Teaser Image #18

Hello! I’m here with today’s teaser image!

Today, I’m going to show you a screenshot of a change that has been made to the school environment to facilitate gameplay in the next build. And not only that…it’s going to be unblurred today!


…huh? Just what the heck is this? A…metal barrel? …with a watering can beside it? Okay…but why? What is the significance of these two things? What will they be used for?

Well, just this once, I’ll spoil it. In the next build…

...these two objects can be used to kill someone.

But, how, exactly? That’s what I won’t tell you!

Have fun speculating!

96 thoughts on “Teaser Image #18

  1. you dump a body in the barrel and then fill the barrel with dirt, then you plant a magic seed, water the seed and the seed will grow instantly because its magic XD

  2. Maybe gasoline can be put in the can and the barrel is for a fire, they are often used for fires by campers and the homeless

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