February 20th Bug-Fixing Build

The next feature I’m going to work on will probably take about a week to implement.  Because you’ll have to wait more than a week for the next build, I wanted to release one last bug-fixing update just so that the most recent build of the game is as smooth and stable as possible.

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Nemesis, illustrated by Aramss!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • When using a candle to kill a student, witnesses will now acknowledge *which* student you were killing; this means that a student’s loved one will react to the murder by attempting to apprehend you.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to become locked in place if Yandere-chan too stood close to them for a long time during Low School Atmosphere.
  • From now on, students will refuse to help you take a box cutter out of a box if you’re splattered with blood while making the request.
  • Fixed bug that made Phone Addicts hold their smartphones in their hands while pulling a box cutter out of a box for Yandere-chan.
  • From now on, the Student Council will evade bucket traps, since they are too perceptive to fall for such tricks.
  • From now on, when you destroy a weapon using the incinerator, it won’t re-appear at school on subsequent days.
  • Fixed bug that caused the sun to appear through the roof of the tea house in the east Japanese garden.
  • Fixed bug that made certain 3D models disappear or flicker at specific camera angles.
  • It is now possible to drown a student who is cleaning a toilet bowl.
  • Fixed typos in student profiles.

97 thoughts on “February 20th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. at first, i was actually kinda annoyed of waiting every few days half an hour just for some bug fixes! but now since im starting to love and support the game and its developer ive made up my mind! im happy about every single bug fix and hope that there will be a demo as soon as possible

  2. i’m happy that there is alot of bug fixes recently also i have a question will you be able to play female
    yandere chan and get a female senpai also keep up the good work

    • From what he’s said in the past, he might’ve changed his mind, but I doubt it, there will not be a female Senpai, or male rivals. However, you will be able to play as a male Yandere-Chan, called Yandere-Kun. In fact, Yandere-Kun is already in the game. He just hasn’t been worked on that much.

      • No, there will have a female senpai because when Yanderedev post on the Internet the idea of yandere simulator for the first time, a lot of people say they’ll have a female senpai. It’s yandere-kun who might not be in the final game, depending on the crowdfunding campaign and a lot of others factors.

  3. ooh ooh i was reading through the october 2014 blog
    and i thought
    woah so if its like you have to be a well behaved student to carry around a cell phone
    you could make it so that yandere chan has to go to class once or twice a day to be able to have a phone and if a student council member or teacher catches you with one when you are badly behaved they take it away even if it’s another students phone, as in Koknuts or a rivals

  4. I have an idea! If Yandere-chan is eliminating a rival (In the future game) and Senpai sees her, instead of just ‘noticing her at the wrong time,’ he could actually run after her and try to apprehend her, since he will be close to the current rival. Since other students take you down if you kill their loved one, why not implement that with Senpai as well?

    • if Senpai sees Ayano doing something suspicious like that, it’ll be an instant game over. If Ayano is using a mask, Senpai will rip it off and it’ll be a game over. Even if Senpai would attempt to apprehend Ayano, there is only two possible results: Ayano is apprehended and it’s game over, or Ayano (out of anger or accidentally or something idk) kills Senpai and it will be game over.

      anything that happens in this situation will end up in a game over. IMO, it isn’t necessary to make Senpai try and apprehend you, because the result will be all the same.

  5. Jay or Bijuu mike should try the to kill as much students with as many ways as possible only once(e.g kill a student with a knifu now you can’t kill any one else with that knifu). because you’re so damm EVILLLLLLL!!!!!!! lol

  6. Hey yandere-dev, do you think that the final game will be out by 2020? i love yandere simulator, im so excited to play the final game. I would also like to congratulate you on your hard work on the progress of yandere simulator

  7. Can you make the male students have their own voice for when ayano chan leaves a note in their locker, in the next update? Also thank you if you do

  8. to avoid running out of weapons.Maybe you should be able to wash of weapons in sinks and drinking fountains but if a student see you doing this your rep should go down strictly. Easy but, with swift and dangerous results.

  9. I’m not sure if this has been noted before, but I had talked to the light music club leader, and ended up accidentially drowning her?
    We weren’t anywhere near a source of water (We were in the club room) and I went to talk to her, because it was time for the club activity, and I drowned her in an invisible source of water, I think she was probably cleaning a toilet haha

  10. YANDARE dev. YANDARE dev.
    I tried playing the new update on a different computer then normal so I could play and as soon as it loads the text and models never appear. It’s all black besides the text that tells the time.

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