November Osana and Raibaru Progress Report

New video! 12 minutes and 40 seconds of Osana/Raibaru progress! Check it out!

I’ve also uploaded a new build with some bug fixes and general improvements. Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of all the changes!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Pressing the Shift key (or LB shoulder button) while viewing a student’s profile will now display a graphical breakdown of how their initial reputation was calculated. This graph currently does not update as a student’s reputation changes during gameplay, but it probably will in the future.
  • Regarding the new reputation graph…I knew that making a dynamic graph would eat up a lot of my time, so I asked another programmer to take care of it for me so that none of my time would be taken away from Osana. The person I went to for help was Abcight, the same programmer who helped me out by creating the DDR minigame for me! I’m extremely grateful for his assistance!
  • The music store has been changed into a gift shop. Gifts purchased from this store can be given to rivals during the matchmaking minigame, or given to Senpai to restore his sanity after he experiences a damaging event (such as discovering his childhood friend’s dead body).
  • There is a new song for the DDR machine, but the current arrows (I believe the technical term is “beatmap”) are placeholder, and the music/arrows will probably be changed in the next update.
  • Kokona’s lunch event will no longer take place (it only existed to showcase the poison mechanic, which is now fully functional on all other students in the game.)
  • It should now be impossible to prevent civilians on the street from reaching their destinations. (Yes, even more impossible than it was last time.)
  • From now on, using the syringe to tranquilize someone will cause the syringe to become visibly stained with blood.
  • When viewing a student’s profile, you can now press left/right to navigate to the next student’s profile.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the weapons of the Science Club’s robot to sometimes fail to kill students.
  • Implemented an “easy mode” for the first song of the dance machine minigame.
  • Each student now has a pre-determined reputation from the start of the game.
  • Senpai now has a short, simple reaction to finding a present on his desk.
  • Finally updated Horuda’s portrait to use her new hairstyle.
  • Added two new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a new character to the “Characters” page of the Yandere Simulator website.

Many more additions were made to the game than are reflected in this list, but those additions were all related to Osana/Raibaru, so they’re not publicly available yet. Hopefully that’ll change in the near future!

Anything else?

Earlier this month, the website closed down. That website was dedicated to hosting old builds of Yandere Sim for archival purposes. Fortunately, you can still find an archive of old Yandere Simulator builds located at:!AuUjiSyKwmqahC3-JBrck1Ahx46h

I wonder if anyone will step up to create a new Yandere Sim archiving website?

78 thoughts on “November Osana and Raibaru Progress Report

    • Yeah and the Science Club (and Raidaru’s character art, it doesn’t look like the rest and it sticks out like a sore thumb)

    • also yadere dev, I found a bug, activate witch mode, get the cops coming, kill someone one second before they come and resume time there, then the end sequence wont happen

      • I have the same problem. When I Kiddnap someone I cant see the end of the day secuence. When I Kill Simeone I cant see that


        Also, please read the bug reporting page. He specifically stated NOT to report bugs if it uses a Easter Egg, as they won’t be in the final game. The problem about it crashing at the end of the day will be on the post I linked above.

        If you don’t want to read the post I linked, turn down your graphics before starting the game.

  1. Hey YandereDev! Can you please bring back the Futura Condensed Medium font please on the next build starting Nov 16 build please

  2. Thank you Yandere Dev.
    By the way, I found 3 YouTubers who were Yandere Simulator for the first time.
    Maybe you could use them as reference for future dejanking builds?

  3. I also love the aspect of how violent we decide to play the game affecting the people around/close to them (specifically Sempai mental stability)

    • Me, too. I hope that repairing Senpai’s mental stability in the final game is easier than just putting random crap in a gift box and leaving it on Senpai’s desk…or at least that “traumatized, but with a guardian angel” is treated as a distinct state from “a-okay”.

