Inktober Artwork (and new build)

I’ve prepared a new build containing some important bug fixes, but before I talk about that, there’s something I’d like to mention. Last year, I wrote a blog post to put a spotlight on a specific artist in the Yandere Simulator community. This year, I would like to show my appreciation for that artist once again!

Every year, for “Inktober”, a Russian artist named TachTan creates 31 illustrations – one for every day in the month of October. These illustrations feature Yandere Simulator characters, often in situations that you’ve never seen them in. For example, the students checking out a dinosaur skeleton in a museum:

To my delight, TachTan has done it again this year – 31 gorgeous drawings, each illustrated 24 hours apart from each other! I have a lot to say about TachTan’s art, so click “Continue Reading” to see the rest of this post (along with a list of everything that changed in the latest build).

In Yandere Simulator, there are a lot of situations that would probably occur within the game’s universe, but will never actually be seen over the course of the game. For example, we can assume that, one snowy day, Osana waited under a lamppost while wearing comfy winter clothing as she waited for Senpai to show up. It’s an entirely plausible scenario, but there’s no reason for me to create those visuals for you. TachTan draws situations exactly like the one I just described, and allows you to see aspects of the Yandere Simulator world that you won’t actually see within the game itself:

TachTan goes above and beyond, filling each illustration with an enormous amount of detail; just think about how much time it took to draw each individual rose in this image:

This year, TachTan colored nearly every illustration she drew, but sometimes used black-and-white to achieve a specific aesthetic:

There’s also a fair bit of humor in TachTan’s art, such as this illustration of how the Art Club might react to seeing Osana waiting for someone underneath the confession tree:


The sheer amount of creativity and beauty in each illustration blows me away, and the affect is compounded by the knowledge that each of these illustrations were produced within a day’s time. That’s absolutely astounding!

I could gush endlessly about how much I love TachTan’s art, but I’ll stop here. Please head to TachTan’s DeviantArt gallery and admire her beautiful artwork for yourself – and don’t forget to check out what she drew for 2017 and 2018, as well!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from ever being able to use the sewing machine if they activated Kokona’s quest and then reset the day without completing it.
  • The player will now start Mission Mode with $10 so that it’s possible to buy enough salty snacks to complete a Multi-Mission that involves electrocuting 10 students.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student from finishing bathing if the camera wasn’t pointing in their direction when they began bathing.
  • Any easter egg that requires the player to type a phrase on the keyboard can no longer be activated if Yandere-chan is sitting.
  • Heroic students will no longer run when investigating giggles. (They will only run if they are investigating a scream.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to slide backwards after asking a student to remove a box cutter from a box.
  • The keys to unlock the robot easter egg will no longer appear in LoveSick Mode / Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “using sewing machine” animation to play in the wrong location.
  • Improved the arrows (“beatmap?”) for the “Queen of Dance” song on the dance machine.
  • Added one new song to the dance machine.
  • Adjusted student reputation values.

43 thoughts on “Inktober Artwork (and new build)

    • THANK YOU YAN DEV!! (for thins new build, I mean) And I really appreciate the fact that you’ve been working so hard to finush Osana & Raibaru!! I’m so excited to see how each of these amazing characters is going to turn out in the very first build you release her in!!

    • Yandere Dev!
      In the game we have a reputation. So when you are really “famous” you can ask for favors. My question is normally when you are popular people come to you and ask you for help, or want to go shopping after school some kind of stuff. Maybe it’s then Harder becuase people are looking for you because they want to spend time with you and then in the Town the Restaurant have another use too. I hope its a good idea or I gave you another idea. Have fun! 🌺🌺🌺

