Teaser Image #19


Official artwork has been made for some of the new characters. I’m very eager to upload it to the Characters page of the official website, but I won’t be able to do that until the day that the 10 Rivals Update is released. With that said…I’ll occasionally share some mysterious silhouette on this blog! And here’s the first one:

Who do you think this is?

New rival? Friend? Foe? Something in-between? Protagonist?

Let me hear your theories!

101 thoughts on “Teaser Image #19

  1. Yandere dev makes all the waiting so worth it. Every post gives me a reason to be happy every day. And the more he adds the more excited I get for this update. Please keep up the good work on the game and dont let the rude comments get to you, and instead let the positive one encourage you to keep going, just like your game has kept me going throughout the years 💙

  2. Obviously it might be one of the schools staff some sort of adult. To me the shadow has a similar design almost to Genka but with a lower bun. But now that I think of it there are many classrooms in the school that are not being like the improved science lab so maybe she’s a science teacher or another teacher for the other classes.

  3. AHHHHH Yandere Dev why is every post you do so amazing idc what anyone else says yandere sim is worth the wait. i literally pay more attention to waiting for ur post then I do for school lol

    • I’m sorry to say Megami’s status is very important to both herself and the rest of the Saikou’s so she’d never make a lewd face or picture just her regular pic lol

  4. Wait hold on, maybe its Genka kunahito’s (Guidance counsellor) mother from the 1980’s. Because it said on the Characters blog her mother also served that role in the 80’s.

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