  4. Hey YandereDev, I’ve been a fan of your game ever since I saw markiplier play the game in 2015, Nowadays I keep up via bijuu mike and kubz scouts, I also try to check this blog daily. Every update is like opening a Christmas present most of the time not knowing what it is. There’s also something that bothered me but felt too lazy and intruding, I know you have a thing about unnecessary emails and unnecessary suggestion. I’ll try not to take up too much of your time, During the time playing the game countless hours I’ve always had complications with who to eliminate first not because of not being able to join the club later but because of breaking the club’s routines, causing them to stay in one place making the game much easier than attended. Maybe the club routines could still take effect until at least 50% of the club members is eliminate.(3 out of 5 club members) I know Some clubs might not be able to do their daily routines because they require certain standards, For example science club because they need to be working on they’re projects in result needing supplies required for their project. I know it might not make sense for club routines to still take place when the clubs are disbanded But maybe they could have a custom voice line explaining what they do when they disbanded and why you as the player couldn’t join, and maybe if there’s only one member missing Yandere chan could try to reform the club which would take many tasks to show the players the consequences of disbanding the club, Or maybe instead of forming they’re routines because it wouldn’t make sense or because would form many situations for each club. Maybe they could do routines around the school to cause the students to still be a big obstacle around the school instead of sticking in one location sitting around socializing around school. Or maybe they could even walk around school while socializing! Thanks YandereDev for everything, Even if you have plans similar for idea in the future I would still appreciate it to know if you’ve seen this comment. Thanks for your time YandereDev.

    • Basically, death of only one club member should not result in shutdown of the entire club? Clubs should still be able to operate with at least one member gone/disappeared. But if the ‘club leader’ is gone then the whole C lub shutdown makes sense.
      If we kill a member of occult club, the club shuts down. What will happen if Oka starts coming to school? Will the occult club be operable again?
      What will happen if we kill all delinquents or get them expelled before Osoro starts coming to school? What will Osoro do? She wont have ‘bodygaurd-like’ protection like Osana has with Raiburu.

      • Basicly but what I’m trying to say is that disbanding a club shouldn’t cause a club to stop routines because most clubs do things outside of they’re club room. I’m saying when a club disbands they shouldn’t stand around in one place and socializing. I feel like they should atleast move around school or do things arounds the school causing them to still be an obstacle even if they disbands. And I’m saying maybe if yandere chan walks up to them they’re explain what they spend their time doing when they disband. If you did disbands their group. Maybe each club should have a special routine around the school whether that be walking, socializing with other clubs or doing activities around the school after they disband. I’m just saying watching the disband clubs socialize near they’re club is kind of boring and predictable. I have trouble finding which students and club to eliminate because I want the game to be as difficult as possible because every club is a obstacle untill they dispand then they stand in one place while socializing.

      • Actually, YanDev said that all clubs with rivals as leaders will have one extra person so they don’t close down when the leader is killed/missing. Akademi has a rule that a club can only stay a club if there are AT LEAST 5 members (Ayano not included at this point in time), so clubs like the Occult Club, Drama Club, Cooking Club, Sports Club, and Delinquents already have five members, (Student Council doesn’t count as a club…. Yet.) with the leader making SIX (one more than is needed for the club to exist). All other clubs have only five members including the leader, so killing them would get them disbanded as per the school’s rules, while killing the rivals/leaders belonging to these specific clubs will still allow the club to remain functional, as each of these clubs ALSO has a vice president, who will take over the role of leader in the case of the leader’s death or disappearance. None of the other clubs have vice presidents, so there’s no one to take over as leader in the event that the leader be unavailable, thus forcing the club to disband. Since none of the rival leaders are currently present at school, these clubs only have five members and the vice president is acting as leader thus there is no one to take over in the event of their absence. In the final game, peacefully eliminating a rival will turn them into a normal npc, so it will be entirely possible for every single club with a rival as the leader to have that rival/leader present at school by the ninth week (when Hanako comes to school, since Osoro is the last “Club Leader” rival.) It is unclear whether or not YanDev will go through with his idea to make the Student Council joinable, but if he does, then Megami will technically be the last “Club Leader” rival, although she can also be peacefully eliminated. Basically, I’m saying that in a successful playthrough, where all rivals have been eliminated peacefully (and are still at school aka haven’t been expelled) then by the time the player can confess to Taro/Senpai, all the clubs with rivals as leaders will have six members (five for Student Council) as well as having Osana and possibly Hanako (Mida and Muja leave school after their week regardless of whether or not they are peacefully eliminated. It is unsure whether Hanako would stay at Akademi or not, but she most likely will), and even if club leader rivals are killed or “absent” (kidnapped or their death is undiscovered) the club will continue to exist and function unless one of the remaining five members is killed or missing, meaning that it is NOT in any way shape or form required to disband ANY club in the game in order to win. You can win the game perfectly well while still having all clubs active. Also, another note, is that members if disbanded clubs will stand in a circle outside their clubrooms and socialize in the hallway, in plain view of patrollers such as the Student Council, Bullies, or Toga Tabara, and the way they stand makes it so they each have a perfect view of each other, so the other person saying that they’re easier to kill this way makes no sense, because there are going to be at least four if not more witnesses to murder, and if caught by a patrol you could get pepper sprayed, photographed, or just have the police called (Toga should be a Teacher’s Pet imo but I can understand why he’s a Loner. No hate.)

