animation.
    -when Senpai talks to Osana, if Yan Chan shows up to Osana while listening her private conversation with Senpai, hse will obviously get suspicious, but if I let Senpai see me overhear his private conversations, he won’t have no reaction.
    sorry I don’t know if you understand what I wrote, I’m using the translator

  9. I don’t know if it’s happening to anyone else, but I can’t enter the gardening shed. I only tested it in 1980’s mode, not 202X mode. I simply joined the club and went close to the door, and the button to open it didn’t pop up.

  10. YandereDev, I can’t enter to your Patreon. When I try it I get a message that says that the owner of the count has disabled the access for my country (Cuba🇨🇺). What do I do now ? I want to know your future plans about 1980s mode and the game in general.

  11. Could you add Ryoba’s idle animation into the pose mode menu? I think it looks really good and it would be really useful for some of my creations

  12. Yanderedev I found a bug in 1980s mode I couldn’t open the door in the garden club after I stole the keys.

  13. YanDev.. I just wanted to say.. I know this depends whether or not the crowdfunding campaign goes well, but this is very important to me. I really, really, want, Yandere-kun as a playable character. I am not sure if you feel as me, but imagine this; Yandere Sim, but the protagonist is a boy, but people want a female version to be added. A world where it was Ayato from the beginning. I am not sure if you would really want the female or not, but yea.. I really am depending of Ayato to love this game.

    • I already like the game, but it feels like there is a wall blocking the water of my “likeness” to be released. If i had 1 million dollars, i would give 500 000 to you, only for you to finish Ayato. Sadly, i do not have 1 million dollars. Still..

      • I understand you need resources, i just want you to take the idea of the male Yandere more seriously!

  14. Hey Yandere Dev, what would happen if a student or a teacher finds a tranquilized student? Like for example, say that Senpai or Raibaru find Osana sleeping on the ground instead of finding her corpse.

  15. Will you add props in the English Classroom and Biology lab? Also, will you change the ceilling floor and walls in other rooms to make each one look different?

  16. Yandere dev I found a bug! When the player tries to open the shed in the gardening club the E key does not come out to open, even if the player have a lockpick or keys! Please fix it

  17. Hey Yandere Dev ❤
    I found a bug, gymnasiums doors work, but I can't open shed doors! Even If I have keys or lockpick

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