Teaser Image #35


Starting tomorrow, all teaser images will be silhouettes of upcoming rivals. This is because I think I can say with 100% certainty that I’m within 10 days of the video being finished. (My true estimate is lower than 10, but I’m saying “10” just to be safe.)

In other words, today’s teaser image is the last image that isn’t going to depict a character. This time, it’s not a graphic that will appear in the next build…it’s actually concept art for something that was created for the next build:

“Nippon Smiles” is the name of something that will appear in the 10 Rivals Update, and it needed a logo, so concept art was created depicting various different potential logos.

What is “Nippon Smiles” ? For now, it’s a secret! I won’t tell you! But you’ll definitely find out when the update drops!

What is the origin of this name? It’s actually a reference to a joke that a voice actress made on the commentary track for a DVD that was released in 2002. That’s one hell of an obscure reference, right?! If there is anyone reading this blog who actually knows what DVD and actress I’m referring to, maybe I should give them some kind of prize…

Actually, the voice actress who made that joke is actually quite active on Twitter! I wonder what she would say if I DM’d her and told her that I made her joke from 2002 into the logo for a –

Oops! Almost let it slip! Nope, you won’t get it out of me that easily…

57 thoughts on “Teaser Image #35

  1. Justo estaba pensando en cuando saldría si no sería el 10 de octubre además de ahora en adelante comentaré en inglés y espero que sepas que una parte latina te apoya en tu juego

  2. I can’t wait for the 10 rival updates, I have always loved Yandere Sim and I really don’t care how long it takes to make it, especially if the end result is as good as the professionally developed games by big game companies. You go Yandere Dev!

    • Yeah! It really doesn’t matter if it take 100 years for Yandere Simulator to come out. It’s already a great game which is a HUGE plus. Since Yandere Dev already made the demo, it’s giving us the idea of what the final game would be like.

  3. Ooooh, You Wanna Tell Us What It’s For, You Wanna Tell Us So Baaad, Ooooh

    Is It Clear I’m Trying Hypnotism-? Prob Not

  4. As for the reference of Nippon smiles….. I’ll just list a few things as a guess:
    Aya Hirano – Lumiere from Kiddy Grade (sub)
    Yui Ishikawa – her radio performance in Shocking
    Kate Higgins – her role in Yukikaze, Ghost in the Shell, and Hare+Guu Deluxe
    Monica Rial – her roles in RahXephon, Lumiere from Kiddy Grade (dub), Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Aquarian Age: Sign for
    Evolution, A Tree of Palme,My Beautiful Girl, Mari ,Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat , Azumanga Daioh , Spiral: The Bonds of
    Rikka – her role in Onikakushi-hen/ original Higurashi (technically Rikka is a character in the game and not a real person but I don’t know
    if she was voiced in this version) because of her famous line “Nippa!” which could be easily made into “Nippon Smile!”

    Dangit Yandere-Dev now you’ve got my curiosity running and it won’t go away until you reveal it in the video!
    Oh well, more to look forward to 🙂

  5. i think my fav of the logo concept are, the farthest right on the 1st row, the middle one on the 2nd row and the middle one of the last row

  6. Well, there’s this J-pop song called “Nippon Egoa Hyakkei”, or “Hundreds of Japanese Smiles”. It’s by the idol group Moimoro Clover……..but it was made in 2012.

    There’s a book made by junior highers called Nippon SMILE.

    There’s also a dentistry called Nippon Life with Dental insurance haha.

  7. Are you talking about the movie “Pin Pon”, or it’s English name “Ping Pong”?

    Or the song “Memory of Smile” by Yuji Ohno?

    I’m just throwing stuff out there at this point

  8. guys, i am 100% this is the logo for an DENTIST. it sounds pretty much like it. Perhaps it could actually not be it, but it seems more possible than anything that could pop up in our minds with just this hint.

  9. Yandere Dev I have some requests. I was wandering if you could get rid of Kokona sitting with the older man in the town, cause I know that, that situation was used as an example to display some of the games features ages ago. It is very obvious that Kokona model in the town is old, as the hair model does not match up to the current one in the game. Also I wandering if you could make Lady Dimitrescu in tall mode taller, as she is 9 ft 6in in Resident Evil Village, cause I know she it already tall in the YS, but it would be cool if she was towering over the students ( or even making the students and teachers smaller, so she can seem taller and still walk round the school like she currently does), and making the doorways lower, showing that she has to crouch through them, once again like in resident Evil. (P.s her bust moves way too much, so could that be fixed as well).

  10. Also Yanderedev, you might want to give another reminder that the rivals in this update are completely new rivals by the time you start posting silhouettes, since i’ve seen a bunch of people who still don’t know that and they might get confused as to why they look different/why you’re posting silhouettes in the first place.

  11. My first thought was a makeup store/salon… maybe it could be a website that sells makeup, maybe it could be to hide bruises or look like a different person so your not recognized by people or cameras… just the first thing that came to mind

  12. Interesting. I pride myself with the ability to research and locate anything under the sun. For example, I used to have a 400k group for a popular television show back in 2014, I found the precise location of the set and crew members/behind the scenes photos that nobody was ever able to find. Tedious work but I enjoyed it, Yet.. You managed to catch me off guard with this one.
    It’s been three months , tell us already >_>

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