        Aaaand, I think that about covers it. If you guys/gals/others have any more questions, just hit me up. I don’t like to brag, but I do keep up to date on these things all the dang time, so…

        Also, for future reference, if you want information that isn’t on the blog, website, or YouTube Channel, then go to the Fandom Wiki page. It’s free, and has more info than is released on these other platforms (it includes info YanDev has tweeted out so if you don’t have Twitter, Fandom is the place to go for those exclusive details).

        Have a happy day! And sorry this got so long!

      • Forgot to mention that the Clubs aren’t designed to be “obstacles”. In fact, they’re designed to HELP the player with benefits such as stat boosts, tools, weapons, and outfits, to name a few. YanDev HAD to make them parade around school more to balance the game. There were far too many “safe spots” where murders could take place and bodies/weapons could be hidden. He wants the demo to be as polished and bug/exploit-free as possible to best represent the final game, which is why he’s been spending so much time making adjustments and improving the game’s difficulty so it feels more like the stealth game it’s SUPPOSED to be and not some random sandbox where your actions have no consequences. As for what Osoro will do if the delinquents are expelled, YanDev probably has a hidden backup plan in the works, but Osoro is eighth week so she’s a long way off. Let’s just focus on Osana and Raibaru for the time being, and we’ll cross the Osoro bridge when we get to it.

  5. Yes! This is what I was wanting him to do! Now nobody will get Raibaru bullied, thank goodness. About the new character that I read about, I believe that’s Megami’s mom… I think?

  6. AAH!!! This is amazing! I can’t wait to see how it turns out to be when Osana is public! Keep up the great work Yandere Dev!!! 😃

  7. This update is well thought out! I was interested in the reputation chart. I felt that was more fitting explaining the students and teacher’s rep then that bar could. It was thought out well! The sanity affect on Senpai was also intriguing.

    Do keep up the good work Yandere-Dev! I know you feel bad about “failing” to give us Osana & Raibaru but see it this way: Some of us would rather wait for a good polish game then to get one right away with so many flaws to count. It will be all worth it in the end!

  8. Uhhh. YanDev? Somethings up with the new character on the official website, (at least I’m assuming it’s the new character added) she seems to be taking up a big portion of the site she’s on, literally.

  9. It’s a little disheartening to see how much work has been needed to be done since it makes Osana sound much further away than she is, but overall I am happy to see that there’s been lots of work done lately. Senpai’s sanity and the new ability of leaving gifts on his desk sound really awesome.

    As for the new reputation system, I really like the new graph system and it makes lots of sense. However, in note of this, I think the gossip system may need some work as well. Nothing too much, but perhaps that there should be different kinds of gossip that will effect the graph in different ways; regular gossip, or gossip geared to one of the three different stats of respected, loved, and feared.

  10. I am really happy and thankful for your hard work and you work really inspires me. Especially the idea of ‘how yandere-chan’s (your) affects the game.

    There in an idea of mine, it may sound foolish or bizarre but here goes nothing. Whilst Osana is at home a robber breaks into Osana’s house and robs her house. There are be two outcomes:
    Firstly, due to Yandere-chan’s action (Yandere-Chan can make someone hate or envy Osana so they would rob her house) the next day Osana’s insanity would decrease by 20 or something. This can mean that she would stop talking to Senpai for a day or two. Senpai may think that she is starting to dislike him.

