December 14th Bug-Fixing Build

It’s the same story as before; bug fixes and improvements have been piling up, so here’s a new build.

Before I show you a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, I’d like to share something with you. A Japanese fan of the game created artwork on the corkboard in Yandere-chan’s room! He made a portrait of Yandere-chan using the pins and red strings:

This is exactly what I was hoping people would do when I added the pins-and-strings feature to the game, so it makes me so happy to see this! I just had to share it!

Fixes and Changes

  • Added more cardboard boxes near the incinerator area so that the player is no longer able to sneak a corpse past the delinquents by simply hugging the wall as they turn the corner.
  • Fixed bug that made it difficult and inconvenient to take the Ritual Knife out of the skull unless the camera was pointing in a very specific direction.
  • Fixed bug that made the wrong shoes appear in Yandere-chan’s hands when she ripped off a student’s shoes while pushing them off the school rooftop.
  • Made further adjustments to the pathfinding grid to make it even less likely for students to get stuck on doors when passing through doorways.
  • The Matchmaking minigame involved a reference to Kokona’s stockings, but she’s no longer wearing stockings, so I’ve removed that reference.
  • Improved the “lifting heavy weight” animation so that the heavy weight doesn’t clip into the ground as it’s being lifted.
  • Occult Club members now have a different line of dialogue when they see you walking around with the Ritual Knife.
  • The “Edit Face” option in the Pose Mode menu is no longer available if you’re attempting to pose a male student.
  • (Hopefully) Fixed bug that would allow characters to get stuck on the doors at the entrance to the school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the sun from being visible if viewed with a smartphone camera.
  • Updated the lockpick model.

66 thoughts on “December 14th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I think that in the last builds of the game male students are bugged, because with some easter eggs and the Pain Demon power they die instantly

    • Something wrong with your connection, it happens. If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, try changing the selected channel in your router’s settings (usually if you don’t know how to do it, Google it, choosing a not too busy channel can dramatically improve your Wi-Fi’s speed!

  2. I LOVE new updates on Yandere Simulator!!! I know it’s taking a lot of time to implement Osana and we’re supporting you, Yandere-Dev!!! We’re all very excited for the game to be finished. BUT don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. We love you, Yandere-Dev!!!
    (Sorry if my English isn’t that good. I’m from Germany:-))
    Take care, Yandere-Dev!!!! Bye:-)

  3. I like the new updates! I also have a question, why have you been working on a lot of bug fixes lately and very minor changes? Im not saying that I want you to work on Osana and bigger changes only, Im just curious.

    • Probably because it just improves the experience of playing the ‘game’ for people of they don’t have to constantly deal with bugs n stuff

  4. andere Dev, will you implement the clubless boys anytime soon? Also, I see that frame rate is imrpoved and that you said that you’d implement back the rainbow 9 if the frame rate is improved, will you add them back? Please answer. And thank you!

  5. Hey Yandere Dev I found a bug.
    If you kidnap Saki Miyu and go to the basement, she will appear without her apron and “hat”.

    • that’s suppose to happen because the cooking club shuts down when she’s kidnapped or one of them is dead so they don’t wear the cooking stuff

  6. Yandere Dev , when I played the game , saki’s hair was changed. And I heard that you posted that there is a talking option in the game with the occult club members,how whould they react if yandere chan was holding a ritual knife?

  7. Hello,Yandere Dev. I am from China. Although our government does not seem to support people to play this game,because government regulations on games, I still like your game very much. There are a lot of people in China who like your games as much as I do. My English is not very good, please forgive me… Come on,, look forward to the full version of the game that day.

    • Do you have the Yandere Simulator Launcher? If you do click on it, then if one of the options says “A new update is available for the game!” (something like that anyway…) click on update (or download…) then you’ll have to wait awhile. Check back every so often, that’s what I do. When the updating is finished, play!

  8. Hello everyone and happy holidays.
    Yandere Dev, I found an error and that is when I try to choose the glasses for Yandere-chan, the three patches do not appear.

    I know it’s not a big problem, but I hope I have helped at least a little.

  9. Am I like, the only one who’s going to use it like Ayano would; having a visual representation of a plan for murder/matchmaking/mindslave acquisition/etc., saving the goofing off UNTIL everyone who could never appreciate Senpai like I do is gone?

  10. Hey, buddy. I’ve been stalking your reddit… would this happen to be the build you’re adding something FUN into?

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