May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

This is mostly just a bug-fixing build. There’s a small amount of new content, but the purpose of this build was mainly just to take care of everything I wanted fixed before I commit to implementing the game’s next big feature.

To read a list of everything that I fixed/changed/added in the latest build, scroll down beneath this adorable artwork from sexyunicornking!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause students to identify Yandere-chan as a murderer if she was standing next to a corpse, in circumstances when the corpse wasn’t actually visible to the witness.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to remain standing during a group takedown animation if she was being chased by someone else at the time that the group takedown occured.
  • Fixed bugs in the Multi-Mission interface that would prevent the player from setting “Nobody” as a target, or allow the player to set the same target multiple times.
  • May have fixed bug that caused the player to lose the ability to rotate the camera after exiting the map. (Please test for it and tell me if this bug still exists.)
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan from being able to push a student off the school rooftop if they were sent there using the “Send To Locker” feature.
  • Restored “Look at a picture of Senpai to restore Sanity” feature (apparently, it has been broken for a long time, and I simply never knew about it!).
  • Fixed bug that would prevent School Atmosphere from displaying correctly if Yandere-chan lost sanity while School Atmosphere was low.
  • Fixed bug that would allow a student to be distracted by another student while reacting to the effects of eating poisoned food.
  • The “Censor Attack Animations” command now works with the attack animation that occurs at the end of the Struggle minigame.
  • Fixed bug which caused Student Council members to ignore Yandere-chan even though she was obviously armed/bloody/insane.
  • Fixed issue which caused the tops of characters’ heads to be completely missing when their hair model was not visible.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed the player to attack the Student Council during times when they shouldn’t be vulnerable.
  • Fixed bug that caused some parts of the HUD to display as the wrong color during Mission Mode / LoveSick mode.
  • Teachers (and the nurse) no longer use the “default” face, and have slightly different faces than students.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze if the player was rotating the camera while opening the map.
  • When using a picture of Senpai to restore Sanity, the player will hear Yandere-chan release a happy sigh.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pick up an item dropped in a stairway area.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing School Atmosphere from displaying correctly during Mission Mode.
  • Yandere-chan’s involuntary giggles are now different from her intentional giggles.
  • Fixed bug which made it impossible to offer help to Kokona on the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that caused students’ unique faces to disappear when wearing a towel.
  • Tweaked the appearance of the skybox slightly.
  • Updated “broken smartphone” model.

Something Else

  • Put something new into Yandere-chan’s room. It’s hard to explain. I’m gonna be intentionally vague while describing it.
  • It has nothing to do with Yandere Simulator’s story or backstory; in fact, it concerns something that won’t happen until after Yandere Simulator’s story has ended. Even though it doesn’t actually have an effect on Yandere Sim’s gameplay or story, I’ve been planning it for a very long time – since 2014 or 2015 – so it’s something that I absolutely had to include in the game.
  • There are 5, one for each day of the week, starting on Monday and ending on Friday. They can only be accessed at night. You can’t reach Friday night naturally, since failing to eliminate Osana before 6:00 PM on Friday is a Game Over, and Osana’s not in the game yet. Thus, you’ll need to reach Friday night with a debug command. Press the “~” key while inside of Yandere-chan’s room, and you’ll change the time of day to night-time.
  • In case you’re upset at me for including something unnecessary in the game, fear not! To make sure that this feature wouldn’t take any time away from development, I asked AMZE to create the system for me, and he did an excellent job. Thank you very much, AMZE!!
  • It contains a lot of words that probably trigger automatic demonetization on YouTube, so I’m not actually sure if it’s possible to make a video about it without heavily censoring it. I apologize in advance to any YouTubers who are inconvenienced by it.
  • It’s connected to the “Enlightenment” stat, which is increased by reading Life Note manga, although the Enlightenment stat still doesn’t have any purpose in-game yet. It’s also connected to one of the demons in the Demon Realm.
  • The final game will have 50, instead of 5. You can consider these 5 to be a bite-sized preview of what I’m planning for the final game.
  • It only works with the keyboard for now, no gamepad controls just yet. Sorry about that!

68 thoughts on “May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

    • I feel that’ll be a long time goal, like, really far in the future. Right now the focus is getting the game complete on PC, I don’t believe console, let alone phone, is even on the list currently. Would be fun though!