    Secondly, due to Yandere-chan’s action (Yandere-Chan can make someone hate or envy Osana so they would rob her house) Yandere-chan be the shining knight in armor and save her while she is getting robbed. This can mean that Yandere-chan’s reputation (respect and fear) would increased by 10 or 20. There is one down side to this due how perfectly timing she was when she arrived at Osana’s place. This will start gossips and itwill start to spread. Such gossips as such as “I heard Yandere was the knight in armor and saved the princess Osana, but why was she there at a time like that”. After the gossip reaches to Senpai, Osana could talk about how dashing and divine she was when she defended her. Therefore Senpai will respect her. This can help on how the game ends and etc.

  11. I am really happy and thankful for your hard work and you work really inspires me. The update is really epic. It is really well thought out.Especially the idea of ‘how yandere-chan’s (your) affects the game.

    There in an idea of mine, it may sound foolish or bizarre but here goes nothing. Whilst Osana is at home a robber breaks into Osana’s house and robs her house. There are be two outcomes:
    Firstly, due to Yandere-chan’s action (Yandere-Chan can make someone hate or envy Osana so they would rob her house) the next day Osana’s insanity would decrease by 20 or something. This can mean that she would stop talking to Senpai for a day or two. Senpai may think that she is starting to dislike him.

    Secondly, due to Yandere-chan’s action (Yandere-Chan can make someone hate or envy Osana so they would rob her house) Yandere-chan be the shining knight in armor and save her while she is getting robbed. This can mean that Yandere-chan’s reputation (respect and fear) would increased by 10 or 20. There is one down side to this due how perfectly timing she was when she arrived at Osana’s place. This will start gossips and itwill start to spread. Such gossips as such as “I heard Yandere was the knight in armor and saved the princess Osana, but why was she there at a time like that”. After the gossip reaches to Senpai, Osana could talk about how dashing and divine she was when she defended her. Therefore Senpai will respect her. This can help on how the game ends and etc.

  12. Hello yander dev, I know you don’t want us to ask you questions, but could you add yan-chan to your phone’s settings so that the player can turn off the effects in a low mental state so that he can release the colors of blood, etc.?

  13. hey yanderedev! When I wanted to poison someone, I took the poison (Lethal) from the science lab. Now I have the Update and can’t take it anymore. Can you tell me why? (I’m not mad or something ;-;)