  1. I know the clubs aren’t in the game to be an obstacle but they are because all of them do things around school that cause them to become an obstacle. But when you disband them it doesn’t make them an obstacle because they’re predictable placement causing the game to have many more blind spots and less opportunities for you to get seen. I feel like it makes the game alot easier with the placement of them when they dispand. I feel like they’re routine should be unique after they disband so after they’re still be an obstacle. Because for example you could eliminate a club to make them one less obstacle moving around school. Exploit kinda thing. I mean yeah eliminating them would make in harder for you to eliminate anybody else in that club but what about eliminating someone not in that club, wouldn’t it make that more easy because less of a chance for students in that area to catch you. For example eliminating all the club’s would cause so many blind spots including eliminating the student council. That would make it easier to eliminate your rivals because of less of a chance of getting caught. I feel like even if they get disbanded I feel like they should still be moving around the school for less blind spots even if the club is disbanded or positioned around school for less blind spots after they disband. They shouldn’t be in predictable placements after they dispand that you could exploit when it comes to eliminating others outside of they’re club. And if the player wanted to eliminate someone in that club they could always use giggle or the radio to exclude them alone and away from witnesses. I feel like it should be harder than that. Thanks if anybody read this far without skipping thanks for your time. Your thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.

  2. Wow I was just thinking about Yandere Simulator and like ‘hmm I want to play it or watch a video on it’ or something then what do you know, Yandere Dev posts a new build!
    That’s been happening a few times actually. How regularly do these builds come out?

    • In the past it would be the 1st and 15th of every month (so more or less every 2 weeks), but as the focus has changed to finishing Osana and polishing the game it’s way more random now.

      We sometimes get a surprise build if YandereDev has fixed quite a lot of bugs or made a lot of small improvements

      If there’s no new builds, YandereDev will sometimes just post some interesting stuff. Sometimes it’s some world building/backstories to give us more information on characters or the lore, sometimes he’ll give updates on how the development for Osana is going (since it would be considered spoilers so he wouldn’t upload a build with it), or sometimes even some of the technical stuff to do with game development.

  3. Why am i having this problem its saying that assembly-csharp.dill is no longer located in my files. Is anyone else having this problem?

  4. Great work on the game, Yandere Dev, as usual! You, Kubz Scouts, Bijuu Mike, and some other youtubers have even inspired me to create my own Yandere Simulator themed YouTube channel, which I’ve been uploading content to for a little over six months now. I would love some support/feedback on my videos, so anybody reading this, please check out my channel and subscribe. It would really help me out a lot. Thanks in advance. And I uploaded my newest video just a couple of days ago:

  5. Thank you for fixing the bug I emailed you on October 9! Requested Bug= Ayano pushed back when asked another student to pull out the box cutter

  6. Great job working on the game as usual, Yandere Dev! Also, Youtubers like Yandere Dev, Kubz Scouts, and Bijuu Mike, among others, have inspired me to start my own YanSim themed YouTube channel. I have been uploading YanSim videos to my channel for a little over six months now, and I would love anybody reading this comment to go check it out (the channel is called Edge Case) and subscribe, and provide support and feedback. It would really help me a lot. Thanks in advance.

  7. Okay so I think I found a bug… if the police are on their way to school, then arrive, after you skip the first sequence it goes to a black screen and freezes.. I had to restart my computer to get out of it ahaha

  8. yandere dev, Excuse me but when the police come is when it takes longer to load the scene and the screen goes black, fix that, it is very annoying and I waste my time

    • You do realise that there is absolutely no guarantee that he’s actually going to see your comment? If wasting time is such an issue, why don’t you use the bug reporting feature YandereDev has put in place instead?

  9. Hey yandere dev I don’t know if you will read this but the first picture has made me think, what if the school plans on doing a school trip to like a museum or something to eliminate one of the rivals? I don’t know it’s just a thought…..

  10. You know when you pour water on Osana, it’s kind of awkward if ribery just stands there and watches her. Bath, maybe add a female janitor to maybe clean the locker room or when Osama gets hit with water there’s code to have a janitor go to the locker room so it’s not easy to kill osana

  11. I lovehate this game. I love it because it is the best game I have played and i hate it because It does not run on Chrome OS and I only have a Chromebook.BUT I STILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I Guess that when I eliminate Kokona, Saki should be look sad. But when I kilo Kokona Saki look when nothing happened. As ido she didn’t lose her Best friend

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