      • Even if he was planning to do port the game to console or mobile, I’m not sure if any phone out there has the RAM or processing power to run an entire game like this. Even if it gets tons of FPS improvements and becomes an easy 60FPS game, I just don’t think a phone could handle it.
        Also Joel, I’m pretty sure the reason there are *console controls* is because some people prefer to play with their controllers via USB or Bluetooth instead of playing with the keyboard. So when someone’s playing with a controller, they wouldn’t know what to press unless console controls were added.

    • Of course not, fool. It’s completely different mechanics and buttons. Not to mention, the animations would have to be altered. Also, he cannot simply “implement it on a mobile”. First off, he would have to get it onto the app store, (which costs money). The reason he would have to put it on the App Store is because iPhones are not jailbroken, however, Samsungs are.

      It would be very unwise for Yandere-Dev to attempt or even think about releasing a mobile version of Yandere Simulator, especially when the game is incomplete and the first rival has not been implemented yet. He cannot simply copy and paste the code. It would be very time consuming to work on such a project. Possibly after the Kickstarter campaign, however, even then, it is very unlikely.

  1. I’m interested in the ‘Something else’ I’ll have to check it out myself since it probably won’t be able to be on YouTube! Keep up the good work Yandere Dev, I really enjoy playing Yandere Simulator!

  2. Would you be able to make it available to download on Apple Mac?

    It’s super laggy when playing it on Parallels rip

  3. I got a question…
    1. How do you look at a photo of Senpai?
    I LOVE this Game!!!! I started playing it in 2018 and it improved so much from Then to Now.
    We’ll always support you and will always be here for you!! 🙂
    Take care!!!
    Bye bye,
    (I know my English isn’t the best. It’s because I’m from Germany!!!)

    • I am not 100% sure but I think that you take a picture of Senpai and then view it and an option to do it will be available.

  4. Muy Bien pero aun no me importa que este osana y que acabe asi lo que me importa es que el tiempo con yandere dev y yandere simulator nunca termine y que yandere dev nos siga impresionando con sus actualizaciones

  5. I💝 Yandere Simulation so much I’m so happy I’m apart of it and I’m so happy to get new emails from you guys 💞

  6. Thank you for fixing the bug that would stop you from pushing Kokona off! So close to snap mode! (I’m more exited for snap mode then Osana… OOF)

    • Same! I’m so excited for Snap mode, that I bet when it comes out, people are gonna get a game over just too see it.

  7. So I looked through comments and couldnt see anyone else with this idea (at least here) so here goes nothing:

    What if this new person on Yancord is Senpai? We really dont know what Senpai does, or what he likes other than books. But he does have a strong sense of justice. This person on Yancord also has a sense of justice as well, we just see it differently.

    He also said that it really wouldnt matter until the events after the game anyway, which could also mean that it dosent matter that shes been talking to Senpai until they’re married and “happy” together and probably bring it up…

    It could also be the mysterious obstacle J suppose but I dont see how some web on the computer is gonna protect Osana. And there are no rivals that like theinterwebs this much…

    Sorry for rambling, I’ll go now

  8. So, is the…..”something else” character….Will they be added to the characters page on the website or will they remain somewhat of a secret?

  9. I can’t get the “something new” thing for Friday because I get heartbroken the moment I want to go home after school. Could anyone tell me how I can get it?

  10. I think Yan-Dev should put the opotion to change your uniform in her room using the same option as the “Change Panties” but you press a key like “U” to open the uniform selection. I know this wont be implemented into the game but its a handy idea.
    When you look at the name of the user in Yancord “Selene2000” it sounds like the demon that reacts to Sakyu Basu’s ring when you go to the cherry tree, or if you go to the Demon realm and talk to the floating Sucubus I think I hope I spelt that right I havent watched anime in a while. This is about the thing about Yancord being connected to a Demon.

    Thx for reading!

  11. I really like the small computer update. Some of the questions are really interesting and intriguing, excited to see more of that in the future! 🙂

  12. Yandere Dev what are you going to do next? Are you going to finish the mysterious obstacle or save/load option?

  13. I have made a vow to myself internally that when Osana is implemented I will literally scream and kick my brother off the computer to play the newest build. I will use all the methods I know to kill her. You’d like to think I have this step-by-step list framed on a wall in my room, and to that I say, good idea.

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