  14. I guess my first question is about the Announcement Room. I know it will be used for security in the future but what about when normal, who will it be used by? The Staff? Or students? Will there be announcements at different times of the day or just mornings and afternoons? Is this everyday or a weekly thing? If you were to implement weather would they talk about it? Upcoming exams? School field trips? Holidays? Special events like an upcoming play or special guest? A recycled introduction of motivation for students, and possibly an anthem (I’m from Canada and we always stood and sang O Canada). Would they talk about mysteries activities or events, caution and warn others? Remind students of the rules and so forth? Saying they found unsuspicious missing items? Talk about missing students and ask for prayers for their safe return or students to report any information? Talk about news of the city or town they live in? Sport Events? I can see numerous opportunities that could be used. I remember in Persona 4 Golden how at the beginning on the intercom a staff member told the students to stay in their classes until they had further information from the police and giving the students orders to return home immediately. And that just created a new question, if a teacher has a teacher’s pet report a body and it’s still there and they call the police why don’t they call or inform the rest of the staff that there is a murderer on the loose? We’re one of them could warn the students in the Announcement Room to go to their home room or hide, or have some type of cautionary action like in school shootings. I know it would be time consuming and more harder but I think it would make it more challenging and difficult and make more consequences for the player for murder. And maybe to prevent this the player would have to tamper or break or mess things up in the Announcement Room to buy more time before the school is in panic. Or till the Staff member goes to the Head Master who may or may not have access to his own system to access the intercoms.
    Also, for burning any student, I think there should be consequences for burning a student inside the school. I am wondering if the school will have fire alarms/smoke detectors and a fire sprinkler system. It would be more realistic to a school and make players cautious and mindful of were they should set someone on fire. Also, if the player uses a fire alarm and press the button or pull down depending there should also be consequences if the player tries to use it as a prank or to mess with the school. Like with the school roof and the punishment of a fence the fire alarm would be more secure, the second time would be glass and the third time could be with a key that only staff, possibly the Student Council and maybe Club Leaders would have access with keys. Also, with adding a fire distinguisher to the game as a weapon it should also be used as its purpose. If the player or other characters see something or someone on fire, they should try putting it out, I can see Staff, Student Council, Heroics and those who see their love ones on fire run and get the fire distinguisher and put them out. Also, I think dropping a fire distinguisher/ fire extinguisher in the incinerator would be naturally dangerous (and anything that is pressurized and could explode) and should be cleaned of blood, but if blood is found on it then I think as a punishment it should also be more secure similar to the alarm.
    Also, I was thinking there should be consequences of stealing items particulary keys. If a student has lost something, they should report it and ask friends to help find it or themselves looking for it like Osana. If you frame someone for stealing a student’s property, they should hold a grudge or show resentment to the one they think stole from them, spreading rumors and lowering reputation or even ruining friendships. Also, for students who lost their things or have it stolen they should be more cautious for their belongings making it harder in the future. Also, if key’s go missing there should be concern and consequences for the players actions, locks being changed, and those who keys were stolen being more cautious and aware of their surroundings. And if caught with stolen items and key’s the punishment should be harsh. Also, if items go missing in certain parts of the school, mostly club room items that club members would notice they should also be awry and cautious that someone is stealing from them. And if the player is spotted red-handed by the one they stole from or their friends the player should be reported and that they should be punished by having a grudge on them by the one they stole from and their friends.
    Also, a side note I would love if you added the flower option to the desk of a deceased student or a bullied student. Also, once you fully have the school completed and mapped out you should have a ‘Fire Escape Plan’/’Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan’ it would make the school more real and help players locate their position, Fire Exit, Assembly Point, fire distinguisher/ fire extinguisher and fire alarms are. Also, ceiling lights and other signs would help not make the ceiling bland. Also I would hope you will be fallowing a school system similar to persona of exams, holidays and special events and so worth of the year, and the possibilities to do during holidays and such.
    Also, I have another question regarding of friendships, mostly with the rivals. What if with the suitor or helping your rival and befriending them gives you bonus options, like rewards for sparing and keeping your rivals alive. Like that the friendship continues forth throughout the game, like if you were to let Osana live and when Amai appears what if there are options of seeking help from Osana and advice and so on and so worth till Megami appears, that you the player have all these friends you somehow bonded with and befriended and due to what you did they got your back and are supporting you, that since they found happiness in a suitor or whatever you helped them with they’d want the same for you. I think it would be interesting and unique and would give the surviving rivals a bigger role and purpose throughout the game. Also it be great if they could teach and help the player with prepairing to be with Senpai, like for example Amai teaching to make meals to prepaire for marriage or something. It be neat to see them in the still in the game, obviously you would need to continue the friendships and not tarnish or damage your relationships and bonds, their should be bonus benefits obviously but also effort and work on the players part. Imagine them giving advice, opinions on others like the next rivals and possibly assisting you with certain things.

    • I love all of your ideas. But however, I do feel this might delay the Game and would likely be implemented after the crowd funding campaign

  15. So like, is megumi’s grandmother an angel, because the week on her profile page says 1040 which is the angels number, plus the fact that she’d be pushing 60 at this point in the story

  16. This might just be me, but I’m disappointed that the Senpai-gift feature was added. The fact that Ayano can’t interact with the object of her obsession except by destroying anyone who gets too close to him felt like a distinct, intentional thing, almost the thesis statement of the game. If you murder your rivals, get them expelled, or otherwise violently cut them out of Senpai’s life, your obsession hurts him; you might as well have cut out the middleman by, um, cutting Senpai; if you show care and compassion to the people around him, befriending your rivals or setting them up with other guys or whatever, you earn a happy, healthy Senpai. If you can just undo that psychological damage you do to Senpai by buying generic gifts from the corner shop, it kinda undermines anything you could do with that point.
    I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that this is a placeholder system for ways Ayano can learn to respect the object of her obsession as a person and develop as a person. Which actually sounds like a pretty cool story, now that I think of it…

    • I heard once that if you always befriend your rivals, or if you always matchmake them with other guys, Senpai would feel lonely and cursed, same as when you kill all of them.

      • I don’t think it’s very stupid. If a girl hangs out with you and if you start to feel real close to that girl, it must be painful to watch her go out with another guy, especially if that happens for ten weeks straight.

    • Ayano behaves that way because she begins to act weird in front of Senpai. And like YandereDev explained in the newest video, Senpai would feel like an angel is watching over him when Ayano gives him gifts when he feels sad or lonely because of the disappearance or death of a rival.

      • 1. You’re missing a step of causation.
        2. A mysterious guardian angel cannot make up for losing ONE close friend, let alone ten (well, nine and a sister). Doesn’t matter how many gifts you get from them; the guardian angel might care for Senpai, but Osana cared for him AND was someone Senpai knew and cared about for years. The substitute teacher or something, maybe, but not his effing childhood friend, or even one of his classmates.

      • You are right, but it won’t fully bring Senpai back to his normal sanity. The gift giving is so his sanity can grow back over time. And each elimination method will have a different impact on Senpai. For example i think befriending the rival will make Senpai lose the least amount of sanity, while killing the rival (in any way) and letting Senpai see her body or not dispose of the body will impact his sanity the most.

  17. First time poster here. Been following development in the shadows for a while, but…

    …I was bored yesterday and binge watched a bunch of the dev videos that I haven’t watched until now and last night YandereDev was narrating my dreams. I think I might might have binge watched a bit too hard.

    That said while watching these old videos, I saw that YandereDev plans on taking out the friendship events for Kokona, but I think that might be a waste of hard work. I think he could use Kokona’s friendship as part of an elimination method for Kizana. I mean wouldn’t it feel kind of awesome if you could topple the queen bee of the drama club with the drama club members. Ayano gaining the respect and trust of the drama club and ultimately playing her own arrogance and ego against her by her having a public meltdown from losing her position would be pretty cool. (Especially, if she can be seen in following weeks with a deflated ego. Also maybe she’d want revenge and would become an additional obstacle later on down the line.)

    It just seems like the detailed character development is high quality enough to be worth keeping in for the final game. I’m a big fan of anyone undertaking this level of work to create a game and just can’t help cheering them on. Keep up the good work, YandereDev!

  18. Ok, I think I have an interesting theory concerning the new character added to the character page. Anyone else noticed she has the same silver hair as the Saikou family? Remember how Megami’s aunt, who was originally going to inherit the company, abandoned that in order to search for a supposed sister? Notice how the new character’s file mentions how the president of Saikou Corp (Megami’s grandfather) has a lot of beliefs that he keeps secret because he knows they will result in public backlash? Remember how Yan-chan’s mother has a job gathering information, and that the school’s principal has a deal with the president of Saikou Corp to leave Yan-chan alone?

    Here is my theory: The new character, who is Megami’s mother, is also the missing sister of Megami’s aunt. The president of Saikou Corp is aware of this, but doesn’t care because he thinks she’s still genetically superior to any other woman and might be the only one who meets the criteria to be with his son and bear his grandchildren. Yan-chan’s mother figured this out due to her job of gathering info, which is how she’s been able to get into contact with the president of Saikou Corp and ensured that her daughter is allowed to go to Akademi High; she’s blackmailing him. The president realizes the public backlash the revelation would cause, and since all he has to do is make sure that Yan-chan can go to the school, he obliges (this would also explain why Megami is absent from school; her father or grandfather is keeping her away from Yan-chan, and possibly Senpai if they know how Yan-chan’s condition works).

    It would be interesting if this could result in a special elimination method for Megami; figuring out that her parents are related and letting it slip to her; that might be enough to make even someone like Megami break down, or letting the news spread around school, causing her reputation to suffer. The latter option would come with the consequence that since the news is spreading, Megami’s grandfather has less of a reason to protect Yan-chan, and thus Yan-chan would from then on be on thin ice and risk expulsion if she’s caught misbehaving

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That actually is… Pretty funny.
      It answers questions that’s been on our minds on how and why Ayano is allowed to run amok on school property.
      This secret is equivalent to Kokona’s Enjo kosai secret. After reading about the wife’s background, it all makes sense. Every piece of the puzzle fits.

      Alabama strikes again! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • I think there is a small but important piece hidden in there.

      It mentions that they scanned the potential wives’ genes. Supposedly looking for undesirable genes.
      But this also implies that they might have been looking for desirable genes as well. Being wealthy and only caring about being successful financially… wouldn’t a gene that causes the lack of emotions be a potential useful gene?

  19. there should be different requirements for joining each club, like some kind of intelligence requirement for joining the science club, some sort of athleticism requirement to join the sports club, etc

  20. Very nice modification to the reputation system – it seems like it could be expanded as needed as well. I thought you might go with a relationship specific system at first, although this adds much less complexity. How does having three areas in which you as the player can potentially gain or lose reputation impact things?

  21. Random question: When do you predict Osana will be out? Also, for everyone giving ideas in the comments, don’t you think the game would become a bit too difficult with all the stuff you want to be added? Like, the game is supposed to be about murder, but if all the things you guys mentioned are added, murder will be almost impossible! By the way, I don’t really like the Senpai sanity thing, like, his childhood friend died and by giving him a CD or a plant or a book he is as happy as when Osana was alive?

    • When you give Senpai gifts, his sanity doesn’t instantly grow back to normal… If you give him gifts his sanity will grow back over time. I wonder why so many people are confused with this feature…

  22. Ever since this build was uploaded , my game keeps crashing.

    I’ve used the debug menu several times in previous builds and still got an “end of day sequence” even if it was something like the police running away from a supernatural occurrence. Now whenever I use the debug menu (I use it for reputation and seduction, not passing time or teleporting), it freezes my end of day sequence.

    We were playing to see how many students we could pick off until we were left with just Senpai and I’ve been able to do it before with the flaming knife from the Occult Club but now whenever I do it , random bugs occur, for instance, pushing a student “off the roof” when I’m standing on the second floor and the fall through it, or fighting the dead body of a delinquent, or even teachers running to the crime scene while still in their chair and doing paperwork.

    I’ve never had these problems happen and no matter what I’ve tried or done during the game , the end of day shows one page of text and then freezes on black screen while the music continues playing.

    I understand the debug won’t be in the final game so there’s no use reporting bugs that aren’t really bugs, but I’m wondering if this has started happening to anyone else since the new build ? The only way I can play through the week is by using no commands at all, which took a little of the fun away since there’s no goal yet.

    Any one else experiencing this ?

    • Went back and downloaded the previous build and it works just fine on that one. I guess it’s just the new build freezing.

      • I think it’s because of the new Senpai End of Day Sequences regarding Osana… since the music still plays but there’s no visuals , I think it may be a bug due to Osana not being in the game yet. This is only a theory though , since it works in the previous build but not the one after working on those sequences..

  23. When you befriend your rivals, I feel like they should go to Senpi, and talk to him about the things you have done. If you befriend Osana and his sister, the relationship meter should be double, because, he trust osana, and his sister a lot more. If you give him gifts and befriend a lot of the rivals, Senpi would see you as a caring and nice person who love to help people. If you befriend all your rivals and give senpi gifts once a week, I believe their should be a special ending for the player. This ending might be she can now understand on how she can feel emotions, and not being broken anymore, or something special.

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been saying the same thing on the Discord server but couldn’t find anybody to discuss it with. Befriending all the rivals deserves a special ending where Ayano is admired and popularized by her friends and instead of Ayano confessing to Senpai, Senpai would be the one to ask her out.
      This was on my mind at Least

  24. YandereDev, Stop denying it.
    I swear if Raibaru is not Osana’s suitor you will be swarmed in spam emails daily.
    Here’s why.

    Kokona Haruka has a fully fleshed character, and now Osana is getting that too.
    One great way to add to Osana’s new characterization is in a potential suitor; Raibaru.
    If Osana was a demisexual, which means attraction can only build up after having a strong emotional connection to a person, she’d have a layer to her. This can only work for Osana because she’s Taro’s long-time friend. Who else is her friend just waiting to be matchmade? Raibaru!
    Being a good friend, Raibaru wants to let Osana confess to her crush, but in her voiced lines where she says “Go Osana…” over and over again she sounds sad and ready to cry. Like…she’s gonna lose Osana?
    Raibaru is everywhere Osana goes, and why would she if she’s not gay for Osana?

    Now here was my idea.

    Osana has a stalker. It seems that if you catch him Osana will be overwhelmingly grateful. Enough to stay away from Senpai.
    If you find the cat charm in the maze and give it to Raibaru to give to Osana, send Raibaru on the stalker by giving her a note to come by and signing it Osana, and buy presents for Osana to give Raibaru, Osana would start to fall for Raibaru.
    And I personally like the current hair but everyone else seems to hate it. If you want to have the option to change it to make it easier to program matchmaking into the game, you could do that.

    Things are so far pointing to a Kyuji x Osana plan. Please don’t.

    Osaibaru will win every time.

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